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A Mighty Girl's 2018 Books of the Year

1–100 of 361 items
  1. The Poet X

    15-year-old Xiomara Batista feels voiceless in her largely Dominican community in Harlem: since she developed curves, she's relied on her fierce exterior and a willingness to throw a punch to keep herself safe. But she pours all of her frustration and insecurity — as well as her conflicts with her strict, religious mother — onto the pages of a notebook. When Xiomara is invited to join her school's slam poetry club, however, she's faced with a choice: leave her poems unspoken or raise her voice, no matter what people think. This powerful novel in verse, which is the 2018 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, offers a thoughtful look at identity, family, and the power of words through the eyes of a teen girl.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $14.39
  2. Resistance

    In 1942 Nazi-occupied Poland, Jewish teenager Chaya Lindner is determined to fight the evil destroying her life... even in the face of overwhelming odds. She escapes the Kraków Ghetto where her family is imprisoned and joins the Jewish resistance as a courier. She learns about a planned uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto to fight Nazis' efforts to transport the remaining survivors of the ghetto to death camps. Like her fellow resisters, Chaya knows that there is no possibility that they will 'win' this fight, but they hope to save as many lives as possible, and to live — or die — on their own terms. This powerful historical fiction novel by the author of A Night Divided about the largest single revolt by Jews during WWII explores the Holocaust from the rarely-discussed perspective of Jewish resistance fighters through the story of one heroic young woman.

    Ages: 12 and up
    Price: $12.59
  3. Spinning Silver

    Author: Naomi Novik

    With her father, the local moneylender, unable to collect his debts, Miryem and her parents are left on the edge of poverty — until she takes matters into her own hands. She soon develops a reputation for turning silver into gold, but an ill-advised boast draws the attention of the king of the Staryk, the grim fey who appear more ice than flesh. He gives Miryem an impossible challenge, one that quickly entangles a local peasant girl and the unhappy young woman set to marry the tsar. The unlikely allies will have to find the power to change their fates if they hope to save their world and their own lives. This brilliant feminist reimagining of Rumpelstiltskin, by the author of the best-selling Uprooted, masterfully explores prejudice, love, and sacrifice through the stories of three courageous young women.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $19.04
  4. Children of Blood and Bone

    Author: Tomi Adeyemi

    When Zélie Adebola was a child, her home of Orïsha was full of magic... until a ruthless king ordered the maji killed, including Zélie's mother, a Reaper who summoned souls. Now, with the help of a rogue princess, Zélie has the chance to bring magic back to Orïsha and rebel against the brutal monarchy. But as she discovers feeling for an enemy and struggles to control her own powers, Zélie will have to learn to embrace who she is — and prepare herself to fight injustice, whatever the cost. This stunning series opener features compelling characters and world-altering choices in a setting inspired by West African mythology.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $14.24
  5. Blood Water Paint

    When 12-year-old Artemisia Gentileschi's mother died, she could choose a life as a nun in a convent or one grinding pigment for her father's paint. The choice was simple: art called to her, and by the time she was 17 in 1610, she was one of the most talented painters in Rome. What art couldn't do, though, was protect her from the man who raped her and the devastating setbacks of a system built to break her when she tried to seek justice. This powerful novel in verse recounts the story of extraordinary Baroque artist and feminist icon Artemisia Gentileschi who broke new ground for women both in art history and the courtroom as she fought against the stifling oppression of her time.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $12.59
  6. Skyward

    Spensa dreams of being a pilot, one of the heroes of the decades-long fight that the humans are losing — but her pilot father was killed years ago as he deserted his team, and his act of cowardice has left Spensa tarred with his disgrace. Still, she hopes to prove herself as a cadet in the Defiant Defense Force by excelling in the dangerous — sometimes fatal — training. And when she discovers a long-abandoned starfighter in a cave, she may get to do more than fly: she may be the key to winning the war. This trilogy opener is full of adventure and daring, with hints that not everything is as it seems in the fight for humanity.

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $10.63
  7. Mary's Monster: Love, Madness, and How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein

    Author: Lita Judge

    When Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in response to a dare, it wasn't just a challenge: it was a chance to express to all of the grief and pain she had survived in her young life. Only nineteen years old, Shelley had already been disowned by her family, caused a scandal by living with a married man, and lost her newborn daughter. Her "ghost story" not only won her dare, but the passion behind her words created a classic work of literature that is still devoured by readers two centuries later. In this gorgeous novel in verse, accompanied by hundreds of stunning black-and-white watercolor illustrations, author / illustrator Lita Judge has created a haunting depiction of the pregnant runaway teenager whose Gothic horror novel sparked the imagination of millions.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $12.16
  8. Votes for Women!: American Suffragists and the Battle for the Ballot

    When American women won the right to vote in 1920, it was the culmination of a nearly eighty-year fight! In this mesmerizing book, author Winifred Conkling crafts a unique history of the Women's Suffrage Movement that explores the broader progress of the movement, as well as its often powerful and sometimes rocky relationship with the temperance and abolitionist movements. From early activists like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Sojourner Truth; to the first female candidate for president, Victoria Woodhull; to later activists like Alice Paul and Lucy Burns who succeeded in successfully pushing the amendment through at great personal cost, Votes for Women! tells their stories and explores their legacies in a riveting and unflinching fashion.

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $10.97
  9. The Iron Flower: The Black Witch Chronicles

    Author: Laurie Forest

    Elloren Gardner and her friends at the University were only seeking to right a few wrongs; the last thing they expected was to be thrust into a realm-wide underground resistance against Gardnerian conquest. Determined to keep her friends safe and fight back against the regime's growing oppression, Elloren finds it increasingly difficult to believe that she didn't inherit any of her grandmother's — the notorious Black Witch — power, as she's always been told. She's also finding it harder to deny her growing feelings for fellow resistance member Yvan Guriel, even though a relationship between a Gardnerian and a Kelt is unimaginable in such troubled times. This thrilling and thoughtful sequel to The Black Witch ups the stakes for Elloren and those she loves as dark forces are on the rise and the fight for the future becomes all too real.

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $15.49
  10. Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation

    For decades, Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl has inspired the world with its humanity and optimism in the face of the horrors of World War II. Now, this graphic novel adaptation, authorized by the Anne Frank Foundation in Basel, provides a fresh look at this enduring classic. Extensive quotations directly from the definitive edition of The Diary are accented by stunning illustrations which add a sense of immediacy and intimacy to this story, which is as relevant today as when it was written.

    Ages: 12 and up
    Price: $14.88
  11. Sadie

    When Sadie was 6, her drug-addicted single mother gave birth to Mattie — so Sadie basically raised her. When their mother disappeared, Sadie kept caring for her... until Mattie was found dead at 13. Heartbroken and furious, especially once the police investigation gets botched, Sadie sets off on a road trip to find her sister's killer — and make him pay. Then she too disappears. Months later, West McCray, a radio personality, overhears Sadie's story and becomes obsessed with finding her. Readers will be riveted as Sadie's first-person account alternates with McCray's investigation, revealing the ugly truths of Sadie's quest for vengeance.

    Ages: 15 and up
    Price: $9.89
  12. Speak: The Graphic Novel

    Illustrator: Emily Carroll

    No matter how much people say to speak up, Melinda knows that's a lie: no one wants to hear her story. She called the cops on an end-of-summer party right before she started high school, and now nobody wants anything to do with her. Her art teacher, though, seems to realize Melinda is hurting, and as she works on an art project, Melinda is finally able to face the truth: she was raped by an upperclassman at that party, one who still attends her school. And as she rediscovers her voice, Melinda also rediscovers her own power. This adaptation of Laurie Halse Anderson's modern classic Speak is just as gripping as when the story was first published.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $14.49
  13. Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World

    Author/Illustrator: Pénélope Bagieu

    Both past and present, if you're a girl who dares to go against the world, you have to be a little brazen! Celebrated graphic novelist Pénélope Bagieu profiles the lives of 33 women from a variety of social, ethnic, cultural, and historical backgrounds, always with a sense of wit and humor that will draw readers into their stories and leave them eager to learn more. Sometimes infuriating but always inspiring, the stories of the obstacles these women overcame will inspire the next generation to become a little brazen themselves.

