Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream

Amanda Bean loves to count everything, from the books in the library to the popcorn in her bowl. If only she could count faster! Her teacher tries to persuade her of the virtues of multiplication, but Amanda remains unconvinced--until she has an amazing dream.

"She awakens (in both senses) and learns to multiply "anything and everything." The purpose of the tale could have sunk this picture book with its pedagogical weight, but the light tone of the first-person text and the deft drawing, bright hues, and buoyant good humor of Woodruff's ink-and-watercolor illustrations keep it afloat. The book ends with suggestions for using the book to teach multiplication." -- Booklist


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Recommended Age 4 - 8
Author Cindy Neuschwander
ISBN 059030013X
Publication Date Aug 1, 1998
Publisher Scholastic Press
Language English