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A Heroic Halloween

30 Mighty Girl Superhero Costumes

Our top picks of Mighty Girl superhero costumes from our Halloween costume collection and photos of Mighty Girls in costume shared by our community!

superhero-costumes1Who doesn't love pretending to be a superhero? Flying through the sky, using your skills, wits, and super powers to save the world is an exciting idea, especially for young children. So it's no wonder that superhero costumes are tremendously popular at Halloween! If a Mighty Girl wants to dress up as a favorite superhero, there's no shortage of Iron Man, Captain America, and Superman costumes but what if she wants to dress up as a female superhero? Costumes for even popular female superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl are often nowhere to be seen. And if the costumes are available, often they are either highly sexualized, with short skirts and cutouts — hardly the right outfit for someone busy saving the day!

To make it easier to find empowering superhero costumes for fans of every age, from newborns to adults, we've showcased our favorites based on characters ranging from Black Widow to Bumblebee. In addition to being fun to wear, these costumes remind everyone that the world of superheroes has plenty of strong, intelligent, and courageous female characters to inspire costumes and dress-up wear. Dressed as her favorite superhero, your Mighty Girl will feel ready to take on the world!

For even more costume inspiration on themes ranging from superheroes to animals, you'll find hundreds of costumes for all ages from infants through adults in our Girl Empowerment Halloween Costume Guide.

Superhero Costumes From A Mighty Girl's Collection

Sometimes, of course, it's hard to pick just one superhero! These fun sets allow kids to imagine themselves as more than one superhero — and offer a lot of dress-up fun after Halloween is long past.

Reversible Supergirl / Batgirl Cape

Switch between Supergirl and Batgirl at a moment's notice with this reversible superhero cape from Kidz Escapes! This cape is made of a cotton-polyester blend with felt symbols, white on pink for Supergirl and pink on black for Batgirl. It's machine washable and has a Velcro closure, making it easy for even little kids to put it on and take it off. It's perfect for quick-change superhero play.

Superhero Trio Costume Set

Who will she be today — Wonder Woman, Batgirl, or Supergirl? She can roleplay as any of these three iconic DC superheroes with this triple costume set from Rubies! Three tabards with attached capes, one for each superhero, come with different accessories: Wonder Woman includes armbands, and a headband; Batgirl includes an eyemask; and Supergirl includes boot tops. These durable costumes are easy to slip on and off so she can change superheroes at a moment's notice — or to take on her secret identity.

Superhero Cape and Mask - Set of 4

Spider-Girl, Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman: they're all here in this fun set from Vanguard! This set includes four capes and four masks, each with one superhero's logo. The high-quality capes are double-sided satin and include an easy-to-use Velcro closure, and the masks are comfortable felt. As an added bonus, you also get a PDF of printable games and activities that are perfect for parties and play dates full of superhero action.

Wonder Woman Costumes

This DC character was one of the first female superheroes, and she's definitely one of the most popular! Since her first appearance in comics in 1941 — where she reversed the "damsel in distress" trope by regularly freeing herself from captivity and rescuing male characters — Wonder Woman has been an icon of feminism and an inspiration to girls and women everywhere. And with the renewed attention to the character thanks to excitement about the future Wonder Woman solo movie, it's no wonder that so many girls want to dress up as the Amazon princess this year!

Wonder Woman Infant Costume

She'll be warm and snuggly as she saves the day in this sleeper-style Wonder Woman costume! This zippered costume is cozy and comfortable, perfect for wearing on a cool Halloween night. The included cape adds a little extra flair as she flies off to save the day! This infant costume is also machine washable in case your little one's super suit needs a little tidying up after a busy day.

Wonder Woman Bib Costume

Pop on this officially licensed bib costume, and your Mighty Girl will instantly be ready to join the party as Wonder Woman! This bib is printed to look like Wonder Woman's costume but easily slips over your baby's regular clothes, making it perfect for babies who don't like more constricting costumes. Parents will also love the easy-care polyester that allows you to throw it in the wash to have it ready for the next day's adventure.

