• 25 Mighty Girl Books Celebrating Springtime & Gardening

    A Mighty Girl's top children's books celebrating spring and the joys of gardening!

    spring-garden-blog-webWith warmer weather and thawing snow comes the first hint of the glorious green world to come! Soon, there will be a spring world to explore, flowers and vegetables to plant, and lots more. And what better way to build anticipation for all the joys of spring and the world in bloom than with a few fun spring and gardening-themed stories!

    The Mighty Girls in these stories love to stomp in spring showers, dig in the dirt, and otherwise enjoy everything that spring has to offer. Along the way, they have fun with their friends and family, and celebrate the beauty that comes with a world that's being reborn. Continue reading

  • Celebrating Summer with the Top Outdoor Play Toys for Mighty Girls!

    By Lili Sandler, A Mighty Girl Senior Research Intern

    Summer is here! It’s time to get outside and enjoy the long hours of sunshine! There are so many ways to explore the outdoors with the Mighty Girls in your life, and in this post we recommend a few of our favorite outdoor toys, games, and gear to consider for your adventures. If you'd like to discover more options beyond our recommendations below, you can also visit A Mighty Girl's extensive Outdoor Play section to learn about a wide range of excellent toys and games for children and teens.


    slacklineWhen it’s time to graduate from a ride-on to a two-wheeler, instead of using the typical training wheels, many studies — and more importantly, parents — agree that the best way for a child to learn to ride her own bike is by first mastering balancing. If your child can run, she is ready to try her own balance running bike with the Strider PREbike! She’ll be whizzing up and down the sidewalk in no time, and developing both pre-bicycling skills and confidence, too!

    For more wheel-based fun, check out this cherry blossom skateboard from Punisher Skateboards. All that time on her balancing bike will come in handy as she weaves her way around obstacles and over bumps. This board is 31 inches long, made of Canadian Maple, and is sure to delight girls 6 and older. Continue reading

  • Buds, Books, and Bikes: A Mighty Girl Celebrates Spring!

    By Katherine Handcock, A Mighty Girl Communications Specialist

    After a long winter, the first signs of spring are a welcome sight! Whether your winter has been snowy, icy, rainy, or just grey, spring always seems to bring new energy to everyone — including Mighty Girls. To celebrate the first day of spring, we’ve put together a collection of books and toys that recognize all the joys this season brings.

    Celebrating The Changing Season: Books About Spring

    listening-walkFor the youngest Mighty Girls, changing seasons are especially fascinating! The world, while still familiar, changes around them as days grow longer and the weather changes. By reading these Mighty Girl books, you’ll give her an idea what to expect and introduce her to the joys that come with spring.

    Toddlers will love the Spring Board Book by Gerda Muller (age 0 - 3). One of a series of four wordless books about the seasons, this book showcases all the special things that come with spring — sowing seeds in a garden, playing with lambs, painting Easter eggs, and spotting baby birds. It’s a great way to introduce the season while also fostering imagination and creativity as you talk about the pictures with her.

    Another book to inspire your Mighty Girl to think about spring is The Listening Walk by Paul Showers (age 3 - 7). A little girl and her father go on a walk during which no talking is allowed. As they take an unhurried stroll, the sounds they hear hint at all the activity of people and animals in the neighborhood. This revised edition of a classic title features color illustrations that showcase a diverse contemporary community. It’s sure to inspire your own listening walk! Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl Spotlight: Books for Celebrating Spring with Your Mighty Girl

    By Lili Sandler, A Mighty Girl Senior Research Intern

    Here in the northern hemisphere, tomorrow is the first day of spring! There is something very special about the days getting longer, the birds chirping from the trees, and those first daffodil buds peeking through the cold soil. It’s a reminder that the cold is coming to an end and that days of sunshine and warmth are just around the corner.

    Whether you’re celebrating spring’s arrival by going for a walk in the rain, planting seeds for a flower or vegetable garden, or peeking in birds’ nests in search of hatchlings, one thing is certain: there are many wonderful books to share with the young people in your life that celebrate spring and all that comes with it.


    listenThe youngest outdoor explorers are sure to love Gerda Muller’s Spring, recommended for ages 2 - 4. In board book format, this book is without text, but the detailed and beautiful illustrations provide endless opportunities for little ones to make up their own stories, or to simply identify all of the wonderful signs of spring shown throughout this book.

    In The Listening Walk author Paul Showers and illustrator Aliki reveal all the wonderful things you can hear in the outdoors. From the “zoooom” of a lawnmower, to the “twick twick” of a dog’s nails or the “dop dup, dop dup” of her father’s shoes on the sidewalk, each sound in this story is observed with a relaxed quiet by a happy little girl. Best for ages 3 - 7, this book is sure to inspire other Mighty Girls to take “listening walks” of their own.

    Sometimes, spring can be wet. Really, really wet. But this is not always a bad thing! In Who Likes Rain?, by Wong Herbert Lee, a little girl suits up in her rain gear and heads out into the wet spring world in search of the answer to her question: Who likes rain? With lyrical text and delightful illustrations, we join the young heroine as she splashes in puddles and discovers how different plants and animals react to a spring rain. Recommended for ages 2 - 5, you’ll almost feel the rain falling as you read this lovely book. Continue reading

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