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Category: boys
  • How parents can encourage mixed-gender friendships and help kids question gender stereotypes.

    "Girl-boy friendships matter. They give kids a chance to explore themselves outside of constrictive gender scripts, and, ideally, question stereotypes," observes writer Elisa Strauss on CNN. "Girl-boy friendships can help undo some of these socialized gender constraints. When parents and teachers approve of these relationships, they are sending their children the message that it's not only okay to play with the another gender, but it is also okay to play like them."  Continue reading Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl's top picks of books about friendships between girls and boys.

    Books about girls who are best friends forever are easy to find — but what about girls who are friends with boys? Mixed-gender friendships are all too rare in children's literature, and often those that do exist develop into a romance story, creating the impression that romance is the inevitable conclusion of all relationships between a girl and a boy. But in an ideal world, people are friends with anyone who shares their interests, and gender isn't a factor! Providing a model for these girl-boy friendships in children's books is a great way to show that friendships form with many different people — and reading about these friendships encourages kids to build and maintain mixed-gender friendships as they grow.

    In this blog post, we're featuring a variety of stories about girl-boy friendships. These girls and boys adventure together, care for one another, and provide the support that everyone needs to get through tough times. It's the perfect way to encourage young readers to focus not on the gender of a friend, but on the quality of the friendship. Continue reading Continue reading

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