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  • Honoring Educators: 20 Books About Mighty Girls & Their Teachers

    A Mighty Girl's top picks of books about girls and their teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.


    If you think back to your years in school, chances are there will be at least one teacher you will always remember. Maybe he was the one who sat with you and slowly helped you form separate letters into a word; or maybe she was the first one to hear a secret dream and, instead of laughing, started helping you make it a reality. She may have offered a shoulder to cry on when things were going wrong, or maybe he was the one who showed you that you had a talent you wouldn’t even have guessed. No matter who it was or when it happened, without that teacher, you would be a different person.

    This week's annual observance of Teacher Appreciation Week is a great time to thank the wonderful teachers everywhere who are working with students both young and old. To celebrate teachers, we've showcased twenty of our favorite books about Mighty Girls and the teachers that have such a meaningful impact on their lives. Whether you’re sharing them with your Mighty Girl, or presenting an end-of-school gift copy to a special teacher, these books will remind every reader just how much a teacher can do to inspire, encourage, and support the students around them.

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  • Yom HaShoah / Days of Remembrance: 30 Mighty Girl Books About The Holocaust

    A Mighty Girl's top picks of books about the Holocaust for children and teens in recognition of Holocaust Remembrance Week.


    “Silence helps the oppressors.” — Leslie Meisels, Hungarian Holocaust survivor

    In 2016, May 5 marks Holocaust Remembrance Day: Yom HaShoah in Hebrew. Each year, we take time to remember those who died — and those who survived — during the infamous Nazi regime. It is a difficult topic for any of us, but particularly difficult to discuss with children. How do you talk about something so beyond most children’s contemplation in a way that respects the experience of those who lived it?

    Here at A Mighty Girl, we are marking Holocaust Remembrance Week with two blog posts. This post will introduce you to books for all ages that talk about the Holocaust from a variety of perspectives. These books range from picture books to novels, memoirs to fiction, but all of them treat this challenging subject with care and dignity. Our follow-up post, Hope in a Hidden Room: A Mighty Girl Salutes Anne Frank, focuses on Anne Frank, whose diary chronicling the emotional life of a girl in the midst of the Holocaust puts a personal face on what can otherwise seem like distant history to a child growing up today.

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  • 20 Mother’s Day Gifts for Mighty Moms

    A Mighty Girl's favorite journals for moms, books of poetry and essays honoring mothers and daughters, and clothing for Mighty Moms!


    For many Mighty Girls, their mother is the model for everything they want to be — and a special mom deserves a special gift for Mother’s Day! If you’re looking for some great ideas to celebrate and inspire a Mighty Mom in your life, we’ve put together some terrific gift ideas that will help you let her know how important she is. These gifts will let her record some of her own thoughts, experiences, and wisdom; connect more closely with her own Mighty Girl; help her show off her own mightiness, and inspire her for the year ahead.

    For more ideas for celebrating a special Mom this mother’s day — including many recommendations of books for children and teens about the unique mother / daughter relationship — check out our previous blog posts Celebrating Mighty Moms and Their Daughters and Inspiration for Mighty Moms: 50 Books for Mother's Day. Continue reading

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: 45 Books to Inspire Adventurous Mighty Girls

    Our favorite girl-empowering adventure stories to inspire your own Mighty Girl's adventures!


    What adventures is your Mighty Girl planning this year? Will she bike to the park by herself, swim for the first time, or learn to ride a horse? Maybe she’s going on a trip with the Girl Scouts, or hiking in the woods near her house to find the perfect place to build her secret hideout. Or maybe her imagination will take her on even bigger adventures — into outer space, magic kingdoms, or realms of fantasy. One thing's for sure: an adventurous child's life will never be boring!

    To inspire your Mighty Girl to celebrate her adventurous side,  we’re showcasing our favorite books featuring daring, courageous Mighty Girl characters on adventures of their own. These stories capture all the thrill and excitement of pushing yourself to do something unexpected and new. They might even inspire you to try a new adventure!

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  • A Mother's Love: 25 Books Celebrating Mighty Moms & Daughters

    A Mighty Girl's favorite books about the special love between mothers and daughters in honor of Mother's Day!


    On Sunday, May 10, people in over 80 countries around the world will celebrate Mother’s Day — a day dedicated to celebrating mothers and the contributions they make to their families and to their broader communities. For many Mighty Girls, their relationship with their mothers is a very special one, since Mom is their model for just how mighty girls and women can be.

    In honor of Mother’s Day, A Mighty Girl is showcasing our favorite books about the special relationship between mothers and daughters. Whether you’re thinking about the love a mother and daughter share, the special times they spend together, or even the times they don’t see eye-to-eye, there’s something in this collection for everyone! Continue reading

  • Spies, Medics, Soldiers, & Peacemakers: 15 Women Wartime Heroes You Should Know

    15 Trailblazing Female Wartime Heroes Who Belong in the History Books

    women-in-wartime-blog-websiteOften, the popular image of women in wartime is worried wives, girlfriends, sisters, and daughters, pining at home for the men they love who are risking their lives on the battlefield. The reality, though, is much different! Women have always made significant contributions to war efforts -- both on the homefront and on the front lines. While women's contributions at home, especially during WWII, have become more widely known, the stories of their heroism on the battlefield are rarely told. In every war there have been women who dared to spy across enemy lines; treat wounded soldiers in the midst of the fighting; report from the front as journalists, and fight shoulder to shoulder with their male peers. And although we don't hear of them often, women also fought for an equally important cause: peace.

