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Mighty Girls Rise Up
At Women's Marches Worldwide

Over 150 photos of Mighty Girls standing up for girls and women's rights at the historic Women's Marches held worldwide on January 21.

Millions of people took to the streets at Women's Marches around the world on January 21, 2017 in an unprecedented show of solidarity and support for the belief that women's rights are human rights. At the 914 Women's Marches that were held in all 50 states and over 60 countries, girls and young women participated in vast numbers. This day gave these girls an unforgettable life lesson about the power of their own voice in creating change – and the responsibility of every citizen to use that voice to stand up for their rights and the rights of others.

In this blog post, we're showcasing just a small fraction of the incredible photos of Mighty Girls at Women’s Marches worldwide that have been shared with us. Thank you to the many people who have shared their march stories and photos on A Mighty Girl's Facebook page. And, most importantly, thank you to everyone who participated in a Women's March – while the fight for girls and women's rights will continue, our voices on this inspiring day of action were powerful and sent the clear and unmistakable message: "We're not going away."

Phoenix, AZ

"My mighty girls with the over 20,000 in Phoenix!" – Audrey C.

Bristol, United Kingdom

"Another little mighty girl from Bristol, UK!" – George H.

New York, NY

"My mighty girls (and boy)" – Janice E.

Boston, MA

"I marched in Boston with my 6 year old daughter who held this sign high above her head the whole way. She spent many many weekends this summer and fall canvassing for Hillary and going to rallies and campaign events. I was worried she would be crushed after the election, but her first reaction was 'maybe another girl will run for president and we can work hard for her too.' #nationofhermiones" – Naomi G.

Houston, TX

"There was a 22K+ turnout for the march on Houston's city hall, and it was absolutely incredible. Our mayor and multiple other representatives, and the HPD Chief of Police, all joined us to speak and stand together in an incredible show of unity. Our police chief spoke against issues of corrupt policing, and all of the HPD officers who were there alongside us were so wonderful and open. It renewed faith for so many women; and I was so glad to have my little girl there at my side (and on my shoulders, when the march to city hall was almost through and her little legs got tired, haha) through it all." – Kendra L.

Pittsburgh, PA

Julie P.

Jersey City, NY

Yolie L.

Washington, DC

"My two daughters and I marched in D.C. Im so glad that I had a chance to show them what activism looks like. This is democracy." – Grace C.

Little Rock, AR

"This was at our march in Little Rock AR" – Heather R.

Austin, TX

"TEAR IT DOWN! Austin, Texas!" – Sarah Q.

Seattle, WA

"Sunshine in Seattle, beaming from every face!" – Edith B.

Biloxi, MS

"My Mighty Girl in Biloxi, MS!" – Paulette G.

Chicago, IL


Washington, DC

"My almost 8 year old in D.C. Taking her was the best parenting decision I've ever made!" – Candace R.

Cincinnati, OH

"That's my daughter and my parents. Not visible is my daughter's wheelchair. This is #WhyIMarch" – Meredith P.

Washington, DC

Kim C.

Lansing, MI

"My Princess President. She colored and put the Troll stickers on herself. :) I march for her, that she can feel beautiful and safe and respected as her Authentic Self." – Kate A.

Denver, CO

"Marched with my daughter and at least 100,000 others in Denver!" – Laura H.

Houston, TX

"Houston, Texas with my mighty girl! An amazing experience full of peaceful and positive people!" – Rosa E.

Los Angeles, LA

"One of my mighty girls at the LA March. Proud mama." – Sandra C.

Edmonton, AB

"From the march in Edmonton, Alberta." – Gina V.

Kotzebue, AK

"Arctic Women's March in Kotzebue, AK. The temperature was 21 degrees below zero (-51 wind chill) and we still had a good crowd show up. I marched because I am a woman, I have 3 daughters (2 pictured with me) and I believe we are strong, resilient and deserving of respect. When I replay the statements made by our current president in my mind, I imagine them said against me, my Mother, my grandmother, my aunties, my nieces, my sisters and my beautiful daughters. I wanted to March because that kind of behavior and demeaning speech is unacceptable by anyone!" – Lucy M.

Austin, TX

Lisa P.

Mobile, AL

"Peaceful and energized in Mobile, Al!" – Asia F.

St. Petersburg, FL

"March in St. Pete!" – Kimberly F.

