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Wonder Woman Rises: Books, Toys, and Clothing
Celebrating The Iconic Superhero

Posted on May 22, 2017 by Katherine

A Mighty Girl's top picks of Wonder Woman-themed books, toys, clothing, and costumes for children and adults.

For seventy-five years, Diana of the Amazons — better known to the world as Wonder Woman — has been thrilling fans young and old! The DC superhero has been an icon of feminism, a champion of peace and truth, and an inspiration to girls in particular, presenting them with a strong, powerful female pop culture role model. And with the live-action Wonder Woman movie about to hit theaters, excitement is building — and a whole new generation of Mighty Girls is ready to see their hero on the big screen!

To celebrate Wonder Woman's rise, we've put together a blog post showcasing our favorite Wonder Woman-themed books, toys, costumes, and clothing for both children and adults. No matter your age, there's plenty of ways that you can let your love of Wonder Woman shine!

The Story of A Hero: Books About Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman: The Story of the Amazon Princess

Wonder Woman began her life as a princess of the Amazons, but she gave that world up in order to become a protector of humanity and a champion for peace. In this book, author / illustrator Ralph Cosentino completes his series of books about iconic DC superheros with the story of how Diana competed for the chance to leave her island home to join the human world. Cosentino's text highlights the mythology behind the character and introduces young readers to some of Wonder Woman's most notorious villains, and the colorful illustrations make it appealing to the eye. Young Wonder Woman fans will want to read it again and again!

Wonder Woman: An Amazing Hero!

Wonder Woman gets her own Big Golden book with this newly released title! This story follows Diana as her mother Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, trains her not only to be mighty, but also to be compassionate and kind. When she takes on the identity of Wonder Woman, it's no surprise that she sets out to be the guardian of the innocent. Vivid, dynamic illustrations will delight young fans of this iconic superhero in this book from the DC Super Hero Friends Golden Book series.

Wonder Woman to the Rescue!

Whenever someone needs help, Wonder Woman is ready to come to the rescue! Readers will learn about most iconic heroine of all time — her origins, her secret identity, and more — in this reader from the DC Super Friends series. The book features a shiny foil cover and includes a press-out version of Wonder Woman's iconic tiara and bracelets for kids to wear. This level 2 early chapter book from the Step Into Reading series uses simple sentences, one per page, to allow emerging readers to read their very own Wonder Woman story.

I Am Wonder Woman

Newly independent readers will be thrilled to have a Wonder Woman story they can read on their own! Kids will read about how Wonder Woman concealed herself amidst the Amazon warriors competing for the chance to protect the human world and proved herself to be the strongest, fastest, and bravest of them all. The story also introduces some of Wonder Woman's trademark equipment, including her bullet-deflecting bracelets, her Lasso of Truth, and her Invisible Jet. This level 2 early chapter book from the I Can Read series is perfect for kids who are ready to read with minimal help but still need a straightforward storyline.

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High

The DC Super Hero Girls is introducing a new generation of kids to Wonder Woman by reimagining her as a high school student! Wonder Woman has never left her island, but if she wants to be a superhero, she'll need to train at Super Hero High. But high school provides some challenges, both expected — excelling at classes and trying out for the Super Hero Super Triathlon — and unexpected — roommate troubles and going to school with boys when she's never even seen one before! Fast-paced, funny, and full of familiar high school scenarios, tweens will love imagining Wonder Woman as a girl just like them.

Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Warrior

It's hard to believe that this iconic character has been around for 75 years! This beautiful visual guide celebrates all aspects of Wonder Woman's history, from the Golden Age comics to the recent Rebirth storyline. Key issues, groundbreaking storylines, and memorable villains get individual entries that explore how the character has evolved over time. This brand new 200-page, full-color guide to all things Wonder Woman is perfect for both new and long-time fans of the Amazon warrior and will be appreciated by both teen and adults alike.

The Secret Life of Wonder Woman

Author Jill Lepore examines the surprising origins of Wonder Woman by delving into the papers of William Moulton Marston, the character's creator. Even as he wrote articles celebrating “conventional family life”, Marston lived a highly unconventional life behind closed doors — and when he set his mind to creating the world’s most popular female superhero, he took inspiration from early feminists and suffragists, including Emmeline Pankhurst and Margaret Sanger. The story of Wonder Woman’s secret history highlights how this remarkable character bridged “waves” of feminism and what she still has to teach us about feminism today.