    Ages: 15 and up
    Price: $12.23
  14. March Forward, Girl: From Young Warrior to Little Rock Nine

    Illustrator: Frank Morrison

    As a child, Melba Pattillo Beals saw Klansmen hang a man from the rafters during a prayer meeting; as a teen, she was almost raped when she was unknowingly taken to a KKK meeting. And throughout, she asked tough questions: why should she have to drink from a separate fountain, or live her life feeling unsafe? The adults in her life wanted her to keep quiet out of fear, but she refused: she knew there was a future where she could live free — and as one of the Little Rock Nine, she made her mark on history. This powerful memoir captures the courage and determination of Beals and the other child activists like her who pushed for change.

    Ages: 12 and up
    Price: $9.56
  15. Tess of the Road

    Tess is the black sheep of her family, always speaking out of turn and getting into trouble. When she drunkenly punches her new brother-in-law at her twin Jeanne's wedding, her parents decide that's the last straw and plan to send her to a nunnery. Instead, she cuts her hair, disguises herself as a boy, and hits the road. She's not sure where she's going yet, just that the road will give her answers — answers about who she is, why she is the way she is, and where she belongs. This fantasy adventure set in the world of Seraphina and Shadow Scale also explores how girls are taught to blame themselves even when others are at fault — and the power of journeys to reveal truths to those who walk them.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $14.52
  16. A Very Large Expanse of Sea

    Author: Tahereh Mafi

    A year after 9/11, Shirin is fed up with the stereotypes she faces everywhere she goes, simply for being a Muslim girl who wears the hijab. She hides her anger with indifference, pretending not to care about the opinions of her peers while burning off her fury with music and breakdancing. But when she meets Ocean James in her biology class, she is shocked to discover he genuinely wants to get to know her... and she might like him too. But if being a Muslim girl by itself earned glares, being a Muslim girl with a white boy brings even more open hostility. Shirin will have to decide if the possibility of a romance is worth the risk of dropping her guard. This powerful novel explores fear, first love, and the devastating impact of prejudice.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $14.98
  17. What the Night Sings

    14-year-old Gerta Richter was a talented singer with a promising future — until June 1944, when Nazi soldiers burst into her home and she found out that her Papa had spent years concealing their Jewish heritage. She survived to liberation, but her father didn't... and without her music, and unsure of her place in the world, Gerta's not sure she'll find a way to move on. In a displaced persons camp, though, she meets Lev, a fellow teen survivor. As she grows closer to Lev, Gerta begins to accept her new Jewish identity, and even sees the possibility of music entering her life again. This powerful novel, with haunting spot images and larger illustrations that capture the deep emotion of the text, explores the challenges that faced survivors of the Holocaust, who had to try to rebuild lives that could never be the same.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $18.99
  18. The Astonishing Color of After

    When Leigh Chen Sanders' mother died, Leigh is convinced that she turned into a bird — and she's determined to find it, and not to think about how she kissed her best friend (and longtime crush) Axel on the same day her mother completed suicide. As she tries to process her grief, Leigh travels to Taiwan to meet her maternal grandparents for the first time. In her search for the bird, she seeks out places that were important to her mother, and uncovers family secrets, while also expressing herself through art. Part reality, part magic, this novel about recovery from grief and finding yourself is luminous and evocative.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $11.67
  19. Bygone Badass Broads: 52 Forgotten Women Who Changed the World

    Author: Mackenzi Lee
    Illustrator: Petra Eriksson

    When Mackenzi Lee started a weekly Twitter series featuring women of the past, she started spreading the word about Bygone Badass Broads! In this collection, Lee tells the stories of 52 of these remarkable (and often forgotten) women, who dared to break convention and traditional gender roles. Lee's witty and conversational storytelling style makes this book a joy to read, while the bold and compelling illustrations entice readers to flip the page for just one more story.

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $13.52
  20. Buried Beneath the Baobab Tree

    With her dreams of studying at the university and becoming a teacher within reach, a teenage girl in Nigeria has a promising future ahead of her – until the day that Boko Haram terrorists descend on her village, killing her family and kidnapping her. Along with the other young women, the unnamed narrator is taken into the forest where she is forcibly married, subjected to serial rape, and forced to watch her best friend slowly accept their captors' radical beliefs. Despite it all, the young woman holds onto hope, determined to fight for a future of her own making. This harrowing yet empowering story is based on the true story of the 276 Chibok girls whose kidnapping spurred an international movement to "Bring Back Our Girls" in 2014.
    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $8.15
  21. A Winter's Promise

    Long ago, the world was shattered into floating islands called Arks. On one of them, Ophelia lives happily as a museum curator, a position that well suits her gift to read the past of objects by touch. Her other ability, traveling through mirrors, is an afterthought as far as she's concerned. Then she's ordered to marry Thorn, an influential member of a distant clan from the Pole, a cold and icy ark. Ophelia doesn't know why her family — or Thorn's — would want this marriage, but she's determined to find out.. if she can survive her dangerous new home. An inventive world and a sophisticated plot will leave readers eager for the second volume of this series.

    Ages: 15 and up
    Price: $14.66
  22. Pride

    Author: Ibi Zoboi

    Zuri Benitez's pride in her Afro-Latino roots and her wild but happy family is coming face to face with the gentrification of her Brooklyn neighborhood and the wealthy Darcy family's two teenage sons, Ainsley and Darius. Even though she rolls her eyes when her older sister develops a crush on Ainsley, she slowly starts finding an unexpected connection with Darius. But with college applications upcoming and another possible love interest close at hand, will Zuri find her place in the neighborhood's new normal? This remixed take on Pride and Prejudice by the author of the critically acclaimed American Street tackles tough social issues while paying loving tribute to this classic novel.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $12.32
  23. The Cruel Prince

    Author: Holly Black

    When Jude was seven, her parents were murdered and she and her sisters were taken to the High Court of Faerie. Now, ten years later, Jude is determined to earn a place at the court by becoming a knight. However, many fae hate humans like her — particularly Prince Cardan, the High King's wickedest son. But as palace intrigues mount and civil war threatens, Jude must make a risky alliance to keep her sisters safe... and perhaps, save the High Court and all of Faerie. Dark and absorbing, with a world of playfully blood-thirsty fey antagonists, this series opener stars a determined and truly dangerous heroine.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $11.64
  24. The Hazel Wood

    Years ago, 17-year-old Alice's grandmother wrote Tales from the Hinterland, a short set of dark, feminist fairy tales, and then retreated to her estate, the Hazel Wood. Alice has never met her grandmother, though; she and her mother have spent most of her life on the road, avoiding the bad luck that seems to follow them everywhere. But when Alice's grandmother dies, and her mother is stolen away by a figure who claims to come from the Hinterland, Alice needs help her classmate Ellery, a Hinterland superfan, if she's going to go to the rescue — and figure out where her own bad luck began. A ferocious heroine facing an eerie and dangerous world makes this a thrilling story of exploitation, liberation, and love.

