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A Mighty Girl's book section features over 4,000 girl-empowering books starring stellar Mighty Girl characters. With over 200 book categories to explore, the best way to discover what this section has to offer is by browsing our detailed book menu -- just mouse over the 'Books' button on the menu bar above. From there you can choose the categories of interest to you and then use the filters on the left-menu to further refine your search.
289–324 of 486 items
  1. Bad Bella Bad Bella
    $7.99 C$9.99 A$23.99 £11.58
  2. Click, Clack, Moo I Love You Click, Clack, Moo I Love You
    $11.59 C$23.39 A$25.27 £8.67
  3. Snowy Race Snowy Race
    $18.99 C$24.58 A$7.98 £8.39
  4. Wild Honey From The Moon Wild Honey From The Moon
    $11.69 C$17.19 A$14.18 £6.11
  5. A Pony With Her Writer: The Story of Marguerite Henry and Misty A Pony With Her Writer: The Story of Marguerite Henry and Misty
    $4.99 C$6.92 A$9.47 £3.87
  6. Jumping Mouse: A Native American Legend of Friendship and Sacrifice Jumping Mouse: A Native American Legend of Friendship and Sacrifice
    $17.99 C$26.65 A$7.42 £13.95
  7. River River
    $11.89 C$25.73 A$29.99 £13.46
  8. Odd Dog Out Odd Dog Out
    $9.76 C$21.77 A$26.54 £13.33
  9. Birdsong Birdsong
    $17.95 C$22.72 A$29.09 £10.47
  10. Hey, Water! Hey, Water!
    $12.79 C$23.75 A$26.96 £11.30
  11. Maya and the Lost Cat Maya and the Lost Cat
    $16.99 C$22.99 A$34.42 £16.59
  12. Lambslide Lambslide
    $12.77 C$20.70 A$23.60 £10.99
  13. Snow Much Fun Snow Much Fun
    $16.72 C$17.87 A$11.90 £2.55
  14. Ellie Ellie
    $14.57 C$17.81 A$23.23 £12.99
  15. Ellie in Concert Ellie in Concert
    $16.00 C$30.68 A$17.98 £13.17
  16. Where Lily Isn't Where Lily Isn't
    $17.99 C$16.89 A$13.75 £13.94
  17. Numenia and the Hurricane Numenia and the Hurricane
    $12.99 C$20.14 A$23.95 £14.99
  18. In My Garden In My Garden
    $16.29 C$24.74 A$26.41 £11.37
  19. We Are Water Protectors We Are Water Protectors
    $14.38 C$16.96 A$25.73 £10.58
  20. My Bison My Bison
    $14.83 C$21.86 A$30.83 £7.58
  21. Under the Lilacs Under the Lilacs
    $10.59 C$23.33 A$18.93 £13.29
  22. Over The Moon Over The Moon
    $14.55 C$22.19 A$22.45 £7.83
  23. The Bug Girl: A True Story The Bug Girl: A True Story
    $12.79 C$26.01 A$27.07 £10.54
  24. Saving the Countryside: The Story of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit Saving the Countryside: The Story of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit
    $14.78 C$23.75 A$26.46 £17.44
  25. Jane Goodall: A Champion of Chimpanzees Jane Goodall: A Champion of Chimpanzees
    $4.99 C$5.93 A$9.99 £3.99
  26. Kaia and the Bees Kaia and the Bees
    $15.40 C$16.26 A$29.12
  27. Aster and the Accidental Magic Aster and the Accidental Magic
    $10.69 C$17.81 A$17.70 £9.56
  28. The Keeper of Wild Words The Keeper of Wild Words
    $15.44 C$26.72 A$21.95 £10.16
  29. Greta Thunberg (Little People, Big Dreams) Greta Thunberg (Little People, Big Dreams)
    $10.37 C$18.80 A$24.74
  30. Ava in Code Land Ava in Code Land
    $18.99 C$23.71 A$23.09 £14.54
  31. Cat Ladies Cat Ladies
    $9.79 C$20.87 A$14.90 £7.39
  32. Outside In Outside In
    $13.72 C$18.22 A$25.39 £10.40
  33. Mermaid and Me Mermaid and Me
    $14.47 C$22.76 A$19.25 £12.72
  34. My Friend Earth My Friend Earth
    $16.19 C$22.19 A$26.95 £9.99
  35. What Matters Most What Matters Most
    $13.61 C$19.79 A$23.75 £10.60
  36. Don't Worry, Little Crab Don't Worry, Little Crab
    $10.25 C$17.19 A$18.33
289–324 of 486 items