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Here Be Dragons:
16 Books Starring Dragon-Loving Mighty Girls

Posted on November 2, 2017 by Katherine

From devoted friends to wise teachers to ferocious beasts, you'll find dragons of all varieties in our collection of Mighty Girl dragon stories!

When you talk about fantastic creatures, some people picture fairies, or unicorns, or elves — and some picture dragons! Your Mighty Girl may imagine herself as the daring soul who cows the dragon by force of arm or clever wit, or she might picture herself with a devoted dragon friend, flying to new heights and learning arcane secrets. With versions of dragons in almost every culture, filling every role from devoted mentors to ferocious beasts, there’s probably a dragon to suit any Mighty Girl’s dream.

So if your Mighty Girl loves all things draconic, she’ll love the products we’re featuring in this blog! Here, she’ll find dragon stories of all kinds — from those based in folklore and fairy tale to those dreamed up by modern imagination — as well as great dress-up options for when her own imagination takes over.

So get ready for some adventure — here there be dragons!

Mighty Girl Books About Dragons

A Gold Star For Zog

Zog the dragon desperately wants to do well at school...but every year, his clumsiness makes things go awry. Fortunately, a young would-be doctor shows up for every calamity, and she always manages to make Zog feel better. When Zog's new test is to capture a princess, he's delighted to discover that the girl is Princess Pearl, and she's more than willing to be captured! But what happens when a knight shows up to rescue her? This charming story about being yourself features a clumsy but friendly dragon and his medically-inclined best friend. Fans of the original story will love the newly released sequel, Zog and the Flying Doctors.

The Paper Bag Princess

When a ferocious dragon destroys Princess Elizabeth’s castle and princess clothes — and carries off her fiance Prince Ronald — she’s left with only a battered crown, a paper bag dress... and a very determined nature. She’s not strong enough to battle the dragon, but she is smart enough to outwit him. Your Mighty Girl will cheer as Elizabeth finds the perfect way to deal with that troublesome beast.

Lovabye Dragon

A lonely little girl dreams of a dragon friend — and in a cave not far away, the friendly dragon imagines what it would be like to play with a little girl. The girl’s silvery tears form a trail that leads two new friends together! They sing, cavort, and whisper to one another — and, eventually, snuggle in to sleep. After all, there’s no better nighttime companion than a lovabye dragon. This charming story of forever friends is accented with beautiful, soft, fairy tale inspired illustrations. Fans of this lovely story will also enjoy the sequels, Evermore Dragon and Sail Away Dragon.

Raising Dragons

A little girl finds an odd egg on her “Sunday-before-supper walk” — which hatches a green dragon she immediately names Hank. Raising a dragon isn’t simple, even if Hank proves to be very helpful around the farm, and when Hank starts to attract too much attention, she has to escort him home to the Island of Dragons to live out his days. However, a good dragon keeper is hard to find, and it’s not long before a whole wheelbarrow full of eggs shows up from the island. A delightful story with a folksy tone, this one is sure to be a favorite.

The Worst Princess

Princess Sue is determined to be a proper princess — which means waiting for her prince to come to rescue her. He certainly takes his sweet time, though! And when he does arrive, he's a bit too...traditional for the feisty, smart, and independent Sue. She was looking forward to a bit more adventure, not just sitting around in a castle for the rest of her life. So Sue comes up with an idea: she invites the fire-breathing dragon to tea, and the two of them strike a bargain that gives Sue a happily-ever-after that actually makes her happy! This cheeky rhyming story is full of humor and fun.

The Princess and the Dragon

Sometimes, it’s the princess who’s troublesome instead! The princess of this land is the ferocious, terrifying creature, while the dragon she bumps into is gentle, kind, and perfectly mannered. The natural solution? The two trade places! Unsurprisingly, each of them discovers that they’re happier living in the other’s shoes. This funny story of flipped roles is a great way to talk about preconceptions, as well as a way to celebrate the softer side of dragons in fiction.

Dragons and Marshmallows

When Zoey finds a glowing photo, she learns an amazing secret: magical animals are real — and they come to her backyard for help when they're sick or injured. Her first patient is a sick baby dragon that Zoey names Marshmallow. Zoey and her cat Sassafras need to find out what's ailing Marshmallow quickly, so they'll have to apply the scientific method to the problem! This new early chapter book series has the perfect mix of science, mystery, and magical creatures. Fans of this volume will want to check out Monsters and Mold and Merhorses and Bubbles.


Princess Adrienne Ashe’s parents lock her in a tower, guarded by a dragon, on her sixteenth birthday — so she can be rescued by the handsome prince, of course. But Adrienne isn’t willing to sit on her hands and wait, so when she finds a sword in her tower, Adrienne recruits the dragon, Sparky, and the new friends set out to rescue Adrienne’s sisters, each of whom is locked in her own tower. A swashbuckling tale of adventure with tongue-in-cheek references to TV and comic tropes about princesses, this graphic novel is sure to be a favorite with both kids and their parents. Fans can find more of Adrienne's adventures in our Princeless Collection.

The Dragon With A Chocolate Heart

When Aventurine the dragon is lured by the delicious aroma of a cup of enchanted hot chocolate, she gets transformed into a weak, vulnerable 12-year-old girl! The trade off is that she has a new passion — and the chance to learn to make the confection herself. But can Aventurine figure out the human world well enough to reconcile her human and dragon identities...and can a mere chocolate apprentice save the kingdom? It turn out that combining magic, chocolate, and dragons makes a recipe for a delicious story!