    In this blog post, we're sharing stories of remarkable women from the Hundred Years' War to World War II. These women were spies, resisters, rescuers, medics, journalists, soldiers, and peacemakers; they risked as much and acted as bravely as their more renowned male counterparts. While a few of these figures were famous in their own times, their stories have faded in the years since, and most were little known or disregarded, even as they committed remarkable acts of heroism. Today, we can finally give them their due -- and marvel at their incredible stories, which prove that truth is often far more exciting than fiction!

    If you'd like to learn more about any of the featured women or introduce them to children and teens, after each profile we've shared several reading recommendations for both children and adults, as well as other resources that celebrate these remarkable women.

    For more stories of inspiring women, check out the other two blog posts in our Mighty Girl Heroes blog series, Guardians of the Planet: 10 Women Environmentalists You Should Know and Those Who Dared to Discover: 15 Women Scientists You Should Know. Continue reading

  • Exploring Her World: Top 40 Science Toys for Mighty Girls

    A Mighty Girl's top picks of science, math, and programming toys for curious Mighty Girls from toddlers to teens.


    Kids are full of curiosity about how the world works, so why not give them a way to better explore it? With a high-quality science kit or toy, kids can incorporate the wonder of the everyday world into their play. In fact, it's amazing how much they can learn that way!

    In this blog post, you'll find our favorite science, math, and programming toys and kits for curious kids of all ages. Whether you know a would-be star-gazer, a budding biologist, or an eager young robotics specialist, there are options here that will fascinate them. And who knows? Play alongside them and you might just learn something new too.

    For books starring girls and women who love science, check out our blog posts: Ignite Her Curiosity: 25 Books Starring Science-Loving Mighty Girls and Those Who Dared To Discover: 15 Women Scientists You Should Know. And, for more fun STEM-related toys and kits, visit our Science & Math Toy Collection.
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  • Fierce and Fun: Empowering Clothing for Mighty Girls and Women

    A Mighty Girl's favorite girl-empowering clothing for Mighty Girls and Women of all ages!


    As many supporters in our community have observed, it can be challenging to find clothing that celebrates the strength, smarts, and power of Mighty Girls — but it's out there! Whether it's celebrating Mighty Girl icons like Rosie the Riveter and Wonder Woman, encouraging her to dream big about her future, or honoring great works of Mighty Girl literature, wearing empowering clothing serves as a reminder — to the wearer and those around her — of the many ways that girls and women are mighty.

    With that in mind, we've assembled a collection of some of our favorite empowering clothing — suitable for both Mighty Girls and Mighty Women! These t-shirts, socks, and other items, many of which are available for adults as well as kids, are a great way to show off a love of girl empowerment, feminism, and all the awesomeness that girls and women have to offer the world.

    For more girl-empowering clothing options for all ages, visit our Clothing Collection of over 450 t-shirts and accessories -- sortable by a variety of themes such as science, sports, superhero, careers, and more using the left menu filter. Continue reading

  • Celebrating Siblings: 35 Mighty Girl Books About Sisters & Brothers

    A Mighty Girl's favorite books about Mighty Girls and their sisters and brothers for National Siblings Day!


    We celebrate the relationship we have with our mothers and fathers, but we often forget how important siblings can be to our lives as well! In fact, a brother or sister will probably know you better — and longer — than just about anyone else in your life. And while you may not always get along, there’s no denying that the relationship you have with your siblings is a powerful one.

    To recognize National Siblings Day, we’re sharing stories about Mighty Girls with their brothers and sisters. Sometimes they play together and sometimes they argue, but these Mighty Girls and their siblings are always ready to support one another no matter what comes their way.

    For more of our favorite girl-empowering books celebrating the love of family, check out our blog post, "To My Mighty Girl With Love: 40 Stories About Parents, Grandparents, and Siblings."
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  • Guardians of the Planet: 10 Women Environmentalists You Should Know

    10 Trailblazing Female Environmentalists Who Have Changed the World.


    During April's Earth Month, we're celebrating the incredible women who are working to protect the environment and all of the creatures which share our planet. From groundbreaking primatologists to deep-sea explorers to determined activists, each of them has changed the way that we see the world — and our role in protecting it. Equally importantly, these women have shown all of us that we have an effect on the health of our plant: from the smallest decisions of our day-to-day lives to international policy — each of us can make a difference.

    Below we share the stories of ten women and explore their contributions to making a greener and healthier world. And, if you'd like to learn more about any of the featured women or introduce them to children and teens, after each profile we've shared several reading recommendations for different age groups, as well as other resources that celebrate these remarkable women.

    To discover fictional stories that show young readers how everyone can make a difference in making the world a little greener, check out our blog post, Mighty Girls Go Green: 20 Girl-Empowering Books for Earth Month. Continue reading

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