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A Historical Halloween

History-Inspired Mighty Girl Costumes

Our top picks of history-inspired Mighty Girl costumes from our own Halloween costume collection and photos of Mighty Girls in costume shared by our community!

Halloween provides a chance to imagine yourself as a different person — and for young history buffs, that can mean dressing up as a favorite figure from history! She might be imagining herself as a specific person, like Amelia Earhart or Cleopatra, or she be intrigued by the culture of a time and place, from Ancient Rome to the prairies of the pioneers. Whatever she chooses, history can provide a tremendous amount of inspiration!

In this blog post, we share some of our favorite costumes inspired by history. In the first section, we showcase a number of history-themed costumes from A Mighty Girl's costume guide. Of course, many Mighty Girls enjoy the challenge of creating their own costume, so in the second section, we highlight a few of our favorite costumes inspired by historical figures that community members have shared with us in previous years! Between the two, your Mighty Girl is sure to find lots of ideas for a Halloween costume that deserves a place in your family’s history books.

For even more costume inspiration on themes ranging from superheroes to animals, you'll find hundreds of costumes for all ages from infants through adults in our Girl Empowerment Halloween Costume Guide.

History-Inspired costumes From A Mighty Girl's Collection

Rosie the Riveter Baby Costume

Let her know that she's up for anything — even if she can't walk yet! This Rosie the Riveter costume from Princess Paradise is a terrific option for the littlest Mighty Girls. The detailed jumpsuit is soft yet durable, perfect no matter what she's getting into, and still comfortable to wear so she'll be ready to trick or treat all night long.

Baby Pilot Layette Set

Your little one will be ready to fly with the famous WWII WASPs — or the Women Airforce Service Pilots — with this pilot layette set! This set from Baby Aspen includes a sleeper printed with a set of pilot's wings and stripes, real pockets on the legs, and lace-up "boots", and a comfy olive cap printed with pilot's goggles. Everything comes packed in a decorative box, making it perfect for gifting, too. It's the perfect way to inspire her to take to the skies from day one.

Toddler Pirate Costume

She'll be ready to take to the high seas in this fun costume! This pirate costume is fun and comfortable to wear, so it's perfect for little trick or treaters who don't want to wear a mask or hood. The costume includes a dress with plenty of piratey details and a matching bandanna. Older Mighty Girls can check out the Pirate Lass Costume for age 4 to 12.

Amelia Earhart Toddler Costume

Your daring young aviatrix will be thrilled with this costume that tips its hat to the famous Amelia Earhart — but is sized just for her! She’ll be ready to go into the wild blue yonder with this costume set from FunFill, which includes a brown aviator jacket, brown pants, an aviator cap with foam goggles, and boot top covers. And there's also a great version for tween aviators too! For another option, check out the Amelia the aviator costume for ages 4 to 14.

Musketeer Costume

The daring Musketeers were always ready to defend the kingdom, and now your Mighty Girl can join in their swashbuckling adventures with this costume from Dress Up America. This set is made of flame retardant materials and comes with a hat, cape, belt, jacket, pants, and boots, all in vibrant colors and with fine details that will make her feel like a real-life Musketeer. All for one and one for all!

Rockford Peaches Costume

Play ball! When the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League got started, these women proved they could play as well as the men. If your Mighty Girl loves baseball, she'll love this Rockford Peaches costume from Costume Agent. The costume provides lots fun details like AAGPBL and Rockford Peaches badges. This set comes with a dress, belt, and baseball cap. Toddler Mighty Girls can check out the Kit Keller and Dottie costumes, both for ages 18 months to 4 years, while older Mighty Girls can check out the A League of Their Own Youth Costume for age 6 to 12.

Medieval Girl Costume

Rule wisely and guide your people well with this Medieval Girl costume from California Costumes! The set includes a soft, flowing gown with long sleeves, a jewel-encrusted crown, and a soft belt that fastens with Velcro so it's easy to get on and off with the perfect fit. The set is available in two color choices, blue and fuschia.

Rosie the Riveter Child Costume

We can do it! Rosie the Riveter inspired a generation of women to take on jobs they'd never thought they were capable of, and now this costume from Princess Paradise can inspire a new generation of Mighty Girls. The comfortable and durable polyester jumpsuit includes plenty of fun details, including a "Rosie" name badge, and the distinctive polka-dotted head wrap will make her look just like a real-life Rosie.

