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A Mighty Girl's 2021 Books of the Year

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  1. Explore and Find: Where's Jane?

    Author: Jaye Garnett
    Illustrator: Rebecca Green

    Explore the world of Jane Goodall with this interactive board book! As you flip through its pages, you'll explore the rainforest of Tanzania. Can you spot Jane's camp and her chimpanzee friends? How about the other animals of Gombe, from leopards to baboons to hippos? Each page of this sturdy board book offers engaging questions, matching games, new vocabulary words, and much more. Plus, you'll love that a portion of proceeds goes to support the Jane Goodall Institute's work to protect animals around the world!

  2. Soccer Baby

    Author: Laura Gehl
    Illustrator: Reggie Brown

    Baby is going to her very first soccer game! It's fun to have snacks and do the wave with the crowd, but she's captivated by the players: passes, punts, big goals and miraculous saves. She rides home from the game clutching a soccer ball and dreaming of her new passion — and she's thrilled when she gets to put on her own shinguards and soccer cleats for the very first time and learn to play the game herself! With colorful illustrations and details that will appeal to young soccer lovers, this is the perfect board book to foster a love of the beautiful game.

  3. Baby's Classics: Anne of Green Gables

    Introduce the littlest readers to Anne of Green Gables with this board book from the Baby's Classics series! Siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert planned to adopt a boy to help on the family farm, but when red-headed Anne Shirley shows up instead, they can't bring themselves to send her back. But as hard as Anne tries to be good, she keeps getting herself into trouble, whether she's serving cough syrup at a tea party, accidentally dying her hair green, or sinking a boat! But no matter what trouble comes, it's not long before these three become a family. With simple text and vibrant illustrations that bring Anne, Matthew, Marilla, and their Avonlea home to life, this is the perfect addition to your baby's bookshelf.

  4. You Are Home

    Illustrator: Xin Li

    Celebrate enduring parental love and the growth of a beloved child's world with this charming board book! When this baby is born, her home is her mother's arms. When she gets a little bigger, her home becomes the room where she plays... and then the garden outside... and then even further. She begins to realize how challenging the world can be, but with her mother's help, she realizes that, no matter how far you go, your parents' love follows you everywhere and you will always have a home. With sweet rhyming text and warm, inviting illustrations, this is a celebration of how a family's love and support can stretch further than you can imagine.

    Ages: 0 - 2
  5. Uni Paints a Rainbow

    Little fans of Uni the Unicorn will love this board book that's perfect for toddlers! After a long rain in the Land of Unicorns, Uni knows just what to do: it's time to bring back the rainbow. Uni's magical horn can refresh the land — once young readers help Uni find all the colors. As kids flip through this book, with its vibrant illustrations and simple text, they'll learn all the colors of the rainbow and follow Uni through a wondrous adventure. This is the perfect book for anyone who's dreamed of their own unicorn friend!

    Ages: 1 - 3
  6. Greta: My First Greta Thunberg

    Even the littlest readers can be inspired by Greta Thunberg's story of activism with this board book adaptation of the picture book biography from the Little People, Big Dreams series! Young Greta was so upset when she heard about the climate crisis that she stopped talking at first, but eventually, she realized that it was young people like her who needed to raise their voices and make the people in power pay attention. She created the "School Strike for Climate" which has become a youth movement around the world! Today, she reminds everyone that "No one is too small to make a difference." This board book from the My First - Little People, BIG DREAMS series is sure to delight kids who want to dream big.

  7. Baby Loves Political Science: The Presidency!

    Author: Ruth Spiro
    Illustrator: Greg Paprocki

    Baby learns about the three branches of government — and the executive branch, led by the President! — in this book from the acclaimed Baby Loves series. As Baby works alongside her Papa, who runs a food pantry, she learns about how you get to be president, what you do when you're elected, and where you work. Unfortunately, Baby isn't old enough to be president yet, but now she can dream big dreams about when she is! Each double-page spread includes information about an aspect of governance, from the electoral process to presidential responsibilities to Cabinet positions, with accurate but easy to understand text that's sure to inspire a new generation of political leaders!

    Ages: 1 - 4
  8. Teeny Tiny Farmer

    Author: Rachel Matson
    Illustrator: Joey Chou

    This Teeny Tiny Farmer lives on a colorful, welcoming farm with her friends, a cow, a sheep, and a pig. When it's time to go to market, she bids them goodbye, hops in her teeny tiny truck, and sets off! But when her truck gets stuck, the Teeny Tiny Farmer faces a very big challenge! She'll have to decide if she can get unstuck by herself — or if it's better to call on a friend or two to give her a helping hand. This charming board book, with bouncy text that's perfect for reading aloud and vibrant illustrations of the farmer and her friends, will delight young readers.

    Ages: 1 - 3
  9. Mighty Moms

    Author: Joan Holub
    Illustrator: Joyce Wan

    Moms work hard at whatever they do — and that includes loving their kids! In this appealing board book for vehicle-crazy kids, fire truck moms, school bus moms, ambulance moms, and many more spend time with their little truck kids. Each colorful page shows a new pair and celebrates their bond. With rhythmic rhyming text and sweet, vibrant illustrations, this book is perfect for kids to read with their Mighty Moms — Mother's Day or any day!

9 items