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12 Creative Father’s Day Gifts for Mighty Dads

Posted on June 8, 2017 by Katherine

A Mighty Girl's favorite books of humor and inspiration to honor Mighty Dads and their special role in their daughters' lives.


Behind many Mighty Girls is a Mighty Dad! It can be hard to find gifts that celebrate the role that a father plays in his daughter’s life, so in honor of all the dedicated dads in the Mighty Girl community, we’ve gathered some great gift ideas for the father in your life. Whether he’s sharing his life and memories, enjoying a laugh about the ups and downs of parenting, or getting inspired by tributes to the special place he holds in his Mighty Girl’s life, these gifts are sure to make his Father’s Day extra special.

For more great ideas for celebrating Father’s Day, check out our blog A Father’s Love: A Mighty Girl Celebrates Father’s Day, which features books for girls about the father-daughter relationship, and Singing About Fatherly Love: Mighty Girl Songs for Father’s Day.

All About Dad: Journals For Fathers

Sometimes Dads feel caught in the “strong, silent” stereotype that’s so often placed on boys and men, and don’t know how to share their memories and feelings with their children. A journal full of writing prompts can be a great way to start a conversation about who Dad really is! These guided journals are dedicated to helping Dads share the special moments of their lives — both from their childhoods and young adulthoods, and from the time they first became a father.

What I Love About Dad: By Me

Kids of all ages — or even adult children — can celebrate their love for dad with this perfect, palm-sized journal full of prompts about what makes him so special! From "We have the best time when we __________ together" to "I love your _________", there's plenty of inspiration to create the book that perfectly describes your relationship with your dad, from silly to tender to everything in between. This personalized gift is a great way to celebrate a very special dad in a unique way.

Dad, Share Your Life With Me

This heirloom edition journal offers one prompt question daily to allow Dad to share the story of his life — from where and when he was born, to details about his family, to first loves and college memories, and finally to his experience as a Dad. The journal is meant to be completed over the course of a year; it’s dated from January 1, with seasonal questions, so he can save it to begin in the New Year or start part way through as soon as he receives it. It’s a great way to get him thinking not just about the broad outline of his life, but also about all the little special moments (a favorite Halloween, a special vacation) that stand out.

Conversations With My Father

This large, spiral-bound journal has enough space for Dad to include stories, dates and information about the special days of his life, and even photographs and mementos that he treasures. Thoughtful writing prompts get him thinking about the moments in his life that he most wants to share with his children, from what he dreamed about being when he was a child, to how he felt the first time he held a baby in his arms. The quality of this journal makes it feel like a real keepsake, making it perfect as a gift for Dad — and perhaps a gift he can return to his Mighty Girl once it’s complete.

My Dad: His Story, His Words

This pocket-sized journal is perfect to get a reluctant journaler started! Each small page contains one prompt to get Dad thinking about what he’d most like to tell his children, from “What kind of house did you grow up in?” to “What was the best lesson your Mom or Dad ever taught you?” Best of all, it can also be used as an interview journal, so your Mighty Girl and her father could fill it out together. Whether he writes it himself, or his Mighty Girl is the one asking the questions, this is sure to bring them closer together. For a similar "fill in the blank" memory journal — this one letting you tell Dad how much he means to you — check out Why I Love You, Dad.

Sharing A Laugh: Humorous Books About Being A Dad

As all parents know, at times the business of raising a Mighty Girl is downright funny! To remind the special Dad in your life about all the laughs he’s had with his Mighty Girl — and all the ones to come — check out these great humor books.

Confessions of the World’s Best Father

It all started with a single picture: as a joke, Engledow edited a picture of him cradling his eight-week-old daughter Alice Bee to make it look as if he was squirting breastmilk into a mug reading “World’s Best Father.” Before he knew it, his photo project had taken off, not just among family and friends, but with thousands, and then millions, of fans on the Internet. Engledow says, “soon after Alice Bee was born, I was inspired (probably due to lack of sleep) to portray what new fatherhood felt like to me at the time — I wanted to show the cluelessness and exhaustion felt as a new father, while poking fun at myself.” For every father who’s looked at sentimental, picture-perfect images of a dad and a daughter and thought, “That’s not me!”, this book is sure to be a hit.

