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From classic board games to the newest electronic game systems, there's something for everyone in this section! A game of cards, a logic puzzle, even a game on the go... game night just got even more appealing. For more great games of all kinds, visit our Games / Video Games section.
77 items
  1. Rock On! A Geology Game

    Spark an interest in geology with this fun science game! An 18-specimen rock collection provides the foundation for a game for up to 6 players that helps teach names, appearances, and properties of different minerals. Even the game chips are made of polished stones! It all comes in a carrying case with a handle for easy geology fun on the go. For another fun option, check out Fossil On! which includes 15 fossil specimens.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $27.99
  2. Dragonwood: A Game of Dice and Daring

    The Dragonwood is a dangerous, ever-changing place...but great rewards are to be found for those daring enough to enter! Collect adventurer cards to give you an edge when you face a foe in the Dragonwood. Choose cautiously: use up too many dice on lesser creatures and you'll be defenseless when you meet the dragon! Since each game plays out different, you can adventure through Dragonwood over and over.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $14.99
  3. Bug Bingo

    Learn all about the insects of the world with this gorgeously illustrated bingo game from Laurence King Publishing! Sixty-four species of bugs are featured, from the Giant Hawker Dragonfly to the Sacred Scarab to the Honey Bee! Mark them off on your card and get a bingo to win! The leaflet includes basic information and a few fascinating facts about each species featured, and kids will love the illustrated bug tokens and the colorful counters.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $25.32
  4. No Stress Chess

    Get beginner players into the game of chess with this teaching game from Winning Moves! The secret? An innovative deck of 56 action cards that shows how a particular chess piece moves. At first, you play using the action cards; once you become comfortable with the moves and powers of each chess piece, you can flip the two-sided board over and play standard chess. For two more fun chess variants, check out Solitaire Chess and All Queens Chess.

    Ages: 7 and up
    Price: $16.18
  5. Gravity Maze

    A 3D, gravity-powered logic puzzle in a box! With Gravity Maze from ThinkFun, you stack the translucent towers to create a path for your marble from the starting point to the target. Each challenge card increases in difficulty, forcing you to think creatively about how to get the marble where you want it. With 60 challenge cards and 9 towers, these clever puzzles will provide hours of play!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $29.95
  6. Prime Climb

    Prime Climb is a beautiful, colorful, mathematical board game for 2 to 4 players! Roll the dice and add, subtract, multiply and divide your way to the center of the board, picking up Prime cards and bumping your opponents back to start as you go. The first person to get both pawns to space 101 wins! This brilliantly designed game is the perfect way to help solidify math concepts while making learning fun for kids and adults alike.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $21.95
  7. I Never Forget a Face! Memory Game

    This matching game from eeBoo is a wonderful way to develop an appreciation of diversity around the world while enhancing memory skills. The smiling faces of 24 children from countries all over the world are fun -- and sometimes challenging -- to match in this memory game. The back cover shows each child and identifies their home country, to inspire kids to learn more about the varied cultures and nations of our planet.

    Ages: 3 - 9
    Price: $18.95
  8. Photosynthesis

    In this game from Blue Orange, the goal is green energy! Cultivate your trees to take best advantage of the sun... without blocking out the littlest seedlings from the much-needed light. As your trees move through their life cycle, you'll earn points when they catch the light — but since the sun shifts in the sky, the tree that was in a clearing a few turns ago could be in darkness now, so you'll have to think ahead. This game from two to four players is a supreme test of logic skills.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $29.99
  9. 5-Minute Dungeon: A Cooperative Card Game

    Cooperate or perish in this dungeon-themed game with a five-minute time limit! Each player takes the role of an intrepid hero, one of a party working their way through a dungeon. Dangerous monsters, perilous obstacles, and terrifying Dungeon Bosses stand between you and your goal. With no turns, the gameplay is fast and furious! Five different dungeons and a randomly selected mix of obstacles mean endless replayability for this clever game.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $17.99
  10. Bird Bingo

    Celebrate the beauty and diversity of birds from around the world with this game from Laurence King Publishing! 64 bird species make their appearances on these bingo cards; mark them off as you see them appear so you can win. An included leaflet also provides some information -- including a few interesting facts -- about each bird species. If she's more a fan of insects than birds, check out Bug Bingo!

