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A Mighty Girl's 2018 Books of the Year

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  1. The Parker Inheritance

    12-year-old Candice is still reeling from her parents' divorce when she finds a letter in the attic of her grandmother Abigail's old house. The letter describes a mysterious treasure, and begs Abigail to find it. With the help of the quiet boy across the street, Candice decides to decipher the puzzle, and it leads them into some difficult territory, including ugly truths about the town's past and secrets about their own families. But it also leads them towards forgotten heroes and a love that defied its prejudiced world. Kids will thrill to each of Candice and Brandon's discoveries, and ponder how the weight of racism and prejudice resonates into the present, as they eagerly turn the pages of this mystery.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $11.89
  2. Memphis, Martin, and the Mountaintop

    The Sanitation Strike of 1968

    Illustrator: R. Gregory Christie

    In 1968, after two African American sanitation workers were killed by unsafe equipment, their colleagues throughout Memphis went on strike. Their two-month protest drew so much attention that Dr. Martin Luther King came to help... only to be assassinated in his hotel after giving his famous "I've Been to the Mountaintop" sermon. Through the eyes of a fictional girl (inspired by a real child's experience in the strike), author Alice Faye Duncan captures a key moment in both the labor and civil rights movements. Written in emotional free verse, this picture book for older readers provides an accessible introduction to a challenging and heartbreaking moment in American history.

    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $12.56
  3. Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race

    When Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden joined NASA, they were hired as "human computers" — their mathematical genius was put to use calculating launch trajectories for America's first trips to space. They overcame both racism and sexism, carved out careers in science, and participated in some of NASA's greatest triumphs. Fans of the Hidden Figures movie will be excited to share this picture book adaptation of the story of these groundbreaking women mathematicians with younger readers!

    Ages: 5 - 9
    Price: $13.50
  4. Let the Children March

    Illustrator: Frank Morrison

    In Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963, thousands of children joined the ranks of civil rights protestors in the Children's Crusade. One fictional girl reveals how many restrictions were placed on African Americans: everything from water fountains to playgrounds were off limits. She remembers the furious white onlookers and police officers who met their protest with violence and hate. Despite it all, though, the children stood together: "Our march made the difference," she proclaims proudly. This vivid telling of an important moment in Civil Rights history reminds kids that they, too, can make a difference.

    Ages: 5 - 9
    Price: $14.39
4 items