Playing The Hero: Wonder Woman Toys

Wonder Woman Itty Bitty Lovey

Who's afraid of bedtime when you have Wonder Woman by your side? This lovey combines one of Hallmark's stylized Itty Bitty stuffies with a small plush blanket with a satin edge. It's soft and cuddly, and safe even for the littlest Mighty Girls. It's the perfect choice for a little reassurance at home or on the road.

Wonder Woman Teether

Fight back against the scourge of teething with this amazing, 100% food grade silicone teether! At 3 inches across, this teether is easy to hold, and it's tough enough for your Mighty Girl to really sink her teeth into — both for babies and for preschoolers or early school-aged kids who have a sensory need to chew. Parents will love that it's dishwasher safe in the top rack, it can be refrigerated or frozen for extra relief, and it's BPA, PVC, pthalate, and lead free.

Anya Wonder Woman Plush

Get ready to save the world with GUND's mashup of their own characters and superheros from the DC Comics universe! This 12" plush version of Anya the rabbit is dressed up as Wonder Woman in an accurate costume is sure to please comic book enthusiasts of all ages. As always, soft and high-quality plush ensures that this fun toy will remain a favorite for years to come. Fans of DC and GUND can also get Yvette the puppy as Supergirl.

Little People Wonder Woman and Batgirl Figures

Even the littlest Mighty Girls can enjoy playing out superhero adventures with these figures from Fisher-Price's Little People DC Super Friends line! These chunky, 2.5" tall figures are perfectly sized for toddlers and young preschoolers, so they're easy to hold and safe to use. The two pack includes both Batgirl and Wonder Woman, giving her plenty of girl power for her superhero games! Little Wonder Woman fans might also want to check out the Fisher-Price Wonder Woman Wheelies toy for ages 1 to 4.

DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Doll

Fans of the DC Super Hero Girls will love this 12" Wonder Woman doll! This online show reimagines female DC Comics characters as high school students, blending their iconic elements with modern touches. This poseable Wonder Woman doll — which stands on its own — is ready for plenty of powerful superhero play and comes with her Lasso to round up troublemakers. Fans of the series can also get the DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Doll and the DC Super Hero Girls Bumblebee Doll to build her own superhero team. For a smaller action figure option, check out the DC Super Hero Girls Triple Team Pack which features 6" versions of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Poison Ivy, also for age 4 to 12.

Hippolyta Doll with Horse

You can recreate exciting scenes from the Wonder Woman movie with this doll of Queen Hippolyta, riding her beautiful white warhorse! This 12" fashion doll comes with a true to scale horse that she can actually ride, as well as her sword and shield. Both doll and horse are armored just like in the movie, so they're ready to take on whatever comes their way. It's the perfect choice to play out all sorts of Amazonian adventures!

Wonder Woman Doll with Lasso

With the Lasso of Truth at her side, Wonder Woman is ready to save the day! This 12" doll is wearing Wonder Woman's costume from the movie, complete with red, blue, and gold armor and detailed tiara. Unlike many dolls, this one has plenty of articulation points, allowing her to stand and pose in a variety of dynamic ways — perfect for acting out her favorite scene!

Funko POP! Vinyl Wonder Woman (2017 Movie Version)

Wonder Woman gets an updated Funko POP! Vinyl figure in honor of the new movie! This figure features the costume design from the movie and comes holding a sword and shield. These POP! Vinyl figures are 3 3/4 inches tall, so they're perfect for display on a desk or shelf, on their own or inside their collector window box. You can complete your Wonder Woman movie collection with a POP! Vinyl figure of Hippolyta, Diana's mother. For the classic Wonder Woman look, check out the original Funko POP! Vinyl Wonder Woman figure.

Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice Doll

We got our first glimpse of the new version of Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice — and quickly many fans young and old were hooked! This 12" doll from Mattel is modeled after Gal Godot and features the costume she wore in that film, complete with sword, shield, and Lasso of Truth on her belt. The doll is fully articulated, so it's perfect for both collectors and for pretend superhero play.