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $13.93
  11. The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

    Your forest friends are hungry and they need your help! Spin the spinner, squeeze the matching colored acorn with your Squirrel Squeezers, and place it into your stump. Be the first to your stump with delicious acorns and you win! You could also spin "pick an acorn," "steal an acorn," or "lose an acorn," so be strategic, little squirrel!

    Ages: 3 - 5
    Price: $11.69
  12. Monarch Board Game

    A family of sisters compete for the right to rule in this card game from Resonym! Your mother, the Queen, will soon pass on the crown; if you hope to take her place, you'll need to demonstrate your intelligence, compassion, bravery, and strength. Collect sets of cards, including wise advisors, ferocious animals, and glorious regalia; with the right combinations, you can defend your nation from famine and threat, while awing those you rule with untold wonders. Build the most majestic court to win in this family strategy game for two to four players.

    Ages: 12 and up
    Price: $35.30
  13. Evolution

    Create and adapt your own creature in this game that puts your creation against a dangerous world! Traits like a Hard Shell will protect you from carnivores, while a Long Neck helps you get food others can't reach. With a dynamic ecosystem happening around you, you'll have to adjust your plan without warning, so make sure you're ready! An intriguing game with multiple expansions, Evolution will keep you playing for hours.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $28.40
  14. Zingo Word Builder Game

    Zingo is a fast-paced game for beginning readers! Slide the Zinger machine forward to reveal two letters, and snag the one that will complete a word on your card. With six double-sided Zingo cards of three-letter words to complete, up to 6 players can join in. It's a great way to teach spelling, word recognition, and vocabulary.

    Ages: 6 - 8
    Price: $18.37
  15. MightyMind

    Build your mental muscles with MightyMind! MightyMind is a set of 32 tile shapes which children use to solve tangram-like puzzles on a series of progressive cards. No reading is required, and children quickly learn to solve complex puzzles on their own. Then, when they're done, they can also use the shapes to create anything they imagine. MightyMind encourages spacial awareness and problem solving — and more importantly, it's tons of fun! Fans of the original can also get additional sets like MightyMind Aquarium Adventure.

    Ages: 3 - 8
    Price: $19.95
  16. Tiny Polka Dot: Number-Loving Fun!

    The creators of Prime Climb turn their expertise in teaching math to younger learners with Tiny Polka Dot! This box from Math for Love contains components for sixteen different games. They're all easy to learn and playful, but as kids grow, the level of complexity does, too. Kids will start with simple number recognition and counting and move their way up to arithmetic and logic skills. It's a little box with lots of math love inside!

    Ages: 3 - 8
    Price: $14.95
  17. Reef

    In this unique strategy game, players take on the role of coral reef, carefully choosing colors and patterns in which to grow and expand — the more beautiful the reef, the more points they will score! On each turn, players select cards that include a top half detailing what coral pieces they can collect and place, and a bottom half with a formation they can build that scores points. As their "reef" grows, players can stack coral up to four high — but you'll have to think ahead, since the coral pieces on the top half of each card never appear on its bottom half. Easy to learn but tricky to master, this game is perfect for repeated family play.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $24.99
  18. Cat Crimes: Who's to Blame Logic Game

    From tangled yarn to a swallowed fish... which cat committed the crime? In this clever single-player logic game from ThinkFun, you have to figure out which cat was the culprit for forty different cat crimes. Each challenge card provides clues about where the cats were located at the time of the crime, based on paw prints, toy placement, and their relationship to other cats. Figure out where each cat was sitting and you'll have your answer! Forty funny challenge cards, ranging in difficulty from beginning to expert, will keep you puzzling — and laughing!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $12.95
  19. Laser Chess

    This two player strategy game is like chess — with lasers! In Laser Chess from ThinkFun, your Deflector pieces have mirrored sides. Players take turns maneuvering them around the board, and at the end of each turn, fire a laser beam; if it strikes the non-mirrored side of a piece, that piece is taken out of play. If you light up your opponent's king, you win! With five different starting board setups, this unique game will provide hours of fun.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $39.99
  20. Mermaid Island

    Get the mermaids safely home before the Sea Witch catches them! Players work cooperatively to move the mermaids each turn, or to pick up the magic wand and drive the Sea Witch back a space. Catch the shortcut if you long as it won't deliver you straight to the Witch's waiting hands! This colorful game from Peaceable Kingdom is quick to play, perfect for young gamers.

