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Top 60 Science Toys for Mighty Girls

A Mighty Girl's top picks of science toys for curious Mighty Girls of all ages!

Kids are full of curiosity about how the world works, so why not give them a gift that helps them explore it? With a high-quality science kit or toy, kids can incorporate the wonder of the everyday world into their play. In fact, it's amazing how much they can learn that way!

In this blog post, you'll find our favorite science toys and kits for curious kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens. In Part 1 of the post, you'll find a variety of chemistry and physics-themed toys, while in Part 2, you'll discover earth, sky, and space-themed toys. Whether you know a would-be star-gazer, a budding biologist, or an eager young geologist, there are options here that will fascinate them. And who knows? Play alongside them and you might just learn something new too.

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The Rules of the Universe: Chemistry, Physics, and Math

Do you remember how incredible it was to learn that certain principles of math, physics, and chemistry were behind all the complexity of the world around us? With these toys, kids can explore what the rules of the universe are and how they affect everything that we do.

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Most wooden blocks feature the A, B, Cs — but why not Au, Be, and Cu? This beautiful set of solid-wood blocks from Uncle Goose features all the elements of the periodic table, complete with symbol, name, and atomic number These ethically-made and eco-friendly blocks would be a hit with an adult chemistry fan, too!

Jungle Crew Lab Set

Get roaring into science with this set of real lab tools with a fun animal theme! Six pieces — including lion and cub test tubes and an elephant funnel — let kids experiment with real scientific principles using items they find in their kitchen or backyard. An included activity book provides plenty of inspiration! Kids will love the whimsical design of these tools, and they'll be thrilled that they're sized just for them.

Primary Science Lab Set

Get the youngest scientists hands on with this set of real science tools perfectly sized for little hands! The set includes lab staples like a beaker, a flask, a large test tube with a stand, and a magnifying glass. It even comes with a set of goggles so you can teach lab safety from the beginning! Ten double-sided activity cards complete the set, ensuring that you can spark an interest in science from a young age.

Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set

For a more expansive kit, this Deluxe Lab Set has everything to keep budding scientists busy experimenting! A new addition to Learning Resources' Primary Science line, this fun kit provides kids with step-by-step instructions on 20 double-sided activity cards. Young scientists can then record their results in the write-and-wipe journal. With 45 pieces in all, including funnels, test tubes, twisty connector tubes, a sensory tube, a ViewScope, and more, there's plenty to spark her scientific curiosity!

Primary Science Lab Gear

She'll feel like a real scientist in this dress-up set from Learning Resources' Primary Science line! Adjustable glasses and an easy-to-wear lab coat will have her ready to imagine herself at the lab bench in no time. It's a great way to encourage STEM in her pretend play. For another dress-up set for budding scientists, check out the Scientist Costume Set for ages 5 to 8.

Super Sorting Pie

This is a delicious way to teach early math skills. Place the sorting cards in the bottom of the pie to practice different ways to separate objects: color, shape, and number are all covered. There are 60 colorful fruit pieces to sort, 7 fruits in five different colors, and the top "crust" becomes a bowl to hold pieces while kids play. As an added bonus, the tweezers help develop fine motor skills.


These thoughtfully designed wooden blocks are a great way to introduce measurement and proportion! Each inchimal is a different size, from the 1" ladybug to the 12" giraffe. Using the blocks and the 100 write-on/wipe-off math puzzles, kids will explore counting, number value, and scale, as well as developing language, fine motor skills, and more. When math time is done, the colorful animals also make great pretend play toys. They're a colorful way to build excitement about numbers.

Mix and Measure Set

Now preschoolers and young school-aged kids can explore some of the foundations of chemistry with this set, which includes tools sized for smaller hands and experiments that are safe for younger chemists! As kids make puff paint, mystery goo, slime, and more, they'll also be learning about volume, weight, and fractions, as well as practical skills like accurate measurement.

My First Super Science Kit

Kids will love discovering the world of science with this kit from Be Amazing! Use the giant magnifier to examine the details of everyday objects; make a human circuit board with the Energy Stick; and even grow a giant crystal ball and then make it "disappear" in a bowl of water. The 75 experiments you can do with the supplies in this kit provide a wide range of intriguing science for kids to explore.