Antiope Doll

Only battle-hardened Antiope was fierce and brave enough to train Diana — and argue with Hippolyta that the future Wonder Woman had to be trained! This Antiope doll from the Barbie Collectors line is modeled after Robin Wright's appearance and costume in the film, and comes with a bow and quiver of arrows. With full articulation, you can pose her in all sorts of thrilling action scenes!

Wonder Woman Multiverse Action Figure

In honor of her full-length film in the DC Comics Multiverse, Wonder Woman gets a deluxe 12" action figure with awesome accessories! Wonder Woman appears in her costume from the movie, and with ten points of articulation, you can pose her in plenty of dynamic ways. Accessories include her sword, her lasso, and even "deflected bullets" you can attach to her cuffs for an action pose. It's the perfect choice for young fans or for adult collectors.

Wonder Woman The New 52 Action Figure

Although the film provides the latest incarnation of Wonder Woman, the character has been going strong in comic books, both solo and as part of the Justice League — creating plenty of demand for action figures of those iterations. This 6.75" action figure features Wonder Woman as she appears in The New 52 comic series. With detailed sculpting and plenty of articulation for posing, she'll satisfy collectors as well as kids who'd like to add Wonder Woman to their action figure collection.

DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Shield

She'll love getting to add some high-tech superhero gear to her games! Wonder Woman's golden shield with its distinctive emblem is hiding a surprise for when the going gets tough: at the press of a button, you can fire five plastic discs up to 22 feet! The 11.75" diameter shield is designed to be worn on the forearm, so you've got it at the ready when it's time to save the day. Fans of this piece can also check out Batgirl's Utility Belt and the DC Super Hero Girls Wrist Walkie-Talkies which are also for ages 6 to 10.

Diana Doll with Bow

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Princess Diana of the Amazons — and she was ready to prove her courage and mettle in battle to earn the right to become humanity's protector! This 12" doll features Diana in her beach training outfit from the movie, holding a working bow and arrow; press the button on her back and the arrow really flies. Your Mighty Girl will be thrilled to play out her adventures over and over again with this doll!

Wonder Woman Doll with Horse

In the new movie, Wonder Woman rides into battle on her trusty warhorse — and now you can play out her adventures again and again! This set includes a 12" Wonder Woman doll, complete with sword and shield, and her armored battle horse. The doll has enough articulation to pose her dramatically alone or two place her in the saddle, ready to lead the charge.

Funko POP! Rides Wonder Woman and Invisible Jet

This series from Funko combines popular characters (presented in their stylized POP! Vinyl design) with their iconic vehicles... and this is the biggest POP! Rides model yet! The 3 3/4" Wonder Woman POP! Vinyl figure rides in a 15" long invisible jet for a truly dramatic addition to your collection — or you can take the figure out and display the pieces separately. The jet comes with a clear display stand, or you can show the set off inside their window collector's box.

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Dorm

Wonder Woman's dorm room is a place to wind down after a busy day, working on her motorcycle — until a pesky Kryptomite tries to steal her Lasso! With this 186-piece set, kids will build a dorm room complete with an opening window, a bed with a secret drawer/screen, an opening wardrobe, and a workstation. Accessories like the Lasso, tools, and paint really fit into the Wonder Woman mini-doll's hand, so there's plenty of pretend play fun after the building is done! Fans of this set can also get the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Bumblebee Helicopter and Batgirl Batjet Chase sets, also for ages 7 to 12.

Dressing The Part: Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman Infant Costume

You're never too young to dress up as Wonder Woman! This zippered sleeper-style Wonder Woman costume is the perfect option for the superhero's littlest fans. The stretchy material allows for a good fit, and parents will appreciate that there's no hood that could annoy your little hero. The light fabric ensures that she won't get too warm on her adventures, and it even includes a removable cape. For another option for the same age range, check out this Wonder Woman romper costume that includes a soft headpiece.

Wonder Woman Bib Costume

For a quick option that makes it easy to transform into her favorite superhero, check out this bib-style costume! This easy-care polyester costume pops on and off in a second, both over clothes or on its own, making it the perfect choice for dress-up play for impatient little ones. Plus, the bib design makes it easy to fit on your Mighty Girl no matter how quickly she's growing — littler girls can wear it as a dress or tunic, while toddlers can wear it over leggings.

