Felipa and the Day of the Dead

Felipa's beloved grandmother, Abuelita, has died. Felipa misses her terribly and is very sad. Her parents try to comfort Felipa. They tell her that the souls of the dead live on forever. So Felipa decides to find Abuelita's soul. But where is it? She asks her grandmother's donkey, her pig, and her Ilamas for help. She treks many miles to the highest mountain, but grandmother's soul is nowhere to be found.

Months later, the entire village is bustling with preparations for the Day of the Dead. Felipa joins in the celebrations honoring loved ones who have died, and in the process finally finds Abuelita's soul. Birte Muller's sweet story... celebrates the universal spirit of remembrance, where sorrow and loss are coupled with joy as people commemorate and commune with loved ones who have died.


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"This is a story of a child's quest to understand where her grandmother has gone after her death.... Felipa finally understands that souls return as loved ones remember and honor them. The author/illustrator of this book spent time in Mexico and Bolivia learning about the Todos Santos celebration which takes place all over Latin America every year." -- Children's Literature

"Impressionistic spreads follow the heroine as she searches the mountains and asks the animals about her recently departed Abuelita's soul. In celebrating the Day of the Dead, she comes to terms with her loss." -- Publisher's Weekly


Recommended Age 4 - 8
Author Birte Müller
Illustrator Birte Müller
ISBN 0735818959
Publication Date Aug 19, 2004
Publisher North-South / Night Sky Books
Language English