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Happy Birthday, Mighty Girl!
55 Girl-Empowering Birthday Gifts

Posted on October 19, 2017 by Katherine

Our top picks of affordable gifts for the birthday Mighty Girls in your life!

If you're raising a Mighty Girl, you might want to share the fun by seeking out girl-empowering gifts for her friends' birthdays! The range of gifts marketed to girls is often extremely limited and highly gendered — so a little variety can encourage the birthday girl to explore new interests that she might not have considered before receiving the gift.

With that in mind, we've pulled together a selection of our favorite girl-empowering birthday gifts that are all under $25 so they fit within birthday-gift budgets. With a wide variety of toys, ranging from science to pretend play to games, there's something here to appeal to every child! And, if your Mighty Girl has a birthday coming up, you can also share this blog post or direct them to our extensive toy collection to encourage friends and family to think a little outside of the toys traditionally marketed to girls when gift shopping.

If you're looking for a fun Mighty Girl party favor idea, check out this Superhero Cape and Mask Set, which includes cape and mask sets featuring Spider-Girl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl.

Mighty Girl Birthday Gifts

Ugg Dinosaur Plush

This soft, cuddly dinosaur is looking for a good home! This 11" plush from GUND's prehistoric baby plush line features orange scales and blue spots that add colorful appeal. Ugg is made from GUND's high quality plush, and since all of the features are embroidered, this plush is safe even for babies and toddlers. Plus, parents will appreciate that Ugg is machine washable!

Uni the Unicorn Plush

Fans of the picture book Uni the Unicorn and the newly released sequel Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True will love this adorable Uni plush from Merrymakers! This 12.5" plush perfectly matches the courageous unicorn from the books, complete with sparkly hooves, glimmering eyes, and magical horn. With high quality plush construction and embroidered features, this plush is safe for even the youngest of Uni's fans.

Rocket with Two Astronauts

Blast off into outer space with this fun rocket ship with two astronauts from Green Toys! This rocket has a detachable top capsule and astronauts with molded-on spacesuits, helmets, and dual-tank backpacks. The rocket's door opens into stairs to the main compartment, and the capsule includes clever details like knobs and gauges. Environmentally conscious parents will also love that, like all Green Toys products, it's made from 100% BPA-free post-consumer recycled plastic and packaged in recyclable packaging.

DUPLO Creative Animals

Animals are so much fun for young children — especially when kids can mix and match their parts to create their own imaginary creature! This DUPLO set features 25 pieces that allow you to build five different animals, each with their own distinctive color scheme. Then, get creative and see what you come up with! DUPLO bricks are specially sized for little hands to make them safe and easy to assemble. They're the perfect introduction to the world of building.

DUPLO Doc McStuffins Backyard Clinic

The Doc is in! Help Doc McStuffins and friends Lambie and Stuffy look after all her toys in the Backyard Clinic! Susie Sunshine is sick and needs Doc to make her feel better. Use the medical tools to find out what the problem is. This 39-piece set includes Doc, Lambie, and Stuffie figures. Since DUPLO blocks are safe and easy to assemble for little hands, even toddlers and preschoolers can get in on the brick building fun! For more products featuring this popular character, visit our Doc McStuffins Collection.

Build-A-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset

Stack lilies, petunias, and daisies to create your own colorful floral arrangement with this inventive building toy from Green Toys! With 44 brightly colored pieces to play with, there are a vast number of combinations to create. Sort by size, color, and shape, or just have fun creating a nice display. Plus, parents will love that all Green Toy products are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard

The Doc is in, so let's get learning with the Talk and Trace Clipboard by VTech and Disney! This electronic clipboard has 4 learning activities and 15 playful melodies. Three detachable stencils pair with letter recognition technology to teach letters, numbers, early writing skills and health topics. Plus, Doc herself chimes in with words of encouragement. For more fun toys featuring the beloved Doc, visit our Doc McStuffins Collection.

Monster Plush Bowling Game

Make bowling a little more colorful with these plush, fuzzy monster bowling pins! Each of the six furry, textured pins features a different monster character, and even the ball has a silly face. Because it's all made of soft plush, you don't have to worry if someone's throw goes a little off track. And when bowling time is done, all the pieces fit into a zippered carrying case for easy storage.