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Show off some flashy science with this fun and accessible kit! With this set, both adults and kids can learn about solutions, acids and bases, and more — and how you can use them to create truly impressive results. From a color-changing volcano to growing jiggly crystals, these experiments will truly blow your mind. The detailed instructions ensure that you don't need an extensive background in science to make the experiment work or to understand why they do.

Super Magnet Lab

When you think about it, magnetism is pretty amazing — and this kit provides plenty of opportunity to explore it first-hand! This 224-piece kit includes magnetic chips, metal ring magnets, mini metal horseshoe magnets, metal bar magnets, and much more. An included activity guide provides lots of ideas for exploring how these magnets works and what they can do.

Magic School Bus: Chemistry Lab

Jump on The Magic School Bus with Ms. Frizzle and the gang to learn about the basics of chemistry! Kids will use litmus paper to measure pH, make sticky ice, form a bouncy ball, plate copper, and much more. This bus-shaped kit packs a lot of learning into a small package: 51 experiment cards, some supplies, and a data notebook to record your observations. Seatbelts, everyone!

Magic Science for Wizards Only

The way that science works, it can sometimes seem like magic! In this kit, kids will test 11 different experiments with results that seem magical, but are actually based in the principles of chemistry. From color-changing spells to smoke from your fingers, these experiments are sure to delight kids. Plus, they get to customize their own "magic wand"! This kit is a great way to show kids that science is often stranger — and more magical — than fantasy.

Glow In The Dark Crystal Growing Kit

Enjoy a classic hands-on science experiment with a twist: these crystals glow in the dark! Follow the instructions to grow your own crystal using the included powder; then, compare it to a real fluorite specimen to see the similarities and differences. The included guide provides lots of interesting information about crystals and about natural rocks that glow in the dark.

Big Bag of Science

Start digging into the foundations of science with this kit from Be Amazing Toys. The kit lays out the three areas of science, physical, earth, and life, so in addition to teaching chemistry and physics, kids will also touch on concepts in biology, geology, and more. More than 70 unique and fun hands-on science activities will give kids a good sense of what the different ares of science explain and which sciences they find the most fascinating.

Nancy B.'s Science Club Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab and Kitchen Experiments Journal

Learn some cool chemistry in your own kitchen with this fun set from Educational Insights and Nancy B.'s Science Club! This non-consumable basic chemistry set uses household products to perform a number of safe and fun experiments, including making bubbling "lava," color-changing chemicals, and more. Kids will love learning the basics of chemistry — and proper lab protocols — in their own home.

The Ultimate Secret Formula Lab

She'll be ready for some serious science with this great lab set from SmartLabs! Their unique valve and plunger system allows kids to measure, mix, and transport liquids, exploring chemistry, fluid dynamics, and pressure along the way. An included lab book provides over 40 experiments to try, including a CO2 Detector, Crystal Splinters, and the Amazing Breathing Marshmallow!

Electricity and Magnetism Experiment Kit

Explore two fascinating properties of our world — and learn how they relate to one another — with this kit from Thames & Kosmos! Over 60 experiments using snap-together components and other easy-to-use components take kids through the steps of creating a variety of functional devices, including a loudspeaker, a relay switch, and a telegraph key. Electricity and magnets power the devices we use every day; with this kit, she'll understand exactly how.

Science Ninjas: Valence Card Game

Kids too young for the lab can learn chemistry concepts like molecule formation, acids and bases, and chemical reactions with this fun game! Kids need to combine elements to create molecules and earn points, but be careful! Some combinations have unexpected results that can set you back. All of the interactions that take place in the game actually exist, so kids will be ready to take their game knowledge into real world science.

Physics Workshop

Everyone's heard of a chemistry set, but a set that teaches physics is far more rare. Fortunately, leading science kit maker Thames and Kosmos is on the case! This set begins with building simple machines, like a pulley, to learn about basic forces, then expands to complex machines, like a pendulum clock, to teach advanced concepts like measuring work and centripetal force. With 300 pieces and 36 models to build and experiment with, there's plenty to satisfy your curious young physicist.

Magic Penny Magnet Kit

With the magic of magnetism, these pennies can connect, stack, and almost seem to float! This classic toy has been a best-seller for years, but in the last few years it's been updated to provide even more activity options. By experimenting with the two block magnets and the 32 pennies, kids learn about shapes, positions, orientation, planes, symmetry, and more. It's an artistic way to explore the physics of magnets.

