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A Mighty Girl's book section features over 4,000 girl-empowering books starring stellar Mighty Girl characters. With over 200 book categories to explore, the best way to discover what this section has to offer is by browsing our detailed book menu -- just mouse over the 'Books' button on the menu bar above. From there you can choose the categories of interest to you and then use the filters on the left-menu to further refine your search.
16 items
  1. Willow Willow
    $16.95 C$22.73 A$28.67 £12.49
  2. Rock What Ya Got Rock What Ya Got
    $14.39 C$23.26 A$25.99 £17.71
  3. Field Trip To The Moon Field Trip To The Moon
    $13.99 C$23.75 A$7.33 £5.94
  4. Emma and Muse Emma and Muse
    $8.25 C$23.99 A$35.58 £8.80
  5. What If... What If...
    $14.49 C$22.76 A$18.35 £9.25
  6. Claudia and Moth Claudia and Moth
    $27.69 C$23.99 A$74.04 £41.93
  7. Anya's Secret Society Anya's Secret Society
    $16.39 C$21.77 A$30.27 £14.38
  8. Birdsong Birdsong
    $12.99 C$22.72 A$36.33 £10.99
  9. Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood
    $15.99 C$23.02 A$24.72 £11.30
  10. Vera Vance: Comics Star Vera Vance: Comics Star
    $15.99 C$21.77 A$23.58 £11.63
  11. The Art of Miss Chew The Art of Miss Chew
    $15.69 C$21.00 A$28.34 £10.27
  12. Olivia Olivia
    $9.95 C$22.99 A$19.25
  13. Louise Loves Art Louise Loves Art
    $12.45 C$21.77 A$28.18 £15.82
  14. Winter Is Coming Winter Is Coming
    $13.29 C$26.99 A$34.89 £12.36
  15. Chloe and the Lion Chloe and the Lion
    $12.19 C$20.53 A$35.32 £19.02
  16. The Orange Shoes The Orange Shoes
    C$21.95 A$129.00
16 items