17" Dory Plush

Everyone's favorite forgetful — and lovable — fish is now available as this cuddly 17" plush! This plush Dory is made of super soft material in vibrant colors that are true to the movie. With her cheerful smile, she'll remind any fan that all you have to do is "just keep swimming!" For more toys, books, and clothing from this hit movie, visit our Dory Collection.

Planet Building Blocks

Celebrate the wonders of our solar system with heirloom-quality wooden blocks — made in the USA from environmentally friendly materials! This set of nine blocks from Uncle Goose features the eight planets, plus bonus dwarf planet Pluto; each block features four debossed sides with the planet's symbol, name, and number of moons, and four printed sides with a planet illustration, diameter, location, and distance from the sun. Made from renewable basswood with non-toxic inks, these are blocks you can feel good about buying.

My First Microscope

Now kids as young as 3 can use their very own microscope! This simple, sturdy microscope from Educational Insights has two extra-large eyepieces and a chunky, kid-sized adjustment knob, so it's easy for little hands to use. You can magnify up to 8X with this scope, and also use the push-button LED light to illuminate new details in your discoveries!

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

Your forest friends are hungry and they need your help! Spin the spinner, squeeze the matching colored acorn with your Squirrel Squeezers, and place it into your stump. Be the first to your stump with delicious acorns and you win! You could also spin "pick an acorn," "steal an acorn," or "lose an acorn," so be strategic, little squirrel. It's a perfect first strategy game for young children.

Julia Magnetic Career Dress-Up Doll

Imagine yourself in so many jobs with this magnetic dress-up doll from Melissa & Doug! Julia is ready to try being an astronaut, firefighter, doctor, superhero, artist, rock star, chef, or police officer. The magnetic pieces easily slide together so preschoolers can quickly dress Julia up — or they can have a little wacky fun by mixing and matching! The set includes a magnetic doll, a wooden stand, and 24 clothing pieces.

Take Apart Airplane

Even kids love to use power tools! With the Take Apart Airplane from Battat, kids can assemble and disassemble a colorful plane with a power drill that comes with three different bits. With practice, they'll learn how to optimize their work, practicing their fine motor skills and concentration. It's the ideal toy for any child who dreams of building a real plane someday!

Doc McStuffins Plush

This plush Doc McStuffins is a great companion for any child who aspires to grow up and be a doctor, just like Doc! This 12" plush with plush detailing and embroidered features wears an outfit just like the one on the TV show. It's the perfect choice for any Doc fan. For more toys featuring this popular character, visit our Doc McStuffins Collection.

Super Saxoflute

The Quercetti Super Saxoflute has been in a favorite for generations! This 24 piece set features 2 mouthpieces, 2 trumpet ends and twisting tubes. Hook the pieces up any way you like to create an interesting and fun horn. It is made of unbreakable ABS plastic and is compatible with Quercetti Tubation. Let the musical madness begin!

Primary Science Lab Set

Real science tools are perfectly sized for little hands in this Learning Resources Primary Science Set. The colorful, durable set Includes a beaker, a magnifying glass, a funnel, an eyedropper, a flask, tweezers, goggles, a large 6” test tube and stand, and 2 small test tubes and stand. An activity guide includes lots of experiments that will keep your little scientist busy for hours!

Monkey Balance Board

Practice your balance with this wobbly balance board, featuring a friendly monkey paint job! Any little monkey will have lots of fun trying to balance this board. It's perfectly sized for little feet, but can accommodate larger ones, too, so kids up to age 7 can wiggle some energy out of their systems.

Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll

Lottie can't wait to get on the beach and start hunting for fossils! Based on the body of a 9-year-old girl and with accessories that encourage a wide range of interests, Lottie Dolls are perfect companions for adventurous kids. This 7.5" doll comes with a backpack, a trowel, a magnifying glass, a rock hammer, and even four scale-model ammonite fossils!