Physics Pro Science Kit

With this set you get a truly gigantic physics kit for your budding scientist! Thames and Kosmos's Physics Pro kit covers topics like fluid dynamics, energy, oscillation, hydraulics and pneumatics, and includes over 200 pieces to allow young physicists to explore these principles. By following the guide, you'll build a wind tunnel, pneumatic shocks, and a hydraulic lift, and learn more about how physics directs the technology we use every day.

Happy Atoms Molecular Modeling Kit

Explore basic chemical principles with this modeling kit from Thames and Kosmos that uses magnetic bonding sites to represent how atoms join up to become molecules! Fifty atom models representing sixteen elements join together to create thousands of different molecules; scan your models with the included iOS app to learn what molecule you've created, and see how many of the most common ones you can find. It's a hands-on way to learn about the building blocks of chemistry.

Crystal Growing Kit

Chemistry is a beautiful thing with this kit from Thames and Kosmos. Kids will learn how they can use dyes to make colored crystals, and why different compounds create crystals of different shapes. They'll also mold plaster into different shapes to see what happens when the crystals grow on different surfaces. With 15 experiments to conduct, as well as a clear locking treasure chest to display their crystal creation, kids will be intrigued by this set.

Prime Climb

This award-winning, colorful mathematical board game lets you deepen your mastery of multiplication and division in a whole new way! Roll the dice and add, subtract, multiply, and divide your way towards the center of the board. Pick up Prime cards and bump your opponents back to the start. The first person to land both pawns on 101 wins! This unique game builds deeper understanding of math while you enjoy traditional board game play.

C3000 Chemistry Kit

Advancing young chemists will love this set that gets them learning about core chemistry concepts like chemical equations, atomic structure, and the periodic table. Compared to simpler sets, the C3000 kit includes dozen more tools and components and over a hundred more experiments that are perfect for preparing tweens and teens for high school-level chemistry. It's the perfect set to foster the budding chemist on your gift list!

Nanotechnology Kit

Explore the world of nanotechnology, with structures only a few atoms across, with this intriguing kit from Thames & Kosmos! You'll start out by conducting experiments that explain size, scale, and order of magnitude, then learn about how laser light, electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy can make these tiny machines visible. There are 41 experiments included in this kit to get you exploring the big world of little technology!

Earth, Sky, and Space: Biology, Geology, and Astronomy

Some kids are more interested in the specifics of earth and life sciences, rather than the guiding principles behind them! Whether your child likes studying microscopic creatures or gazing to the stars, there's a gift idea here to foster their interests.

Bug Jug Fill and Spill

Build a love of entomology with this fun toy from Melissa and Doug! The Bug Jug Fill and Spill toy comes with four bug buddies in a jug with a mesh-top lid. These multi-textured toys rattle, jingle, squeak and crinkle in little hands, and are made with ultra-soft materials. When playtime's done, you can tuck them away in the jug for next time; they're also a great travel toy.

Galaxy Rocket Cape Design Set

Get ready for out-of-this-world fun with this cape set from Seedlings Littles! This simple dress-up set for toddlers and preschoolers lets her decorate her space shuttle with removable orbiter, planets, and rocket flames. Elastic straps make it easy for little ones to get the cape on and off. For a little extra fun, download the Littles app to bring elements of the cape to life with augmented reality! Fans of this cape can also check out the Magical Hero Cape Design Set too.

Constellation Building Blocks

Learn the constellations of the night sky with these heirloom-quality building blocks from Uncle Goose! Sixteen blocks, all made with renewable, FSC-certified Michigan basswood, come imprinted with the constellation (with and without lines), as well as the constellation's name, symbol, hemisphere, and order of magnitude. It's a unique way to bring stargazing into building block play — or to create an elegant display on the desk or shelf of a budding astronomer. For another astronomy-themed set from this great company, check out these Planet Building Blocks.

Bug Blocks

Learning about insects is as easy as A, B, C with this set of blocks from Uncle Goose! In addition to the letters of the alphabet, this traditional wooden block set with a twist includes images of a wide variety of insects, as well as close-ups of some of their patterns. Kids will love learning more about the insect world, while parents will love that these blocks are made with sustainable hardwood and finished with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and paints.

My First Microscope

This microscope from Geosafari is specially designed to be rugged and easy to use for preschoolers! The extra-large eyepieces and chunky focusing knob are similar to the ones on an adult microscope, and the bright LED with an easy push-button activation illuminates even more detail. The 8X magnification is enough to make a noticeable difference, but still familiar enough to help younger kids connect what they see through the scope with the real-life object. It's the perfect option for an eager scientist who's not quite ready for the real thing. For more sophisticated scopes for older kids, check out our recommendations below.