    Ages: 15 and up
    Price: $9.50
  25. Puddin'

    Author: Julie Murphy

    Millie Michalchuk is sick of going to "fat camp" — she's happy in her own skin and would rather go to a broadcast journalism program and figure out how to get Malik, her crush, to notice her. Then her aunt and uncle's gym is vandalized — and the culprit is Callie Reyes, a dance team member who seems to have it all but struggles with her biracial identity and "friends" who abandon her at the first bump. When Callie is ordered to work with Millie at the gym, Millie's optimistic attitude (and genuine friendship) might be just what Callie needs. This companion to the best-selling Dumplin' celebrates positive female friendships and loving yourself as you are.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $14.23
  26. Legendary Ladies: 50 Goddesses to Empower and Inspire You

    Author/Illustrator: Ann Shen

    World history includes thousands of legendary goddesses who represented the feminine divine! In this lushly illustrated book by Ann Shen, the author and artist who created Bad Girls Throughout History, teens and adults will learn about 50 of these powerful and empowering deities, including Aphrodite, the Greek goddess whose love overcame mortality; Mazu, the Chinese deity who safely guides travelers home; and Lakshmi, the Hindu provider of fortune and prosperity. Vibrant watercolor artwork and compelling capsule descriptions make this an intriguing and fascinating book for exploring the often-ignored female side of mythology.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $13.56
  27. To Kill a Mockingbird: A Graphic Novel

    Illustrator: Fred Fordham

    To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s haunting portrait of race and class, hypocrisy and heroism set in the Deep South of the 1930s, remains of the most beloved and important novels of all time. The story of Scout, Jem, Boo Radley, Atticus Finch, and the small town of Maycomb, Alabama has now been vividly reborn in this beautifully crafted graphic novel. This timeless novel illuminates the complexities of human nature and the depths of the human heart with humor, unwavering honesty, and a tender, nostalgic beauty — its lifetime admirers and new readers alike will be touched by this stunning visual edition.

    Ages: 12 and up
    Price: $15.90
  28. Truly Devious

    Ellingham Academy is famous for recruiting the greatest minds — and for the mysterious kidnapping of the founder's wife and daughter shortly after it opened, with a note signed by the pseudonym "Truly, Devious." True-crime fan Stevie Bell is just starting at the academy and she's determined to crack the case. But when Truly Devious returns to the school, and a student ends up dead, Stevie will have to overcome her anxiety and depression to find the culprit... before Truly Devious strikes again. Suspenseful and atmospheric, this series opener will leave young adult readers eager to return to the Academy in the second book, The Vanishing Stair.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $12.59
  29. Impostors

    Frey has never existed apart from her twin sister, Rafi: her only job is to be Rafi's body double, ready to fight, kill, or die for Rafi when necessary. But when her father sends Frey in place of Rafi as collateral for a critical deal, she suddenly faces two challenges: pretending to be her charming sister and facing the realities of her hometown of Shreve, where her oppressive father tracks citizens electronically. When she starts to grow close to Col, the son of a rival leader, Frey faces the choice to become her own person — and stand up against everything that her father represents. Action-packed and full of intriguing questions about individual freedom, this series opener by the author of the best-selling Uglies series is an explosive read.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $14.76
  30. Courageous Women of the Vietnam War

    Medics, Journalists, Survivors, and More

    Over the course of the two decades of fighting in Vietnam, women played their own roles: as medics, journalists, resisters, and more. In this book from the Women of Action series, author Kathryn J. Atwood dives into the complex political history of the Vietnam War, and explores the lives of fourteen women whose lives were changed by this conflict. With suspenseful profiles and in-depth historical information, it's a detailed and engaging look at the often unexpected roles that women played, both during the Vietnam War and in the years afterward.

    Ages: 12 and up
    Price: $13.51
  31. Love, Hate and Other Filters

    Author: Samira Ahmed

    Maya is trying to figure out the right time to tell her parents she's been accepted into a prestigious film school — and that she's more interested in dating a longtime (white) classmate than the Muslim boys her parents deem suitable. Then a young man — one who reportedly shares Maya's last name — commits an act of terror, and suddenly the anti-Muslim backlash seems to change everything. Maya must grapple with her Indian Muslim identity and the dreams she feels slipping away. This book explores fear, bigotry, and the experiences of second-generation immigrants with gentleness and heart.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $13.29
  32. History vs Women: The Defiant Lives that They Don't Want You to Know

    Illustrator: T. S. Abe

    Women have always made history — but history hasn't always shared their stories. In this exciting title, Anita Sarkeesian, founder of Feminist Frequency, along with Ebony Adams, Ph.D., reclaim 25 stories of remarkable women through the ages. Political leaders, warriors, artists, scientists, and heroes, these women defied convention, lived authentically, and changed the world — and few people know their names. With its bold design, including full-color illustrations of each woman, this is a standout capsule history for teens or adults who want to fill in the gaps in the history they've been taught.

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $11.23
  33. Hamilton and Peggy!: A Revolutionary Friendship

    Author: L. M. Elliott

    Peggy Schuyler is used to being overshadowed by her two older sisters, brilliant Angelica and kind and beautiful Eliza. Even when George Washington's aide-de-camp, Alexander Hamilton, contacts her, it's just to find out how to woo Eliza. But Peggy and Alexander become fast friends, and as her father and Alexander take on important roles in the Revolutionary War, she decides she can't sit on the sidelines. Soon, she's helping her father gather intelligence — and when British Loyalists storm the Schuyler home, it will take all of Peggy's courage and cleverness to win the day. Inspired by the musical Hamilton and backed up by in-depth research, Elliott has crafted a thrilling new historical novel that highlights a daring, brave, and loyal young woman and her world-changing friendship.

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $9.88
  34. Everless

    Author: Sara Holland

    In Sempera, time is currency — and taxes allow the rich, like the Gerlings, to cut short the poor's lives to lengthen their own. Jules Ember and her father were servants at Everless, the Gerlings' estate, until they fled ten years ago... but now her father is dying, and the only way to save him is to earn him more time. When she returns to Everless, though, Jules finds she still has feelings for Roan Gerling — and still fears his brother, Liam. She also discovers a shocking secret, one that she must get to Sempera's queen... at any cost. This complex story full of palace intrigue and self-discovery elegantly displays the dark cracks underneath Everless' beauty — ones which the daring Jules must break wide open.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $8.41
  35. The Good Demon

    One month ago, the reverend and his son performed a "deliverance" on Clare, pulling the demon out of her. Except what nobody seems to understand is that Clare loved the demon she knew as Her: She comforted Clare and made her brave. So when Clare finds three clues She left behind — Be nice to him; June 20; Remember the stories — she teams up with the reverend's son, determined to find Her. Their investigation leads to something sinister about their village, and the reclusive One Wish Man. Just how much will Clare give up to get Her back? This horror novel that hinges on free will and sacrifice is both creepy and compelling.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $11.04
  36. I Have The Right To

    A High School Survivor's Story of Sexual Assault, Justice, and Hope

    As a freshman at a prestigious New Hampshire boarding school, Chessy Prout was sexually assaulted as part of a ritualized game of conquest — and when she reported the assault and took her attacker to court, her school community turned on her. She was guaranteed anonymity if she chose, but instead she revealed her identity, challenging those who blame faceless victims to confront their prejudice, and demanding that institutions stop turning a blind eye to rape culture under their roof. This empowering story of survival turned into advocacy is a painful but critical read.

    Ages: 15 and up
    Price: $13.26
  37. The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

    When 12-year-old Lucy Callahan was struck by lightning at age eight, she developed genius math skills and has been homeschooled ever since. Now she's ready to head off to college, but before she does, her grandma insists on a different sort of test: middle school. Her tasks: attend for 1 year, make 1 friend, join 1 activity, and read 1 book (not another math textbook!). In this smart, funny, and heartfelt novel, author Stacy McAnulty cleverly helps readers see the world through Lucy's point of view – both her gift for numbers and her struggles with OCD, which can lead to spiraling digits of pi taking over her brain. This outstanding story is an uplifting celebration of friendship, self acceptance, and, of course, math!

    Ages: 9 - 13
    Price: $13.59
  38. Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster

    11-year-old Nan Sparrow is a 'climbing boy,' an orphan owned by a chimney sweep to do the dirty, dangerous work of cleaning flues in Victorian London. But, Nan isn't a boy and she's quite possibly the best chimney climber who ever lived, beating the odds again and again... until the day she's trapped in a chimney fire. When she wakes up safe in an attic, she discovers that she was saved by a mysterious creature — a golem — made from ash and coal. Together, the two outcasts will need to evade Nan's abusive boss and figure out how to create a better life in a world that's quick to label differences as monstrous. Told by master storyteller Jonathan Auxier, this powerful and heartwarming tale explores the search for home and family, in whatever form they take.