Oklahoma City, OK

"My mighty girl in Oklahoma City." – Mab I.

Melbourne, Australia

Leelee L.

Boston, MA

Vanessa L.

Lincoln, NE

"With my mighty girl in Lincoln, NE, who wanted our poster to say: 'love is more powerful than hate.'" – Rachel D.

Seneca Falls, NY

"Seneca Falls, NY ..... My granddaughter

Seattle, WA

"My Mighty Girl marching in costume in Seattle.. although we did borrow the sign because it was hilariously appropriate... And without the costume." – Anna A.

Sacramento, CA

"My mighty girl in Sacramento, CA" – Dominique W.

Canberra, Australia

"Representing Canberra, Australia" – Angel N.

St. Petersburg, FL

"My Daughter and I are ready to make our Voices Heard today!" – Amie M.

Cleveland, OH

"I don't say much on fb but this is everything. #3generations" – Molly S.

Boston, MA

"My daughter said this morning, "Mom, my legs are a little tired from standing up for myself for so long yesterday." (Age 5, Boston)" – Lindsay H.

San Luis Obispo, CA

"Here is my Mighty Girl at the Women's March today." – Jennie R.

Austin, TX

"3 generations marching in Austin, Tx!" – Beverly J.

Oklahoma City, OK

"Took my sis and niece. OKC, OK" – Lisa B.

Nashville, TN

"My little suffragette at the Woman's March in Nashville! (Walking with her Hamilton inspired protest sign!)" – Sharon E.

Peoria, IL

"My Mighty Girl! Her poster, her words, her future." – Megan P.

Denver, CO

Rikki O.

Montpelier, VT

"Our Mighty Girls in Montpelier, VT... took the stage right behind the speakers so that their message could be seen on the news!" – Amy H.

Maui, HI

"A Mighty Girl at the Maui March" – JoAnne C.

Cincinnati, OH

"We marched in Cincinnati, Ohio" – Brian Y.

Oakland, CA

Diana F.

Greensboro, NC

"Marching in Greensboro NC with my mighty girl!!" – Heather M.

Richland, WA

"Richland, Washington. After 3 generations of women experienced sexual assault in my family i vow this daughter will NOT be raised to believe anyone has the right to touch her, even a hug from her auntie, Without her permission!" – Kristi S.

Fort Worth, TX

"Lots of mighty girls at the #womensmarchfw!" – Breinn R.

Toronto, ON

"Toronto, ON. Canada stands in solidarity with women across the border, and across the world. Dad helped make the sign. The Women's March was a family affair ❤" – Janet D.

Sydney, Australia

"Taking my little Wonder Woman to the Women's March in Sydney today. I want her to grow up knowing she is capable of achieving even the biggest of dreams ❤" – Alyssa S.

Durango, CO

"My mighty girl in Durango, CO!" – Jaime D.

Trenton, NJ

"Women's March on New Jersey, Trenton" – Elena H.

Sacramento, CA

"My mighty girl and I marched in Sacramento. I wanted to show her that it was important to stand up for what was right. Her dad gave her a great view." – Shannon K.

Lansing, MI

"My mighty girls in Lansing, MI" – Becky C.

Orlando, FL

"Marching in Orlando for the future of women's equality with the future in tow." – Lindsay S.

New York, NY

"We joined 400,000 of our closest friends in NYC." – Cara G.

Washington, DC

Jessica M.

Barcelona, Spain

Shannon P.

New York, NY

"My mighty girl is learning to fight for peace, love and justice!" – Maria B.

Fort Worth, TX

Sarah N.

Redwood City, CA

"Redwood City, CA (a suburb of San Francisco) with my daughter to show her what it means to be an activist and to speak out against injustice." – Saswati P.

Adelaide, Australia

"My fierce and clever Naomi walked front and centre with her bestie at the Women's March in Adelaide, South Australia yesterday. One proud Mumma #fightlikeagirl" – Tash B.

Bristol, United Kingdom

"Mine and Alexandra V's mighty girls in Bristol, UK... They were very proud to take part & are both big fans of Mrs Banks in 'Mary Poppins'!" – George H.

Charleston, WV

"Marched with my toddler in Charleston, WV yesterday. No better time than now to get her started. <3" – Tiffany B.

Portsmouth, NH

"My five year old in Portsmouth NH" – Meghan R.

San Francisco, CA

"Heading to the march in SF." – Leslie S.