GeoSafari Talking Microscope

Kids can explore the tiny world all around us — guided by young conservationist Bindi Irwin — with this talking microscope from GeoSafari! Insert one of the 20 prepared slides and select Fact Mode or Quiz Mode, and Irwin will teach kids all about the fascinating things they can see through their 5X magnification scope. Because it has two comfortable eyepieces, preschoolers can use it without having to close one eye, making it perfect for the littlest scientists. Plus, when she's all done, all the slides tuck neatly into the microscope's base for storage.

Magnetic Anatomy Play Set

She doesn't need X-Ray vision to learn about how the body works with this magnetic dress-up doll from Melissa and Doug! Place magnets on the body form to help kids visualize the skeleton, the circulatory system, the organs, and more. Anatomically correct magnets for both boys and girls are included, perfect for mixed groups. The set includes one figure, 24 magnetic pieces, and a stand. It's an excellent choice for the would-be doctor or anatomist on your list!

Primary Science Shining Star Projector

Bring the universe to her bedroom with this projector from Learning Resources that's simple enough for a preschooler to use! Kids can project images of planets, stars, spacewalks, and more by changing the three discs, each with eight images, that are included in this set. Meanwhile, parents will appreciate that the automatic shutoff conserves battery life. It's an excellent choice for any would-be astronomer or astronaut.

Skeleton Floor Puzzle

Introduce her to what lies beneath her skin with this amazing 4 foot floor puzzle! This highly detailed puzzle is made of soft foam; when kids are done assembling it, they can lie down and compare their own bodies to the skeleton they put together. All the major bones are represented, and each is labeled on the reverse side, so kids can start learning the proper names of bones.

Jumbo Dinosaurs

Bring dinosaurs into her bedroom with this awesome set of five durable and detailed plastic dinosaurs from Learning Resources! These dinos are just the right size for preschoolers to easily manipulate and enjoy. The set includes T. rex, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Raptor. For more fun figures, check out the Jumbo Insects, Jumbo Ocean Animals, and Jumbo Jungle Animals.

Solar System Puzzle

Learn about the features of our solar system with this extra-large 48 piece floor puzzle from Melissa and Doug! This 2 by 3 foot puzzle provides plenty of details, so kids can see things like the asteroid belt, the rings around Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus, and even all the planets' moons. The background, with its stars and galaxies, hints at the enormousness of the universe beyond our own star. Little space-loving kids will love to assemble this one again and again.

Your Body Layer Puzzle

Kids who wonder what their body would look like under the skin will love this puzzle, which features multiple layers depicting a clothed body, skin, muscles, organs, and bones. This high-quality wood puzzle provides a fun challenge, with 29 pieces making up the five different layers. Add the Your Body Boy Layer Puzzle to show the difference between male and female anatomy, or the Mother Layer Puzzle to show how a baby develops from conception to birth.

Real Bugs Discovery Kit

Get a close-up look at 12 real insect and arachnid specimens with this set from Lakeshore Learning Materials! Each specimen is preserved in clear, indestructible acrylic, so kids can check them out from every angle -- with the naked eye or using the included magnifier. An information booklet provides kids with lots of facts about bugs, while the handy storage tray makes it easy to ensure your bugs stay where they belong.


With these shockproof binoculars, kids will have a high quality but sturdy set for hiking, stargazing, birdwatching, and more! These compact 8X magnification binoculars have an easy-to-use folding mechanism that allows kids to adjust them for their own eye width. Rubber surrounded eyepieces ensure kids don't hurt their eyes or face, while the 2 foot neckstrap keeps them close to hand when needed. This set even comes with a cleaning cloth and a case for carrying and storage.

Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit

Explore the fun of rockets — with the help of a little kid power! These rockets blast off thanks to air pressure produced by a blast pad, so kids can burn off a little extra energy leaping on and seeing how high they can make the rockets fly; they can get as high as 100 feet. Plus, the foam rockets in this set glow, so you can keep up the fun long into the night.

Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden

Combine science and art with this charming little garden kit from Faber and Castell. After you paint your planter, fill it with soil, and add decorations like a fairy house and little gems, plant the mixture of wheatgrass seeds and beans and watch your garden grow! Kids will be fascinated as they guess which plants will grow first and observe the differences between the two kinds of plants. Plus, they'll be proud to say the little garden on the windowsill is theirs — no fairy magic required!