Wonder Woman Caped Onesie

This isn't just a Wonder Woman costume — it's also a onesie she can wear any day of the year! This officially licensed onesie is made of 100% cotton and includes a three-snap bottom closure for a comfortable fit. The colors are vibrant and bold, just like your Mighty Girl! Best of all, the cape is perfect for playtime but easily detaches for meals, naps, or cleaning.

Classic Wonder Woman Costume

This skirted Wonder Woman costume is just like the classic Wonder Woman many of us remember! This officially licensed costume includes a sleeveless dress with a red and gold top and blue and white skirt. The dress features an attached cape and gold belt, and the set also includes a headband, bracelets, and boot toppers.

DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman  Costume

The new show DC Super Hero Girls reimagines Wonder Woman as a teenager — so there's no doubt young fans will want to imagine themselves in her shoes! This officially licensed DC Super Hero Girls costume features full-length pants, as well as a top with a dimensional emblem, a belt with a lasso, gauntlets, and a tiara. It's the perfect option for girls who like this new iteration of Wonder Woman.

Caped Wonder Woman T-Shirt

You don't need a costume to bring Wonder Woman's inspiration into your life; sometimes all you need is a T-shirt! This 100% cotton T-shirt features the iconic Wonder Woman colors with a glitter logo. The included cape attaches with Velcro, so it's easy to remove when needed — but the cape is the perfect touch for a costume party, a race, or any number of other occasions! It can also be paired with Wonder Woman Caped Knee Socks. Younger Mighty Girl fans can wear their own version with this caped Wonder Woman children's shirt for ages 2 to 5.

Wonder Woman Crown

It's had to imagine Wonder Woman without her crown! The crown isn't just a symbol of her role as an Amazon princess; it's also yet another weapon she can bring to bear when necessary. This brass headpiece from Elope allows you to complete your Wonder Woman costume with just the right touch. The adjustable back and padded interior make it comfortable to wear; just shape it to suit. And for the final touch, consider adding these Wonder Woman cuffs as well.

Batgirl Costumes

While Batgirl made her first appearance in 1961, it was the 1967 to 1988 Batgirl — police commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara — who established her as a woman to be reckoned with both inside the suit and out of it! The Barbara Gordon Batgirl had connections to the Women's Liberation movement and eventually got a doctorate degree, and Yvonne Craig's TV Batgirl made an impression on a generation of young women, both in the fiction show and in her equal pay PSA from 1972. Today, Batgirl continues to have her own comic line, with a main character that emphasizes that ingenuity and intelligence can be a Mighty Girl's super power.

Bat Symbol Bib Costume

This officially licensed bib costume makes it easy for little ones to join in the costume fun! This bib costume is ore comfortable than a full-body costume, but still features the bold graphic bat symbol — as well as a fun detail showing the utility belt! The attached cape is the perfect finishing touch. You can also get this pink and black Batgirl bib costume, which also fits ages 6 to 9 months.

Batgirl Toddler Costume

Now that she's up on her feet, your toddler can get a Batgirl costume that's really ready for action! This toddler-sized Batgirl costume is black and yellow and comes with a dress, a cape, a belt, boot toppers, gauntlets, and, of course, the distinctive black bat mask. This officially licensed costume is sturdy enough for plenty of day-to-day dress-up play, too.

Hooded Bat Cape

Is there any more distinctive silhouette than the bat-winged cape? Now your little hero can have her own! This cape from Creative Education is made of soft velvety fabric and features a gold applique bat and includes a hood with nicely pointy ears. It's perfect for her crime-fighting adventures all  year round.

Batgirl Child's Costume

Saving Gotham City is a lot of work — but fortunately this Batgirl costume is up to the task! This fun costume is made of black vinyl, so it's tough enough for a busy Halloween plus plenty of of day-to-day superhero games. This set includes a dress with an attached cape, boot toppers, a belt, gauntlets, and a black bat mask to preserve her secret identity.

