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  • A Mighty Girl's top picks of movies to stream for free celebrating mighty women!

    Just because we're stuck at home, doesn't mean we can't celebrate women's history! In fact, the extra hours at home offer a perfect chance to check out an inspiring film or two about groundbreaking woman from history. To that end, in our new blog post, we've showcased nine acclaimed movies about mighty women, which are each available to stream for free on Amazon Prime. Continue reading Continue reading

  • Over 60 years, over 60,000 women have been treated for free for this devastating childbirth injury at Dr. Hamlin's fistula hospital.

    When Dr. Catherine Hamlin and her husband, Reg, first arrived in Ethiopia in 1959, a fellow gynecologist warned them that "the fistula patients will break your hearts." They did — but also they ignited the Hamlins' determination to help. Hamlin and her husband co-founded the non-profit Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation, and in the decades since, over 60,000 women have been treated free of charge at their hospitals. Hamlin, died on Wednesday at the age of 96 in Addis Ababa, hoped to inspire people around the world to help eliminate this devastating and entirely preventable childbirth injury which affects more than two million young women worldwide. "This terrible condition has been eradicated in the West," the Nobel Peace Prize nominee said. "In countries like Ethiopia it is a common condition.... [Here] women come into labor and there's nobody to help them." Continue reading Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl's top tips for parents on keeping kids engaged at home while observing social distancing.

    With schools closing, events cancelled, and many companies urging employees to work from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, parents are facing an unexpected challenge. Since many of these closures overlap school March breaks, kids may not have homework to do — and even if they do, the lack of school and extracurricular activities will leave them with extra time on their hands. But that doesn't mean that parents can rely on their usual school holiday activities like playdates, playgrounds, and museum visits: as Dr. Asaf Bitton writes in Social Distancing: This Is Not A Snow Day, "even if you choose only one friend to have over, you are creating new links and possibilities for the type of transmission that all of our school/work/public event closures are trying to prevent.... We need to all do our part during these times, even if it means some discomfort for a while." Continue reading Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl's top children's books celebrating spring and the joys of gardening!

    With warmer weather and thawing snow comes the first hint of the glorious green world to come! Soon, there will be a spring world to explore, flowers and vegetables to plant, and lots more. And what better way to build anticipation for all the joys of spring and the world in bloom than with a few fun spring and gardening-themed stories!

    The Mighty Girls in these stories love to stomp in spring showers, dig in the dirt, and otherwise enjoy everything that spring has to offer. Along the way, they have fun with their friends and family, and celebrate the beauty that comes with a world that's being reborn. Continue reading Continue reading

  • "The ability to offer help is one of our greatest gifts," says Becky Hoeffler.

    A Durham, North Carolina woman has stepped up to help elderly neighbors stay safe during the coronavirus threat by getting their groceries! Becky Hoeffler, a Duke University employee who's currently working from home due to the virus, was inspired to start her project when she called to check in on her grandfather. "He told me, 'I’m on my way to the grocery store' and I was just kind of concerned because he’s 91 and I thought, 'is there a reason you have to go to the grocery store?... So that’s what made me think, maybe I can go grocery shopping for others since I do live in a community that has several senior citizen neighbors." Since then, Hoeffler has helped several of her at-risk neighbors avoid crowded stores by getting their groceries on her lunch break. "I think utilizing people power is one of the best ways that we can combat the virus," she says. As Hoeffler told A Mighty Girl, "The ability to offer help is one of our greatest gifts." Continue reading Continue reading

  • Our top picks of Mighty Girl fantasy adventure series for tweens and teens who loved the Harry Potter books.

    It's no wonder that so many kids — and adults — love the Harry Potter series: an epic struggle between good and evil, a world full of magic, fantasy, and adventure, and a powerful coming of age story make a captivating combination! However, while Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, and other strong female characters populate the Harry Potter universe, many girls would love to read a similarly thrilling book or series with a girl at the heart of the story. Continue reading Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl's celebrates Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

    Supreme Court Justice, lawyer, women's rights advocate, and pop culture icon: Ruth Bader Ginsburg means so much to so many people! Whether you first encountered her name in discussions of women's rights court decisions or on websites proclaiming her Notorious RBG, there's no doubting her influence on today's world. In honor of this influential — and inspirational — lawyer, activist and Supreme Court Justice, we're sharing her powerful story, as well as our favorite books and films about this trailblazer for both children and adults. We've also highlighted a few fun resources, from t-shirts to music albums, showing how she's become such an important pop culture figure. So whether you've been a long-time fan, or you're just learning about her incredible story, we're confident you'll find something here to deepen your appreciation of the indomitable Ruth Bader Ginsburg! Continue reading Continue reading

  • "'My Best Friend' is about the instant heart connection between two girls who meet for the first time."

    There are few joys as simple and as profound as a child's first friendship! In the course of a few hours — without even necessarily learning one another's names — two young children can forge a close connection that is unique to early childhood. These instant and joyful friendships are powerful moments in a child's life; Publishers Weekly aptly describes them as the "giddy infatuation when a child first meets another and feels an instant bond." Continue reading Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl's top picks of books and films starring heroic Irish girls and women.

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! If you want to explore this celebration of all things Ireland more deeply than by wearing green, we invite you to peruse A Mighty Girl's selection of resources highlighting Irish culture and folklore. These books and films will give your children a girl-empowering introduction to the vibrant, deep culture that Ireland has to offer — and the place of Mighty women and girls within it.

    Continue reading Continue reading

  • Two new books for tweens explore the little-discussed but widespread problem of sexual harassment in middle school.

    The rise of the #MeToo movement in 2017 brought much-needed attention to the widespread problem of sexual harassment of adult women. There has been little discussion, however, about the harassment of tween and teen girls by their peers, and how the way we respond to that harassment shapes what girls and boys think is socially acceptable. With a nationwide study finding that 56% of girls in grades 7 to 12 report experiencing sexual harassment at school, authors have recently began to explore this important topic in their works for middle grade readers. And, whether read together at home or at a book club or in a classroom, such books provide an excellent opportunity for parents and educators to start timely and essential conversations about harassment and boundaries with tween girls and boys.  Continue reading Continue reading

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