    Ages: 9 and up
    Price: $13.37
  39. Willa of the Wood

    Author: Robert Beatty

    Willa's Faeran clan once acted as stewards of the Great Smoky Mountains, but their numbers are declining, and under their current leader, the padaran, their old ways of foraging and caretaking are forbidden. Instead, he directs children like Willa to steal from human homesteaders, who she has been taught to despise. But when she is wounded breaking into a cabin one night, she's shocked when a human man tries to help her. And, when she discovers the padaran imprisoning human children, she begins to question everything about her society and its leader. Willa will have to stand up to evil around her with compassion and strength if she is going to save her people. This powerful story from the author of the best-selling Serafina series is full of magic, adventure, and hope.

    Ages: 10 to 14
    Price: $7.44
  40. Love Sugar Magic: A Dash of Trouble

    Author: Anna Meriano
    Illustrator: Mirelle Ortega

    Leonora's mother, aunt, and older sisters run the best bakery in Rose Hill, Texas, and Leonora wants to help prepare for Dia de los Muertos — but once again, they tell her she's too young. One day, when Leo sneaks down to the bakery, she learns why: they are all brujas, witches of Mexican ancestry, and they bake a little delicious magic into every bite! Leo's sure she's old enough to learn magic too, so when her best friend has a problem, she decides to dig into the family recipe book. But Leo doesn't read Spanish, so deciphering the recipes isn't easy... and when things go awry, Leo learns that her family will support her but she has to fix her own mistakes! This charming story effortlessly weaves together Mexican, Texan, and American cultures and adds a dash of mystery and magic to delightful effect.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $11.89
  41. The Boneless Mercies

    Frey, Ovie, Juniper, and Runa have devoted their lives to mercy killing; as the Boneless Mercies, they seek out the old and the sick and give them a peaceful end. But when a Mercy dies, her name passes into obscurity; they're no heroes whose songs will be sung for generations. Then Frey hears about the Blue Vee Beast, a monster that's terrorizing a nearby jarldom. If the Mercies defeat it, they'll not only have enough money to live happily to the end of their days: they'll also go down in history. Loosely inspired by Beowulf, this evocative story explores sisterhood, claiming agency, and the power of writing your own legend.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $13.29
  42. Honor Among Thieves

    Petty criminal Zara robbed the wrong person, and suddenly a jail cell sounds better than the alternative. But instead of a stint in prison, Zara finds herself recruited by the Honors, a team of humans selected by the sentient alien ships called the Leviathan. To her surprise, when she boards Nadim, the ship she's assigned, she finds herself communicating with it easily — and even feeling at home. But she can't shake the feeling that the Leviathan — even Nadim — are hiding something, and that the Honors aren't everything they seem... This intriguing series opener which encourages readers to question what they know includes a contemplative look at the meaning of love.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $9.89
  43. The Mad Wolf's Daughter

    Author: Diane Magras

    For years, 12-year-old Drest has trained as a warrior, but has been protected by her father, the Mad Wolf of the North, and her five loving brothers, the mainstay of his early 13th century Scottish warband. But when her father and brothers are captured by invading knights — and scheduled to be executed in five days — Drest comes up with a daring rescue plan: travel to Faintree Castle and trade an injured knight for their freedom. On the dangerous journey, she meets allies and enemies alike, and starts to hear stories about her father and brothers that contradict her image of them as just and moral warriors. Drest will have to race against time through a world she's never navigated alone if she's going to learn the truth about her family and save the day. This fast-paced and riveting adventure story explores the complexity of morality, friendship, and family loyalty.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $11.54
  44. House of Dreams: The Life of L. M. Montgomery

    Author: Liz Rosenberg
    Illustrator: Julie Morstad

    When she was 14 years old, Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote in her journal, "I love books. I hope when I grow up to be able to have lots of them." Instead, she grew up to write them — including the beloved Anne of Green Gables series. However, she also struggled with anxiety and depression, a troubled married life, and more. In this biography for teens, Liz Rosenberg delves into Montgomery's unpublished personal journals to create a unique and moving portrait of this groundbreaking author and her writings which captivated the world.

    Ages: 12 and up
    Price: $12.59
  45. Roses and Radicals

    The Epic Story of How American Women Won the Right to Vote

    It's easy to say that the 19th Amendment "gave" women the right to vote, but the truth is that women had to fight to win that right — for almost eighty years, with literal blood, sweat, and tears. In this exciting volume, author Susan Zimet captures just how complicated the quest for women's suffrage in the United States was, and paints vivid portraits of the women who endured mockery, arrest, and even torture to achieve it, in some cases knowing that the Amendment wouldn't pass in their lifetimes. With portraits, period cartoons, and other archival images, Zimet highlights just how controversial the notion of votes for women was. Tween and teen readers will be shocked to learn the details of this epic women's rights battle — and inspired to use their votes well in future!

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $18.99
  46. Amal Unbound

    Author: Aisha Saeed

    Amal dreams of being a teacher, but as the oldest daughter in her Pakistani family, she has to stay home from school to care for her siblings. She plans to find other ways to continue her studies, but an accidental run-in with the son of the village's corrupt landlord turns her life upside down: she is forced into indentured servitude at his estate to pay off her family's debt. But Amal's ability to read provides her with a shocking — and dangerous — opportunity to expose the Khan family's corruption. This powerful novel with a courageous and intelligent main character is a celebration of education, resistance, and hope.

    Ages: 10 to 14
    Price: $12.59
  47. When My Heart Joins the Thousand

    Author: A. J. Steiger

    17-year-old orphan Alvie is autistic, and she's focused on her goal: convince a judge that she's emotionally, mentally, and financially ready for emancipation, before she ends up a ward of the state permanently. All she wants to do is make it to her 18th birthday without a mishap that could ruin everything. Then she meets Stanley, a boy with osteogenesis imperfecta, who tempts her to care about someone again. But can she really believe that Stanley will accept her as she is? A gentle romance that goes beyond stereotypes about autism and chronic illness, this book is a reminder that happiness — and love — are worth fighting for.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $9.88
  48. Bob

    Illustrator: Nicholas Gannon

    Five years after her first visit to her grandmother's house in Australia, Livy is back — and feels like there's something important she's forgotten about her last trip. What she forgot was Bob: a small, mysterious being dressed in a chicken suit. She promised to help find his family… and Bob remembers her promise, even if he doesn't remember his way home. Together, Livy and Bob will have to puzzle out the clues to where Bob comes from — and along the way, they'll learn truths about friendship, love, and the joys of childhood. Told in alternating chapters in Livy and Bob's perspectives, this irresistible story explores friendship, belonging, and the magic of storytelling.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $7.57
  49. The Night Diary

    Twelve-year-old Nisha is half-Muslim, half-Hindu, and in 1947, when Pakistan and India have just separated, she feels like she doesn't know where she belongs. After losing her mother as a baby, she's desperate to cling to the familiar. But when her father decides it's too dangerous to stay in Pakistan, Nisha and her family set out as refugees in search of a new home, first by train and then on foot. It's long and dangerous travel, but Nisha still believes that the future will be bright. In a series of letters to her mother, Nisha relates her journey and explores the search for home, identity, and hope.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $7.19
  50. The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle

    Author: Christina Uss

    In this quirky story, 12-year-old introvert Bicycle has been raised by Sister Wanda in the Mostly Silent Monastery since she was left there as a three-year-old. But Sister Wanda is worried that Bicycle doesn't have any friends, so she declares that she's going to sleepaway camp at the Friendship Factory (“Three Guaranteed Friendships or Your Money Back.”) Bicycle has other ideas, and sets off on her own bike for California, aiming to meet her hero, Polish cycling racer Zbig. Along the way, she encounters a good-natured ghost, a mysterious woman in black, and an unexpected number of new friends! Hilarious, and charming, this adventure celebrates the call of the open road and the joy of friendship.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $11.89
  51. American Heart