Wonder Woman Caped Romper

She'll feel ready to soar in this colorful romper with a child-safe cape! This 100% cotton one-piece is embellished with Wonder Woman's distinctive colors and the short cape, which detaches easily both for safety purposes and for cleaning. Parents will appreciate the quality material and the three-snap closure, but babies and toddlers will just love feeling like a superhero!

Toddler Wonder Woman Costume

She'll be thrilled to look just like her favorite superhero with this toddler-sized Wonder Woman costume! This costume includes a dress with attached cape, boot toppers, bracelets, and a headpiece, all with a heroic sheen that will make her feel ready to take on anything. The 100% polyester construction is durable enough to hold up to all of her adventures, so it's perfect for both special occasions and day-to-day play.

DC Superhero Trio Costume Set

When it's just too hard to decide which superhero is your favorite, why choose? Your Mighty Girl can be Wonder Woman, Batgirl, or Supergirl with this triple costume set from Rubies! The three costumes with attached capes come with different accessories: Wonder Woman includes armbands, and a headband; Batgirl includes an eyemask; and Supergirl includes boot tops. These durable costumes are easy to slip on and off so she can change superheroes at a moment's notice — or to take on her secret identity.

Wonder Woman Costume

This skirted Wonder Woman costume is just like the classic Wonder Woman many of us remember! This officially licensed costume includes a sleeveless dress with a red and gold top and blue and white skirt. The dress features an attached cape and gold belt, and the set also includes a headband, bracelets, and boot toppers.

DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Costume

Fans of the DC Super Hero Girls will love getting to dress-up in Wonder Woman's updated costume, which combines her iconic look with modern, high-tech superhero style. This officially licensed costume set comes with a top, full-length pants, a tiara, gauntlets, and even a belt with Wonder Woman's trademark Lasso of Truth. She'll feel ready to take on the world!

Wonder Woman Crown

It's had to imagine Wonder Woman without her crown! The crown isn't just a symbol of her role as an Amazon princess; it's also yet another weapon she can bring to bear when necessary. This brass headpiece from Elope allows you to complete your Wonder Woman costume with just the right touch. The adjustable back and padded interior make it comfortable to wear; just shape it to suit. And for the final touch, consider adding these Wonder Woman cuffs as well.

Day-to-Day Hero: Wonder Woman Clothing

Caped Wonder Woman Onesie

Your little Wonder Woman will be ready for action in this costume onesie with a detachable satin cape! This 60% cotton, 40% polyester onesie has lap shoulders and a three-snap closure, so it's comfortable to wear and easy to put on, but the vibrant print and glitter accents are what will really appeal. It's perfect for celebrating the new film, a first Halloween, a photo shoot, or just celebrating the awesome hero she'll grow up to be.

Wonder Woman Onesie

You can outfit your Mighty Girl in style with this comfortable onesie featuring the Wonder Woman logo! This officially licensed 100% cotton onesie has a stretchy neck and a three-snap closure, so it's easy to put on your wiggly little superhero — and easy to clean when it comes off. She — and you — will love the vibrant colors that make you feel ready to soar.

Wonder Woman Bib With Cape

Mighty Girls need a super bib — with a cape attached for some extra fun! This high quality bib is made from lightweight, wipe-clean material that's PVC, BPA, phthalate, and vinyl free, and it includes a catch-all pocket that's perfect for stopping spills or snagging goodies before they hit the floor so she doesn't miss out. The cape easily comes on and off for both cleaning and safety. She'll feel like a real superhero!

Wonder Woman Sleeper

Your little hero can have a great night's sleep in this Wonder Woman sleeper! This 100% polyester sleeper is comfortable and flame-resistant, and since it doesn't have feet you won't have to worry that she'll slip when she's running off to save the day. High-quality printing of Wonder Woman's iconic costume includes the Lasso of Truth on the belt and a tiara detail on the hood.

Caped Wonder Woman T-Shirt

She'll be ready to save the day in this Wonder Woman shirt with its own detachable cape! This high quality costume-style shirt is officially licensed and features the classic Wonder Woman design and logo. The shirt's cotton-polyester blend makes it easy to clean, and the cape comes off easily for safety and for putting in the wash.

