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Category: superheroes
  • Our top picks of Mighty Girl role model dolls from Hidden Figures' Katherine Johnson to the new female Doctor Who!

    For many Mighty Girls, a beloved doll or action figure becomes a constant companion. With so many new dolls based on both real-life and fictional female role models, now is the perfect time to give her one to look up to! From scientists to artists to superheroes, these dolls represent many positive values including intelligence, courage, compassion, perseverance, curiosity, and more. Whether you're picking a person that your Mighty Girl already admires, or introducing her to a role model that you think she'll love, our blog post will help you find the perfect doll for encouraging her to dream big! Continue reading Continue reading

  • Our top picks of Mighty Girl superhero costumes from our Halloween costume collection and photos of Mighty Girls in costume shared by our community!

    Who doesn't love pretending to be a superhero? Flying through the sky, using your skills, wits, and super powers to save the world is an exciting idea, especially for young children. So it's no wonder that superhero costumes are tremendously popular at Halloween! If a Mighty Girl wants to dress up as a favorite superhero, there's no shortage of Iron Man, Captain America, and Superman costumes but what if she wants to dress up as a female superhero? Costumes for even popular female superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl are often nowhere to be seen. And if the costumes are available, often they are either highly sexualized, with short skirts and cutouts — hardly the right outfit for someone busy saving the day!

    To make it easier to find empowering superhero costumes for fans of every age, from newborns to adults, we've showcased our favorites based on characters ranging from Black Widow to Bumblebee. In addition to being fun to wear, these costumes remind everyone that the world of superheroes has plenty of strong, intelligent, and courageous female characters to inspire costumes and dress-up wear. Dressed as her favorite superhero, your Mighty Girl will feel ready to take on the world!

    For even more costume inspiration on themes ranging from superheroes to animals, you'll find hundreds of costumes for all ages from infants through adults in our Girl Empowerment Halloween Costume Guide. Continue reading Continue reading

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