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With Broomstick in Hand

40 Books Starring Mighty Witches

A Mighty Girl's top picks of stories starring Mighty Girl witches for children and teens.

halloween-witches-book-blog-webOn Halloween night, don't be surprised if you see a broomstick in the sky! Witches are a fixture of the Halloween tradition — and since most witches are depicted as female, there are plenty of stories out there starring Mighty Girl witches. From funny picture books to quirky and suspenseful middle grade novels to creepy young adult titles, there's something here to suit every witch-loving reader.

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Mighty Girl Witch Stories

Whoosh! Went The Broom

The friendly witch from the picture book Room on the Broom makes a fun appearance in this board book for toddlers and young preschoolers! The witch and the cat (and her very tall hat) are flying over the treetops. Press the interactive button to make a "whoosh" sound as the broom goes by! With sturdy board book pages and simplified text, it's perfect to introduce the littlest Mighty Girls to this beloved character. Fans of this witchy character will also love this plush witch which is suitable for ages 2 and up.

10 Busy Brooms

These ten little witches are full of energy and excitement as they help your little one practice counting to 10! They whirl by rattling skeletons, zip past mummies (who are busy stealing some pumpkin pie!), and even deke to avoid a werewolf's very bad breath. Kids will love the high-flying adventures that these cheerful witches get up to for Halloween. For some added fun, keep your eye out: there's a cat and an owl hiding on every page. It's a fun and colorful celebration of witchy sisterhood.

A Very Brave Witch

This curious witch has heard lots about scary humans and their weird holidays, but she's never actually met any of them... until one Halloween when she bumps into a human girl and realizes that they’re not so scary after all! In fact, these humans and their "Halloween" seem like they're kind of fun. McGhee tells her story completely in dialogue balloons, making it a fun read and perfect for a young reader who’s slightly nervous about this spooky holiday! For another gentle story about this young witch, check out the sequel The Sweetest Witch Around.

Room on the Broom

A witch and her cat are on a broomstick flight when the wind blows her hat right off! Fortunately, a helpful dog retrieves it and all he asks is a ride on the broom. But then she loses her bow and her wand and picks up two more passengers, a green parrot and a frog. Soon space on the broom is very, very tight, but how can you kick a helpful friend off? And when the witch faces a truly frightening foe, she's going to need every friend she's got! This funny story ends with the witch finding a clever and satisfying solution to their space problem and making sure there is room on the broom for everyone. Fans of this witchy character will also love this plush witch which is suitable for ages 2 and up.

City Witch, Country Switch

Mitzi is a city witch, fond of pizza and crowded subways and all the culture of an urban area. Her cousin Muffletump is a country witch, who prefers hayrides, pumpkin picking, and her friendly pet snake. The cousins love to get together, but their differences get them bickering, so naturally, they decide to solve their problem with a spell. Unfortunately, finding the right spell is more complicated than it seemed! This fun read-aloud includes vividly detailed illustrations; kids can spend hours finding all the little touches on its pages.

The Curious Little Witch

Little Lizzy the witch is too curious for her own good! When she spots a house with its windows all lit up in the middle of the night, she flies over to investigate — and breaks her broomstick! Fortunately, inside the mysterious house are some very friendly witches, including a musician, a chef, and one with a talent that's just what Lizzy needs. Fans of Lizzy will also enjoy checking out the sequels, The Clever Little Witch and Merry Christmas, Little Witch.

It's Raining Bats & Frogs

Delia has been looking forward to the annual witch parade for months but the day of the parade turns out to be cold and rainy. When the other witches start to complain, Delia decides to take matters into her own hands and casts a spell that turns the raindrops into cats and dogs. But raining pets doesn't help, so Delia decides to change the rain again. Hats and clogs, bats and frogs, every rain she can think of causes problems. Delia will have to be especially clever if she wants to solve this problem! Kids will love the repeating puns in this funny picture book.

Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble

This little girl's granny is a bit different than the other kids' grandmothers! And when she gets fed up with all the magical mishaps, she decides to turn granny into a "proper" grandmother — no more of this witchy nonsense. But it turns out that a reformed, normal granny is also a pretty boring one, and definitely not someone happy in her own skin. Maybe it's good to be a little different! This fun story in verse is also a good lesson about the importance of accepting people as they are. For more books featuring these fun characters, check out the picture book Whizz! Pop! Granny, Stop!, and the chapter books for ages 6 to 9 The Super-Spooky Fright Night! and The Great Granny Cake Contest!

