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A Mighty Girl's book section features over 4,000 girl-empowering books starring stellar Mighty Girl characters. With over 200 book categories to explore, the best way to discover what this section has to offer is by browsing our detailed book menu -- just mouse over the 'Books' button on the menu bar above. From there you can choose the categories of interest to you and then use the filters on the left-menu to further refine your search.
1–36 of 48 items
  1. The Devil's Arithmetic The Devil's Arithmetic
    $6.99 C$10.88 A$18.73 £8.81
  2. The Hunger Games The Hunger Games
    $10.69 C$16.12 A$24.66 £9.35
  3. A Wrinkle in Time A Wrinkle in Time
    $5.35 C$12.36 A$13.03 £5.06
  4. The Adoration of Jenna Fox The Adoration of Jenna Fox
    $10.93 C$15.83 A$19.08 £6.99
  5. The Search for WondLa The Search for WondLa
    $12.63 C$17.81 A$34.98 £6.53
  6. The Kairos Novels Box Set (Madeleine L'Engle) The Kairos Novels Box Set (Madeleine L'Engle)
    $55.99 C$101.97 A$121.28 £51.55
  7. Wildcard Wildcard
    $10.99 C$14.84 A$19.79 £10.99
  8. Skyward Skyward
    $10.79 C$15.83 A$22.74 £9.99
  9. Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived
    $21.96 C$34.21 A$31.05 £10.54
  10. Honor Among Thieves Honor Among Thieves
    $7.29 C$11.61 A$16.19 £7.99
  11. The Loneliest Girl in the Universe The Loneliest Girl in the Universe
    $10.99 C$12.47 A$23.58 £6.45
  12. A Conspiracy of Stars A Conspiracy of Stars
    $6.99 C$12.38 A$24.02 £10.99
  13. Brightly Burning Brightly Burning
    $9.99 C$13.85 A$23.91 £7.23
  14. Warcross Warcross
    $11.00 C$24.47 A$33.62
  15. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Novelization Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Novelization
    $24.95 C$74.40 A$114.10
  16. The Diabolic The Diabolic
    $11.54 C$20.66 A$39.59 £13.73
  17. Starsight Starsight
    $13.10 C$25.73 A$33.48
  18. Skyhunter Skyhunter
    $11.59 C$10.66 A$20.76 £12.61
  19. Goddess in the Machine Goddess in the Machine
    $18.99 C$24.99 A$30.50 £10.93
  20. The Vanishing Deep The Vanishing Deep
    $13.69 C$24.69 A$30.69 £11.99
  21. Wires and Nerve: The Graphic Novel Duology Wires and Nerve: The Graphic Novel Duology
    $24.11 C$43.17 A$56.95 £20.99
  22. The Warcross Box Set The Warcross Box Set
    $27.49 C$36.25 A$61.25 £25.16
  23. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Picture Book Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Picture Book
    $29.99 C$37.89 A$33.87 £17.80
  24. Dragonsong Dragonsong
    $6.99 C$9.89 A$14.83 £4.29
  25. The Summer Prince The Summer Prince
    $8.99 C$9.01 A$31.58 £7.74
  26. The Divergent Box Set The Divergent Box Set
    $24.30 C$58.08 A$57.00 £34.00
  27. The Wrinkle In Time Quintet Box Set The Wrinkle In Time Quintet Box Set
    $21.91 C$40.55 A$39.24 £21.99
  28. The Dragonriders of Pern The Dragonriders of Pern
    $19.49 C$24.00 A$33.95 £15.99
  29. Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade
    $9.99 C$28.95 A$59.23 £5.99
  30. A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel
    $12.99 C$22.76 A$26.14 £9.75
  31. Starters Starters
    $12.99 C$19.99 A$69.36 £9.99
  32. Among Others Among Others
    $15.89 C$21.62 A$37.48 £10.15
  33. A Hero for WondLa A Hero for WondLa
    $8.99 C$10.88 A$21.32 £14.66
  34. The True Meaning of Smekday The True Meaning of Smekday
    $8.99 C$12.86 A$16.84 £6.12
  35. A Wind in the Door A Wind in the Door
    $6.99 C$8.42 A$13.63 £5.08
  36. Mockingjay Mockingjay
    $8.59 C$13.99 A$18.45 £7.37
1–36 of 48 items