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Draw, play an instrument, or sew! If she loves letting her creativity loose, she'll love the arts and crafts toys in this section. For more options to inspire your Mighty Girl's creative spirit, visit our Arts / Crafts section.

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  1. IlluStory Make Your Own Book Kit
    IlluStory Make Your Own Book Kit

    Imagine your child's face when she or he sees their own story and drawings made into a full-color, professionally typeset, 7 x 9 hardbound book! Your child writes and illustrates their story using the materials supplied in the kit, which are then mailed in (in the pre-paid envelope provided) for publication. You'll soon receive a beautiful hardcover book, complete with an about the author page for your proud storyteller! (Please note: completed books can only ship within the US.)

    Ages: 5 - 10
    Price: $29.99

  2. Little Monsters Beginners Sewing Kit
    Little Monsters Beginners Sewing Kit

    Learn the basics of sewing as you create some colorful, funny, friendly monsters! This set comes with everything you need to create five monster crafts, including a phone case/wallet. Pre-cut and pre-perforated pieces make it simple for kids to assemble the pieces and build sewing skills. It's a monstrously fun way to start fabric crafting!

    Ages: 7 - 12
    Price: $19.97

  3. My Art Desk
    My Art Desk

    Get creative any time with this inspiring art desk for kids! The kid-safe tilting desk surface makes it more comfortable to draw, and since the surface is made of chalkboard material, you can draw even when you're all out of paper. Four recessed cups hold supplies close to hand, and it even comes with a paper holder - and a 75 foot roll of paper to get you started. The included seat offers even more storage, too!

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $141.99

  4. Nature Kaleidoscope Making Set
    Nature Kaleidoscope Making Set

    Make your own kaleidoscope using elements found in nature! This great kit includes parts to make an 8 1/2" kaleidoscope, as well as dried flowers, polished gemstones, glass marbles, and minerals to create the patterns inside. Two nature drawings and colored pencils are included to make the outside of your kaleidoscope as beautiful as the inside.

    Ages: 7 and up
    Price: $16.31

  5. SingStand 2 Karaoke Machine
    SingStand 2 Karaoke Machine

    The Memorex SingStand 2 microphone speaker system allows you to sing along with music from iPod or any MP3 device with a headphone jack. Impress your friends and family with voice control and echo effects, giving them a stellar vocal performance, then connect your own musical instruments for a truly amazing show.

    Ages: 6 and up
    Price: $59.99

  6. My Comic Book - Create Your Own Comic
    My Comic Book - Create Your Own Comic

    Be a comic artist like you've always dreamed with this kit from Lulu Jr.! Write and illustrate your own comic on the included sheets, then send them off to Lulu Jr. and they'll print an 18-page comic book that looks just like the real thing! It even includes a professionally typeset title page. You can order additional copies online as well, so you can have your own mini comic run! (Please note: completed books can only ship within the US.)

    Ages: 6 and up
    Price: $29.99

  7. 82 Piece Deluxe Art Set in Wooden Case
    82 Piece Deluxe Art Set in Wooden Case

    Unleash her inner artist with this case full of inspiring tools! With colored pencils, oil pastels, and watercolor cakes, this set provides plenty of different ways to get just the effect she's looking for in her next masterpiece. The set comes in a wooden carrying case that's sturdy enough to tote your supplies anywhere you need to go. Quality media are guaranteed, so you know she'll get the best possible result.

    Ages: 6 and up
    Price: N/A

  8. Stencil Art Kit
    Stencil Art Kit

    You'll be amazed at what you can create with the help of stencils! This set from Klutz has everything that you need to start learning the basics of stenciling, including stencils in a variety of kid friendly shapes (everything from animals to aliens!) and some abstract stencils you can put together to create your own images. Eight colored inks and eight dabbers are included as well, plus 14 sheets of fun stickers for the perfect finishing touches.

    Ages: 8 - 13
    Price: $16.99

  9. Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden
    Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden

    Science and art can go hand in hand, like they do in this set from Faber and Castell. Paint the growing dish and the toadstool accessories, then plant the seeds and beans and watch what happens as they germinate! Fun accessories, like the fairy and her house, purple gravel, and small gems make this a fun project to put together, and inquisitive little botanists will enjoy watching their fairy garden grow.