Only A Witch Can Fly

A little girl desperately wants to be able to fly — but only a witch can do that. She’s not deterred, though: instead, one special night, she gets a broom (and her cat) and tries, and tries, and tries until, finally, her heart’s desire comes true. Any child who's succeeded in a dream only after many bumps and false starts will know the triumph she feels as she soars! This reflective, quiet book makes a great counterpart to the bustling, noisy Halloween holiday.

Winnie the Witch: Winnie and Wilbur

Winnie the Witch loves black: everything in her home, from the stairs to the chairs to the floor, is black. And that includes her cat, Wilbur, who ends up accidentally stepped on and sat on until both of them are fed up. So Winnie has the idea to turn him bright green so he'll stand out — except then Wilbur goes out in the long grass... This funny story with a colorful twist is fun to read aloud or alone and includes vibrant illustrations befitting the multi-hued subject matter.

Strega Nona

In her Calabrian town in Italy, Strega Nona — "Grandma Witch" — is the person to see for potions, cures, and comfort for anything that ails you. And, of course, everyone knows about her ever-full pasta pot! When Strega Nona leaves her house in the charge of Big Anthony for a day, he's so hungry he decides to try the pasta spell himself. Unfortunately, Big Anthony doesn't quite have the knack of it and it will be up to Strega Nona to save the day! dePaola's vivid illustrations are a treat and young readers will enjoy listening along to his reading on accompanying CD.

Lulu Goes To Witch School

In this fun story for beginning readers, Lulu the witch girl is off for her first day of school! She's a little nervous, but her teacher Miss Slime quickly helps her feel comfortable, and her first flying lesson goes smoothly. But there's one thing she doesn't like at school: curly-haired Sandy Witch, who seems to do everything better than her and loves to show off. It will take a little witchy cleverness to find a way to make friends! Fans of Lulu can also check out her experience with a new sibling in Lulu and the Witch Baby.

Fairy Tale Frankie and the Tricky Witch

Frankie loves fairy tales, so at first she's thrilled when fairy tale characters start showing up at her door. But all of them have the same story: the witch is coming, and they have to hide. As Frankie packs every nook and cranny of her house with knights, unicorns, princesses, mermaids, and more, she can't help but wonder what will happen when this witch arrives. Fortunately, when the witch arrives as promised, it turns out she's a fairly friendly one — and she's challenged her friends to a lively game of hide and seek! With colorful illustrations and a delightful twist at the end, this is the perfect not-too-scary witch story.

I Am A Witch's Cat

This little girl knows her mother must be a witch — after all, the bathroom is full of magic potion bottles she's not allowed to touch, and every week at the grocery store she picks up eyeballs (pickled eggs) and green fingers (cucumber pickles.) And if her mother is a good witch, it only makes sense to pull on a cat costume and become a witch's cat! This charming story with intricate collage illustrations is sure to become a favorite. Fans of this sweet story will also enjoy the new sequel Happy Halloween, Witch's Cat.

The Wompananny Witches Make One Mean Pizza

Anita and Winnifred Wompananny love to cook and bake — and quiver at the thought of the terrifying children that live in their neighborhood! One day, after a particularly stressful encounter with them, the witches are so anxious that they decide to make a delicious pizza to soothe their nerves... except that they accidentally bake their fearful feelings right into the crust, making for one mean pizza that sets out to wreak havoc around town. Fortunately, the hungry kids of the neighborhood decide to show that pizza who's boss. This fun and funny story about courage and friendship is sure to get kids giggling all year round.

Grimelda the Very Messy Witch

Grimelda's house is overflowing with stuff, but she finds it cozy and comforting — until the day she wants to make her favorite pickle pie and she can't find a key ingredient! She rummages through other items like scream cheese spread, dragon fruit, and rot sauce without success; she even thinks of trying a finding spell, but she can't find the right spell book. Making pickle pie might turn out to be more of an adventure than she had planned... With fun verse for reading aloud and busy illustrations that kids can scour for funny details, kids will return to this book over and over again. Fans of Grimelda will be delighted to see her return in Grimelda and the Spooktacular Pet Show.