Washington, DC

"It was AMAZING in DC!" – Sarah S.

Austin, TX

"I brought my Mighty Girl (and my Mighty Boy, so as to show him too what to expect from the women in his life, and what they should expect from him) to the rally in Austin on Friday night, and the much larger Women's March on Saturday. They walked for miles, they chanted, and hopefully learned a lot about the immense power of large numbers of concerned citizens assembled in peaceful but furious protest. Yes, they learned a few choice new words, but I'd much rather them be exposed to it in this context than in vapid entertainment products. And most importantly one day they'll be able to say that we didn't stand by idly." – Ezio A.

St. Paul, MN

"Me and my mighty girl in Minnesota!" – Julie D.

Norfolk, VA

"The back of my daughter's sign says 'Women Have Strong Hearts'. The front of it is an angry lady heart flexing her strong arms, while wearing fringed super power cuffs on her wrists!" – Megan W.

Washington, DC

Jaime E.

Sacramento, CA

"My mighty girls in Sacramento, CA!" – Kelly F.

Detroit, MI

"Marched in Detroit!" – Janice H.

Kingston, ON

"My mighty 7 year old. Showing our solidarity from North of the border, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada." – Lori H.

Toronto, ON

"With my granddaughter in the beautiful Toronto march." – Lisa S.

Boston, MA

Michelle F.

Oakland, CA

Irenee B.

Gulfport, MS

"We marched in Gulfport, MS. Our group was small but mighty! We had some hateful and ignorant people flip us off and boo us but we had a lot of honking, screaming and support during a peaceful march with a positive message." – Lisa P.

Washington, DC

"My three-year-old Mighty Girl stayed home in northern Michigan, but I enjoyed walking behind this Mighty Girl in D.C. so much I teared up." – Megan C.

Tel Aviv, Israel

"Yesterday in Tel Aviv in front of the U.S. embassy:" – Meital P.

St. Paul, MN

Sarah E.

Washington, DC

"Our mighty girl marched in Washington today!" – Robin G.

Washington, DC

"My daughter at the march in DC." – Kelly Z.

Philadelphia, PA

"My daughter standing strong in Philly." – Christina S.

Santa Barbara, CA

"With my daughter at the Women's March in Santa Barbara, CA. Watching her as she read the different signs and looked over the diverse crowd was just the best." – Melissa S.

Denver, CO

"In Denver, CO yesterday with my 1 & 3 year-old mighty girls." – Maria A.

Augusta, ME

"My mighty girl is 8, and joined the march in Augusta, Maine - it was powerful to share the day with her, as well as a great responsibly as her parent, as it sparked a lot of discussion on tough topics. She's little, but fierce, and on the right in this group of next generation leaders." – Penny C.

Shreveport, LA

"She's no longer a child but I was so very proud to march with my Mighty Girl yesterday in Shreveport, Louisiana!" – Cyndy B.

San Francisco, CA

Sapna S.

Nacodoches, TX

"This mighty girl was at the Nacogdoches March!" – Elaine F.

Portland, OR

"3.5 years old, heading to the march in Portland OR, with a sign she dictated for us! ❤" – Francesca L.

Ann Arbor, MI

"My mighty girl in Ann Arbor Michigan where we had 11K marchers." – Caroline H.

Washington, DC

Allison C.

New York, NY

"My 5-yr-old in NYC" – Jeehan Z.

Lansing, MI

"State Capitol in Lansing, MI! They had an amazing day with people standing up for their rights, putting the First Amendment into action. Loved all the older ladies encouraging them!" – Toni E.

Boise, ID

Angel R.

Ottawa, ON

Megan R.

Oakland, CA

"Me and My mighty girl - Oakland, California!" – Amy A.

Olympia, WA

Robin G.

New York, NY

Cat B.

San Diego, CA

"Brought my mighty girl! San Diego" – Stephanie F.

Portland, OR

"I did. I offered her the choice, and maybe even tried to deter her a bit when I was concerned about the crowds. Then when she was insistent on coming I let her make her own sign, without any input from me. We marched proudly, in the cold and rain, with 100,000 others in Portland, Oregon." – Beverly M.

New York, NY

"My 4yr old in NYC" – Sabrina K.

New York, NY

"Adanech made her own sign which meant so much to me. #knowyourworth #womensmarchnyc #resist" – Verush K.

