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A Mighty Girl's book section features over 4,000 girl-empowering books starring stellar Mighty Girl characters. With over 200 book categories to explore, the best way to discover what this section has to offer is by browsing our detailed book menu -- just mouse over the 'Books' button on the menu bar above. From there you can choose the categories of interest to you and then use the filters on the left-menu to further refine your search.
145–180 of 181 items
  1. Disney Frozen: The Ice Box Disney Frozen: The Ice Box
    $10.47 C$11.87 A$24.69 £4.63
  2. The Blood Spell The Blood Spell
    $10.99 C$13.37 A$17.19 £15.58
  3. Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair: An Empowering Fairy Tale Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair: An Empowering Fairy Tale
    $26.95 C$33.30 A$30.13 £16.40
  4. Castle Waiting Castle Waiting
    $15.67 C$33.29 A$40.94 £20.91
  5. Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat
    $7.99 C$11.87 A$19.12 £4.30
  6. Of Giants And Ice Of Giants And Ice
    $7.99 C$9.89 A$17.15 £4.94
  7. Egg and Spoon Egg and Spoon
    $11.99 C$17.60 A$44.18
  8. Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters
    $16.43 C$19.99 A$31.41 £13.30
  9. A Christmas Spider's Miracle A Christmas Spider's Miracle
    $16.95 C$19.90 A$31.99 £12.01
  10. The Courageous Princess Vol. 1: Beyond the Hundred Kingdoms The Courageous Princess Vol. 1: Beyond the Hundred Kingdoms
    $14.99 C$13.29 A$19.25 £10.63
  11. Cobweb Christmas: The Tradition of Tinsel Cobweb Christmas: The Tradition of Tinsel
    $14.79 C$17.40 A$26.13 £10.99
  12. Polly and the Pirates Polly and the Pirates
    $11.95 C$13.80 A$23.16 £9.00
  13. Princess Grace Princess Grace
    $17.46 C$26.54 A$30.91 £17.87
  14. The Princess and the Pizza The Princess and the Pizza
    $7.99 C$7.99 A$14.23 £6.87
  15. A Gold Star for Zog A Gold Star for Zog
    $16.68 C$22.76 A$22.44 £18.58
  16. Iron Hearted Violet Iron Hearted Violet
    $8.99 C$8.00 A$16.82 £6.96
  17. The Worst Princess The Worst Princess
    $12.19 C$14.74 A$12.90 £5.94
  18. The Princess Curse The Princess Curse
    $7.99 C$9.99 A$19.39 £4.94
  19. Princess Peepers Picks a Pet Princess Peepers Picks a Pet
    $8.49 C$12.06 A$20.02 £6.99
  20. Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep
    $12.99 C$15.99 A$51.70 £33.81
  21. Princess Smartypants Princess Smartypants
    $15.48 C$23.82 A$24.61 £10.38
  22. The Wide-Awake Princess The Wide-Awake Princess
    $8.99 C$9.89 A$16.93 £7.69
  23. Nausicaa Box Set Nausicaa Box Set
    $69.95 C$132.66 A$94.26 £38.01
  24. The Epic Crush of Genie Lo The Epic Crush of Genie Lo
    $8.39 C$12.86 A$10.99 £9.67
  25. Fiona's Luck Fiona's Luck
    $7.95 C$8.95 A$25.93 £6.99
  26. Ponyo Picture Book Ponyo Picture Book
    $47.98 C$48.05 A$34.61 £12.99
  27. The Nian Monster The Nian Monster
    C$34.54 A$37.53 £16.99
  28. Dragon's Milk Dragon's Milk
    $10.99 C$12.86 A$18.99 £9.49
  29. The Darkest Part of the Forest The Darkest Part of the Forest
    $9.99 C$17.51 A$23.15
  30. The Curse of Maleficent: The Tale of a Sleeping Beauty The Curse of Maleficent: The Tale of a Sleeping Beauty
    $8.00 C$19.26 A$46.52 £24.71
  31. Womanthology: Heroic Womanthology: Heroic
    $90.79 C$66.77 A$116.00 £123.54
  32. Wonderland Wonderland
    $39.95 C$102.53 A$117.19 £55.84
  33. Be Patient, Pandora! Be Patient, Pandora!
    $29.94 C$16.57 A$21.78 £45.65
  34. Babushka Babushka
    C$259.00 £18.99
  35. The Princess and the Dragon The Princess and the Dragon
    $19.72 C$9.99 A$12.95 £5.99
  36. Princess Ben Princess Ben
145–180 of 181 items