The Witches' Supermarket

Helen and her dog Martha (of Martha Speaks fame!) are trick or treating when they wander into a supermarket but it doesn't take long browsing the aisles to realize that something's a bit strange. Why are apples with worms more expensive? Why is the broom selection so large? And what's with all the black cats? Readers will giggle as they catch onto the secret of the supermarket long before Helen and Martha do in this silly story.

Miss Fiona's Stupendous Pumpkin Pies

Miss Fiona is totally witchy with her black hat, her greenish skin, and her spooky home but all the children know that it's worth creeping past the dark cemetery and barren fields for just a taste of her pumpkin pie. In fact, what would Halloween be without it? This fun story also reminds young readers that there's much more to everyone than meets the eye!

Humbug Witch

This little witch looks the part just perfectly: she has a black pointy hat, black pointy shoes, and a red pointy nose. She even has the black cat! So why don't any of her spells seem to work? How can such a witchy witch have so much trouble with basic magic? This warm-hearted story will generate giggles when the big reveal shows just why this particular witch is having difficulty!

Little Witch

You might think it's fun to be the daughter of a famous witch and be forbidden to go to school — but Minx just wishes that she were a normal little girl. So one day, she sneaks off to school, making life a little more exciting for everyone there! But Mr. Beanpot the detective and Mrs. Sputter from the Parent-Teacher Association are determined to learn the truth about this strange new student who arrived on a broomstick. This classic story is now available in a new 60th anniversary edition, perfect for sharing with a new generation!

Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave

Vasilisa lives with her jealous stepmother and stepsisters on the edge of a forest with an infamous denizen: the merciless witch Baba Yaga! Her only comfort is the little magic doll her mother made her before she died. But when Vasilisa's stepmother sends her on an errand to the witch herself — something few have ever survived — Vasilisa's determination and kindness — with the little doll's help — turn Baba Yaga from a threat into a surprising ally. And it turns out that the gratitude of a witch is a powerful thing. This elegant picture book with exquisite illustrations is a treat for any reader who enjoys folklore.

Kiki's Delivery Service (Picture Book Adaptation)

Fans of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are likely familiar with young witch Kiki of Kiki's Delivery Service! When 13-year-old witch in training Kiki sets off for her first year as an independent witch, she comes up with an innovative business: a delivery service by broomstick! But when Kiki faces unexpected challenges, including losing her ability to fly, she'll have to draw on every ounce of determination and magic she possesses. This fun and detailed picture book adaptation, which includes 111 pages of full-color artwork from the film, is sure to be a hit with Kiki's fans!

Dorrie and the Blue Witch

Dorrie is home alone and planning a tea party with Gink the cat when she hears a knock on the door — but instead of Cook on the other side, it's the bad Blue Witch! Dorrie knows she'd better be careful, but she's determined not to let the Blue Witch spoil things. With the right items from Cook's magic cabinet and a bit of cleverness, she's sure she can trap the Blue Witch all by herself. Fans of The Worst Witch will love getting to introduce a new generation to the recently republished classic Dorrie stories. You can also check out the Halloween-themed Dorrie book, Dorrie and the Halloween Plot.

Backyard Witch: Sadie's Story

When Sadie's best friends Jess and Maya go away together, Sadie's left to her own devices and feeling lonely and bored. That is, until she finds a kind, funny witch camped out in her old playhouse! She's looking for her own two lost friends, so together, she and Sadie go on an adventure through the neighborhood that makes Sadie see her neighbors — and herself — in a new way. A satisfying mystery and a few intriguing facts about birds make this magical book a unique and compelling read.

Magic Trixie

Young witch Trixie is frustrated: she doesn’t get to do anything fun, but her little sister gets away with everything. And she’s determined to wow her classmates — a collection of monsters, witches, and ghosts — at show and tell, but they all know all of her tricks already! Then Trixie remembers she knows one more trick: making something disappear... and, of course, she knows just what she’d like to make go away. At the heart of this fun graphic novel is the struggle with sibling envy, making this story perfect for the whole year round.

