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  • The Mighty Women Reading List for Adults

    50 Biographies about Inspiring Women for Older Teen & Adult Readers

    summer-2016-adult-biographies-webWhen we share stories about famous women from history, adults in our community often comment that they’re amazed that they’ve never learned about these world-changing women. And, while people love the biographies we post for children and teens, many adults would also like to learn more about these inspiring women. To that end — just in time for the peak of summer vacation season — we've showcased 50 books for adult and older teen readers about incredible women of the past and present.

    The stories of women from all walks of life — scientists and entertainers, writers and rebels, athletes and adventurers — show the remarkable and often unrecognized contributions that women have made to our world. Equally importantly, their determination to pursue their dreams is profoundly inspiring, a reminder that each of us can make our own contributions. Since A Mighty Girl's website does not have a book section for adult readers, you won't find these recommendations on our site; however, we've included links below to Amazon so you can order individual titles or learn more about each book.

    And, if you're looking for reading recommendations for the children and teens in your life, we shared many of our favorite new and recent releases as part of our Summer Reading Series -- to learn more, visit our blog posts on picture books, early chapter books, books for tweens, and books for teens or browse our entire collection of over 2,500 girl-empowering titles. Continue reading

  • The Big Day: 15 Picture Books About Mighty Girls Starting School

    A Mighty Girl's favorite picture books about Mighty Girls starting preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.


    The first day of school is exciting, but it's also a little nerve wracking, even for the bravest of Mighty Girls! For kids starting preschool or kindergarten, the big questions are likely to be about what school is like, how they'll manage missing Mom and Dad, and whether they'll make friends. Children moving up to first grade may also wonder if they're up for the increased expectations and bigger challenges that come with no longer being brand new to school.

    Fortunately, there are some great picture books out there to help reassure kids that they can handle whatever comes their way at school. These books provide helpful tips in age appropriate ways — and equally importantly, get kids giggling about how the Mighty Girls in the stories get through their own first days at school. Continue reading

  • Fantastic Adventures and Amazing Tales: Encouraging Creative Writing and Storytelling

    A Mighty Girl's recommendations for books, toys, and activities to inspire a lifelong love of writing and storytelling in kids of all ages.


    If there’s one thing anyone who spends time around young kids knows, it’s that they are born storytellers! Children’s vivid imaginations and lack of preconceptions make for wild, fascinating, unexpected stories, and during their toddler and preschool years, we encourage them to explore and elaborate on their inventions. And most kids are thrilled when they start learning to write — finally, they have the opportunity to make their vision permanent, and share their ideas whenever they please.

    But as kids move through elementary school and beyond, it’s all too easy for them to lose their love of writing and storytelling. The scrutiny of teachers and peers can make kids doubt their ability to create a “good” story, and too often writing becomes a chore, rather than a pleasure.

    Fortunately, that’s not the way things have to end! It is possible to kids to keep their love of telling a good story, and develop it into a lifelong passion — and for some, even a career. This blog post provides a selection of books, toys, and activities for all ages that will get your child’s creative writing juices flowing. And who knows? You might find your own fingers itching for paper and pen… Continue reading

  • 40 Young Adult Books Starring Mighty Girls For Every Teen's Summer Reading List

    A Mighty Girl's favorite new releases and old time favorites to keep her reading all summer long!


    For teens, whose reading skills are solidly established, summer reading isn't about practice; it's about getting to read whatever you want! Teen readers have reached a level of maturity where few topics are off limits, and storylines and characters can be extremely deep and complex. Just like in the real world, heroes have flaws and sometimes there isn't even a resolution — but that just makes the books teens are reading more absorbing and more real.

    To keep your teen reading this summer, we've put together a list of forty engrossing young adult novels starring girls and women. From fascinating fiction to intriguing biographies and memoirs, these books will grab your teen's interest until the final word. Continue reading

  • Animal Friends: 25 Mighty Girl Stories About Caring For Animals

    A Mighty Girl's top picks of books about girls and their love of animals!

    For many Mighty Girls, a beloved animal provides a treasured relationship. And whether an animal is large or small, wild or domesticated or maybe even imaginary, sometimes it’s a Mighty Girl who cares for them or even comes to their rescue! If your Mighty Girl is an animal lover, she’ll love these stories about fictional Mighty Girls who take care of the other creatures around them.

    For stories of Mighty Girls and women — both fictional and real — who study wildlife, check out our blog post I Want To Be A Wildlife Biologist!.

    Continue reading

  • Remember the Ladies: A Mighty Girl Celebrates the Fourth of July

    A Mighty Girl's reading recommendations and other resources for children and teens honoring the contributions of women to the founding of the United States.


