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  • Music for Mighty Girls: A Celebration of Girl Empowering Music

    We are proud to introduce A Mighty Girl’s new music section!  After receiving requests and suggestions for music for Mighty Girls since the launch of the site, we are pleased to present our initial collection of over 100 songs for all age ranges.  We have included a wide range of genres, and the collection’s recordings span from the 1950s to the present.

    Artists featured include pop favorites like Christina Aguilera, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry; country singers The Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw, and Martina McBride; folk artists like Ani DiFranco, Peggy Seeger, Dar Williams, and the Indigo Girls; and children’s performers like Miss Melodee, Secret Agent 23 Skiddoo, Laurie Berkner, and Butterfly Boucher.

    After browsing our selection, if you decide to purchase an MP3 or album, please help support the work of A Mighty Girl by using the iTunes or Amazon.com link located on each song's A Mighty Girl product page. By doing so, A Mighty Girl receives a small commission of the sale at no added cost to you which helps makes it possible for us to continue adding great new features to the site like our exciting new music section. Continue reading

  • Ask A Mighty Girl: Finding Strength in Stories from the Celtic Tradition and Fantasy Worlds

    We frequently receive questions from people asking for recommendations for specific types of books or movies. In our "Ask A Mighty Girl" feature, we anonymously share select messages that may be of interest to the greater A Mighty Girl community. All messages are shared with the permission of the questioner.


    Dear A Mighty Girl,

    I was wondering if you happened to know of any lovely books with a Celtic theme I could share with my little sister? She is eleven and I am fourteen. We recently had some trouble with the other half of our family that is English and they convinced my little sister that she is ugly and should be ashamed for being Welsh. I was hoping you might know of some titles I could read with her to show her how beautiful and noble the Welsh and Celts are in general to help her? I especially want her to learn about our people’s history, the ancient Celts. Many historians see them as warlike and vicious but that cannot be farther from the truth. Our ancestors were beautiful passionate people. They knew how to live life to its fullest and to honour the world around them.

    If there aren’t any Celtic books maybe something then that would help her realize that she is special and beautiful just the way she is? Our daddy helped me so much to understand that but he died last year so I am trying to pass on his wisdom. Our family is half Welsh and half English so at times it causes some friction. Most of our English family are the most lovely and wonderful people you could ever meet but a few for some reason think they are better than anyone else. Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl's New Special Feature: Graphic Novels Starring Mighty Girls

    A Mighty Girl is thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new special feature – Graphic Novels starring Mighty Girls! This new collection of nearly 60 graphic novels represents one of the largest ever compiled of graphic novels starring girls and women. While these selections will appeal to a wide range of children and youth, many of these novels will especially resonate with girls and young women who are often underrepresented in most graphic novels.

    To learn more about graphic novels as a literary form and for an introduction to several of the novels featured in our collection, Elizabeth Alarid, an A Mighty Girl Research Intern, has prepared the following excellent overview of graphic novels. Please note that the graphic novels in this collection can also be found in the new graphic novel sub-section within A Mighty Girl's fiction section. Continue reading

  • Back to School Stories for Mighty Girls

    The beginning of the school year is one of the most exciting times of the year, but it can be one of the most anxiety-provoking as well! We’ve put together a list of the best back-to-school books to help your Mighty Girls make sense of these emotions and to show them that they’re not alone. These books speak to the range of school experiences, from first-day jitters to dealing with bullying to struggling to find one's own voice.

    You can view the complete list of Mighty Girl school stories in our Back to School Special Feature or browse through a few of our favorites highlight below for students in different age groups, including new students, elementary school (grades 2 – 5), middle school (grades 5 – 9), and high school (grades 9 – 12).

    Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl Supporters Special: Back-to-School Girl Empowering Clothing Deals

    It can be challenging to find girl empowering clothing that is age-appropriate and kid-friendly at many mass retailers. To make your back-to-school shopping a little easier, we’ve partnered with our featured clothing retailers to give A Mighty Girl supporters special discounts on clothing that will help your Mighty Girl express herself! Our featured clothing companies offer apparel to reflect a wide range of personalities, interests, and aesthetics, so you don’t have to worry about limiting your child’s imagination in the clothing she wears.

    Continue reading

  • Ask A Mighty Girl: Confidence-Building Books for a Fearful Child

    We receive questions quite frequently from people asking for recommendations of specific types of books or movies so we've decided to start anonymously sharing select messages in this new "Ask A Mighty Girl" feature. 