No Such Thing As A Witch: A Matter-of-Fact Magic Book

Nora Cooper's new neighbor, Maggie Brown, seems to have a strange way with animals — she has a cat, a parakeet, a dog, and a lizard who all seem to love her, plus the neighborhood pets seem crazy about her. Humans are pretty fond of her too, thanks to her delicious fudge. In fact, a few pieces seem to turn Nora's dad into an animal lover...and after another few pieces, Nora can have a conversation with the family dog! But what happens if someone eats one piece too many? These charmingly mysterious early chapter books have recently been reissued; for more of these classic stories, check out this selection of Matter-of-Fact Magic titles.

The Witch Family

Amy and Clarissa love drawing pictures and telling stories, particularly of their favorite character, Old Witch. But when their story puts Old Witch on a barren hill, she's so lonely and grumpy that Amy draws her a little girl and a baby for company — and suddenly the Witch Family is born. This story is perfect for Halloween, but it's also great to inspire the budding creative writers you know!

The Worst Witch

At the top of a mountain surrounded by a deep wood stands Miss Cackle's Academy, where young witches train in all the witchy arts. Mildred Hubble is the worst witch in the school, struggling with everything, but she's getting by until she accidentally makes an enemy of Ethel, the teacher's pet. But when she decides to run away and overhears people plotting against the school, Mildred is faced with a choice: leave the Academy to its fate or see if the worst witch might actually save the day. Fans of Mildred can read more about her adventures in the long-running The Worst Witch series.

Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth

Elizabeth is an only child, new in town, the shortest kid in class... and terribly lonely. Then she meets Jennifer, who says she is a witch — a real one. Elizabeth finds herself an apprentice, and then a journeyman witch, earning her stripes by casting small spells. But when a marvelous toad enters their lives, Elizabeth and Jennifer will learn that even witchy friendships require a little give and take. This charming story of friendship will please any reader who wonders if she'll ever find a kindred spirit.

Castle Hangnail

The Castle Hangnail has lost its wicked witch, and without an evil master to rule it, the Board of Magic will decommission it — meaning that the minions of the castle will all lose their home. So when 12-year-old Molly shows up, swearing that she's a really wicked witch, the minions are dubious but let her give it a shot. But while she starts passing the tests that the Board of Magic requires, the truth is that Molly isn't who she says she is. Will the residents of Castle Hangnail save their home? This richly illustrated novel is filled with humor, magic, and an unforgettable all-star cast of castle characters.

The Little Leftover Witch

If a witch doesn't fly home by the end of Halloween night, then she's stuck in our world until next Halloween... so when Felina's broom breaks down, she's in a bad spot! Fortunately, the Doon family — including Lucinda, a girl her age, and their cat, Itchabody — are willing to take her in. But Felina has a lot to learn about caring for and love from a family and this promises to be a very interesting year! This 1971 story is now available in a paperback edition to share with a new generation.

The Power of Poppy Pendle

In Poppy's world, witches work for good and are treated with respect and honor so when Poppy, whose parents are not witches, develops powers, they are thrilled. Poppy, on the other hand, is not: all she wants to do is become a great baker. Her parents push her into magic despite her protests, and soon Poppy is exploring some dark paths out of frustration and resentment. Fortunately, friendship and good food win out in the end! Poppy is a sympathetic characters and readers will empathize with a tween who expresses her anger in inappropriate ways. Fans of this book can follow the family story in the sequels The Courage of Cat Campbell and The Marvelous Magic of Miss Mabel.

The Apprentice Witch

Arianwyn has always dreamed of serving in the Civil Witchcraft Authority, but when she blows up the testing device at her official evaluation, she's given an assignment in the sleepy, tiny town of Lull, with a provisional designation of apprentice witch. It's a crushing blow, made even worse by her arch-rival Gimma's glee. But when Arianwyn arrives in Lull, she realizes that things aren't what they seem in the tiny town: strange sights in the woods, a creeping hex to tackle, and a mysterious magical visitor. As she slowly wins the townfolks' confidence — and builds her own — Arianwyn begins to realize that being an apprentice witch might not be the end of her career after all. Set in a cozy and old-fashioned world, this charming fantasy will be a perfect fit for middle-grade readers.