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Minli wishes she understood why her hardworking family struggles to keep body and soul together. Her father tells her stories of the Old Man in the Moon, who knows the answers to all of life’s questions, so Minli decides to find him and ask how she can change her family’s fortunes. Along the way, she meets a flightless dragon, who joins her on her journey. But when she meets the Old Man in the Moon and has the chance to ask a question, perhaps it will be her concern for Dragon that really changes the family’s fate. This 2010 Newbery Honor book has the feeling of a folktale, and is accented by Lin’s exquisite full-color illustrations.

Iron Hearted Violet

The main character of this story discovers that a dragon can be a devoted ally. When lonely Violet accidentally frees a legendary evil being called Nybbas, she thinks she’s brought doom to everyone she loves. But she and her friend Demetrius realize that she might just be able to save it — with the help of an ancient, scarred dragon, the last in the world. After all, stories have their own power, and so do dragons... This fascinating fantasy story with a suitably intimidating villain provides a new perspective on dragon myths.

Dragon's Milk

Kaeldra’s foster sister’s life is threatened by a deadly disease, and dragon’s milk is the only thing that might save her. Kaeldra’s family has the knack of speaking with dragons, but Kaeldra won’t know if she’s inherited the trait until she’s in the dragon’s cave. She dares the journey — with success — but Kaeldra’s task becomes more complicated when the mother dragon is slain and she has to bring three defenseless draclings home. Any girl who’s dreamed of having her own baby dragon will love this story. Young readers can continue Kaeldra's story in Flight of the Dragon Kyn, Sign of the Dove, and Ancient, Strange, and Lovely.

Handbook for Dragon Slayers

Princess Tilda isn't entirely upset when political upheaval sends her fleeing her kingdom — the bookish and club-footed princess would prefer to study, and maybe even author a book someday. But in her travels with two would-be dragon slayers, Tilda will do things she never imagined — and discover that dragons are more than they appear. Her change of heart will also change her kingdom forever. This unique take on the dragon myth is the perfect addition to a truly exciting coming-of-age novel.

Dragon Slippers

When her aunt uses the orphan girl Creel as bait for a dragon — and therefore a prince — as a way to drag the family out of poverty, Creel befriends the dragons instead! With encouragement from her new friends, and a gift of a mysterious pair of slippers, Creel moves to the city and opens a dress shop, only to find herself drawn into a conflict that could spell the end of both the kingdom and the dragons. With an epic world, exciting action, and vivid description, this book is sure to captivate young readers. Creel (and the dragons’) story also continues in the sequels, Dragon Flight and Dragon Spear.

The Girl Who Drank The Moon

The Elders claim that a witch in the forest demands the sacrifice of one newborn baby a year — but kind and gentle Xan actually rescues the babies abandoned by the Elders. When she accidentally feeds a rescued baby moonlight instead of starlight, she develops powerful magic, so Xan decides to raise this child as her own, alongside her companions the Swamp Monster, Glerk, and a Perfectly Tiny Dragon named Fyrian — who, despite his size, thinks of himself as enormous. As Luna approaches her 13th birthday, she will face new challenges to protect the people she loves. This award-winning fantasy is complex and beautiful, and dragon fans in particular will adore Fyrian's delightful and childlike ways.

Dealing with Dragons

Cimorene has no interest in being a proper princess, so instead of waiting to be kidnapped by a dragon, she runs away and makes a bargain with one — she’ll keep house as a captured princess would, provided she also gets to be herself and explore her non-princessy interests. Fortunately for Kazul, Cimorene’s dragon, Cimorene also manages to help unearth the wizards’ plot against the dragons in time to stop it... for now. Fans of this book can also pick up the Enchanted Forest Chronicles box set, which includes all four books in the series.

The Dragonriders of Pern

Only a few of the people of Pern still believe the stories of deadly Thread falling from the sky — so the dragonriders, Pern's defense against Thread, have dwindled in number, and the populace is completely unprepared. Lessa, the lone queen dragonrider, is determined to find a solution to save her world, but it will take every bit of her strong will — and the power of her bond with her dragon — to fill the Weyrs again in time for Thread's arrival. All three of Anne McCaffrey's original Pern books are collected in this volume, perfect to introduce new readers to the series. Fans of the Pern stories will also enjoy checking out Dragonsdawn, which explores the colonists' arrival on Pern and the creation of their dragon partners.

The Last Dragon

Two hundred years ago, the people of Meddlesome defeated the dragons once and for all...or did they? When people and animals start disappearing, the villagers wonder what could be to blame — but when Tansy, the healer's daughter, discovers a plant that only grows in the presence of a dragon, she realizes that one dragon still lives. With the help of an unlikely hero, Tansy will have to do battle with the dragon to keep her village safe. Whimsical verse by Jane Yolen accented with lush artwork by Rebecca Guay bring this draconic adventure to life.


The rational, mathematical dragons, who can take humanoid form, have long warred against their human counterparts — but for now, there is an unsettled peace. Seraphina, a gifted musician, joins the court just before a member of the royal family is murdered — apparently by a dragon. As she is drawn into the investigation, Seraphina struggles with protecting the secret of her connection to both sides of the conflict: her half-dragon heritage. Fans of Seraphina can read the continuation of her story in Shadow Scale.

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