    Ages: 5 - 9
    Price: $19.90

  10. Wood Burning Kit
    Wood Burning Kit

    This Woodburning Kit includes everything needed to begin a new hobby: a hot tool with 4 Points, basswood plaques, colored pencils, patterns, transfer paper, and complete instructions. Wood burning is a unique craft that allows the artist to draw with heat on a wood surface, creating interesting, unforgettable etchings. This kit provides an excellent introduction, and after that the only limitation is their imagination!

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $23.99

  11. 4M Animation Praxinoscope
    4M Animation Praxinoscope

    Kids (of any age) will love building their own praxinoscope, the successor to the zoetrope in the development of motion pictures. The finished product stands approx 5-1/4" tall with a 5" diameter platform holding one of six included pattern sheets which let her create her own animation. She'll love exploring the history of the moving picture with this great kit!

    Ages: 7 - 12
    Price: $11.99

  12. Spirograph Deluxe Design Set
    Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

    Your whole family can have hours of creative fun with the amazing Spirograph Deluxe Set. Simply choose from the gears and wheels, put your paper in place, and create whirling, spiraling, mix and match patterns for a totally awesome image. Use the design guide to try out tried and true designs, or get creative and create cool and colorful graphics of your own.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $24.99

  13. Starry Sky Knot-A-Quilt No Sew Craft Kit
    Starry Sky Knot-A-Quilt No Sew Craft Kit

    Making your own quilt has never been so easy! Kids can quickly and simply knot the fringed squares together -- no cutting or sewing required. The thirty 11" squares come in 6 tranquil coordinating patterns so that kids can lay them out however they'd like. The soft, cozy fleece is sure to keep her -- or the lucky person she gives it to -- warm and snuggly all winter long.

    Ages: 6 - 12
    Price: $29.99

  14. Easy Playhouse Castle
    Easy Playhouse Castle

    Spark their imaginations with this cardboard castle playhouse that they get to decorate themselves! This castle from Easy Playhouse is reversible, so kids can experiment with different colors and designs. Sturdy and durable, with a 32" square floor and two doors, four large windows, and four turrets, it's sure to spark plenty of imaginative pretend play -- and plenty of artistic creativity.

    Ages: 2 - 6
    Price: $29.49

  15. Felted Friends Kit
    Felted Friends Kit

    Turn loose wool into fuzzy friends with this fun set from Klutz! Felting is simple: just use the felting tool to poke the wool into the cuddly shapes you need. This set comes with six colors of 100% natural wool, perfect for making five felted animals. It also includes a felting tool, a foam block, and an instruction booklet that teaches the basics of felting -- and provides plenty of inspiration for future projects!

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $12.52

  16. Create Your Own 3 Bitty Books
    Create Your Own 3 Bitty Books

    Kids are born storytellers, and now they can show off their stories with this bitty book kit from Faber-Castell's Creativity for Kids line. Three blank 12-page, hardcover Bitty Books are ready for your child's special touches, which they can add with the included mini markers, bookplates, and color-in stickers. Then, tuck them into a customized book holder for your very own collected works!

    Ages: 5 - 9
    Price: $9.94

  17. My Giant Busy Box
    My Giant Busy Box

    My Giant Busy Box from Alex Toys is 6 great projects in one giant box of fun. Make dough animals, a farm collage, and sticker art. Create paper bag puppets and tissue art pictures. The set includes two plastic frames, four animal punch outs, and ten colors of dough, two peel and stick tissue art pictures, tons of tissue paper, glue, and easy instructions.

    Ages: 3 - 5
    Price: $17.65

  18. Geometric Origami
    Geometric Origami

    Art and math intertwine in this fascinating origami kit that teaches kids how to fold complex shapes out of square pieces of paper! The set includes both a guidebook and an instructional DVD, as well as 120 sheets of durable origami paper to get them started folding. Projects include beautiful, unique shapes like a lightning bolt octahedron, a butterfly ball, and a magic rose cube.

    Ages: 9 and up
    Price: $16.93

  19. My First Sewing Kit
    My First Sewing Kit

    A case full of everything you need to learn how to sew and create fantastic art and fashions. This sewing set includes pre-cut patterns for quick and easy projects, eight colors of embroidery floss, stuffing fabric, ric-rac, needles, scissors, a measuring tape, straight pins, thimble, pin cushion, buttons, and a pom-pom strip.