Judy Hopps Talking Plush

Officer Judy Hopps is ready to take on anything the city of Zootopia has to throw at her! This 13.5" plush is soft and cuddly, and comes wearing Judy's officer's uniform. Squeeze her chest and she'll say six different phrases from the movie, including "Bunnies from the Burrows don’t get stepped on, they step up!" For more toys and books featuring this fun new character, visit our Judy Hopps Collection.

Moana Island Adventure Set

Moana of Oceania is off on an adventure to save her home of Motonui! With this playset, kids can play out land and sea adventures with the Moana figure, playset base featuring palm trees, volcano, hammock, and more. A turtle friend and, of course, Moana's necklace complete the set. For more product featuring this popular character, visit our Moana Collection.

Garden Tote with Tools

Budding gardeners will love this garden tote with real garden hand tools, properly sized for a child! The set comes with a trowel, rake, and shovel, all with metal blades and wooden handles, as well as a colorful canvas tote with plenty of extra room for other things she needs. They're perfect for working alongside an adult or for cultivating her own little patch.

Stargazer Lottie Doll

The weather may be cold, but that's not going to stop Lottie from doing some stargazing! Lottie Dolls are based on the body of a 9-year-old girl and come with accessories that support a wide range of interests. Stargazer Lottie comes with a space-themed outfit, books about space, and even her own tiny telescope! This 7.5" doll is just the right size to join kids on all their adventures.

Spot It! Doc McStuffins

Practice early math and letter skills with Spot It! and Doc McStuffins. Every card has a colorful assortment of pictures, and there is always one match between any two cards in the deck. Who will be the first to spot it? This set includes two Doc-themed games, one focused on Numbers and Shapes and one focused on the Alphabet.

Brain Flakes

Keep her brain busy with this innovative new building toy from Viahart. Brain Flakes discs snap together and apart quickly and easily, and they can be assembled in so many configurations that nothing limits the imagination of young builders! This set comes with 500 discs in a variety of bright, fun colors that are sure to prompt creativity, and includes a reusable jar for easy storage when building time is done.

Made to Move Martial Artist Doll

This doll can really move! The Barbie Made to Move line features dolls with 22 "joints," allowing an incredible range of movement. This martial artist doll is ready to head to the mats and show off her skills in a red tank top, white pants, and, of course, black belt. A breakable board and a silver trophy highlight her determination and skill. This new line from Mattel features multiple athletic dolls, including a soccer player, skateboarder, and rock climber.

National Geographic Ultimate Dino Sand

Learn about dinosaurs and fossils while enjoying sandbox play with this fun kit! In addition to two pounds of polymer sand that "flows" in your hand, this kit includes six dinosaur models, six molds, a sand tray, and a real piece of fossilized dinosaur poop. An included full-color instructional booklet teaches kids plenty of fascinating paleontology facts. Plus, parents will appreciate that the sand is easy to clean up!

Musical Moana Doll

Get ready for a wayfinding adventure with this 12" Moana doll that actually sings! Press Moana's seashell necklace to hear an excerpt from "How Far I'll Go", her signature song from the film. This poseable doll comes in a removable outfit that includes a belt, an anklet, an arm cuff, and a headband. It's the perfect choices for the kid on your list who's become Moana's biggest fan! For more toys featuring the spirited Moana, visit our Moana Collection.

Calico Critters Let's Go Camping Set

Susie Silk Cat is ready for a fun day of camping! She has a cozy sleeping bag and a comfy tent, perfect for a night under the stars. When it's time to eat, she can cook some fish kebabs, corn, and potatoes on the campfire grill, or enjoy refreshing melon slices. And she's got enough plates and cutlery to make sure her friends can enjoy, too! This fun camping playset is great for encouraging pretend play, and coordinates with a wide range of other Calico Critters sets so the world can be as big as your Mighty Girl's imagination.

Make Your Own Fuzzy Monster Puppet Kit

Have fun building your very own monster puppet with this kit from Melissa and Doug! 30 different plush pieces, including eyes, ears, horns, and more, attach with Velcro for easy assembly — and disassembly when you're ready to make a new friend. The premium fabrics ensure that your monster will hold up to hours of play!