Lady of Sherwood Costume

Don't let the elegant dress fool you — this young lady is ready to take on injustice! This Lady of Sherwood costume from Forum Novelties will have your Mighty Girl feeling ready to defend and rule her kingdom in no time. The set comes with a beige and dark green dress with bell sleeves and a matching headpiece.

Prairie Girl Costume

They may have worn dresses with dainty calico prints, but settling the western prairies was not for the faint of heart — pioneer girls and women had to show courage, determination, and strength to travel long distances and create new homes for themselves, even when they were miles from their nearest neighbor. This costume from California Costumes includes a blue dress with an attached apron, plus a hood. For an additional option, check out Endless Road’s Prairie Girl costume for age 6 - 14.

Cleopatra Costume

One of the few Egyptian pharaohs whose name still resounds in popular culture, Cleopatra ruled Egypt for over two decades. Your Mighty Girl can bring her back to life with this detailed Cleopatra costume from Morph Costumes, which includes a dress with an attached belt, a collar, a headpiece, a cape, and two wrist bands. As would befit Egypt’s pharaoh, there’s plenty of gold sheen and shimmer to let the world know that Egypt’s good fortune rests in her hands!

Colonial Girl Costume

In the first American colonies, every pair of hands was crucial to a family's success — including their Mighty Girl's! This costume from Forum Novelties will make your Mighty Girl look like she's fresh from Plymouth Rock. It includes a dress with an attached apron and a matching cap. It's perfect for dress-up wear or as a costume for school plays, pageants, and history units.

Renaissance Peasant Costume

Of course, the Renaissance wasn’t noble ladies and dedicated scholars — there was a huge population of peasants and serfs doing the critical work of farming and building. This costume set from RG Costumes is inspired by the people who did the day-to-day work of this period, and includes a dress and a corset belt. It’s great for school plays or for a unique dress-up option.

Betsy Ross Costume

When a newborn country needed a symbol, legend has it that seamstress Betsy Ross answered the call! Pay tribute to the woman behind the iconic stars and stripes with this Betsy Ross costume from Rubie’s Costume Company, which includes a cap, a red and white Colonial-inspired dress, and a blue apron spangled with white stars. Rubie’s also make a more elaborate deluxe Betsy Ross costume for ages 4 - 12.

World War II Army Costume

When war broke out, she was ready to serve — and she was proud to show that women could serve their country just as well as men. This costume from Smiffys is modeled after real-life World War II Army women's uniforms and comes with a jacket with attached belt, skirt, and hat. It's the perfect costume for a Mighty Girl who appreciates the service women in our history — or who plans to serve herself in the future.

Pilgrim Girl Costume

Seeking freedom from persecution, the pilgrims braved a long ocean journey and an uncertain life on a new continent! If your Mighty Girl is fascinated by the courage and optimism it took for the pilgrims to make such a daring move, she’ll love this pilgrim girl costume, which includes a long-sleeved black dress with white cuffs, pinafore, and apron, and a white bonnet. This is perfect both for Halloween dress-up and for use in school pageants and historical recreation.

Viking Warrior Costume

Defend your village against raiders in this Viking warrior costume from California Costumes! With a faux fur collar, a leather-look belt, and chain-mail textured detailing, this costume really stands out. The set includes a dress, a cape, a belt, a half helmet, fingerless gloves, and boot covers. Please note: sword and shield not included.

Mary Poppins Costume

Spit spot! When you need a costume that's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, this set from Forum Novelties is the perfect choice. This costume set comes with a hat, a jacket, a shirt front with an attached bowtie, and a skirt. The shirt front has a Velcro strap and the skirt has an elastic waistband, making it easier to fit a wide range of Mighty Girls. Sorry, carpet bag and flying umbrella not included!

Robin Hood Costume

The Renaissance also birthed some of Europe’s favorite fairy tales and legends... including the infamous archer and crusader for justice Robin Hood! Unlike Robin Hood costumes that feature bright colors, this option treats the folk hero with a realistic eye: dark colors and rough-wearing fabrics, perfect for avoiding the Sheriff’s men in Sherwood Forest. This set comes with a hoodie with attached vest, a belt with a pouch, gauntlets, and boot covers. Add a bow and arrow and she’ll be ready to rob from the rich to feed the poor!

