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Manufacturer: Thames & Kosmos

A Mighty Girl's Girl Empowerment Holiday Guide
1–36 of 54 items
  1. Hydropower Lab Hydropower Lab
  2. Chem C2000 Chem C2000
  3. Chemistry C500 Chemistry C500
  4. Chem C1000 Chemistry Kit Chem C1000 Chemistry Kit
  5. Air + Water Power Kit Air + Water Power Kit
  6. Ingenious Ingenious
  7. Elements of Science Kit Elements of Science Kit
  8. Physics Workshop Physics Workshop
  9. Physics Solar Workshop Physics Solar Workshop
  10. Remote Control Machines Remote Control Machines
  11. Wind Power Experiment Kit Wind Power Experiment Kit
  12. Eco-Battery Vehicles Eco-Battery Vehicles
  13. TK2 Microscope and Biology Experiment Kit TK2 Microscope and Biology Experiment Kit
  14. Physics Pro Science Kit Physics Pro Science Kit
  15. Magnetic Science Magnetic Science
  16. Electricity and Magnetism Experiment Kit Electricity and Magnetism Experiment Kit
  17. Crystal Growing Kit Crystal Growing Kit
  18. Optical Science Optical Science
  19. Remote Control Machines: Space Explorers Kit Remote Control Machines: Space Explorers Kit
  20. Remote Control Machines: Animals Science Kit Remote Control Machines: Animals Science Kit
  21. Solar Power Kit Solar Power Kit
  22. Motors and Generators Kit Motors and Generators Kit
  23. Earth Science Kit: Crystals, Rocks, and Minerals Earth Science Kit: Crystals, Rocks, and Minerals
  24. Climate and Weather Science Kit Climate and Weather Science Kit
  25. Automobile Engineer Pack Automobile Engineer Pack
  26. Ubongo Puzzle Game Ubongo Puzzle Game
  27. Dohdles! What Is That?! Dohdles! What Is That?!
  28. Master Detective Toolkit Master Detective Toolkit
  29. Nanotechnology Kit Nanotechnology Kit
  30. Chemistry C3000 Kit Chemistry C3000 Kit
  31. Legends of Andor Cooperative Game Legends of Andor Cooperative Game
  32. Robot Engineer Kit and Storybook Robot Engineer Kit and Storybook
  33. TKx400i Dual LED Microscope Experiment Kit TKx400i Dual LED Microscope Experiment Kit
  34. Mechanical Engineering: Robotic Arms Mechanical Engineering: Robotic Arms
  35. Structural Engineering: Bridges and Skyscrapers Structural Engineering: Bridges and Skyscrapers
  36. Happy Atoms Molecular Modeling Kit Happy Atoms Molecular Modeling Kit
1–36 of 54 items