    Hi A Mighty Girl,

    My eight-year-old daughter is very shy and has a terrible fear of dogs and is a generally fearful person. Can you recommend any picture or chapter books about girls who overcome their fears?

    She isn't the strongest independent reader right now, but I read to her all the time and she loved all the Harry Potter books and I've read her Alice in Wonderland, and The Graveyard Book by Niel Gaiman lately. But we also still read picture books. I love Pirate Girl by Cornelia Funke. I think she likes fantasy and adventure fiction best.

    So I'd welcome anything that she could read herself or that I could read to her.

    Thanks so much! Your site is a wonderful resource and I like your facebook postings.

    All best,
    Jane Continue reading

  • Ida B. Wells - A Crusader for Justice at 150

    "One had better die fighting against injustice than die like a dog or a rat in a trap." – Ida B. Wells

    Today marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ida B. Wells, the courageous African-American journalist, anti-lynching crusader, women's rights activist, and civil rights pioneer. Wells was born into slavery in 1862 and freed at one year of age by President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. She became politically active in civil rights issues from a young age.

    In one famous instance as a young woman in Memphis, she was ordered to give up her seat on a train to a white man and move to the smoking or "Jim Crow" car. Wells refused and was forcefully dragged from the train. She then took the unheard of action of hiring an attorney and suing the railroad; she won her case in the local court though the Tennessee Supreme Court eventually overturned it. This experience further ignited her desire to work against the injustices faced by women and people of color.

    Wells became a well-known journalist and, after three friends were lynched by a mob, she launched a global anti-lynching campaign to raise awareness of the social injustice. She was one of only two African American women to sign "the call" to form the NAACP in 1909 and worked tirelessly throughout this period for women's suffrage. In the final years of her life, she became disenchanted with the nominees to the state legislature so, in 1930, she ran for the Illinois State Legislature, becoming one of the first black women to run for public office in the United States. Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl at Three Months -- Onward & Upward!

    Last week, we just celebrated A Mighty Girl's three month anniversary and added our 7,000th supporter to our Facebook community! Welcome to everyone who has joined us since our last update on our one-month anniversary – it’s been an amazing ride and we're so happy to that you've joined us on this journey.

    Every so often, we like to take a moment to introduce ourselves and let you know who are the "we" behind our Facebook and blog posts. My name is Carolyn Danckaert and my husband, Aaron Smith, and I founded A Mighty Girl after years of grappling with the challenge of finding girl empowering gifts for our four young nieces. We thought that others might be experiencing the same frustration that we did with the one-dimensional nature of many of the products marketed to girls so we launched the site as a service for others equally interested in supporting and celebrating girls.

    Since launching in April, the response to the site has been incredible and we've been thrilled to hear such enthusiasm for our site offerings and Facebook content. We're working hard to expand the site as quickly as we can and are continually adding new books and movies to the site and seeking out compelling content to share via our social media communities. We also have several new exciting sections in the works (yes, music is still coming - it was much more complicated to add than we anticipated so we're sorry for the delay); several of which will be unveiled in the next few weeks. Continue reading

  • Remembering Women Sports Trailblazers

    This week marks the anniversary of amazing feats by three trailblazing women. On July 5, 1916, sisters Augusta and Adeline Van Buren set off on an incredible journey and began the first successful transcontinental motorcycle tour across the U.S. by two women on solo motorcycles. They rode 5,500 miles in 60 days often over unpaved roads while traveling from NYC to Tijuana, Mexico.

    The entrance of the U.S. into WWI inspired the sisters' feat as they sought to prove that women could ride as well as men and were capable of serving as military dispatch riders. The women dressed in military-style leggings and leather riding breeches which were taboo at that time for women and, as a result, they were arrested several times along the way for wearing men's clothing. Yet, these two inspirational trailblazers were undaunted. As Augusta famously once stated, “Woman can if she will.” Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl Community Members Voice Opinions on "Brave"

    Update: You can now pre-order the Brave DVD at Amazon.com.

    We recently asked A Mighty Girl's Facebook supporters their thoughts on the new Pixar movie, Brave. The film has been highly anticipated for many months so we wanted to know if it lived up to their expectations and those of their children. Since we heard that a number of parents were on the fence about taking their young children to see Brave because of a few scary scenes, we also asked the group what minimum viewing age would they recommend.

    Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback on the film! It will be undoubtedly very helpful for other parents, aunt/uncles, grandparents, or others thinking of taking children to see Brave.

    For other girl-empowering animated movie recommendations, visit A Mighty Girl's animated movie section. Continue reading

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