Florence Nightingale Costume

The Lady of the Lamp pioneered modern nursing — and she was also a skilled statistician who used her mathematics to encourage public health policy. This Florence Nightingale costume from ToyLand is the perfect way for Mighty Girls to honor this convention-defying woman. The set includes a black dress with white apron details and a white cap.

Child / Tween Robin Hood Costume

Her aim is always true! This Robin hood costume from California Costumes will have her ready to rob from the rich and defend the poor. The set comes with a dress with attached hood and vest, a belt with attached pouch, a pair of gauntlet gloves, and an adjustable shoulder harness piece.

Martha Washington Costume

At the birth of a nation, Martha Washington was there to inspire the troops and support her husband in the pursuit for freedom from tyranny. This costume from Charades will get your Mighty Girl ready to step out as the first First Lady of the United States! The blue dress includes white detailing that is modeled after the common fashions of Washington's day.

A League of Their Own Costume

Young baseball fans will love this costume set that lets her feel like Dottie from the Rockwood Peaches! This costume set from Fun Costumes includes plenty of detail on the included dress, hat, belt, and socks. Younger Mighty Girls can check out the Dottie and Kit Keller toddler costumes for ages 18 months to 4 years, and this Rockford Peaches costume for ages 3 to 8.

World War II British Girl Costume

When World War II threatened London, British girls kept a stiff upper lip, even as they evacuated to country estates. Now, your Mighty Girl can celebrate the determination of the children who inspired characters like Susan and Lucy Pevensie from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe with this green button-up dress and matching hat from Bristol Novelty. It's a unique costume that she's sure to love.

Warrior Knight Costume

Who says the brave knight has to be a boy? This warrior knight costume from Fun Costumes is perfect for your courageous Mighty Girl! Textured fabric gives a chain mail look but is soft and comfortable to wear. This set comes with a gown with an attached cape, hooded cowl, and fingerless gloves. Add a suitable sword and she's ready to take on Halloween!

Annie Oakley Costume

She wowed the crowds with her astonishing marksmanship as one of history's great sharpshooters! Annie Oakley is one of the most colorful figures of the Old West, and now your Mighty Girl can dress up just like her with this costume from California Costumes. The fringed, printed dress will have her ready to kick up her heels and set out on her own path, just like Oakley did so many years ago.

Viking Warrior Costume

Whether she's a fan of Astrid Hofferson from How to Train Your Dragon or a history buff, she'll love this powerful Viking warrior costume! This costume set comes with a sleeveless pullover dress in faux suede with a faux fur collar and gold accents, a pair of gauntlets with faux fur cuffs, and a pair of leg warmers. Please note: sword and shield not included.

Flapper Costume

With bobbed hair and short skirts the flapper was the epitome of the liberated woman in her day! And while she might have seemed more interested in jazz and dancing than politics, the truth was that these women were making their voices heard during an era of change. She can celebrate all the vitality of these daring young women with this set from Forum Novelties, with comes with a dress and a feathered headband. Teens and adults who like this costume can check out the Women’s / Women’s Plus Flapper Costume, a deluxe set that includes a dress, cigarette holder, necklace, and headpiece.

Greek Goddess Costume

In Ancient Greek, the goddesses of the pantheon were just as important as the gods! You can channel Athena, the goddess of wisdom, learning, courage, and battle strategy — quite the Mighty package! — with this Greek goddess costume from Fun World. The set comes with a full-length gown with gold accents and a gold leaf headband. This costume is also available in a purple version for the same age group. For another goddess costume, check out the Athena costume from RG Costumes for ages 4 to 12, which includes an all-white, flame-resistant toga.

Girl On Horseback Costume

Among the cowboys riding herd on cattle in the American West, there were also a few cowgirls! And for modern would-be cowgirls, it can be great fun to dress up as their historical inspiration. This girl on horseback costume fits around your child’s waist, with suspenders to keep it up; she can then hold the reins to “ride” her trusty pony from house to house! Add a plaid shirt and a suitable hat and she’ll be ready to ride the range.