Crystal Mining Kit

From Kidzlabs comes the Crystal Mining kit with 8 genuine little crystals (clear quartz, agate, dolomite, amethyst or rose quartz) embedded in a big hunk of plaster. Us the included digging tool and brush to excavate your treasures, then study them with the magnifier and keep it all safe in the storage pouch. Let her search for real buried treasure!

Animal Tracks

Kids love being able to spot the tracks of the animals that passed by, and this fun and educational game can help them identify them all! High quality cards depict animal photography, including both their common and biological names, as well as their tracks. Kids can then play three traditional games with a science-based twist as they remember and match the animals and tracks. Fans of this game can also check out the Science on a Tracking Expedition kit, which kids how to take their knowledge of animal tracks into the great outdoors.

Magic School Bus: A Journey Into the Human Body

Learn all about how the body works with this set full of breathtaking experiments. Kids will bend bones, make joints, map taste buds, measure lung capacities and heart rates, and much more! The kit includes a life-sized human body poster with eight sheets of body part stickers kids can use to show off all they've learned. It's sure to be a hit with budding doctors and anatomists.

Bird Bingo

Avid bird watchers and those who admire the beauty and diversity of birds will love this version of bingo where identification is the key to the game! Sixty-four species, from robins to puffins to kookaburtas, are illustrated in exquisite detail on these bingo cards and tiles. Identify the bird correctly and you can mark off a spot on your card! An included leaflet also includes fun facts about each bird, perfect for teaching eager ornithologists of all ages a little more about the featured species. For bug lovers, also check out Bug Bingo featuring 64 species of bugs from around the world.

Moon In My Room

Some might say the moon was the original nightlight! This moon replica includes rows of lights that glow behind a detailed lunar surface. As you adjust the time of month with the remote, the lights turn on and off to show the phases of the moon; you can change them manually or set them to change in sync with the actual lunar cycle. For budding young astronomers, there's no nicer way to drift off to sleep.

Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body Puzzle

She can explore human anatomy with this double-sided magnetic puzzle from Learning Resources! Assemble the 17 pieces into a body over 3 feet high; one side of the pieces features the skeletal system, while the other side depicts the vital organs, major blood vessels, and major muscle groups. A multilingual activity guide includes ideas to help her broaden her understanding of the human body.

Rock On! A Geology Game

Build your knowledge of geology and our planet with this fun game that doubles as the start of a rock collection! 18 rock specimens are included, along with cards full of interesting facts about rocks, minerals, and gems. Gameplay works like bingo, but several game variants let kids start out with simple identification by appearance to claim a space, and move on to using the information they've learned to fill their card. Plus, kids will love that it all packs into a convenient case so they can take their collection anywhere! For a similar game with a focus on paleontology, check out Fossil On!, also for ages 5 and up.

GeoSafari Constellation and Solar System Explorer

You can explore the night sky any time with this amazing space projector! View all twelve Zodiac constellations in three different modes: one showing just the stars, one showing how they connect to form the constellation, and one illustrating the constellation. You can also view all eight planets, the sun and moon, and the Big and Little Dippers quickly and easily. An included explorer guidebook provides additional fun information about these celestial sights.

Mega Fossil Mine Dig Kit

Your young fossil hound can unearth fifteen real fossils with real archeological tools in this dig kit from National Geographic! Using your chisel and brush, gently excavate your finds, which include intriguing specimens like a mosasaur tooth, coral, coprolite, and more; then check out the 16-page learning guide to identify your find and learn more about each type of fossil. It's the perfect choice to let budding paleontologists try their hand at a fossil dig!

Mega Gemstone Mine Kit

She can dig her own gemstones from around the world with this kit from National Geographic! This massive digging brick conceals fifteen different gemstones; use the archeological tools to dig them out, then examine them with the magnifying glass to identify each stone. The included learning guide provides interesting facts about how each stone is formed and where in the world it appears. It's the perfect choice to start or add to your favorite rock hound's collection!

Diggin' Up Dinos: T-Rex

What dinosaur-loving kid hasn't dreamed of discovering their very own dinosaur bones? In this kit, a model tyrannosaurus rex skeleton is buried deep within a sandy block, waiting to be discovered. Put on your safety goggles and use your excavation tools to safely remove the bones, then assemble them into a display model. The set includes a color poster with intriguing facts about paleontology.

