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A Mighty Girl's clothing section features hundreds of girl-empowering items for all ages so the whole family can find a favorite! Many of items featured also come in a wide variety of styles and colors beyond the one pictured. We have divided our collection into eight themes which are sortable using our left menu bar. As with all of the items you discover on A Mighty Girl, by using the 'Buy from Amazon' or 'Buy from CafePress' buttons on the site, we receive a small commission from the sale at no added cost to you which allows us to maintain and grow the site. For costumes and dress-up clothing, please visit our Costumes and Dress-up Clothing section.

1–36 of 52 items
  1. Rosie the Riveter Crew Socks Rosie the Riveter Crew Socks
    $10.99 C$15.99 A$18.48 £10.89
  2. Notorious RBG Socks Notorious RBG Socks
    $12.00 C$50.99 A$20.10 £17.48
  3. Studio Ghibli Socks (4-Pack) Studio Ghibli Socks (4-Pack)
    $12.99 C$15.95 A$26.89 £18.84
  4. Rosie the Riveter We Can Do It Socks Rosie the Riveter We Can Do It Socks
    $14.95 C$17.00 A$22.98 £18.86
  5. Harry Potter Chibi Character Socks 5-Pack Harry Potter Chibi Character Socks 5-Pack
    $17.99 A$30.50 £21.62
  6. Totoro Socks (5-Pack) Totoro Socks (5-Pack)
    $12.99 C$15.95 A$20.30 £16.39
  7. Harry Potter Juniors Socks 5-Pack Harry Potter Juniors Socks 5-Pack
    $17.99 C$51.29 A$32.93 £24.61
  8. Wonder Woman Caped Knee Socks Wonder Woman Caped Knee Socks
    $10.95 A$21.04
  9. Ruby Slipper Socks Ruby Slipper Socks
    $10.00 C$44.99 A$17.23
  10. Gryffindor Knee Socks Gryffindor Knee Socks
    $9.95 C$16.76 A$22.95
  11. Rosie the Riveter Crew Socks Rosie the Riveter Crew Socks
    $7.50 C$15.99 A$16.80 £14.16
  12. Totoro Slippers Totoro Slippers
  13. Frozen Knee Socks 2-Pack Frozen Knee Socks 2-Pack
    $9.81 C$36.00 A$12.49 £22.00
  14. Big Muertos Socks Big Muertos Socks
  15. The Nightmare Before Christmas Socks 5-Pack The Nightmare Before Christmas Socks 5-Pack
  16. Unicorn vs. Narwhal Knee Socks Unicorn vs. Narwhal Knee Socks
    $11.80 C$33.86 A$19.95 £9.99
  17. Winging It Knee Socks Winging It Knee Socks
    $10.52 C$60.92 A$23.00 £17.92
  18. Ode to Frida Socks Ode to Frida Socks
    $14.95 C$17.00 A$22.98 £19.20
  19. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Crew Socks Ruth Bader Ginsburg Crew Socks
    $8.99 C$47.31
  20. Wonder Woman Ankle Socks 5-Pack Wonder Woman Ankle Socks 5-Pack
    $8.88 C$29.31 A$20.48 £24.74
  21. House Elf Socks (5-Pack) House Elf Socks (5-Pack)
    $19.25 C$26.47 A$51.84 £26.60
  22. Llama Drama Knee Socks Llama Drama Knee Socks
    $11.80 C$33.79 A$22.88 £9.99
  23. ¿cómo Te Llamas? Socks ¿cómo Te Llamas? Socks
    $8.48 A$15.50 £8.99
  24. Captain Marvel Ankle Socks (5-Pack) Captain Marvel Ankle Socks (5-Pack)
    $15.25 C$13.20 A$48.76 £19.07
  25. Captain Marvel Juniors Ankle Socks (3-Pack) Captain Marvel Juniors Ankle Socks (3-Pack)
    $8.89 A$18.40 £12.28
  26. Captain Marvel Athletic Socks Captain Marvel Athletic Socks
    $9.99 C$14.53 £8.57
  27. Gryffindor Lion Knee Socks Gryffindor Lion Knee Socks
    $8.97 A$20.43 £14.95
  28. Doctor Who 13th Doctor Ankle Socks 5-Pack Doctor Who 13th Doctor Ankle Socks 5-Pack
    $16.58 A$31.51 £23.57
  29. Doctor Who 13th Doctor Crew Socks 3-Pack Doctor Who 13th Doctor Crew Socks 3-Pack
    $19.98 C$72.72 A$34.65 £24.42
  30. Frozen No Show Socks 5-Pack Frozen No Show Socks 5-Pack
    $8.21 C$39.00 A$15.32 £25.00
  31. Maya Angelou "Be A Rainbow" Socks Maya Angelou "Be A Rainbow" Socks
    $13.00 C$17.45
  32. Fearless Frida Kahlo Socks Fearless Frida Kahlo Socks
    $13.00 C$16.57
  33. Ruth Ginsburg Crew Unisex Socks Ruth Ginsburg Crew Unisex Socks
    $12.00 C$50.99 A$19.89 £15.95
  34. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Socks Ruth Bader Ginsburg Socks
    $14.95 C$17.00 A$25.52 £18.79
  35. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'Notorious' Socks Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'Notorious' Socks
  36. Studio Ghibli Socks Set 2 (4-Pack) Studio Ghibli Socks Set 2 (4-Pack)
    $13.99 C$61.44 £14.96
1–36 of 52 items