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Tag: refugees
  • Five Recommended Non-Profit Organizations Helping Ukrainian Refugees

    Europe is in the midst of its biggest refugee crisis since World War II with over 1.5 million Ukrainians fleeing their country in the ten days since the Russian invasion. People around the world have looked on in horror as mothers and children have flooded out of the country with only what they can carry in their arms. In the face of the shocking stories and images being broadcast worldwide, many people are eager to help the innocent people whose lives have been devastated by the invasion and destruction of their country. Continue reading Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl's top books for children and teens about the refugee experience.

    With heart-wrenching photos and videos of mothers and children fleeing Ukraine filling television and computer screens, many children will be understandably curious and concerned about what is happening and what it means to be a refugee. As millions of people have been forced to leave Ukraine following the Russian invasion — sparking the fastest and largest displacement of people in Europe since World War II — it's more important than ever to talk to kids about refugees and the importance of the world opening its arms to help those in need. Continue reading Continue reading

  • Nadia Murad has become a global champion for girls and women.

    Nadia Murad, the courageous Yazidi woman who escaped sexual enslavement by ISIS and went on to become a global champion for girls and women affected by violence, has just been awarded the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize! Murad was only 21 when her village was attacked by ISIS fighters in 2014 and she was forced into slavery. She spent months suffering rape, abuse, and violence before successfully escaping. Since that time, she has devoted herself to speaking on behalf of the Yazidi women still in captivity, as well as other girls and women who are victims of violence worldwide. "All those who commit the crimes of human trafficking and genocide must be brought to justice so that women and children can live in peace," asserts the 25-year-old activist. "These crimes against women and their freedom must be brought to an end today." Continue reading Continue reading

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