    Ages: 6 - 12
    Price: $10.68

  20. Paint-A-Birdhouse Kit
    Paint-A-Birdhouse Kit

    You can decorate your own birdhouse to entice your local feathered friends with this kit from Toysmith! The 6.5" birdhouse comes pre-assembled, so all it needs is your colorful touch. Paint it with the included brush and paints, and then attached the link chain and hang it outside. It's a fun way to show your artistic side and your love of nature.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $10.43

  21. Kids' Karaoke Machine
    Kids' Karaoke Machine

    Get ready to sing along with this kids' MP3 player and karaoke machine from Kidzlane! Two microphones let you sign solo or duet, and with internal storage that holds up to 100 songs, plus four different streaming options, there is no limit to what you can sing. This machine is built to be durable enough that you can take your show on the road, and with an option for battery power, you can even use it for campfire singalongs!

    Ages: 3 - 8
    Price: $49.99

  22. Woodcraft 3D Animal Puzzle
    Woodcraft 3D Animal Puzzle

    Create something beautiful with this 3D wood puzzle that you paint to look however you'd like! This kit from BFUN includes puzzle pieces made from FSC certified wood; they attach with no glue or nails to easily build (or take apart) your animal figure. A variety of different animals including a dolphin, butterfly, dinosaur, and others are available. Four colored paints included allow you to mix a wide variety of shades to get the look just right.

    Ages: 7 - 12
    Price: $10.99

  23. Yarn Giraffes Kit
    Yarn Giraffes Kit

    Wrap yourself up in making these two yarn colored giraffes from Craft-tastic! This set comes with two cardboard giraffes, one 12.75" tall and one 9.75" tall, and twelve colors of yarn you wrap around the frame to create the perfect combination of color and texture. They're fun for decoration or for using as bracelet holders. Kids will love watching their plain cardboard giraffe come to colorful life as they wrap!

    Ages: 7 - 12
    Price: $14.99

  24. Magnetic Mini Tile Art
    Magnetic Mini Tile Art

    Create miniature works of art that you can display on any magnetic surface with this kit from 4M! Kids will decorate ten 2" by 2" tiles any way they please, then attach adhesive magnetic pieces to turn them into artwork for fridges, locker doors, or magnetic boards. It's perfect to use to decorate their own space or to create handmade art to give to family and friends.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $9.49

  25. American Girl Crafts: Sew and Stuff Monkeys
    American Girl Crafts: Sew and Stuff Monkeys

    Learn to sew with American Girl! This set includes pre-cut felt pieces that have perforated stitch guides, making it easy to ensure that you've got your sewing just right. You'll make and stuff two monkey pillows, one for you and one for your doll! With bright, cheerful colors and easy to follow instructions, this is an accessible and fun way to get kids into hand sewing.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $11.49

  26. 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set
    3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set

    Doodle in 3D with this easy to use pen-style 3D printer! The 3Doodler melts plastic that cools and hardens quickly, making it both kid-safe and easy to create sculptures in mid-air. The starter kit includes a pen, a micro USB cable, and two mixed packs of 3Doodler plastic, as well as a project booklet to get you started. Additional packs of the biodegradable, non-toxic and BPA-free plastic are available, so there's no limit to what you can make!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $36.00

  27. Make Your Own Cards
    Make Your Own Cards

    A hand-made card is truly special! With this kit from Made by Hands, you can make a wide variety of cards for all occasions. With 20 blank cards in 7 different colors and over 500 pop-out shapes, you can create invitations, thank you notes, and cards for special occasions. 20 envelopes are included to send your cards out when they're done.

    Ages: 4 and up
    Price: $21.99

  28. Hue Animation Studio
    Hue Animation Studio

    Children of all ages can create their own stop motion films minutes after first installing Hue Animation Studio. The innovative, versatile design of the plug-and-play USB camera allows limitless positioning options, perfect for filming your animated movie. The included software, which is compatible with both PC and Mac, allows you to record or import sound, add text effects, use a green screen, and more. Lights, camera, action!

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $59.95

  29. Record and Learn KidiStudio
    Record and Learn KidiStudio

    With the KidiStudio, kids can explore their own music -- by recording it, adding effects, and playing it back! They can try a variety of sounds with the keyboard, whammy bar, scratch disc, and voice-changing microphone. They'll learn about rhythm, tempo, and melody as they follow along with the light cues for over 40 songs and effects. Get ready to have a rock star in the family!

    Ages: 3 - 5
    Price: $31.99

  30. Toddler Music Band
    Toddler Music Band

    This best-selling five-piece band will get all the little ones involved in the fun of making music! Made by Hohner, a trusted brand, it includes three musical sound shapes, a mini-wave drum, and a toddler glockenspiel with safe mallet. All pieces are easy to hold and play, and materials are BPA-, lead-, and phthalate-free. Everything tucks away into the attractive storage box until you're ready for another musical day!