Noble Roman Girl Costume

The daughters of noble Roman houses had important duties of their own, representing their families with honor and wisdom! You can pay tribute to their role with this set from California Costumes, which includes a dress with attached contrasting drape and a circlet headpiece. As the representative of one of the largest empires in human history, she’ll feel ready for any diplomatic occasion — or costume party.

Amelia Earhart Tween Costume

Tweens can pay tribute to the daring aviator who captured the world's imagination with this Amelia Earhart costume from California Costumes. With a bomber jacket, pants, scarf, hat, and goggles, this costume set perfectly captures Earhart's distinctive look; the courage and daring come from your Mighty Girl! It's the perfect option for Halloween, school pageants, or any time she wants to show off her love for the woman who made the skies her own. For another option, check out the Amelia the Aviator Costume for ages 4 to 14.

Knight Costume

As we pointed out in our blog post Mighty Girls To The Rescue: Books Starring Sword-Wielding Mighty Girls and Women, who says that the brave knight with sword in hand is a boy? If she dreams of slaying monsters across the kingdom, check out this knight costume from California Costumes, which comes with a “chain mail" shirt and tunic, cape, hood, belt, and gauntlets. She’ll be ready to defend the castle and the kingdom at a moment’s notice!

Rosie the Riveter Costume

You can do it! The indomitable Rosie the Riveter became an icon of women's empowerment in the 1940's, and her influence hasn't dimmed over time. Now you can pay tribute to her with this costume set from Fun World. The set comes with a short romper with a "Rosie" name badge, a red belt, and, of course, a red headscarf with white polka dots!

Renaissance Lady Costume

In the salons and estates of Renaissance Europe, the world was born anew — and while we think of the men of the Renaissance and their impact on history, there were educated women of the same time period whose names were never recorded. You can channel those women in this dramatic Renaissance lady costume from Fun World, which features a velvet lace-front dress with an embroidered ribbon. For younger Mighty Girls, check out the Red Renaissance Dress which suits ages 4 - 12.

Forest Warrior Costume

Feel powerful and strong in this Forest Warrior costume from Rubies! Perfect as an elf, a forest rebel, and more, this costume set uses earthy tones to create a realistic forest warrior's outfit. The set comes with a shirt, a cape, pants with boot tops, a belt, a headpiece, and gauntlets.

Victorian Gown Costume

All eyes will be on you when you enter the masquerade ball in these extraordinary gowns from Zukzi! These incredibly detailed gowns are available in a rainbow of colors and can be worn with or without a petticoat (not included.) The dresses are available in US sizes 0 to 18, but the manufacturer also offers a made-to-measure option if pre-made sizing doesn't suit. Each set comes with an elaborate gown and a matching headpiece.

Pirate Costume

Anne Bonny, Mary Read...we may not hear much about the women who plundered the seven seas, but there were definitely female pirates seeking a life of freedom on shipboard! You'll feel ready for anything in this women's pirate costume from Fun Costumes which comes with a hat, a jacket, a vest with attached shirt, a belt, pants, and boot covers.

Statue of Liberty Costume

“Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” There are few physical landmarks as evocative as the Statue of Liberty, so what better choice for a Mighty Halloween costume? This set from Rubie’s Costume Company includes a dress with attached cape and sash and a liberty headpiece. Younger Mighty Girls can get a similar costume with sizes for kids aged 4 - 10; complete the look with this painted 14” torch.

Viking Costume

After the raids are done, this Viking woman is ready to manage her land and see her family through difficult winters. This costume set from FunWorld includes a peasant-style gown that layers underneath a leather-look waist cinch with a skirt drape. It'll be up to you if she's just on a tour of her fields...or if she's got a sword on her back ready to defend her territory from invaders!

Women's Flapper Costume

The 1920s brought new independence, and the flappers showed it off, bobbing their hair, showing their knees, and dancing all night! This fun costume set from Smiffy's pays tribute to the spirit of the flappers. The set comes with a dress with brooch, a cigarette holder, a pearl necklace, and a headpiece with a feather. For another flapper costume in adult sizes, check out this black flapper dress.