DNA Experiment Kit

You can dive into the world of DNA with this set from ScienceWiz! 18 activities teach kids all the key basics about DNA and genetics: everything from assembling a DNA puzzle to extracting DNA from fruit! You'll even get to sample your own DNA and use it to make forgery-proof DNA ink. To take the lesson further, check out the ScienceWiz website for animations and additional explanations.

Nancy B.'s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

Explore the microscopic world with this great kit from Educational Insights and Nancy B.'s Science Club! This 2-in-1 light and dissecting microscope magnifies by 30X, 100X, and 400X so you can get up close looks at everything from peacock feathers to your own skin cells. The included activity guide and journal provides plenty of inspiration for what to explore first. The set includes the microscope, both blank and prepared slides, as well as tools like tweezers, a petri dish, and more.

Nancy B.'s Mighty Microbes Lab

Bacteria, fungi, and viruses... there's a whole world of microbes to explore! Kids will grow harmless microbe colonies and learn how to count microbe populations, learning more about how this tiny world works. You can even test common beliefs about germs — like the 5-second rule! The included germ journal provides lots of experiment ideas and places to record your observations.

ScienceX SmartScope

Explore the microscoping world using a smartphone or tablet with ScienceX's SmartScope! The SmartScope lets you magnify your finds, take pictures, and even send your images to a TV screen so that multiple people can view them. Two different magnification levels and a removable light source allow you to get great pictures, and the set even includes a carrying bag so you can take the SmartScope out into the field.

You Explore It: Squishy Human Body

Enter the world of the human body — with a little gross factor for some extra appeal! This 12" figure from SmartLab has removable squishy organs, as well as representation of the skeletal, vascular, and muscular systems. In the accompanying guide, research physician Lucille Kayes explains how the organs work together to digest food and provide energy and oxygen to the body. It's a unique way to examine the complex workings of the human body.

Nancy B.'s Way to Grow Hydroponics Kit

Did you know you don't need soil to grow plants? Learn all about hydroponic growing with this great kit from Nancy B. and Educational Insights! Kids will learn to sprout seeds, then transfer them into seed baskets over water-filled flasks and see how they climb the trellis as they grow. An included journal includes experiment ideas, interesting facts, writing prompts, and more.

K'Nex DNA Replications and Transcription Kit

Learn about genetics with K'Nex? It's not as far-fetched as it sounds! After all, a building toy is an excellent way to show how four molecules not only build the famous double helix, but also how splitting them in half allows genes to reassemble themselves correctly after cells divide. By following the projects in this kit, kids learn the structure and processes of both RNA and DNA, the building blocks of life.

Break Your Own Geodes

Now kids can discover their own remarkable gem landscape inside this box of geodes — but first, they'll have to break them open! 12 geodes are included in each kit, ranging in size from a large marble to a golf ball; Gem Center USA guarantees that 90% of them will be hollow. Find clear quartz, smoky quartz, or maybe even amethyst! The included guide teaches budding geologists how to safely crack their geodes, as well as providing information about the minerals and crystals they'll find inside.

Crime Catchers Science Kit

Does she dream of being a detective or crime scene investigator? She'll love this science kit from Scientific Explorer! Follow the instruction booklet to gather and match fingerprints, test powders and liquids, and decode secret messages as you solve two mysteries. Everything you need to learn forensic science basics is included!

National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler

See the true beauty of the gems you find with this high-quality rock tumbler. This set from National Geographic has an automatic shutoff timer, so it will run for just the right length of time, and a rubber barrel that reduces noise, making it a pleasure to use. It comes with 0.5 lb of assorted stones to get you started, but every rock hound knows the real fun will begin when she gets outside and hunts down her own!

Solar System Planetarium

With this kit from 4M, you'll build a solar system with planets that can really orbit around the sun! The planet models include textured details, making them easy to paint, and the base's moveable planet stands will allow kids to see how planets circle the sun and how their orbits come together in conjunctions before separating again. It even comes with a teeny set of rings for Saturn! It's a fun hands-on way to learn more about the planets.

Green Science: Clean Water Science

Learn how we keep our water clean with this kit from Green Science! This line of science kits from 4M encourages kids to see how environmental conservation can be a part of everyday life. In this kit, kids will learn about water filtration, desalinization, basic distillation, and solar pasteurization. Almost everything you need is included in the kit; you just provide a few basic household items, and she'll be on her way to learning about how we can keep our water supply healthy.