    Ages: 1 - 3
    Price: $27.14

  31. Make Clay Charms Kit
    Make Clay Charms Kit

    Make cute little clay charms in no time with this set from Klutz! In Make Clay Charms, you'll use the nine included clay colors to make a variety of items, from adorable fruit to tiny sweet treats, then bake them and glaze them so they're ready for display or wearing on a bracelet. A 60 page instructional booklet provides solid instruction on clay basics, as well as inspiration for future projects.

    Ages: 8 - 13
    Price: $15.97

  32. Quick Knit Loom
    Quick Knit Loom

    Create your own yarn art with ease with this set from Creativity for Kids! It's simple to use a knit loom: just wind the yarn around the loom and then flip the loops. In no time, you'll be making hats, scarves, pouches, and other fun and useful projects. This set comes with both a double-sided hand loom and a circle loom, plus 90 yards of yarn to get things started, as well as buttons and a tassel maker for some finishing touches.

    Ages: 7 - 12
    Price: $14.94

  33. Multi-Craft Weaving Loom
    Multi-Craft Weaving Loom

    Explore different kinds of weaving with this kit from Melissa and Doug! Included instructions guide kids on how to make a scarf, a tasseled coaster, a drawstring pouch, or a carry-all, but they also provide enough information about the fundamentals for kids to come up with their own design! The set also comes with instructions for three different picture tapestries. She'll love seeing how simple yarn can create so many beautiful things.

    Ages: 7 and up
    Price: $25.49

  34. My Awesome Book - Make Your Own Book
    My Awesome Book - Make Your Own Book

    Your budding author will love creating their very own book with the supplies in this kit -- and then getting to see it as a full-color, 8 1/2 x 11, professionally typeset hardcover book! The set includes a "Quick Start" guide with tips and tricks for writing a great story from author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds. She'll even get to write an "About the Author" feature to celebrate her first published story! (Please note: completed books can only ship within the US.)

    Ages: 6 - 10
    Price: $39.95

  35. My Embroidery Kit
    My Embroidery Kit

    Get kids into the world of embroidery with this starter kit from Alex Kids! Learn 12 easy stitches and start combining them into patterns right away. The set includes 10 different colors of embroidery thread as well as lots of other embroidery essentials, and the guide also provides step-by-step instructions for a headband project. After that, she can start exploring other patterns or even designing her own.

    Ages: 7 and up
    Price: $15.00

  36. Multi-Activity Play Table
    Multi-Activity Play Table

    This durable play table from Melissa and Doug provides a space for all of your child's activities! Use it for putting together puzzles, making arts, running toy trains, or setting up a dollhouse - with a 50 by 32.5 inch play surface, there's plenty of room. At 16 inches tall, it's just the right height for kids kneeing or sitting on the floor. A big drawer in the side ensures there's extra storage space for bits and pieces when playtime is done.

    Ages: 3 - 8
    Price: $114.87

  37. Aquarelle Horses Easy Watercolor Kit
    Aquarelle Horses Easy Watercolor Kit

    Aquarelle is a watercolor craft that allows you to get perfect works of art, every time! Three canvases featuring images of horses are embossed with a thin white wax outline, which acts as a guide for the picture, but within the borders, you still get the beautiful blending watercolors are famous for! In addition to the canvases, this set includes paints, brush, a pipette, and a mixing palette.

    Ages: 8 - 13
    Price: $14.16

  38. Inspiration Art Case
    Inspiration Art Case

    When inspiration strikes, this art case from Crayola provides plenty of opportunity to get creative! Over 140 pieces, including paper, scissors, crayons, colored pencils, and markers, will help you experiment with color, texture, and line to get just the right look for your art projects. When you're done, tuck everything away in the tray and it turns into a convenient carrying case.

    Ages: 4 - 12
    Price: $20.99

  39. Create Your Own Pop Up Books
    Create Your Own Pop Up Books

    Who doesn't love pop-up books? The newest edition to the Create Your Own Books series includes two high-quality hardcover pop-up books, stickers, eight markers and pop-up designs. Just add drawings, photographs and your own imagination. Illustrated instructions include story starter ideas and step-by-step pop-up ideas.