Wonder Woman Girls' Logo Shirt

Save the day in this shirt that lets Wonder Woman's younger fans show off her logo, bright and proud! This officially licensed, 60% cotton 40% polyester shirt features a glitter-accented Wonder Woman logo on a navy background. The high-quality fabric and printing is easy to care for, so it will hold up through all the washing it'll get as your Mighty Girl's new favorite shirt!

Justice League Underwear

Boys aren't the only one who want superhero underwear, and manufacturers are finally paying attention! This 7-pack of Justice League panties includes designs inspired by Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl. They're 100% cotton, so they're supersoft for all-day comfort. For another fun underwear option for superhero fans, check out the Justice League girlshorts, also for ages 4 to 8.

Wonder Woman Fleece Robe

Even superheroes need to have sweet dreams! This soft and warm robe is the perfect choice for any young Wonder Woman fan. The 100% polyester robe is velvet fleece, super snuggly for getting ready for bed. Wonder Woman's logo appears on both the front and the back, and the bottom is trimmed with blue and white star-spangled fabric as a nod to Wonder Woman's classic costume.

Wonder Woman Nightgowns

Your Mighty Girl can pick from three different styles so she has just the right nightgown to make her feel like a superhero! Three nightgown versions of Wonder Woman's classic costume are available: a sleeveless Wonder Woman nightgown with a print that includes her magic lasso, a tulle-accented Wonder Woman nightgown with a glitter logo, and a long-sleeved pullover nightgown with a glitter logo. All three feature comfortable fabric and high-quality printing to ensure they'll be favorites for a long time to come.

Three of a Kind Shirt

Kids, teens, and adults can celebrate the women of DC Comics — Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl — with this shirt that shows they're three of a kind! This 100% cotton T-shirt is officially licensed and packed full of superhero flair. It's available in youth sizes 7 to 16, juniors sizes small to extra-large, and women's sizes small to 3XL, so everybody can join in the superhero fun.

Wonder Woman Gold Foil Logo Shirt

Show off the Wonder Woman logo with some shiny gold foil on this awesome officially licensed juniors shirt! This 100% cotton hockey-style shirt has a vibrant red base that's the perfect backdrop or the gold foil logo and sleeve details. Thick fabric and high-quality screening on the foil ensures you'll be enjoying wearing this shirt for many superhero adventures!

Wonder Woman Caped T-Shirt

When taking on life's challenges, who wouldn't want to be Wonder Woman? With this officially-licensed glitter-accent shirt — which features a removable cape — the Mighty Woman in your life will feel like a real superhero! This 100% cotton juniors T-shirt is perfect for a costume, a race-day outfit, or for day to day wear.

Reversible Wonder Woman Hoodie

Keep warm with this awesome reversible hoodie that gives you two ways to show off your favorite superhero's colors! This 60% cotton, 40% polyester juniors hoodie is soft and easy to care for. It features one side that's blue with white stars and red accents, and another side that's red with white accents. Fans of this hoodie will also want to check out the Wonder Woman Crown Hoodie, also for age 13 and up, which features a hood with a gold foil tiara.

Wonder Woman Tank and Panty Set

You can feel super even when you're just lounging around the house thanks to this set featuring Wonder Woman's vivid colors! This officially licensed juniors set is 95% cotton, 5% Spandex and comes with a red ribbed tank top with the Wonder Woman logo and a pair of boy short underwear with white stars on a blue field and yellow accents.

Wonder Woman Pajamas

Sleep like a hero in these awesome Wonder Woman PJs! This officially licensed pajama set includes a red short-sleeved top featuring the Wonder Woman logo, and a comfortable pajama bottom that's blue with a star print. Since they're 100% cotton, they're perfect for a good night's sleep before another day of saving the world!

Wonder Woman Logo Knee Socks

Show off your superhero flair in these comfortable and colorful knee socks! These 70% polyester, 20% nylon, 10% Spandex socks feature the iconic Wonder Woman logo as well as her trademark colors. They have just enough stretch to stay up without feeling too tight. These socks are available in one size which fits most women's shoe sizes 4 to 10.

Wonder Woman Slipper Socks

Feel cozy but powerful in these soft slipper socks featuring the Wonder Woman logo! These officially licensed socks are warm and fuzzy, and include grippy material on the soles in case you suddenly have to dash into action. These socks come in one size which fits most women's shoe sizes 5 to 10.