Totoro Plush

Let the forest spirit Totoro take your Mighty Girl on an incredible journey of her own! Fans will love this 9-inch plush from GUND. The bean-filled bottom keeps it standing upright, while the soft exterior is perfect for cuddling. It's the perfect gift for any fan of Hayao Miyazaki's film My Neighbor Totoro. For more toys and books featuring Totoro and other Miyazaki characters, visit our Studio Ghibli Collection.

Celtic Tin Whistle

This easy-to-play tin whistle in the key of D will get her playing five traditional Celtic tunes in no time! Clarke tin whistles are perfect for beginner players, and this one comes with its own fingering chart and a guide for some common melodies from Wales, Scotland, and Brittany. The whistle comes decorated with a Celtic Knot and is individually gift boxed.

Frida Kahlo Plush

Art fans will be thrilled with this 11" Little Thinkers doll of groundbreaking Mexican painter Frida Kahlo! This soft plush is wearing a replica of traditional Mexican garments, complete with her trademark flowers in her hair. She also comes with a monkey, attached by velcro, that can perch on her shoulder. For books for all ages about this remarkable artist, visit our Frida Kahlo Collection.

Barbie All-Female Ticket President and Vice President Dolls

For the first time, Barbie's election series dolls provide an all-female ticket with a boxed set including president and vice-president candidates! Created in partnership with She Should Run, this set of 12" dolls is designed to encourage girls to see themselves in leadership positions. Four different pairs of dolls provide diversity of racial representation and feature two of Barbie's new body models. It's the perfect gift for a future president!

Stomp Rocket Jr.

Who knew the stomp of a foot could propel a rocket? Kids have loved the air (and foot) powered Stomp Rocket for years; now the Stomp Rocket Jr. lets preschoolers play, too! Set up a simple launch pad and line up one of the included 9" rockets. Its smaller size doesn't mean any less power — these rockets can go as high as 100 feet! If you're buying for ages 8 and up, check out the original Stomp Rocket too.

Jiji Plush

Your child can have her very own Jiji, Kiki's beloved cat from the film Kiki's Delivery Service, thanks to this high-quality plush! This plush black toy cat measures 8" tall. It's an officially licensed Studio Ghibli product, imported from Japan. Your Kiki fan will love it! For more toys and clothing featuring the beloved Kiki and Jiji, visit our Kiki's Delivery Service Collection.

Career Dolls Magnet Set

Who are you going to grow up to be? She can imagine all sorts of future careers with this set from Build & Imagine! 75 colorful magnetic clothing and accessory pieces encourage girls to see themselves in a wide range of jobs, from astronaut or doctor to rock star or professional soccer player — or even as President! All of the pieces store neatly in the carrying case, so she can play out her future on the go, any time.

Swimmer Girl Suzi: Doll and Book Set

Dream big and work hard with Swimmer Girl Suzi from the Go! Go! Sports Dolls! This set comes with a 14" plush Suzi doll and a 640 Lexile book which celebrates the value of working hard and doing your best. With this doll and book set, you can celebrate the perseverance, positive attitude, and focus it takes to achieve your sports goals. Suzi comes with a backpack, goggles, and towel, perfect for your little swimmer.

Mind Blowing Science Kit

Blow your mind with this fun science kit from Scientific Explorer! Dynamic, colorful experiments highly a variety of scientific phenomena in an exciting, hands-on way. Make a color-changing volcano, "stack" colors in a test tube to make a sunset, or grow jiggly crystals, among other fascinating projects. Kids as young as 4 can get into science with this kit.

Star Wars Takodano Encounter Figure Set

Fans of Star Wars: The Force Awakens will recognize this scene immediately! At Takodano, Rey first touches Luke Skywalker's lightsaber and begins to get a glimpse of her future. This set of 3.75" action figures includes figures for Rey, Finn, Maz Kanata, and BB-8, as well as accessories. She'll love getting to play out her favorite scenes again and again and taking Rey and her friends on new adventures. For toys, books, and clothing featuring Rey and other characters from The Force Awakens, visit our Rey Collection.

Playmobil Rescue Ambulance

To the rescue! Playmobil's rescue ambulance features lights and sirens just like a real ambulance. The two paramedics are all set to transport their patient safely to the hospital for treatment. The set includes the vehicle, two paramedics and a patient, plus accessories like a stretcher and IV for lots of pretend play. Your future EMT will love getting to play with this set, or adding it to their existing Playmobil collection to make a world of play!