    Happy Independence Day! The Fourth of July is celebrated across the United States in commemoration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. While no women were present to add their signatures to the declaration, their role in creating and preserving the freedom that all Americans cherish is equally important to our nation’s history. In this post, we strive to, as Abigail Adams famously directed her husband, John Adams, one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence, “remember the ladies” and their immense contributions to the nation's founding.

    As we look forward to a day of parades, barbecues, baseball, and fireworks, we also look forward to a day to celebrate our great nation; a day to remember the battles won and lost, the sacrifices made, and the remarkable women who helped to transform those original thirteen colonies of 1776 into the United States of today. Continue reading

  • 40 Girl-Empowering Beach Reads For Tweens

    A Mighty Girl's favorite new releases and old time favorites to keep her reading all summer long!

    summer-reading-series-tweens-webEven if your Mighty Girl is past the stage where reading is a brand-new skill, it's important for her to keep practicing over the summer! Tween readers are ready for increasingly complex books, from unique and original flights of fancy to realistic fiction that addresses some of the more difficult issues around us every day — and the longer length of middle grade books allows kids to become totally absorbed in a really fascinating story.

    With that in mind, we've put together a list of forty books suitable for tween readers that will pique their curiosity, get them turning pages for hours, and keep them thinking long after the book is done! These books show middle readers that girls can be the star in a longer story, and explore how the courage, intelligence, and determination of the Mighty Girls in these books help them find their own version of happily every after.

    For recommendations books for younger readers, check out the earlier blog posts in our Summer Reading Series: 40 Girl-Empowering Picture Books and 40 Mighty Girl Books for New Readers. Continue reading

  • True North: 10 Amazing Canadian Women

    Whether they challenged racial segregation or broke new ground for women in sports, these Canadian women trailblazers are truly a reason to be proud.


    Happy Canada Day! Canada has come a long way since the Dominion of Canada was formed 149 years ago. It’s gone from the four original provinces to ten provinces and three territories that truly fulfill the national motto, “From sea to shining sea.” A diverse nation of peoples from all over the world, Canada is looking towards a bright future.

    And unsurprisingly, throughout Canada’s history, brave women have been there to leave their mark. From the earliest colonial settlements to today, women have helped shape the history and culture of Canada. To celebrate Canada Day, A Mighty Girl is paying tribute to ten of these amazing women. From activists to scientists, authors to engineers, and athletes to doctors, these women have shown that Canadian pride is universal.

    So let’s take a trip through Canada’s past and present to recognize these ten women who have helped make this country a place so many people are proud to call home. Continue reading

  • 40 New & Classic Picture Books Starring Mighty Girls

    A Mighty Girl's Reading Series kicks off with 40 of our favorite girl-empowering picture books for young children.


    With the school year done, plenty of parents are looking for reading material to keep their kids turning pages! Looking for high quality, high interest books during the summer months is a great way to build literacy skills and foster a lifelong love of reading, which makes this a great time to fill kids' shelves with girl-empowering titles starring smart, confident, and courageous girls and women!

    To kick off the start of A Mighty Girl's Reading Series, this blog post features 40 favorite picture books that share fun and thoughtful stories about both fictional and real-life Mighty Girls. Our 5-part series will continue with basic chapter books for early readers to more complex titles for tweens and teens to a selection of recommended reads for adults. All of these selections will show readers, both young and old, the power and potential of girls and women — and inspire her on her own journey as a Mighty Girl! Continue reading

  • Sisters in Innovation: 20 Women Inventors You Should Know

    How Many of These 20 Pioneering Female Inventors Did You Know?


    Around the world and across history, innovative women have imagined, developed, tested, and perfected their creations, and yet most of us would be hard pressed to name even a single woman inventor. In fact, women inventors are behind many of the products and technologies used every day! From life rafts to disposable diapers to rocket fuel, women have invented amazing things — but they're also responsible for some of the things we use for day to day life. In fact, if you use GPS on your cell phone, turn on windshield wipers when you drive in the rain, or eat a chocolate chip cookie, you can thank the woman behind them!

    In honor of the remarkable women whose breakthroughs have advanced technology and the ease of our day to day lives, we're sharing the stories of twenty ingenious women whose inventions have changed the world. Whether they were scribbling designs two centuries ago or are still working today, these clever creators deserve to have their stories told. We've also included a few stories of modern-day Mighty Girls who have taken up the challenge of becoming the inventors of today — and tomorrow.

    If you'd like to learn more about any of the featured women or introduce them to children and teens, where possible we're also sharing reading recommendations for both children and adults, as well as other resources that celebrate these innovative women. Continue reading

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