Classic TV Batgirl Costume

Fans of Yvonne Craig's Batgirl will be thrilled with this officially licensed costume based on the outfit from the TV show! This costume set includes a purple jumpsuit with a lame-style finish, a belt, a cape, gloves, and a headpiece with an attached wig. This high-quality costume is from Rubie's Grand Heritage line, so it's designed with added detail and careful construction, perfect for an adult who's looking forward to being her favorite superhero over and over.

Caped Batgirl T-Shirt

Feel like a superhero every day with this fun T-shirt with a detachable cape! This 100% cotton shirt features a utility belt print and the bat logo with a glitter detail. The cape attached with Velcro, so it's easy to pop on and off as needed. It's the perfect touch for a costume party, a race day, or any other situation where you need a little extra inspiration! It can also be paired with Batgirl Caped Knee Socks. Younger Batgirl fans can check out this caped child's Batgirl T-shirt for ages 2 to 5.

Supergirl Costumes

Supergirl was created in the late 1950s, during a craze for creating female analogues to popular male superheroes, but she's stood the test of time and remains tremendously popular today. She shares all of Superman's powers, so it's no wonder that generations of Mighty Girls have dreamed of being just like her! Now, with the TV show starring Melissa Benoist having finished its first season, there are sure to be plenty of little Supergirls trick or treating this year.

Supergirl Romper Costume

Little Mighty Girls are super too! This red and blue romper costume is the perfect option for a first Halloween: cozy, comfortable, and with snap closures on the legs for easy changes back into her secret identity. The red cape is fun for play time, but detaches easily for naps or cleaning.

Toddler Supergirl Costume

She'll be ready to fly in this Supergirl costume sized just right for her! This toddler-sized costume set is officially licensed and comes with a dress with a blue top and red skirt, emblazoned with the distinctive S sigil, as well as a removable belt and cape. Red and gold boot toppers complete the look so she'll feel like her favorite superhero from head to toe!

Classic Supergirl Costume

This officially licensed Supergirl costume will be instantly familiar to any fan of the comic books! The red and blue dress with gold accents and attached cape is made of a velvety material on top and has a shiny skirt; its thick material is sturdy enough for plenty of day-to-day superhero play. To complete the look, this set comes with boot covers and a utility belt.

TV Supergirl Costume

With the new Supergirl TV show, there's been a resurgence of interest in the character — and now your Mighty Girl can dress up just like the TV Supergirl! This officially licensed costume is based off of the outfit on the show. The set comes with a dress, a removable cape, and a belt. It's the perfect option for Halloween — or to wear when season 2 starts later this month.

Caped Supergirl T-Shirt

Who says kids should have all the fun? You'll feel like Supergirl yourself in this comfortable caped T-shirt! This 100% cotton T-shirt is printed with the S emblem and a utility belt design. The cape attaches with Velcro so it's easy to take on and off when needed. It's perfect for a costume party, a race day, or any other time you need to feel a little extra super. It can also be paired with Supergirl Caped Knee Socks to complete the look.

More Mighty Superheroes

As the DC and Marvel movies and TV shows draw more attention to the wider world of superheroes, the whole universe of female superheroes out there that are finally coming to the public eye! These costumes feature other popular female superheroes from movies, TV, and comics.


Thor Girl Costume

Tarene Olson called on Thor's help to defeat a dangerous villain — and in gratitude for his assistance, she became his ally, Thor Girl! Of course, she had to turn herself into an Asgardian goddess first. Whether your Mighty Girl is familiar with Tarene or has been inspired by the female Thor from the comic book series, then this is the perfect pick. This fun costume includes a dress with an attached belt, a detachable cape, and a character headpiece.

Classic Spider-Girl Costume

Spider-Man isn't the only hero swinging across the city to right wrongs: Spider-Girl is on the case too! In this costume set, your Mighty Girl will feel like she's right off the comic book page in the classic red and blue color scheme. The set includes a jumpsuit and a character hood — sorry, kids, webslingers not included! Littler Mighty Girls can enjoy wearing this Infant / Toddler Spider-Girl Costume for age 12 to 18 months.

DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn Costume

While versions of this character targeted to adults are generally highly sexualized, there are other imaginings of the character that are suitable for kids and teens. In the DC Super Hero Girls, Harley Quinn is a quick witted high school gymnast and acrobat who loves to be the class clown — and this costume captures that sense of wit and fun. This costume set includes a printed jumpsuit, a bracelet, and eye mask, and a belt.

Violet Incredible Costume

It's been years since Pixar's The Incredibles introduced us to shy but powerful Violet, and today, there are many fans of this teen superhero out there! This costume set features one of Edna Mode's distinctive red and black Incredibles suits and comes with a belt and black eye mask. It's a great way to remind her that everyone can be super.

DC Super Hero Girls Bumblebee Costume

Innovative scientist and Teen Titans member Karen Beecher is finally getting her due! Bumblebee has been a popular character for years among comic fans, but she hasn't been well known to the general public. Now that Bumblebee is a regular on the DC Super Hero Girls, though, there's a great costume finally available for those who love her daring and smarts! This costume set includes a top, pants, wings, and gauntlets.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Pink Ranger Costume

Can you believe Power Rangers has been around for over 20 seasons? Girls today are still imagining themselves being inducted into the Power Rangers to save the world! This Pink Ranger costume is based off the outfits from Power Rangers Super Megaforce and comes with a jumpsuit with an attached belt and a character mask.

Black Widow Costume

Natasha Romanoff, code name Black Widow, is intelligent, daring, and ready to take on supervillains that even people with superpowers fear! If your Mighty Girl is a fan of this intriguing character, she'll love this costume based off of Widow's costume in Captain America: Winter Soldier. This comfortable printed jumpsuit is all in one piece, so there are no accessories to lose or get caught on things as she's racing to help the Avengers save the world.

Gamora Costume

Gamora is gifted with a blade and, once she's on your side, she'll never let you down! This fierce warrior was a hit in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but fans were disappointed by how hard it was to find merchandise featuring her. Fortunately, young Gamora fans can still dress up as her for Halloween! This Gamora costume comes with a jumpsuit, boot covers, and glovettes.

The Flash Costume

Writers of The Flash love to play with alternate timelines — and in several of them, the comic book speedster is female! If your Mighty Girl dreams of running faster than fast, then this costume is the one for her. This costume set includes a red jumpsuit with yellow accents, Flash insignia, and attached boot tops, as well as a headpiece with attached foam lightning bolts.

Mighty Girls in Costume From Our Community


Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor

Word Girl

Word Up - It's Word Girl!

Ms. Marvel

Geovana, 6, is doing her part to save the world as the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan.

Squirrel Girl

Our 9 year old daughter dressed as the superhero Squirrel Girl.


My daughter loves the intelligence, creativity, strength, and compassion exhibited by Garnet, leader of the Gems in Steven Universe.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl

On her 5th birthday, Lila told us she changed her name to Wonder Women so we should call her that from now on!

The Real Supergirl

Ariana is only 6 months old and was born with bilateral clubfoot. Obviously, her "boots and bar" had to be a part of her outfit. She is already far surpassing expectations, crawling and even pulling up even though we were told to expect delays. She is DEFINITELY a real live Super Girl.

Artemis of Young Justice

Shannon - 11 loves the sarcastic wit and complexity of heroine Artemis of the TV show Young Justice about teenage sidekicks of our favorite Justice League heroes. She requested thus costume and worked hard in the design. Together we created her vision for Halloween 2015.

Steampunk Hawkgirl

Cetani, 12, as the best superhero, Hawkgirl.

Incredible Girl

Camila 5 years, she picked Violet invisible girl from the Incredibles


My 5yr old Catgirl Nadra chooses to be a SuperHero because she thinks girls can do anything! There's no stopping! Girls can be strong too! :)

Xena, Warrior Princess

Olivia us all about superhero females, so nothing would do but Xena Princess Warrior. She's got the war cry nailed, too. It's not available to buy, so her mother knocked herself out.

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