Master Detective Toolkit

Solving crime these days takes more than interviewing suspects: it takes a lot of science! With this kit, budding forensic scientists and crime scene investigators will learn how to secure a crime scene, how to process and preserve evidence, and how to use the information you glean to make conclusion about what happened. From pulling fingerprints to testing soil samples, this toolkit will highlight the importance of the scientific mind in law enforcement. As an added bonus, kids can try their hand at solving the sample mystery included in the manual.

Handheld Digital Microscope

This compact and fun digital microscope makes it easy to examine the world all around you. Its magnification ranges from 10X to 220X, and the four LED lights ensure that your field of vision is always bright enough to see all the details. Connect it to your computer with a USB cord and use the included software to easily capture and annotate the images you see. This basic version is a good starting model, but as her skills develop, other models from the series offer additional features. Or, for a simpler version for younger kids, check out the Zoomy Handheld Microscope for ages 4 and up.

Duo Scope Microscope

This flexible microscope offers easy use for a variety of different samples! It has 40X, 100X, and 400X magnification options, and the dual lights allow you to observe both prepared slides and solid objects with ease. The set includes over 50 accessories, including materials to make your own slides, and a detailed instruction manual.

LEGO Women of NASA Building Kit

This new fan-designed LEGO set features four pioneering women who made major contributions to the U.S. space program: Margaret Hamilton, the computer scientist who designed the on-board flight software for the Apollo moon missions; Sally Ride, the first American woman in space; Nancy Grace Roman, the astronomer who played a lead role in designing the Hubble telescope; and Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space. The 231-piece set, created by LEGO fan and science writer Maia Weinstock, includes minifigures of all four women and buildable models of the Hubble space telescope and a space shuttle.

Biology TK2 Microscope Set

This all-in-one kit gives you the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to view virtually any specimen you can find. The microscope is a dual light 40X, 100X, and 400X metal and plastic microscope. It has a 10-power ocular lens; 4-, 10-, and 40-power objective lenses; and an aperture wheel. The full-color, 48-page manual guides you through set-up and usage of the scope and the 2 parts and tools included in the kit, and provides experiments to try dozens of fascinating observations of biological specimens.


The name of the game is survival of the fittest! You play a new organism in a dangerous world. Create and adapt your creature to take best advantage of the environment around you, while avoiding the pitfalls! Will you invest your adaptations in traits like a Hard Shell or Horns to protect you from predators, or a Long Neck to get food other creatures can't reach? With 4,000 species to create — plus additional expansions like Evolution: Flight, there's no end to the ways you can eat, multiply, and thrive.

Telescope and Astronomy Kit

Get your budding astronomer started with this entry-level kit from Thames and Kosmos. This high-quality refractor telescope features coated glass optics and includes plenty of accessories to get your observations started, including a stand and a variety of eyepieces for different purposes. The included guide teaches you how to properly care for and view through your telescope. With a maximum magnification of 140X, kids can easily view the planets, their moons, and several galaxies and nebulae.

Tandem-X Launch Set

Launch not one, but two different rockets with this set from Estes! You'll build two popular rocket models: the Amazon, which is almost three feet tall and can reach heights of 600 feet, and the Crossfire, which is small but powerful and can soar as high as 1,150 feet. Both rockets are outfitted with parachutes to float them safely to Earth — so they can take part in future launches! Any would-be rocket scientist will get hours of fun out of this kit.

LEGO Ideas: Birds

Build and display models of three well-loved birds — out of LEGO! This set was designed by gardener and bird enthusiast Thomas Poulsom and selected by the LEGO Ideas community. Each bird represents a different continent: the robin for Europe, the blue jay for North America, and the hummingbird from South America. The detailed models come with presentation stands featuring their scientific names, as well as booklets providing more information about each species. It's sure to delight building fans and birdwatchers alike.

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V

Enjoy a building challenge — and a tribute to NASA's Moon missions — with this massive,three-foot LEGO model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket! At 1,969 pieces, this set provides a fun building challenge packed with authentic details: it features 3 removable rocket stages, including the S-IVB third stage with the lunar lander and lunar orbiter. With The set includes 3 stands to display the model horizontally, 3 new astronaut micro figures for role-play recreations of the Moon landings, and a booklet about the manned Apollo missions.

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