Medieval Gown Costume

Don't let the gown fool you — a Medieval noblewoman knew her stuff, whether it was managing her estate or preparing to defend the manor from invaders! These highly-detailed gowns from Nuoqi are perfect for cosplay, Renaissance Faires, or trick or treating. A wide variety of colors and details ensure that you'll get a unique look. Dresses are available in sizes up to 3XL; they are closely fitted, so consider ordering a size up if you prefer a looser fit.

Egyptian Goddess Costume

Rule the Nile as a pharaoh or goddess of Egypt in this costume from Dream Weavers. This light blue dress includes gold trim and an attached cape and armbands for a truly regal impression. The shiny gold rope belt and gold headpiece are included. Please note: this dress is designed to be floor length, so you may want to hem it for easier walking during trick or treating!

Queen of the Nile Costume

The kingdom of Egypt is yours to rule! This beautiful Queen of the Nile costume from Morph Costumes will stand out at any dress-up party or Halloween event. This 5-piece set comes with a dress with and attached belt, a cape, a collar, a headpiece, and two wrist cuffs. With high quality fabric and fine attention to detail, this is sure to provide a regal entrance.

Rockford Peaches Adult Costume

Batter up! Fans of A League of Their Own will love this costume set, which is officially licensed by the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. This set comes with a dress, hat, and belt, so you can look just like your favorite Rockford Peaches player.

Mighty Girls in Costume From Our Community

Rosie Revere

#wecandoit - Rosie the Riveter!

Mae Jemision

Esmé, 18 months old, is Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space!

Jane Goodall

So much more than cute. Zoe, age 2, loves monkeys so Dr. Jane Goodall was the perfect choice this year.


"Our daughter's daughters will adore us, as they sing in grateful chorus- Well done! Sister suffragette!"

Misty Copeland

Jaidan, 10 years old, as Misty Copeland. Jaidan aspires to be the first African American female president and she was excited about Ms. Copeland achieving a first as and African American female as well! We took photos at the Historical African American Heritage Park in Alexandria, VA.

Dian Fossey

My daughter Esmé dressed as Dr Dian Fossey, the famous zoologist who worked with gorillas. We dressed her wheelchair up as a gorilla and Esmé was perfect has Dr Fossey just by being her clever, curious, brave, and strong self!


Maya, 10, wanted to learn more about Malala so her dad reserved a junior version of the book, I Am Malala, at the library. After reading it, she was inspired by such a mighty girl and kept talking about her. She came up with the idea to dress as Malala for Halloween.


Sophie (age 6) loves to read about art and artists and when we came across a book about Frida Kahlo, we knew that's what she would be for Halloween. Her astute observation about Frida's work, "She sure painted lots of pictures of herself. It's like she likes taking selfies!"

Julia Child

Julia Child! Whipping up some fun!

Amelia Earhart

Clementine turns 7 the day after Halloween. Her hero is Amelia Earhart!


Katherine, age 8. She loves the drama and language of Macbeth and coordinated the whole family in complementary costumes.

Alice Stebbins Wells

Meet my mighty girl Victoria,9 years old, as Alice Stebbins Wells...the first woman police officer in the LAPD with arresting power. :)

Sally Ride

3 month old Wynne is channeling her inner Sally Ride.

Baby Viking Warrior

Anika Von Marie, 2 months old We live in Scandinavia so we thought how apt it will be for her to be a Viking warrior for her first Halloween.

Queen Elizabeth I

My 10yr. old daughter, Safiya, loves history and historical fiction. She chose Queen Elizabeth I because of her willingness and bravery to stand up for her country. As well as her choice to not marry so she could maintain her throne. She loves telling me how the Queen stood up to Spain. Often quoting her remark, "I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king!"

Marie Curie

Rosie, 2.5 years old, was Marie Curie for Halloween this year. Here she is proudly showing off her two Nobel prizes. Note the vials of Polonium and Radium in her pocket! Poor Marie still had a few crucial things to learn about the health hazards of being exposed to radioactivity!

We love to have our little Rosie dress up as strong women for Halloween. When we found out that she was going to be born with Down syndrome, we didn't know what the future would look like for her. Once she came into the world, she showed us how hardworking, loving, and mischievous she was! We know that our Rosie's future is bright and full of potential! Her Halloween costumes are one way that we like to challenge society's expectations for individuals with Down syndrome!


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