Rey Adventure Doll & BB-8 Set

Fans of Rey will love this doll, part of the new Star Wars: Forces of Destiny adventure doll line! These 11", highly posable dolls are perfect for acting out epic adventures on Jakku and beyond. This doll comes dressed in a draped top, shirt, belt with scavenger bag, shoes, arm wraps, bracelet, and backpack — and her companion BB-8! When they face danger, place Rey's lightsaber in the figure's hand and squeeze her legs to see her strike! For more adventure dolls based other women of the Star Wars universe, including Leia Organa, Jyn Erso, and Sabine Wren, visit our Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Collection.

Make Your Own Cards

A hand-made card is truly special! With this kit from Made by Hands, you can make a wide variety of cards for all occasions. With 20 blank cards in 7 different colors and over 500 pop-out shapes, you can create invitations, thank you notes, and cards for special occasions. 20 envelopes are included to send your cards out when they're done.

Gabby Douglas Doll

Play out your Olympic dreams with this awesome doll modeled off of the real-life gold medal gymnast! The Gabby Douglas doll comes in her signature stars and strips leotard, plus a coordinating team warm-up suit for stretching before the competition begins. This doll is fully articulated, so she can bend, twist, leap, and more! It's the perfect choice for young Gabby Douglas fans or any gymnast who dreams of seeing herself on the podium someday.

DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Doll

Wonder Woman returns in a new imagining as one of the DC Super Hero Girls! This 12" doll depicts a teenage Wonder Woman just as she appears on the show. Her outfit blends Wonder Woman's iconic colors with modern, action-ready clothing and armor, and kids will love that this doll is poseable and even stands alone. And, superhero fans will also love the DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl doll and Bumblebee doll too! For more Wonder Woman-themed toys, visit our Wonder Woman Collection.

IAmElemental Courage Action Figure

IAmElemental are the first line of original action figures designed to inspire and empower girls! This 6 1/2 inch action figure celebrates Courage, the core power figure representing the combination of the 7 superpower elements from the first series — bravery, energy, honesty, industry, enthusiasm, persistence, and fear. 30 points of articulation and exciting accessories make this action figure perfect for plenty of exciting play. For the complete Elements of Courage set, check out the IAmElemental 7 Action Figure Set.

Wonder Woman Multiverse Action Figure

Get ready to defend Earth — and the DC Multiverse — with this awesome Wonder Woman action figure! This 12" deluxe action figure depicts Wonder Woman in her costume from the live action film and comes with a variety of unique accessories, including her lasso, her sword, and "deflected bullets" you can attach to her cuffs. Ten points of articulation allow plenty of dynamic posing! It's the perfect choice for either action figure play or to add to a dedicated collector's shelf. For more Wonder Woman-themed toys, visit our Wonder Woman Collection.

Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden

Science and art can go hand in hand, like they do in this set from Faber and Castell. Paint the growing dish and the toadstool accessories, then plant the seeds and beans and watch what happens as they germinate! Fun accessories, like the fairy and her house, purple gravel, and small gems make this a fun project to put together, and inquisitive little botanists will enjoy watching their fairy garden grow.

Crystal Mining Kit

From Kidzlabs comes the Crystal Mining kit with 8 genuine little crystals (clear quartz, agate, dolomite, amethyst or rose quartz) embedded in a big hunk of plaster. Us the included digging tool and brush to excavate your treasures, then study them with the magnifier and keep it all safe in the storage pouch. What better gift than real buried treasure!

Cupcake Baking and Decorating Set

Who's up for cupcakes? With this 16-piece set from Curious Chef, kids can imagine themselves decorating at a bakery — or bake for real, since these are also suitable as real kitchen tools! The set also includes a sticker sheet and shopping menu. Plus, budding chefs will love the easy clean-up — it's all dishwasher safe. Add Curious Chef's 17-piece Measure and Prep Kit and she'll have everything she needs to cook and bake all sorts of things.

