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A Mighty Girl's book section features over 4,000 girl-empowering books starring stellar Mighty Girl characters. With over 200 book categories to explore, the best way to discover what this section has to offer is by browsing our detailed book menu -- just mouse over the 'Books' button on the menu bar above. From there you can choose the categories of interest to you and then use the filters on the left-menu to further refine your search.
73–108 of 1095 items
  1. Kitchen Dance Kitchen Dance
    $13.79 C$21.99 A$44.22 £14.10
  2. Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild! Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!
    $7.79 C$12.06 A$22.62 £7.99
  3. The Maggie B. The Maggie B.
    $15.98 C$25.99 A$43.45 £32.50
  4. I Know a Lady I Know a Lady
    C$9.99 A$14.33 £18.37
  5. Big Red Lollipop Big Red Lollipop
    $15.19 C$24.58 A$36.39 £12.98
  6. Interrupting Chicken Interrupting Chicken
    $11.99 C$24.15 A$54.02 £21.03
  7. Marguerite Makes a Book Marguerite Makes a Book
    $18.57 C$20.86 A$34.95 £14.99
  8. The Complete Anne of Green Gables Box Set The Complete Anne of Green Gables Box Set
    $37.50 C$73.54 A$61.90 £35.66
  9. Erika's Story Erika's Story
    $16.52 C$27.29 A$27.48 £29.60
  10. Heidi Heidi
    $11.71 C$23.00 A$21.56 £9.19
  11. Journey to Jo'burg: A South African Story Journey to Jo'burg: A South African Story
    $6.99 C$8.50 A$20.70
  12. Dumpling Days Dumpling Days
    $7.99 C$10.70 A$18.58 £5.99
  13. Lola Reads to Leo Lola Reads to Leo
    $14.15 C$19.99 A$22.03
  14. The Matchbox Diary The Matchbox Diary
    $7.99 C$11.99 A$19.13 £12.43
  15. Wild Child Wild Child
    $8.99 C$11.99 A$12.99 £9.26
  16. Endangered Endangered
    $8.29 C$13.99 A$16.31 £10.99
  17. Celia and the Fairies Celia and the Fairies
    $6.99 C$9.31 A$11.32 £5.99
  18. Sister Bear: A Norse Tale Sister Bear: A Norse Tale
    $14.58 C$25.85 A$48.69 £15.25
  19. The Thing About Luck The Thing About Luck
    $8.99 C$10.64 A$19.61 £12.78
  20. Walking Through A World of Aromas Walking Through A World of Aromas
    $14.34 C$23.81 A$38.75 £13.99
  21. The Blessing Cup The Blessing Cup
    $15.98 C$26.99 A$28.08 £15.22
  22. A Stranger At Home: A True Story A Stranger At Home: A True Story
    $18.19 C$19.56 A$48.19 £22.32
  23. Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures
    $5.99 C$11.99 A$15.39
  24. This Is How I Find Her This Is How I Find Her
    $9.73 C$37.96 A$51.05 £26.51
  25. My Happy Life My Happy Life
    $9.03 C$23.99 A$40.32 £37.33
  26. All The Truth That's In Me All The Truth That's In Me
    $11.99 C$41.04 A$35.03 £18.24
  27. Frozen Junior Novelization Frozen Junior Novelization
    A$36.00 £15.19
  28. Frozen Read-Along Storybook Frozen Read-Along Storybook
    C$9.99 A$11.97 £13.01
  29. Snowflakes Fall Snowflakes Fall
    $9.71 C$25.18 A$25.03 £23.61
  30. The Heart And The Bottle The Heart And The Bottle
    $15.29 C$21.99 A$24.99 £14.39
  31. Bo at Ballard Creek Bo at Ballard Creek
    $9.79 C$13.25 A$32.27
  32. The Center of Everything The Center of Everything
    $29.35 C$54.73 A$79.00 £117.99
  33. Love, Aubrey Love, Aubrey
    $7.99 C$9.49 A$24.86 £12.00
  34. Dancing Home Dancing Home
    $6.99 C$8.84 A$22.44
  35. One for the Murphys One for the Murphys
    $7.79 C$11.99 A$11.85 £7.69
  36. 45 Pounds (More Or Less) 45 Pounds (More Or Less)
    $8.28 C$13.99 A$15.99 £7.08
73–108 of 1095 items