The Lunch Witch

Grunhilda's family have always been witches, but now that no one believes in witches anymore and she's left hunting for other employment. Fortunately, she stumbles across a job that might be perfect for someone who can cook up pots of foul goo: lunch lady! Before long, a clever young student figures out who Grunhilda is. Grunhilda admires her spunk, but realizes that Madison is struggling both at school and at home. Witches don't help people but maybe Grunhilda can make an exception, just this once. This quirky, silly story will have readers looking twice at the people stirring the pot in their school cafeteria.

The Girl Who Drank The Moon

For hundreds of years, a small group of Elders have ruled the Protectorate by terrorizing its citizens with stories of a witch who will destroy the community if a baby is not left in the forest for her once a year. A witch does live in the forest — but she is a kind and gentle witch named Xan, who rescues the abandoned babies. One year, however, she accidentally feeds a rescued baby moonlight instead of starlight. The moonlight fills the child with powerful magic, and for her safety, Xan decides to raise this special child, Luna, as her own. As Luna approaches her 13th birthday, her magic begins to grow in new and unpredictable ways. With her coming of age, Luna will face new challenges to protect the people she loves and bring renewed hope to the lives of those around her. This Newbery Medal-winning story is both stunning and magical.

History's Witches

The "witches" of history the history books were generally misunderstood — or "troublemaking" — women. Graves introduces thirteen real-life women whose actions, like practicing medicine, standing up to a ruler, or even just living alone, ended up with them branded as witches. The infographic style makes for an accessible read of these fascinating stories, with lots of resources provided for further exploration of these daring women. For an excellent fictional depiction of witch hysteria in the past, check out the Newbery Medal-winning book The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

The Witches of Worm

Jessica is isolated from both her busy, dating mother and her peers when she brings home a skinny, ugly kitten she calls Worm. But then Worm starts convincing her to do mean, awful things and Jessica realizes that Worm must be a witch’s cat. So has Worm bewitched her or does he have other reasons to be interested in Jessica? And how can she free herself from his influence? This Newbery Honor book captures the isolation and alienation many young people feel, and explores the question of moral responsibility — all in a spooky, supernatural setting.

Baba Yaga's Assistant

Masha is looking for an adventure and a place to call her own. Unlike many of her peers, she both believes the legends her grandmother taught her about the fearsome witch Baba Yaga and is courageous enough to seek her out anyway. Masha is clever enough to find Baba Yaga's hut on chicken legs, but if she wants to become the witch's assistant, she'll have to pass several tests — all while living in a place where deceit is the rule and where children are on the dinner menu (though not for long with Masha's intervention)! This spooky and poignant graphic novel is sure to intrigue middle readers.

The Shepherd's Crown

Fans bid farewell to beloved author Terry Pratchett with the publication of this book, the last Discworld novel ever and the end of the Tiffany Aching books. Granny Weatherwax can no longer protect the world, and the Fair Folk are ready for an assault. Standing in their way is Tiffany Aching, Granny's badly overworked successor. If she's going to defend her land from the vicious fae, she'll need confidence, power, and help from very unexpected places. Fans have watched Tiffany grow from the 9-year-old would-be witch in The Wee Free Men, through A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith, and I Shall Wear Midnight, as she grew in power and influence. Now, Tiffany will finally come into her own as a true grown-up and independent witch.

The Thickety: A Path Begins

When Kara was five years old, her mother was convicted of witchcraft and executed, leaving her and her brother motherless and under suspicion. The village considers magic evil — almost as evil as the deep forest called the Thickety that covers most of the island. But when Kara dares to follow a strange bird into the Thickety, she finds a book with remarkable powers. But how will she use those powers — does she want to protect the people who killed her mother or will she choose revenge? Kara's story continues in the sequels, The Whispering Trees, Well of Witches, and The Last Spell.

How to Hang a Witch

Sam doesn't feel particularly welcome in her new home in Salem, Massachusetts: she's related to Cotton Mather, who was responsible for the Salem Witch Trials, and a group of girls who call themselves the Descendants — of the women who were accused — are set on giving her no end of trouble. On top of everything, an angry ghost wants Sam to stop touching his things. But when Sam realizes that she's at the center of a curse that affects people with ties to the trials, she'll need to work with both the ghost and the Descendants... before history repeats itself. Full of twists and turns and a deep narrative that explores everything from bullying to destiny, teens will devour this spooky, atmospheric novel.

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