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A Mighty Girl Top Pick: Terry Pratchett's Tiffany Aching Series

A few times a week, A Mighty Girl highlights a recommended book on our Facebook page and blog and today we're featuring Terry Pratchett's series on Tiffany Aching, a young witch in training. We've received many great recommendations this week of books to add to the site and Pratchett's series was suggested repeatedly so, of course, we quickly added it to the site!

Perfect for children 9 and up, this humorous, adventure-filled fantasy series follows Tiffany from her days as 9-year old witch trainee in The Wee Free Men through to her emergence as an independent 16-year old witch. As Tiffany comes of age, the topics addressed become more complex and, in the final book, she confronts religious prejudice and other challenges. Throughout the series, Pratchett strikes a perfect balance between fun, adventure, and thoughtfulness that makes for perfect reading for young, inquisitive readers.

On a final note, parents should be aware that the recommended reading age increases to 12 and up as the series continues due to the weightier topics addressed; however, the later books are likely accessible to younger readers with parent guidance.

The Tiffany Aching series begins with The Wee Free Men and followed with A Hat Full of Sky and Wintersmith and concludes with I Shall Wear Midnight.


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