    Fifteen-year-old Sarah-Mary Williams of Hannibal, Missouri lives in a world where Muslim-Americans are forced into detainment camps — something that seems like a perfectly sensible precaution, from what she reads in the news. Then she meets Sadaf, a Muslim fugitive fleeing to Canada, who upends Sarah-Mary's ideas of right and wrong. With her eyes newly opened to the injustice around her, Sarah-Mary decides to help Sadaf on her journey, but as the pair hitchhike north, can Sarah-Mary keep Sadaf safe... or will she discover that, in her America, anyone deemed suspicious becomes a target? This tense and powerful story of moral awakening has deep resonances with today's America.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $11.18
  52. The Red Ribbon

    When 14-year-old Ella is detained on her way home school and sent to a concentration camp, she discovers an opportunity for survival: the camp runs a sewing workshop where prisoners make high-fashion dresses for the wives of the Nazi elite. There, the work is less dangerous, and Ella can conceal the realities of the camp from herself... until she meets Rose. Rose is a political prisoner, and she has no illusions about the camp — or the Nazi Final Solution. As Rose opens Ella's eyes, and the last days of the war bring chaos to the camp, friendship may be the one thing that endures through it all. This poignant novel explores a little-known piece of Holocaust history through one girl's gripping story.

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $12.32
  53. HerStory: 50 Women and Girls Who Shook the World

    Illustrator: Sarah Walsh

    Teach kids about HerStory with this uplifting book that tells the story of 50 intrepid women, past and present, from around the world! Each spread tells stories of the woman's childhood, the obstacles they faced along the way, and the way they changed history. Rather than being divided by historical period, this book divides its subjects by the work they did, using the intriguing categories Believe and Lead, Imagine and Create, Help and Heal, Think and Solve, and Hope and Overcome. Vibrant illustrations and a diverse picture of the world make this the perfect introduction to women's history.

    Ages: 8 - 13
    Price: $14.89
  54. The Girl Who Drew Butterflies: How Maria Merian's Art Changed Science

    Author: Joyce Sidman

    When Maria Merian began studying the world around her, bugs were considered to be "beasts of the devil." Everyone knew they spontaneously generated from mud; why would anyone want to study them? Merian's curiosity drove her to examine even these creatures, and through her notes and her art, she successfully documented something miraculous: the metamorphosis of the butterfly. This stunning biography, which is beautifully accented by full-color original artwork from Merian herself, provides an exciting look at one of the first female entomologists and her lifetime of exploration.

    Ages: 10 - 13
    Price: $12.46
  55. The Confidence Code for Girls

    Taking Risks, Messing Up, and Becoming Your Amazingly Imperfect, Totally Powerful Self

    Many girls are consumed by self-doubt on the inside, especially during the tween and teen years — but if they can crack the confidence code, they can learn how to set worries aside and focus their energy on what's really important: confidently pursuing their dreams and embracing their authentic selves! In this book, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, the authors of the best-selling The Confidence Code for adult women, draw on the latest research to help tweens understand how to short-circuit the thoughts that drain your confidence and hold you back. Illustrations throughout help draw girls into the book, while lists, quizzes, and stories from real-life girls help readers understand how to embrace risk (and failure), overcome anxieties, and be happy in their own skins.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $11.94
  56. The Wild Robot Escapes

    Author: Peter Brown

    Shipwrecked on a remote, wild island in The Wild Robot, Robot Roz learned from the unwelcoming animal inhabitants and adapted to her surroundings — and then the humans came. In this book, Roz has been reprogrammed to follow the orders of humans, but desperately misses her animal friends and island home. Fortunately, she has a few human allies who may be able to help her get back home! Fans of this heartwarming and action-packed series will love this volume — or you can introduce a reader to the series with the Wild Robot gift set.

    Ages: 8 - 11
    Price: $9.98
  57. Merci Suárez Changes Gears

    Author: Meg Medina

    Merci is full of confidence and drive, but sixth grade will test even her. As a scholarship student at her Florida private school, she's always felt different from her peers, and this year, her required community service makes Merci the target of the school queen bee's jealousy. Meanwhile, her grandfather Lolo has been acting strangely, from forgetting things to getting angry over nothing, and no one will tell her what's going on. Fortunately, her take-charge personality helps her overcome all the bumps in the road! This coming-of-age tale stays light, while still tackling tough issues facing many middle-grade kids.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $11.70
  58. Strong Is The New Pretty: A Guided Journal For Girls

    Author/Illustrator: Kate T. Parker

    Inspired by Kate Parker's bestselling photo book Strong Is The New Pretty, this guided journal is designed to help tween girls discover and celebrate their independent, wild, silly, and mighty selves! Illustrated with photographs from the book, as well as 20 new ones, each page features an inspiring, interactive prompt that encourages girls to learn more about themselves through writing, doodling, and creative self-expression. As girls complete the fun prompts such as "Draw a picture of yourself as a superhero — what is your superpower?" and "Whom do you admire? Draw them here, and write your reasons why", the journal becomes a source of inspiration and motivation to be their most powerful selves.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $10.30
  59. Library On Wheels

    Mary Lemist Titcomb and America's First Bookmobile

    Author: Sharlee Glenn

    Bookmobiles have brought libraries and literacy to thousands of rural residents — but did you know that the first Book Wagon was created by a woman? Mary Lemist Titcomb worked for the Washington County Free Library in Maryland, and knew that people who lived outside of town struggled to access the books she had to offer. So she started a horse-drawn Book Wagon that would go to them! The idea caught on, and by 1922 the idea of a mobile library was widespread. This biography recognizes the forward-thinking woman who knew that distance should be no obstacle to literacy.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $9.51
  60. Front Desk

    Author: Kelly Yang

    10-year-old Mia Tang has a lot of secrets. For one, she lives in a motel, not a big house, and while her immigrant parents clean the rooms, Mia manages the front desk. Number 2: Her parents hide immigrants — and if the mean motel owner, Mr. Yao, finds out they've been letting them stay in the empty rooms for free, the Tangs will be doomed. And third, she wants to be a writer, even though her mom thinks English being her second language means Mia should stick to math. With enough courage, determination, and kindness, however, Mia might be able to help out her family and the other immigrants and pursue her dreams. Based on author Kelly Yang's own experiences in the 1980s and 1990s, this engaging story offers young readers an eye-opening look at the immigrant experience and the power of one girl to make a difference.

    Ages: 9 - 13
    Price: $10.70
  61. Code Girls Young Readers Edition

    The True Story of the American Women Who Secretly Broke Codes in WWII

    Author: Liza Mundy

    In the midst of World War II, over ten thousand American women were secretly recruited as codebreakers while men were fighting in Europe and the Pacific. These women decoded critical information that saved countless lives — and even helped bring the war to an end. However, because their work was classified, nobody, not even their own families, knew how much they had contributed to their country. Liza Mundy conducted interviews with surviving code girls and pored through recently declassified information in order to create the best-selling adult title Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II. This young readers edition brings this riveting story of courage, service, and scientific accomplishment to middle grade readers.

    Ages: 10 - 14
    Price: $12.59
  62. Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow

    Morrigan Crow has successfully won a spot in the Wundrous Society — along with nine of her peers and former fellow competitors — but while their various knacks are considered assets, Morrigan is told that her power is dangerous and must be suppressed, and that all past Wundersmiths have been evil. Meanwhile, members of the Society are going missing, and someone is turning Morrigan's few friends against her — and Ezra Squall, the evillest man ever, is trying to lure he with promises of teaching her more about the Wunder. This immersive sequel to Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow explores privilege, prejudice, and otherness in a unique magical world.