Batgirl Utility Belt

Batgirl is back with the DC Super Hero Girls, and as always, her utility belt is full of useful gadgets! Kids can imagine themselves saving the day with this great belt, which includes a bat symbol buckle that activates sound and light effects, a phone with secret messages in one compartment, and a hidden compartment in one pouch. It will give her plenty of fodder for her super adventures! For more toys featuring this popular DC superhero, visit our Batgirl Collection.

Magic Science for Wizards Only

Unleash your inner wizard with this magical science kit! Cast color changing spells, make smoke appear from your fingers, create magical potions, and much more — 11 different activities in all. This awesome kit will teach you the science behind your favorite magic tricks. Who knew science was so magical?

Starry Sky Knot-A-Quilt Kit

Making your own quilt has never been so easy! Kids can quickly and simply knot the fringed squares together — no cutting or sewing required. The thirty 11" squares come in 6 tranquil coordinating patterns so that kids can lay them out however they'd like. The soft, cozy fleece is sure to keep her — or the lucky person she gives it to — warm and snuggly all winter long.


Flip, twist, and spin Perplexus' transparent sphere to move the ball along the numbered path, working with and against gravity. But be careful — move it the wrong way and your ball will go off course, and you'll have to start over! With 100 barriers to pass in order to complete the maze, Perplexus is a can't-put-down challenge.

Build and Paint A Bird House

She can build and paint her own bird house with this easy kit! This set includes everything you need to complete and decorate a sweet bird house. No hardware is necessary to put these pre-cut pieces together, making it a great rainy- or snowy-day activity to brighten up the day. She'll be proud to say, "I made that!"

My Comic Book Kit

Be a comic artist like you've always dreamed with this kit from Lulu Jr.! Write and illustrate your own comic on the included sheets, then send them off to Lulu Jr. and they'll print an 18-page comic book that looks just like the real thing! It even includes a professionally typeset title page. You can order additional copies online as well, so you can have your own mini comic run! (Please note: completed books can only ship within the US.)

Funko POP Rides: Wonder Woman and Invisible Jet

In her invisible jet, Wonder Woman zooms off to save the day. Funko POP Rides combine popular characters with iconic vehicles — and at a full 15" long, this is the largest one yet! The Wonder Woman figure can actually stand in the jet, or be displayed separately. The jet comes with a clear display stand, or you can display both figures in the collector window box. Younger kids can use them as play figures, but older Wonder Woman fans will love adding this to their Funko POP Vinyl collection. For more toys featuring this beloved superhero, check out our Wonder Woman Collection.

82 Piece Deluxe Art Set in Wooden Case

Unleash her inner artist with this case full of inspiring tools! With colored pencils, oil pastels, and watercolor cakes, this set provides plenty of different ways to get just the effect she's looking for in her next masterpiece. The set comes in a wooden carrying case that's sturdy enough to tote your supplies anywhere you need to go. Quality media are guaranteed, so you know she'll get the best possible result.

Little Monsters Sewing Kit

Learn the basics of sewing as you create some colorful, funny, friendly monsters! This set comes with everything you need to create five monster crafts, including a phone case or wallet. Pre-cut and pre-perforated pieces make it simple for kids to assemble the pieces and build sewing skills. It's a monstrously fun way to start fabric crafting!

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Batjet Chase

LEGO building fun meets pretend play when a troublesome yellow Kryptomite steals Batgirl's ePad! With the 206 pieces in this LEGO set, you'll build the Kryptomite's escape buggy, plus a Batjet with an opening cockpit, stud shooters on the wings, and a net shooter on the nose. Then, play out the adventure with the Batgirl figure as she chases down the troublesome thief. For more Super Hero Girls LEGO sets, check out the Wonder Woman DormBumblebee Helicopter, and Lashina Tank.

Yarn Giraffes Kit

Wrap yourself up in making these two yarn colored giraffes from Craft-tastic! This set comes with two cardboard giraffes, one 12.75" tall and one 9.75" tall, and twelve colors of yarn you wrap around the frame to create the perfect combination of color and texture. They're fun for decoration or for using as bracelet holders. Kids will love watching their plain cardboard giraffe come to colorful life as they wrap!

