Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine

In this first GoldieBlox kit, GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine, kids help Goldie figure out how to build a belt drive to spin her crew of animal friends. Following along with the story, girls problem solve for the animals and send them a-whirling! Every time the "build" icon appears, girls build along with Goldie so that the story sequence can progress. As they solve each problem by creating a moving contraption, they gain confidence to take on the next level of engineering fun.

Open a GoldieBlox kit and look out for greatness. Those wheels will be turning! Comes with a free storybook.

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  • Includes storybook, 5 figurines, pegboard, 5 wheels, 10 axles, 5 blocks, 5 washers, crank, ribbon
  • Develop spatial skills and build self-confidence in problem solving abilities.
  • Children will be challenged gradually as they advance in the story.
  • Age 6 and up


Recommended Age 4 - 7
Manufacturer GoldieBlox
Dimensions 12 L x 2 W x 12 H inches