    Ages: 5 - 10
    Price: $17.26

  40. Sew and Stuff - Owls
    Sew and Stuff - Owls

    Make your own cuddly owl friends with this craft kit from American Girl! There are enough materials included to make one for you and a mini owl for your doll friend. Sew the felt pieces, then embellish with embroidery floss, sequins, and a little imagination. The result will be a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal you can be proud to display.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $13.51

  41. Kidizoom Camera
    Kidizoom Camera

    The Kidizoom Camera from VTech allows your child to become an instant photographer and movie director with the press of a button. Take and edit photos with wacky effects, shoot video movies, or play 4 cool games right on the camera. With built in memory, a MicroSD expansion slot and the ability to connect to a computer, your child can easily keep all of their creations so they can be treasured forever.

    Ages: 3 - 8
    Price: $38.84

  42. Kinetic Sand 11lb. Pack
    Kinetic Sand 11lb. Pack

    If you haven't tried Kinetic Sand yet, you're in for a treat! This unique play sand flow in your hand, and easily sticks for building sand castles and other play structures, then slowly slides back to flat. It makes no dust and it never dries out, so playtime can be anytime! Plus, cleanup is a breeze -- it gathers together easily so you can toss it right back in. This non-toxic, gluten-free play sand is a unique option for sensory play.

    Ages: 3 - 12
    Price: $58.99

  43. Happily Ever Crafter
    Happily Ever Crafter

    Learn the basics of sewing, crocheting, and embroidering in this easy to use kit from Alex Toys! You'll find everything you need to create nine projects, including a stuffed dog, a coin purse, a wall hanging, and more, plus some materials for working on your own. Everything tucks neatly into the included storage case with lid, so you'll always know where your tools are when inspiration strikes.

    Ages: 7 - 12
    Price: $33.75

  44. Art Master Desk
    Art Master Desk

    Every great artist needs the perfect place to work! Step2's plastic art desk provides tons of storage, plus a large, easy-to-clean work surface with molded compartments, plus a hinged dry-erase section that opens for even more places to tuck art supplies. A push-button light makes sure she can see every detail. It's the perfect place to create a masterpiece!

    Ages: 2 - 7
    Price: $66.96

  45. Draw Like A Pro Studio
    Draw Like A Pro Studio

    This projector kit is a fun and easy way for kids to draw! Kids can tilt the projector light to make the shapes and figures appear closer or further away in their drawing. Combine backgrounds and foreground elements, or mix and match heads and bodies to create characters. It even includes supplies to make your very own flip book! For any would-be artist, this set will get them experimenting with creating more complex scenes.

    Ages: 6 - 10
    Price: $17.19

  46. Compose Yourself Music Card Game
    Compose Yourself Music Card Game

    If you've ever dreamed of writing your own music but didn't know where to start, this game is for you! Designed by Philip Sheppard, a world-famous composer and cellist, these transparent cards can be mixed, matched, flipped, and moved. Then, register online to hear your composition played back by a full orchestra. As Sheppard says, "We all talk about playing music, but it's even more fun to play with music!"

    Ages: 6 and up
    Price: $14.99

  47. Fantastic Spinner
    Fantastic Spinner

    Centripetal force creates beautiful art with this kit from Alex Toys! Squeeze the handle to bring the spinner plate up to speed -- no batteries required -- then drip your paint to create fascinating art pieces. The set includes four bottles of paint and 20 spin paper cards to get you started.

    Ages: 6 - 12
    Price: $16.94

  48. Deluxe Scratch Art Set
    Deluxe Scratch Art Set

    There's creativity and magic under the surface of the sheets in Melissa and Doug's scratch art kit! This deluxe set includes four sheets each of Scratch and Sparkle, Rainbow Black, Rainbow White, and Scratch-Lite translucent styles. Add a stencil, two styluses, and some hanging materials, and you have everything you need to make unique and beautiful scratch art!

    Ages: 5 - 12
    Price: $11.99

  49. Mahogany Ukulele
    Mahogany Ukulele

    There's a reason ukuleles are a classic of kids' music programs! Easy to handle and played with techniques that can be transferred to other stringed instruments like guitar and mandolin, they are a great introduction to music. This entry-level wood ukulele from Kala has a pleasant sound and an elegant appearance -- perfect to encourage your budding musician!

    Ages: 6 and up
    Price: $49.99

  50. KidiBeats Drum Set
    KidiBeats Drum Set

    Rock and learn with this fun electronic drum kit! Four different play modes let your child drum freestyle, tap along to nine pre-set songs, or learn letters or numbers as they play. Three drums and a cymbal each play unique sounds, so she'll get hours of play experimenting with rhythm, tempo, and sound!