Vader’s Little Princess

While any Star Wars fan knows that Darth Vader didn’t actually raise Luke and Leia, sometimes you can’t help but wonder what Vader would have been like as a father... Jeffrey Brown’s hilarious and charming comics modify classic moments from the Star Wars trilogy to depict a befuddled — but adoring — Darth Vader coming to terms with raising Princess Leia from a sweet, tea-party-giving preschooler to a rebellious teen who insists on hanging out with that bad influence, Han Solo. Whether he's ordering no disintegrations (while getting the twins to bed) or teaching her to fly her very own TIE fighter, these situations will seem strangely familiar! It’s perfect for any doting dad who’s ever imagined himself living a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Fowl Language: Welcome to Parenting

Parenting isn't always magic and wonder... there's also a lot of frustration, aggravation, and outright weirdness thanks to those lovable but baffling creatures we call kids. Brian Gordon, father of a son and a daughter and creator of Fowl Language Comics, pokes fun at the daily, sometimes maddening struggles that all parents face. But whether he's struggling to understand his role in his daughter's imaginary game — "You're doing it all wrong!" — or contemplating her future as a tyrannical dictator — "Only I eat cereal!" — it's impossible for parents to forget just how much they love their children.

Why He Matters: Inspirational Books for Dad

These inspirational books will show Dad that he’ll always be just as important to his Mighty Girl as she is to him.

I Wonder: Celebrating Daddies Doin' Work

What do daddies do with their children? They style hair, they carpool, they cuddle (after they look under beds for monsters). They play, they motivate, and they comfort. Dads may sometimes wonder if they're doing a good job. But one thing they're sure of is that they love every moment with their children. Blogger Doyin Richards of the blog Daddy Doin' Work has a mission is to celebrate "how fatherhood is the coolest and most rewarding gig a man will ever have in his lifetime." Full of sweet pictures that celebrate all the things dads provide — and wish — for their children, this book is perfect for both children and adults to enjoy.

What I Would Tell Her: 28 Devoted Dads on Bringing Up, Holding On To, and Letting Go Of Their Daughters

Twenty-eight talented, diverse dads write about the complex and deep emotional bonds they share with their daughters, whether she’s an infant, a teen, or a grown woman. The openness and vulnerability of these pieces highlight just how important it is to a dad to do the right thing for his daughter — and how difficult it can be to know what the “right” thing is. Some of their experiences are shared and some are very different, but the common threads throughout all of the essays will show your Mighty Dad that they will always be important to their Mighty Girl’s life.

Why A Daughter Needs A Dad: 100 Reasons

Two New York Times bestselling books by Gregory Lang that celebrate the special place a father can fill in his daughter’s life. In Why A Daughter Needs A Dad, beautiful black and white photographs are paired with the reasons a daughter needs a dad. While none of the reasons are exclusive to dads, they’re all things that form the special relationship a father and a daughter can have. Daddy’s Little Girl collects longer stories about the bond between dads and daughters — from children sharing special moments, to the support a father can provide to an adult daughter, long out of the nest — and adds special photographs of father-daughter pairs. Either is a beautiful gift to remind a dad that’s he’s a critical part of his Mighty Girl’s life.

Braving It: A Father, A Daughter, and an Unforgettable Journey into the Alaskan Wild

When James Campbell's cousin invited him to spend a summer helping build a cabin in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, he was hesitant to bring his fifteen-year-old daughter, Aidan, along: would she be up for mosquitoes, grizzly bears, bathing in frigid water, and hours of hard labor peeling and hauling logs? To his surprise, though, Aidan thrived on the challenge, and quickly fell in love with the Alaskan wild. She loved it so much that Campbell decided that they should return to take a once-in-a-lifetime, grueling, and illuminating trip together. This memoir of a challenging but rewarding father-daughter adventure is both touching and funny in turns, and beautifully captures the experience of watching — and letting — a child truly grow up.

An Uncomplicated Life: A Father's Memoir of His Exceptional Daughter

Jillian Daugherty was born with Down syndrome, leaving her parents, Paul and Kerry, flooded with worry and uncertainty -- and also overwhelming love, which they channeled to “the job of building the better Jillian.” They refused to believe that Jillian was destined for a life of misery and struggle, instead deciding that they would help their daughter achieve everything she was capable of. And they discovered that Jillian was capable of a lot more than the naysayers expected! In his memoir about raising his very special daughter, Paul Daugherty shows how Jillian has inspired those around her to live better and more fully. The day Jillian was born, Paul says, was the last bad day -- and this heartwarming book about their journey together captures how much daughters can teach their fathers, too.

So for this Father’s Day, make sure the Mighty Dad you know gets a reminder of how important he is! We wish all the Mighty Dads in our community a happy Father’s Day.

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