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A Mighty Girl Top Pick: "The Apple-Pip Princess"

With princesses being the theme of the week, we've selected the "The Apple-Pip Princess" by Jane Ray as A Mighty Girl's top book pick. This wonderful picture book, perfect for children ages 3 to 8, combines a unique fairy tale with beautiful illustrations and compelling messages about compassion, community, and stewardship. The story is also highly commendable for featuring a princess of color, an unfortunate rarity in most fairy tales.

The story centers on a once-green kingdom that has turned into a dust bowl following the queen's death. In an effort to resurrect the land, the king tells his three daughters to "make your mark -something to make me proud" and that he will select his successor based on their efforts. While the two oldest daughters build grand towers to aggrandize themselves, the youngest daughter, Serenity, plants a tiny apple pip, a gift from her mother, and inspires the renewal of the kingdom to its once lush state. The king names Serenity as the new ruler and the kingdom's diverse people celebrate their land's rebirth.

For an uplifting story celebrating environmental stewardship and a community-minded interpretation of how to 'make your mark,' "The Apple-Pip Princess" is highly recommended.

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