    Ages: 2 - 5
    Price: $18.19

  51. Accordion

    Music-loving kids will love trying out an accordion made in just their size! This child's sized accordion from Woodstock Percussion is a real instrument with a 2-octave range. Playing instructions and eight simple songs are included with the instrument, all tucked neatly into a four-color gift box. It's the perfect way to inspire a musical child!

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $23.14

  52. Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom 2.0
    Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom 2.0

    Make super fun to wear rubber band bracelets and more with the Rainbow Loom 2.0, now including a metal hook! This craft kit has spawned a craze that can keep kids busy for hours as they try new designs. The starter set comes with lots of bands, or you can buy refill bands in dozens of great colors and patterns! Perfect for any Mighty Girl who loves being able to show off what she made herself.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $9.60

  53. Early Learning Button Art Kit
    Early Learning Button Art Kit

    Make fun art with colorful buttons! Alex Toys' Early Learning sets are perfect for preschoolers. In this one, 40 bright buttons snap into 10 pictures for hours of artistic fun. A wide storage tray is included to keep everything together when craft time is done. It's a great way to develop creativity and fine-motor movement, but all your kid will know is that they love their button art.

    Ages: 2 - 6
    Price: $21.00

  54. Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book
    Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book

    Color the world of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice with this adult coloring book! Each page includes a quote from the novel and beautiful, intricate designs to color. This book also features a foiled cover and a guide to the Victorian language of flowers. It's the perfect choice for any fan of this classic novel.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $10.87

  55. Hohner Rhythm Instrument Set
    Hohner Rhythm Instrument Set

    Strike up the band with Hohner's 6 Piece Rhythm Instrument Set! It includes tambourine, rhythm sticks, triangle, wrist bells, cymbals with mallets, and a wood sounder. Also included are six activity inserts with age appropriate songs and activities written by a certified music educator. Even little kids can experiment with these simple rhythm instruments - so let your little rock star play!

    Ages: 3 - 8
    Price: $39.05

  56. Paper Recycling
    Paper Recycling

    Learn all about what you can make with recycled paper with this Green Creativity kit from 4M. Kids will learn how you can make your own paper by breaking down old paper and recycling it, then use their recycled paper to create fun craft projects like textured bookmarks, greeting cards, and more. It's a great way to foster crafting while also encouraging respect for our natural resources.

    Ages: 5 - 12
    Price: $37.75

  57. Pulsar Powerballs
    Pulsar Powerballs

    Who doesn't love bouncy balls? Make your own super-high bounce powerballs - with a pulsar LED inside - with this great kit! Choose your colors and your mold - small for a regular ball, large for a light-up version - and before long, you'll be seeing just how high they can go! With this blend of science and art, she'll love testing her very own creation.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $13.99

  58. Crayola Marker Maker Wacky Tips
    Crayola Marker Maker Wacky Tips

    Create your own custom marker colors, complete with wacky tips for funny drawing effects, with this fun kit from Crayola! The set includes enough parts to make 16 one-of-a-kind markers, and refill kits are available so you can create your own rainbow of shades.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $15.98

  59. Empower Poster Kit
    Empower Poster Kit

    Celebrate everything that makes you special with this empowering poster kit! Kids will layer tissue paper on the 9.75"X 14.75" poster base, then choose words that describe them from a wide selection included in the kit. From brave to silly to adventurous to kind, you can choose the empowering words that describe you. It's a wonderful way to encourage tweens and teens to see their value and power.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $15.99

  60. Deluxe Easel
    Deluxe Easel

    There's no better way to inspire your artist that with this easel from Melissa and Doug! The generously sized chalk board and dry erase board are perfect for projects large and small. The easel folds ups easily for convenient storage and features a colorful paint tray with cup holders. At the top of the easel, a paper cutting edge makes clean paper cuts for your artist's work!

    Ages: 2 - 6
    Price: Out of Stock

  61. Play-Doh 24-Pack of Colors
    Play-Doh 24-Pack of Colors

    Who doesn't love a bunch of Play-Doh in fun and inspiring colors! This set includes 24 3-ounce cans of Play-Doh, each in a unique color, for hours of modeling fun. This set comes in frustration free packaging, so it's easy to get your Play-Doh out and molding in minutes! Perfect for a preschool or play group, or for plenty of choice at home.

    Ages: 2 - 8
    Price: Out of Stock

61 items

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