Dallas, TX

"My two daughter, 14 and 15, and I marched in Dallas." – Teri D.

Pittsburgh, PA

Justine C.

San Francisco, CA

"My daughter loved it- she was chanting and waving her flags and signs. The sign she made said I march for myself. Women's march sf" – Brooke D.

Chicago, IL

"Our daughter, 3 years old, Chicago. I thought she would be totally bored, but she was happy and content the whole time. When we chanted, she bobbed her head along and waved her sign. She might not have understood the importance, but she will in the future (if i have anything to say about it anyway!) And she will know that she has always been a mighty girl!" – Tamy S.

Cheyenne, WY

"We marched in Cheyenne, Wyoming! The Equality State! Famous for being the first state to let women vote. My mighty girls loved it!" – Liz H.

Lincoln, NE

"My mighty girl during the speeches - following a record breaking march in Lincoln, Nebraska! She held that sign up until the end. Exhausted but undaunted." – Clarisse W.

Greensboro, NC

"My Mighty Girls marched in Greensboro, NC with their Grandma, while I attended the March in DC." – Christine K.

Montreal, QC

"My mighty girl in Montreal, Quebec" – Diana M.

London, United Kingdom

Rupal B.

Frankfurt, Germany

"My 10yo marching in Frankfurt, Germany" – Louise H.

Sioux Falls, SD

"Marching with my daughter in Sioux Falls SD!" – Lacey W.

The Hague, Netherlands

Bernadette H.

Spokane, WA

"My fierce little daughter in Spokane, WA. ❤" – Danae S.

Philadelphia, PA

"My 19-month-old marched with us in Philly, proudly holding her sign. It was a friendly crowd." – Hannnah L.

Lansing, MI

"Sisters and cousins marching in Lansing, MI. It was a positive and empowering experience." – Julie A.

Managua, Nicaragua

"3 mighty girls in Managua, Nicaragua" – Heather Z.

Seattle, WA

"My future social activist at the march in Seattle." – Cynthia E.

Portland, OR

Stephanie K.

Philadelphia, PA

Anne B.

New York, NY

"#loveispowerful" – Laura S.

Lexington, KY

"We marched in Lexington, KY" – Bobbi C.

Washington, DC

Allison C.

Paris, France

"My daughter at the march in Paris, France." – Janette V.

Washington, DC

"We flew from Seattle to March in DC because I want my 4 year old daughter to know that in a democracy saying WE is more powerful than saying ME." – Sabrina S.

Washington, DC

Devorah D.

Sitka, AK

Cara M.

Los Angeles, CA

Sendy R.

Washington, DC

Katie S.

Seattle, WA

"Marched in Seattle with my Mighty Girl and her Mighty feminist brother! She started life at 2.5 pounds and would have been uninsurable by three months old when I lost my job. Thanks to protections put in place by ACA, she is now healthy and strong and at 5.5 yrs old already contributing more to our great community than many currently holding esteemed public office." – Leslie G.

Cape Town, South Africa

Angela L.

San Diego, CA

Kerry H.

Boston, MA

"My little girl!" – Jessie V.

Ft. Wayne, Indiana

"I brought my mighty girl to 2 marches yesterday. One in a local town, Angola, Indiana, at 10. And one in a nearby city, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, at 3. She is 16 and she is the mightest girl I know. We do marches and protest for various causes as often as we can." – Susan C.

New York, NY

"My Milan in NYC!" – Phiona L.

Des Moines, IA

"My mighty girl in Des Moines, IA!" – Belinda S.

Houston, TX

"With my feminist-in-training! Loved how all the women at the march embraced her budding activism. We had strangers stopping to talk to us to tell us how happy they were to see her there! These ladies liberty at the Houston women's march stopped for a photo op with us!" – Heather L.

Jackson, MS

"My Mighty Girl marching in Jackson, Mississippi." – Jamie V.

Reno, NV

"Teaching freedom to assemble #biggestlittlemarch" – Cheryl G.

Anchorage, AK

Chelsie K.

Santa Fe, NM

"Here are my Mighty Girls with their hand made Girls Rule banners." – Haly L.

Washington, DC

"We started our day in DC at the Belmont-Paul Women's Equality National Monument open house. This is the banner we carried – my daughter (13) used the banner last year in a social studies project on Alice Paul! She is ready to March again!" – Mandy S.

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