Wonder Woman Caped Knee Socks

Knee socks can be fun for teens and adults, too — especially when they feature powerful superheroes and have their very own capes! These caped knee socks are a fun way to show off your love for Wonder Woman, either on a regular day or as part of a costume or race uniform. These officially licensed 80% acrylic, 17% polyester, 3% Spandex socks are comfortable to wear, perfect for your day-to-day superhero needs or for wearing to the new Wonder Woman movie!

Wonder Woman Forever: Other Wonder Woman Gear

Wonder Woman Thermos Lunch Kit

Fuel up your superhero with a lunch out of this insulated lunch kit that even comes with its own cape! Thermos lunch kits are 100% PVC free, with wipe-clean surfaces, insulation to keep food at the right temperature, and durable and colorful graphics. Two compartments allow you to organize lunch items and make sure soft foods don't get squished on her adventures!

Wonder Woman Gel Pens

Tests, assignments, and notes are a piece of cake when you've got a superhero by your side! This pair of gel pens have a soft grip and write smoothly, so they're a delight to use. Two different Wonder Woman designs write with 0.7 mm tips and black ink. They're the perfect choice for budding authors or artists, or anyone who wants to show their love of this beloved superhero! You can also get this Wonder Woman pen and bookmark set for the superhero stationery fan in your life.

Wonder Woman Retro Tin Sign

This retro-styled and brightly colored tin sign is the perfect wall decor for any Wonder Woman fan! This 12 by 16 inch sign has even, rolled edges and a smooth finish, with high quality printing that allowed the vibrant colors of this dynamic image of Wonder Woman to really shine. Small pre-punched holes in the corners allow you to hang the sign with nails, but at a little over 6 ounces in weight, it's also light enough to use hanging strips.

Wonder Woman Hardcover Journal

Take notes, jot down ideas, or write about your life in this super journal! This 6 by 8 inch hardcover journal has 80 double-sided lined sheets, and it comes with a ribbon page holder. A bright cover with foiled Wonder Woman logo looks great, and it even has decorative front and back inner covers. You can also check out this 6 by 9 inch, 100 page Wonder Woman Retro Paperback Journal for age 5 and up.

Wonder Woman Glasses Case and Lens Cloth

Let Wonder Woman protect your glasses with this great set! The structured glasses case is soft but protective, with non-scratch fabric inside to make sure lenses don't get damaged, and features a vibrant image that really stands out. A matching microfibre lens cleaning cloth printed with Wonder Woman's logo completes the set.

Wonder Woman Knapsack

When you need a little inspiration for another day of work or school, look no further than this knapsack from Bioworld! This 15 by 12 inch knapsack features Wonder Woman's bold red, white, and blue color scheme, accented with shiny gold trim and a gold logo print. Adjustable straps make it comfortable to carry, while the two outer pockets and the strap closure for the top flap keep your stuff organized and safe.

Wonder Woman (Dawn of Justice) Backpack

This backpack will swoop in to the rescue whenever you need a helping hand! This durable polyester backpack is 18 by 19 inches, big enough to fit a laptop and all your other supplies. With two main zippered compartments and two outer pockets, you can easily stash both large items and small things like IDs and cash that you want to be able to access quickly. Fans will particularly love the little "lasso" detail.

Future Superheroes Print

Even Wonder Woman was little once! In this colorful and inspiring print from Catherine Satrun, Wonder Woman and Supergirl lead a parade of future superheroes. This print is available in 11 by 17 inch and 8 by 10 inch sizes and is printed on high-quality, semi-gloss paper and is signed by the artist. It's the perfect way to remind your Mighty Girl that the kids of today are the superheroes of tomorrow!

We Are All Wonder Women Print

Keep a reminder on your wall — every woman is Wonder Woman! This prints from the Chicago-based artists and twin sisters Catherine and Sarah Satrun reminds girls and women everywhere to be proud of who they are and claim their power. This print is available in 8 1/2 by 11 and 11 by 17 inch prints; all prints are signed by the artists and are printed on high-quality paper, so you can enjoy it for years to come. It's perfect for a little inspiration at work, at home...any time you need to hear that we are heroes.

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