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TV / Movie Characters

A Mighty Girl's collection of popular Mighty Girls from TV shows and movies features Doc McStuffins, Dora the Explorer, Jessie (Toy Story), Kai Lan, Kiki's Delivery Service, Kim Possible, Kit Kittredge, Merida (Brave), Mulan, Princess Leia, Star Wars Characters, and Wordgirl. For many more Mighty Girl movie and TV characters, visit our extensive Mighty Girl Movie / TV program collection.
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  1. Rogue One Join the Rebellion T-Shirt Rogue One Join the Rebellion T-Shirt
  2. Totoro Long-Sleeved Shirt Totoro Long-Sleeved Shirt
  3. Force Awakens T-Shirt 3-Pack Force Awakens T-Shirt 3-Pack
  4. Studio Ghibli Socks (4-Pack) Studio Ghibli Socks (4-Pack)
  5. Frozen Underwear 7 Pack Frozen Underwear 7 Pack
  6. Totoro Slippers Totoro Slippers
  7. Frozen Knee Socks 3-Pack Frozen Knee Socks 3-Pack
  8. Rey, Chewie, and Droids T-Shirt Rey, Chewie, and Droids T-Shirt
  9. The Force Awakens Vintage Wash T-Shirt The Force Awakens Vintage Wash T-Shirt
  10. Rey and Finn T-Shirt (Adult) Rey and Finn T-Shirt (Adult)
  11. Star Wars Ankle Sock 6-Pack Star Wars Ankle Sock 6-Pack
  12. The Force Awakens Collage Shirt The Force Awakens Collage Shirt
  13. Star Wars Underwear 7-Pack Star Wars Underwear 7-Pack
  14. Finding Dory Pajamas 2-Pack Finding Dory Pajamas 2-Pack
  15. Finding Dory Youth / Adult Socks 5-Pack Finding Dory Youth / Adult Socks 5-Pack
  16. Zootopia Underwear 7-Pack Zootopia Underwear 7-Pack
  17. Totoro Face Socks 3-Pack Totoro Face Socks 3-Pack
  18. Rey Last Jedi Pajamas Rey Last Jedi Pajamas
  19. Moana Underwear 7-Pack Moana Underwear 7-Pack
  20. Moana and Pua Nightshirt Moana and Pua Nightshirt
  21. Moana Star Pajamas Moana Star Pajamas
  22. Rogue One Shirt Rogue One Shirt
  23. Princess Leia - Read: It's Our Only Hope Children's Shirt Princess Leia - Read: It's Our Only Hope Children's Shirt
  24. Moana Shirt 3-Pack Moana Shirt 3-Pack
  25. Leia - Rebel Doodle-Style Shirt Leia - Rebel Doodle-Style Shirt
  26. Leia - Don't Make Me Use The Force Shirt Leia - Don't Make Me Use The Force Shirt
  27. Leia - The Future of the Galaxy Is Female Shirt Leia - The Future of the Galaxy Is Female Shirt
  28. Spirit Riding Free Underwear 7-Pack Spirit Riding Free Underwear 7-Pack
  29. Spirit Pajamas Spirit Pajamas
  30. Princess Leia - Read: It's Our Only Hope Adult Sweatshirt Princess Leia - Read: It's Our Only Hope Adult Sweatshirt
  31. Princess Leia -  Read: It's Our Only Hope Adult Shirt Princess Leia - Read: It's Our Only Hope Adult Shirt
  32. Star Wars Vintage Propaganda Style Shirt Star Wars Vintage Propaganda Style Shirt
  33. Star Wars Shirts 4-Pack Star Wars Shirts 4-Pack
  34. Spirit Run Wild Shirt Spirit Run Wild Shirt
  35. Frozen Shirts 4-Pack Frozen Shirts 4-Pack
  36. Star Wars Shirts 3-Pack Star Wars Shirts 3-Pack
1–36 of 46 items