    Ages: 9 and up
    Price: $12.59
  63. The Parker Inheritance

    12-year-old Candice is still reeling from her parents' divorce when she finds a letter in the attic of her grandmother Abigail's old house. The letter describes a mysterious treasure, and begs Abigail to find it. With the help of the quiet boy across the street, Candice decides to decipher the puzzle, and it leads them into some difficult territory, including ugly truths about the town's past and secrets about their own families. But it also leads them towards forgotten heroes and a love that defied its prejudiced world. Kids will thrill to each of Candice and Brandon's discoveries, and ponder how the weight of racism and prejudice resonates into the present, as they eagerly turn the pages of this mystery.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $11.89
  64. Rad Girls Can: Stories of Bold, Brave, and Brilliant Young Women

    Author: Kate Schatz
    Illustrator: Miriam Klein Stahl

    These girls made an impact on the world — and they did it before they turned 20! Rad Girls Can, the latest volume from the best-selling authors of Rad Women Worldwide and Rad American Women A-Z, introduces kids to girls past and present who made their mark. From famous names like Malala Yousafzai, Anne Frank, and Joan of Arc, to lesser-known figures like Syrian refugee and Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini, anti-cyberbullying activist and app designer Trisha Prabhu, and more. As in the other books, each profile is compared with bold cut-paper artwork, and the book wraps up with a reminder that there's one more Rad Girl who can make a difference: you!

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $11.89
  65. My Father's Words

    Fiona adores every bit of her psychologist father, from his driveway basketball games to his favorite songs and sayings. But when her father swerves to avoid hitting a child with his car, he dies instead — and suddenly Fiona, her mother, and her little brother Finn are at a loss, uncertain how to move forward in the face of such overwhelming grief. Fortunately, two unexpected friends offer help: Thomas, one of her father's patients, who calls for two minutes every day to share her father's sayings and insights, and Luke, a neighbor, who encourages Fiona and her brother to volunteer at an animal rescue shelter. With their help, and their father's wise words, Fiona and Finn will find a way forward. Quiet and emotionally powerful, this gentle story by this Newbery Award-winning author shows how hope can rekindle when given time and love.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $11.19
  66. Power In Numbers: The Rebel Women of Mathematics

    From 4th century Alexandria to China's Qing Dynasty to the modern day, women have defied convention and made their mark in the world of mathematics! In this full-color volume, Dr. Talithia Williams shares the stories of groundbreaking mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists whose love of numbers have driven profound discoveries and phenomenal technological advances. For teens who have ever wondered just how far math can take you, this book provides the answer, along with plenty of inspiration from historical figures — and the women who are making history today.

    Ages: 12 and up
    Price: $19.04
  67. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious

    The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is back! 14-year-old Doreen Green is finally settling in as her alter ego Squirrel Girl, but when a new mall is slated to open on the border of Shady Oaks and neighboring town Listless Pines, people — and even the trusty Squirrel Scouts — start acting strangely. With the two towns starting to launch into an all-out war, could Hydra be behind the trouble? And can Squirrel Girl save the day and rescue her rocky friendship with her Best Human Friend Forever, Ana Sofia? This novel is full of laugh-out-loud details (like Squirrel Girl's group texts with the Avengers!) and enough adventure and daring to delight young superhero fans.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $9.79
  68. Be Prepared

    Author/Illustrator: Vera Brosgol

    Vera is desperate to fit in with her suburbian friends — but for a Russian immigrant with a single mother, that's not easy. The other girls in the neighborhood all go to summer camp, so when she finds out that her family's church will help pay for a Russian Orthodox camp, she convinces her mother to let her go. The reality of camp, though — complete with Russian history lessons, stinky outhouses, and peer drama — isn't quite what she imagined! Fortunately, with time, Vera achieves some real triumphs. Author / illustrator Vera Brosgol deftly combines emotional honesty and belly laughs in this autobiographical graphic novel.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $11.67
  69. Nothing Stopped Sophie

    The Story of Unshakable Mathematician Sophie Germain

    Author: Cheryl Bardoe
    Illustrator: Barbara McClintock

    People in the 18th century thought learning math could hurt a woman's health, so when Sophie Germain was a child, her parents even took away her candles at night so she couldn't see to study. However, she was determined to follow her dreams, and spent six years working to prove a math problem that male scholars had declared unsolvable. When she developed an equation that could predict patterns of vibrations — which laid the groundwork for much of modern architecture — she became the first woman to win a grand prize from France's Academy of Sciences. This exuberant picture book biography captures the triumphant life of a pioneering and under-recognized mathematician.

    Ages: 6 - 9
    Price: $14.39
  70. The Beloved World of Sonia Sotomayor

    Before she was a lawyer, a judge, and the first Hispanic person appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor was a girl in a Bronx housing project, struggling with juvenile diabetes, poverty, and family troubles. But when she found a big dream to pursue, nothing would stand in her way! In this middle-grade adaptation of her bestselling adult memoir, My Beloved World, Sotomayor tells her story in a relatable, appealing way, encouraging young readers to "dream big dreams" — and fight for what they know is right.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $11.30
  71. The House That Lou Built

    Author: Mae Respicio

    Lou feels squashed and smothered in her grandmother's house, where she shares a room with her mom, so the woodshop-loving girl comes up with a solution: this summer, she's going to build a "tiny house,", which she can put on land she inherited from her dad when he died before she was born. But building a house is tricky (even when it's tiny) and worse, the land might have to be sold to pay off back taxes and fund a move. Fortunately, both Lou's devoted friends and her loving Filipino family are there to help her achieve her dream... even if it doesn't look quite like she imagined. Full of details about Filipino life and culture, this warm story celebrates the true meaning of home and family.

    Ages: 9 - 13
    Price: $11.89
  72. Girl Squads: 20 Female Friendships That Changed History

    Author: Sam Maggs
    Illustrator: Jenn Woodall

    Girls are powerful — and when they work together, they can achieve almost anything. This book celebrates the power of female friendships in a variety of fields, from art to science to political activism and even to piracy! Author Sam Maggs' feisty and hilarious voice, as well as her clear love for the subject matter, makes this book a joy to read, and empowering illustrations from Jenn Woodall capture the ferocity, determination, and love of the BFFs in these tales. It's the perfect choice for any girl to share with her own girl squad!

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $10.40
  73. The Wicked Deep

    Author: Shea Ernshaw

    Two centuries ago, three sisters were sentenced to death as witches... and ever since then, the town of Sparrow has been cursed. Each summer, the sisters steal the bodies of three girls and lure boys into the harbor to drown them. 17-year-old Penny Talbot considers this just part of life in Sparrow until Bo Carter arrives. Bo doesn't understand the danger he's in, or why Penny seems so secretive... but he is hiding secrets as well. As Penny faces the choice to save Bo or herself, readers see flashbacks of the sisters' lives... and deaths. Teens will eagerly turn pages of this atmospheric and eerie read.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $9.98
  74. Where the Watermelons Grow

    Author: Cindy Baldwin

    Four years ago, Della's mother was hospitalized for schizophrenia, and when she finds her mother digging black seeds out of a watermelon and talking to thin air, she's afraid it's happening again. Her father is already struggling to save the family farm in the midst of a drought, so Della takes on the job of caring for her mother, looking after her baby sister so Mama can rest. Then she hits on the idea of getting some of the Bee Lady's magic honey, which local residents swear can heal people in need. But instead, the Bee Lady helps Della see that she needs to accept her Mama as she is. Middle-grade readers will empathize with Della's desire to "fix" her Mama's brain, and the message about acceptance will stick with them long after this book is done.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $9.98
  75. Memphis, Martin, and the Mountaintop

    The Sanitation Strike of 1968

    Illustrator: R. Gregory Christie

    In 1968, after two African American sanitation workers were killed by unsafe equipment, their colleagues throughout Memphis went on strike. Their two-month protest drew so much attention that Dr. Martin Luther King came to help... only to be assassinated in his hotel after giving his famous "I've Been to the Mountaintop" sermon. Through the eyes of a fictional girl (inspired by a real child's experience in the strike), author Alice Faye Duncan captures a key moment in both the labor and civil rights movements. Written in emotional free verse, this picture book for older readers provides an accessible introduction to a challenging and heartbreaking moment in American history.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $12.56
  76. Ogre Enchanted

