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A Mighty Girl's book section features over 4,000 girl-empowering books starring stellar Mighty Girl characters. With over 200 book categories to explore, the best way to discover what this section has to offer is by browsing our detailed book menu -- just mouse over the 'Books' button on the menu bar above. From there you can choose the categories of interest to you and then use the filters on the left-menu to further refine your search.
109–144 of 202 items
  1. Forget Me Nat Forget Me Nat
    $9.40 C$15.99 A$19.45 £12.99
  2. Shirley and Jamila Save Their Summer Shirley and Jamila Save Their Summer
    $10.99 C$17.81 A$15.11 £7.98
  3. Lightfall: The Girl & the Galdurian Lightfall: The Girl & the Galdurian
    $18.99 C$15.83 A$19.99 £8.78
  4. Donut the Destroyer Donut the Destroyer
    $14.99 C$19.27 A$24.41 £9.34
  5. Twins: A Graphic Novel Twins: A Graphic Novel
    $9.91 C$16.82 A$24.60 £6.71
  6. Measuring Up Measuring Up
    $11.49 C$14.04 A$15.25 £7.39
  7. The Baby-Sitters Club: Claudia and the New Girl The Baby-Sitters Club: Claudia and the New Girl
    $9.79 C$12.08 A$13.09 £7.27
  8. Allergic: A Graphic Novel Allergic: A Graphic Novel
    $9.39 C$11.18 A$24.79 £8.99
  9. Katie the Catsitter Katie the Catsitter
    $11.69 C$17.81 A$22.49 £9.09
  10. Pepper Page Saves the Universe! Pepper Page Saves the Universe!
    $13.49 C$16.02 A$26.99 £8.46
  11. WolfWalkers: The Graphic Novel WolfWalkers: The Graphic Novel
    $12.60 C$19.79 A$23.98 £10.30
  12. Turtle in Paradise: The Graphic Novel Turtle in Paradise: The Graphic Novel
    $10.59 C$17.81 A$19.35
  13. Clash Clash
  14. Susan B. Anthony: Champion for Voting Rights! Susan B. Anthony: Champion for Voting Rights!
  15. Amelia Earhart: Pioneer of the Sky! Amelia Earhart: Pioneer of the Sky!
  16. Harriet Tubman: Fighter for Freedom! Harriet Tubman: Fighter for Freedom!
  17. Sacagawea: Courageous Trailblazer! Sacagawea: Courageous Trailblazer!
  18. Helen Keller: Inspiration to Everyone! Helen Keller: Inspiration to Everyone!
  19. The Secret Garden: A Graphic Novel The Secret Garden: A Graphic Novel
    $8.99 C$15.83 A$15.99 £6.16
  20. Pizazz Pizazz
    $10.66 C$23.99 A$20.55 £12.48
  21. Aster and the Mixed-Up Magic Aster and the Mixed-Up Magic
  22. Long Distance Long Distance
  23. Anne Frank: Witness to History! Anne Frank: Witness to History!
  24. Just Pretend Just Pretend
  25. Sunny Makes a Splash Sunny Makes a Splash
  26. Frida Kahlo: The Revolutionary Painter! Frida Kahlo: The Revolutionary Painter!
  27. Absolutely Nat Absolutely Nat
  28. Friends Forever Friends Forever
    $9.27 C$12.33 A$12.00 £8.55
  29. Treasure in the Lake Treasure in the Lake
  30. Who Was the Girl Warrior of France? Joan of Arc Who Was the Girl Warrior of France? Joan of Arc
    $7.99 C$10.88 A$15.32 £5.82
  31. Big Apple Diaries Big Apple Diaries
  32. Besties: Work It Out Besties: Work It Out
  33. Cold War Correspondent: A Korean War Tale Cold War Correspondent: A Korean War Tale
  34. Friends: The Series Box Set Friends: The Series Box Set
  35. Definitely Nat: The Nat Enough Collection Definitely Nat: The Nat Enough Collection
  36. Garlic and the Vampire Garlic and the Vampire
109–144 of 202 items