Diggin' Up Dinos: T-Rex

Conduct your own archaeological dig with Smithsonian Diggin' Up Dinosaurs! A plastic T-Rex dinosaur skeleton is buried deep within a sand block, waiting to be unearthed. Use the marsh pick and brush to gently dig them out, then assemble them into a dinosaur skeleton. The set also includes safety goggles and instructions. It's the perfect choice for any dinosaur lover or would-be paleontologist.

Herd Your Horses

Two great games for horse-loving kids in one box! Herd Your Horses includes two game variants, one in which you play wild mustang horses trying to complete your herd, the other in which you play a rancher trying to round up runaways. In-depth information about horse breeds and horse care is included. With 50 cards featuring full-color illustrations of a wide variety of horses, this game will be a hit with any horsey kid.

Animation Praxinoscope Kit

Kids of all ages will love building their own praxinoscope, the successor to the zoetrope in the development of motion pictures. The finished product stands approx 5-1/4" tall with a 5" diameter platform holding one of six included pattern sheets — get it spinning and watch things move. She can also create her own animation using the six included blank sheets. She'll love exploring the history of the moving picture with this great kit!

Nature Kaleidoscope Making Set

Make your own kaleidoscope using elements found in nature! This great kit includes parts to make an 8 1/2" kaleidoscope, as well as dried flowers, polished gemstones, glass marbles, and minerals to create the patterns inside. Two nature drawings and colored pencils are included to make the outside of your kaleidoscope as beautiful as the inside.

DNA Experiment Kit

The DNA molecule is a seemingly simple thing, but look at all that it creates! In this kit from ScienceWiz, you'll explore the amazing possibilities of DNA. Extract real DNA from a fruit, build a double helix, learn about gene analysis, and more with the 8 projects in this kit. Step by step full-color instructions provide an easy guide to conducting all the experiments. Budding geneticists will love it!

LEGO Star Wars Rey's Speeder

Speed into action on Rey's Speeder! This 193-piece LEGO set lets fans build this cool landspeeder with everything Rey needs for scouting the surface of a desert planet, including dual stud shooters, opening storage hatch and side-mounted bag, blaster, buzzsaw and electrobinoculars, as well as a detachable sled with space for a minifigure to ride. For more toys and books featuring this popular Star Wars character, visit our Rey Collection.

Nancy B.'s Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab and Kitchen Experiments Journal

You can do cool chemistry in your own kitchen with this fun set from Nancy B.'s Science Club and Educational Insights! This non-consumable basic chemistry set teaches chemistry principles in a safe way using common household ingredients. Kids will perform experiments like extinguishing a flame by pouring an invisible gas, making bubbling "lava" in a bottle, and more, and track their results in the included journal. For more kits from this fun line, visit our Nancy B.'s Science Club Collection.

Klutz LEGO Make Your Own Movie Kit

Got a budding filmmaker to buy for? With this kit from Klutz she'll learn how to make stop-motion animated films using everyone's favorite building blocks! This beginner-friendly guide teaches kids the basics of stop-motion, and walks you through making ten "mini-movies" with your phone or tablet. Six included background settings and thirty-six LEGO elements — including mini figures and fun accessories like a pizza, a banana, and more — will get her started; then, she can use what she's learned to create her own masterpiece!

Mega Bloks American Girl: Nicki's Horse Stables

American Girl and Mega Bloks team up for this fun set featuring Nicki's horse stables! Nicki loves the great outdoors, and there's no better way to enjoy it than on a trail ride with her favorite horses. Practice on the jump, and when your ride is done, make sure everything is safe and tidy at the stables. This 294-piece building set provides an entertaining build and then offers plenty of pretend play potential when it's done.

Make Clay Charms Kit

Make cute little clay charms in no time with this set from Klutz! In Make Clay Charms, you'll use the nine included clay colors to make a variety of items, from adorable fruit to tiny sweet treats, then bake them and glaze them so they're ready for display or wearing on a bracelet. A 60 page instructional booklet provides solid instruction on clay basics, as well as inspiration for future projects.