    Set in the world of the beloved Newbery Honor-winning Ella Enchanted, 15-year-old Evie is busy mastering the healing arts and has no plans to settle down anytime soon. So when her friend Wormy unexpectedly proposes to her, she gently turns him down – much to the chagrin of the meddling fairy Lucinda who overhears the proposal and decides to punish Evie for rejecting an "exemplary" suitor. She turns Evie into an orge, who are hated and feared by the local people, and gives her 62 days to accept another proposal or remain an ogre forever. Fortunately, Evie has her own ideas about how to break the curse and determine her own future.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $8.99
  77. Out of Left Field

    Author: Ellen Klages

    Katy Gordon is the best pitcher in the neighborhood — everyone knows that. But that doesn't mean she can try out for Little League; as far as the rules are concerned in 1957, it's no girls allowed, period. So when Katy learns a bit about civil rights in school, she decides to prove that she's not the only girl who plays baseball, and discovers that "girl’s baseball had a lot of history, but not a lot of now." With a setting that explores the vast changes of the late 1950s — from the Civil Rights movement to Sputnik — and a determined heroine who won't let anyone tell her she can't play, this historical fiction novel is a home run.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $11.89
  78. The Science of Breakable Things

    Author: Tae Keller

    Natalie's botanist mother is suffering from depression, so Natalie has to figure out how to fix it. Her solution? Enter an egg drop competition, win the prize money, and use it to take her mother to see the cobalt blue orchids that survive in nearly impossible conditions — and that her mother wrote about in her book How To Grow A Miracle. She's sure the sight of them will breathe some hope back into her mother's life. With the help of her friends, Twig and Dari, Natalie gets to work... but in the end, she'll learn that sometimes talking is the best way to grow the miracle you need. This book sensitively explores the impact of depression on both an individual and on the people who love them.

    Ages: 9 - 13
    Price: $11.07
  79. Little Dreamers: Visionary Women Around the World

    Author/Illustrator: Vashti Harrison

    Across history, women in every field have dreamed big dreams — and turned them into reality! In this illustrated collection of capsule biographies, author / illustrator Vashti Harrison introduces kids to creators like painter Mary Blair, actor/inventory Hedy Lamar, environmental activist Wangari Maathai, physicist Chien-Shiung Wu, and many more. Each of them approached their field with creativity and vision, changing it forever. This follow-up to the best-selling Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History is an aspirational collection of great women from history. Both volumes are now available in a Leaders and Dreamers: Bold and Visionary Women Around the World Gift Set.

    Ages: 6 - 10
    Price: $12.32
  80. The Baby-Sitters Club: Kristy's Big Day

    Author: Ann M. Martin
    Illustrator: Gale Galligan

    In the sixth volume in the graphic novel series, the club is facing its greatest challenge yet — Kristy's mom is getting married and fourteen kids are coming to town for the wedding. With her friends Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, Dawn, and Mallory, Kristy is confident she can handle that and her role as bridesmaid. It's the biggest job the BSC has ever had, but they'll work together to make sure Kristy's big day is a success! Colorful artwork by Gale Galligan and a tight adaptation of Ann M. Martin's beloved novel will make this a hit with both new and old fans of the Baby-Sitters Club.

    Ages: 9 - 13
    Price: $17.49
  81. Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword

    Author: Henry Lien

    For the first time in history, students from Shin are being allowed to attend the Pearl Famous Academy of Skate and Sword, home of wu liu, the art of martial arts figure skating — and Peasprout Chen and her brother Cricket are the lucky students! But not everyone agrees that they belong at the Academy, and Peasprout's pride often gets in the way of making friends and learning the skills she needs to make it at the academy. When the beautiful pearl buildings of the Academy are vandalized, Peasprout has to prove she's not the culprit and figure out who wants Shin and Pearl at war. With plenty of action — including stunning and cinematic descriptions of wu liu battles — this exciting fantasy story puts a new twist on martial arts stories.

    Ages: 10 - 14
    Price: $11.07
  82. Unicorns and Germs

    Author: Asia Citro
    Illustrator: Marion Lindsay

    When magical creatures need help, they come to Zoey, and in the sixth book starring this science-minded girl and her pet cat Sassafras, a towering unicorn shakes Zoey's house with its giant footsteps! Her new unicorn friend is hurting, and it's getting worse, so Zoey has to work fast to find a cure, using elements of the scientific method to examine the options. In this case, a little knowledge about bacteria — both good and bad — will help do the trick! Filled with whimsical illustrations, each of the books in the Zoey and Sassafras chapter book series — which are all now available in a wrapped set — combines science, mystery, and magic in a fun mix that make them favorites with early readers.

    Ages: 6 - 9
    Price: $5.01
  83. Sawkill Girls

    On the seemingly idyllic island of Sawkill Rock, people love to tell mysterious tales of a boogieman called the Collector — but Marion, Zoey, and Val are starting to wonder if the tale is more truth than fiction. For generations, girls have gone missing — their bodies never found — including Zoey's best friend and now Marion's sister. New arrival Marion, outcast Zoey, and queen bee Val are unlikely allies, but if they want to defeat the evil behind the Collector, they will have to work together... even when they're tempted to tear one another apart. A spine-tingling story about three teenage girls who discover their own strength and the power of women uniting for a common cause.

    Ages: 15 and up
    Price: $12.32
  84. Everlasting Nora

    12-year-old Nora should be in the sixth grade, but since a fire killed her father and destroyed her home, she lives in Manila's North Cemetery, the Philippines' largest shantytown. When her mother goes missing, Nora is too embarrassed to call on family and friends for help, so she asks her best friend Jojo and his grandmother to help her look. In her search, Nora will find out just how dire her mother's gambling problem has become — but also how much hope and love surrounds her. Poignant and real, this novel includes details of Filipino culture that will draw readers in to Nora's story.

    Ages: 10 - 13
    Price: $9.98
  85. The Unforgettable Guinevere St. Clair

    Author: Amy Makechnie

    When Guinevere was four, her mother suffered a traumatic brain injury that left her with no memories after the age of 13, and Gwyn's father is obsessed with finding ways to help her — including moving the whole family to Crow, Iowa, where Vienna grew up. Gwyn isn't crazy about the move and struggles with her mixed feelings towards her mother. But the move provides a fresh start, a few new friends, and an intriguing mystery when a local man disappears. At turns heartfelt and laugh-out-loud funny, this layered story speaks about coming home and accepting family as they are.

    Ages: 9 - 13
    Price: $12.32
  86. Sanity & Tallulah

    Author/Illustrator: Molly Brooks

    Sanity and Tallulah live on Wilnick, a dilapidated space station at the end of the galaxy, and they're the best of friends. So close, in fact, that when Sanity uses her knack for science and her energy allowance to create an illegal (but adorable) three-headed kitten that she names Princess Sparkle, Destroyer of Worlds, she has to show Tallulah. Unfortunately, PSDW turns out to be full of trouble, and it doesn't take long for the kitten to escape and start causing all sorts of trouble for the space station. Sanity and Tallulah will have to save PSDW and their home — and they might discover some surprises on the way. Kids will adore this rollicking outer space graphic novel tale of friendship and adventure.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $9.09
  87. Breakout

    Author: Kate Messner

    Nora has been looking forward to summer in Wolf Creek, and plans on lots of fun with her friends, Lizzie and Elidee. Instead, when two inmates break out of the maximum security prison — where Nora's father is a superintendent, and Elidee's brother is an inmate — the community changes fast. Nora considered Wolf Creek (and herself) to be welcoming, but as she watches the rampant suspicion in the wake of the breakout, including racism directed at Elidee, she realizes that neither she nor her town are as open-minded as she thinks. Told in a selection of documents that Nora collects for a time capsule project, this story invites readers to examine how prejudice, fear, and ignorance can take root, even close to home.