Stencil Art Kit

You'll be amazed at what you can create with the help of stencils! This set from Klutz has everything that you need to start learning the basics of stenciling, including stencils in a variety of kid friendly shapes (everything from animals to aliens!) and some abstract stencils you can put together to create your own images. Eight colored inks and eight dabbers are included as well, plus 14 sheets of fun stickers for the perfect finishing touches.

Break Your Own Geodes

Is there anything more amazing than cracking a seemingly ordinary rock and finding a geode? 12 geodes in this pack are carefully selected by Gem Center USA, with a guarantee that 90% of them will have a proper hollow geode inside. Ranging from marble to golf ball size, your could discover smoky quartz, clear quartz, or even amethyst inside! Instructions for breaking the geodes are included.

Magic Penny Magnet Kit

You can make these Magic Pennies stack, build, and soar in all sorts of astounding ways — thanks to the power of magnetism! This best-selling toy has been updated in recent years to provide even more activities for kids to explore. As they build, kids can learn about shapes, orientation, planes, symmetry, and more — plus, of course, magnetism. 32 pennies, 2 magnet blocks, and a little imagination can create some amazing things!

I Got This!

Have you got this? Get ready to prove it! In this laugh-out-loud family game, you roll the die to pick a challenge. If you think you can do it, assign a high points total — because if you succeed, those points are yours. But if you fail, you have to cross that number off your scoring don't get overconfident. With a range of challenges that will make you bounce, toss, balance, roll, and hop, this game for 2 to 12 players will keep you on your toes!

LEGO Minecraft: The Iron Golem

Help Alex get ready for a night defending her home against hostile mobs! This 208-piece LEGO building set allows you to build a furnace and crafting table, and comes with minifigures for Alex, a pig, a zombie, and, of course, the Iron Golem! Multiple building suggestions are included, or a young Minecraft fan can create her own construction, just like in the game.

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

Your whole family can have hours of creative fun with the amazing Spirograph Deluxe Set. Simply choose from the gears and wheels, put your paper in place, and create whirling, spiraling, mix and match patterns for a totally awesome image. Use the design guide to try out tried and true designs, or get creative and create cool and colorful graphics of your own.

Science Ninjas: Valence

Turn chemistry into a game with this fascinating game that lets kids tinker with chemicals without setting foot in a lab! Weave together elements to create molecules and cause different reactions. The more you create, the more points you win, but be careful! Some combinations can have unexpected — and dramatic — results. Best of all, everything that happens in the game is something that happens in real-life science.

Empower Poster Kit

Let her celebrate everything that makes her special with this empowering poster kit! Kids will layer tissue paper on the 9.75"X 14.75" poster base, then choose words that describe them from a wide selection included in the kit.  From brave to silly to adventurous to kind, you can choose the empowering words that describe you. It's a wonderful way to encourage tweens and teens to see their value and power.

All Queens Chess

It's four-in-a-row meets chess with this game from ThinkFun! All the pieces in this game are Queens, and unlike in regular chess, they can't be captured. Be the first person to get four of your Queens in a line, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Of course, your opponent is going to try to block you... This clever strategy game gets more complex the longer you play it!

Tibetan Mandalas

With this colorful set, kids can try making beautiful sand mandalas, right in the box! The activity pieces slot into the 9 by 9 inch box, and kids peel away small sections at a time, then cover each section with a small amount of sand. Tap out the excess back into the sand container, and then reveal the next section. She'll be making beautiful sand art in no time! Twelve colors of sand and four activity pieces are included.

Geometric Origami

Art and math intertwine in this fascinating origami kit that teaches kids how to fold complex shapes out of square pieces of paper! The set includes both a guidebook and an instructional DVD, as well as 120 sheets of durable origami paper to get them started folding. Projects include beautiful, unique shapes like a lightning bolt octahedron, a butterfly ball, and a magic rose cube.

Wood Burning Kit

This wood burning kit includes everything needed to begin a new hobby: a hot tool with 4 points, basswood plaques, colored pencils, patterns, transfer paper, and complete instructions. Wood burning is a unique craft that allows the artist to draw with heat on a wood surface, creating interesting, unforgettable etchings. This kit provides an excellent introduction, and after that the only limitation is their imagination!

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