    Ages: 10 - 14
    Price: $11.48
  88. Blended

    Eleven-year-old Isabella is struggling with her identity, both as the child of divorced parents and as the child of a black, wealthy father and a white, waitress mother. Then both parents get engaged at the same time, leaving Isabella feeling ripped in two. What does it mean to be half white or half black? To belong to half mom and half dad? And if you're only seen as half of this and half of that, how can you ever feel whole? It seems like nothing can bring Isabella's family together again — until the worst happens. Sharon M. Draper, the author of Out of My Mind, tackles questions about identity, divorce, and belonging in this powerful book.

    Ages: 10 - 13
    Price: $9.48
  89. The Rose Legacy

    Orphan Anthea Cross-Thornley desperate for a home when she receives an invitation to safety from a long-lost uncle. To her horror, she discovers that her uncle breeds horses, which have been forbidden from her kingdom after they spread a plague centuries ago. Worse, Anthea finds she can sense the horses' thoughts and feelings, and while her uncle considers The Way a gift, it terrifies her. As Anthea learns more about her family and her country's history, though, she starts to question all the truths she thinks she knows... and when she learns that her mother is alive and threatens everything she holds dear, Anthea will have to choose which path to follow. This thought-provoking fantasy will delight young animal lovers and anyone whose ever felt like an outsider.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $11.48
  90. Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe

    Cricket's grandmother and father are dead, and her beloved mama has run off, leaving her in the "care" of a scheming aunt — so Cricket decides the best way to get her mama to come back is to find the secret room, painted by a mysterious artist, that she always told stories about. With a few handfuls of stolen snacks, she runs off into the Mississippi woods with the only clue she has: an old coin from a nearby ghost town. As she camps out in a tree house and forages for food, Cricket tries to figure out the puzzle, meets some new friends — and starts to come to terms with some hard truths about her family. A survival adventure, an art mystery, and an emotional story of searching for home come together beautifully in this debut novel.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $11.89
  91. Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy

    Author: Amy Ratcliffe

    From the first appearance of Princess Leia to the rise of Rey, in movies, TV shows, comics, and novels, women have driven the saga of the Star Wars universe forward! This beautifully illustrated book profiles 75 female characters from across films, fiction, and comics, complete with key story details, new insights, and a few behind-the-scenes details. With 100 all-new illustrations by a dynamic range of female artists, this remarkable book is an inspiring celebration of the daring women found in a galaxy far, far away.

    Ages: 9 and up
    Price: $20.36
  92. American Panda

    Author: Gloria Chao

    Mei is seventeen and a freshman at MIT: skipping fourth grade was part of her parents' plan for her to become a doctor, marry a bright Taiwanese man, and have plenty of children. And she knows her parents have sacrificed to get her there, so she feels tremendously guilty that she hates medicine and that her current crush is definitely not Taiwanese. But when she reconnects with her estranged brother, who dated the wrong woman and ended up disowned, she realizes that an authentic life is worth pursuing. Both funny and touching, many kids will recognize themselves in Mei's desire to find her own way.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $9.88
  93. Anthology of Amazing Women

    Trailblazers Who Dared to Be Different

    Illustrator: Nathan Collins

    Meet 50 women who pushed the boundaries of human excellence in this inspiring book! From famous girls and women like Serena Williams, Elizabeth I, and Malala Yousafzai, to little known figures like Chien-Shiung Wu, Aud the Deep-Minded, and Ana Nzinga, these stories will fascinate kids (and adults) and encourage them to learn more about the women featured here — and the many other women of history! An epilogue urges girls who read the book to “take advantage of opportunities they are given and create opportunities that don’t yet exist” — just the right enticement to encourage a new generation of extraordinary girls.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $12.22
  94. Small Spaces

    When 11-year-old Ollie rescues a book that a strange woman is trying to destroy, she thinks it's just a creepy story about a sinister spirit that will grant your greatest wish for a price... until she goes on a school field trip and discovers the graves of the people in the story. When the school bus breaks down, the driver gives the students an eerie warning to flee, sending Ollie and her classmates Brian and Coco running into the woods nearby. If the book really is true, the "smiling man" is coming – and Ollie will need all her courage to save herself and her friends.

    Ages: 10 - 13
    Price: $11.72
  95. Heartseeker

    Only Fallow has a miraculous gift of seeing lies — but in exchange, telling them causes her terrible pain. While her family tries to keep her ability a secret, it's only a matter of time before the King hears word and forcibly brings her to the Bellskeep castle, where she is ordered to help the King identify his enemies. Her travels as the King's Mayquin, or truth seeker, show her how many traitors lurk around them... but also how much of the world lies beyond her family's doorstep. This memorable coming of age story follows Only as she gradually develops a new, more nuanced vision of her world — one that includes a realistic understanding of its injustices.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $11.72
  96. The Land of Yesterday

    In Cecilia's world, souls of the dead go to the Land of Yesterday, and after a tragic accident, her little brother, Celadon, is one of them. Worse, her house's spirit, Widdendream — and Cecilia herself — believe Celadon's death is her fault. When Cecilia's mother decides to follow Celadon into Yesterday, Cecilia and her father resolve to rescue her, but Widdendream decides the quest should be Cecilia's alone. As she ventures into yesterday, Cecilia faces the most difficult journey of her life... one from which she may never return. This imaginative story in a compelling world full of metaphors for loss and grief is full of magic and gentleness.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $9.98
  97. The Benefits of Being an Octopus

    Author: Ann Braden

    Seventh-grader Zoey often wishes she could be an octopus: eight arms would make it easier to take care of her younger siblings after school while her mom works, and camouflage would stop the sneers and bullying she deals with at school. The one bright spot, she thinks, is her mother's boyfriend and the clean trailer where he lets them live. But when one of Zoey's teachers forces her to join the debate club, Zoey starts seeing her world in a new way — and realizes she does have a lot to say. Issues of class and poverty will take on new immediacy for middle grade readers as they read about a kid just like them trying to make it through.

    Ages: 10 - 13
    Price: $11.78
  98. Fly Girls: The Daring American Women Pilots Who Helped Win WWII

    When the US Army Airforce faced a shortage of pilots in the middle of World War II, they called upon a determined group of women to help. The 1,100 women of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) were trained like military pilots, marching in review and wearing uniforms. They took on grunt work like testing repaired planes and ferrying planes from factories to bases, and even towing targets for live ammunition training. A number died in the line of duty, but because they were "only" civilians, they received no military benefits, not even for burials. In this inspiring book, author Patricia Pearson creates a lively account of the daring women whose love of flying and desire to serve their country drove them to soar and challenge the sexist attitudes of their time.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $9.76
  99. Counting on Katherine

    How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13

    Illustrator: Dow Phumiruk

    Katherine Johnson loved to count, and despite the prejudices against both women and African Americans, she was determined to find a way to make her love of math into a career. As one of NASA's "human computers," Johnson hand calculated elaborate equations... including the trajectories that helped launch the Apollo 13 mission to the moon. When disaster befell the Apollo 13 mission, it was Johnson's flight-path calculations that brought the astronauts safely home. This inspiring biography of the mathematician catapulted to fame by Hidden Figures celebrates a love of math and encourages kids to follow their passions. For another picture book about Johnson and her colleagues, check out Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race.

    Ages: 5 - 9
    Price: $11.48
  100. Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls: Power Play

    Author: Beth McMullen

    After making it through "Spy Training 101" at her boarding school / secret spy ring, Abby thinks she's ready for her first "official" Center mission. Then she finds herself trying to solve the kidnapping of the mastermind behind Monster Mayhem, the latest reality video game craze — which is part of a bigger scheme to take down the Center permanently. With her friends by her side, Abby sets off on a globe-trotting spy adventure full of twists and turns... where her unwillingness to plan and think things through gets her in one scrape after another. This highly anticipated follow-up to Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls features a fast-paced story and a wry and clever main character who learns what it takes to be part of a great team!

    Ages: 9 - 13
    Price: $12.19
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