    Ages: 4 - 8
    Price: $18.01
  21. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Board Game

    Help the Slayer defend Sunnydale -- and the world! Work together to defeat Monsters of the Week and figure out what the Big Bad is planning. If you defeat the Big Bad, you win, but if the Slayer or the city take too much damage, the world is doomed! This fun game for 1 to 6 players takes approximately 40 to 60 minutes to play. Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will love getting to step into the Slayer's shoes.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $30.00
  22. Shelby's Snack Shack

    Help Shelby the dog find all her missing bones! Your kids will practice fine motor control and counting skills as they use the Shelby squeezers to pick up bones to drop in their bowls. And be careful -- you could spin a seagull and lose some bones, or even get distracted chewing on a shoe! This fun game will have kids laughing while also learning math and social skills. For more math fun, there's also a Shelby's Snack Shack counting board book for ages 1 to 4.

    Ages: 4 - 7
    Price: $18.99
  23. Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Big Box

    Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 from MindWare is a unique system of colorful cubes that interlock to form a marble run. The big difference between this and other marble runs? You can create marble maze sculptures in the form of animals, geometric shapes or any other design! Configurations are unlimited, allowing for unpredictable action when steel balls travel the various routes. It's a live demonstration of probability, physics and art, all in one. This Big Box set includes 72 cubes in five colors, plus 20 steel marbles.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $33.96
  24. Stone Soup

    From the classic tale of cooperation comes this simple game where players work together to "cook" a soup by making matches of ingredients. Match all the the ingredients before the Fire under the kettle goes out and everyone wins! This cooperative game fosters shared decision making and creative problem-solving - and it might just make them hungry too!

    Ages: 4 - 9
    Price: $15.99
  25. Match A Track Game

    It's time to get tracking! With this game from Laurence King Publishing, kids have to match the animal track to its owner. With 25 tracks to match — including a wide variety of animals, from elephants to coyotes to peacocks — kids will have to use their reasoning skills to figure out what kind of animal could create that shape. If you match more pairs than your opponent, you win! Kids will love the colorful animal illustrations in this easy-to-play game.

    Ages: 4 and up
    Price: $14.16
  26. The Fox in the Forest

    Dive into a fairy tale forest with this game from Foxtrot Games! In The Fox and the Forest, players try to win more tricks than their opponent — and set the game to their advantage using the powers of the fairy tale character cards. But be careful, because if you win too many tricks, you might become the villain in this particular fairy tale... With exquisite illustrations and a unique 3-suit deck, this card game turns trick-taking gameplay into a two-player game that is both tense and engaging to play.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $14.96
  27. Unstable Unicorns

    This card game for 2 to 8 players combines two of your favorite things: destruction and unicorns! In Unstable Unicorns, you work to build an army of seven unicorns before your opponent does. Add unicorns to your army or upgrade your stable — or play strategically and use your cards to block a move or downgrade your opponents. This game's hilarious artwork and fast-paced play made it a tremendous Kickstarter success; now you can try it out yourself.

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $19.97
  28. One Deck Dungeon

    This all-female team of heroes is ready to delve into the dungeon — all they need is you! In this game from Asmadi Games, one or two players work together to get as far into the dungeon as they can. Pick your character class from five options and roll dice to break down doors, defeat enemies, and (hopefully) live to fight another day. If you do, your character will get tougher... but think carefully, because one wrong move and the dungeon will do you in! With an easy-to-learn mechanic that combines cards and dice rolling and a style that imitates rogue-like video games, this will be a popular choice for any would-be adventurer.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $19.34
  29. Hogwarts Battle: A Cooperative Deck-Building Game

    Get ready to defend Hogwarts with this cooperative deck-building game that's actually seven games in one! Play as Harry, Ron, Hermione or Neville as you find Locations, counter Dark Arts, and defeat Villains to progress through games that parallel each of the books in the series. Art from the films and fun gameplay that gets more complex as you work your way through each of the seven games makes this a surefire hit for Harry Potter fans!

    Ages: 11 and up
    Price: $42.55
  30. Osmo Genius Kit

    Combine physical play with coding thanks to the Osmo coding kit! Osmo takes gaming beyond the screen: the Osmo base allows your tablet to stand and scan the area in front of it, allowing kids (and adults!) to use physical objects to interact with what they see on the screen. The Genius kit includes games and tile sets that encourage creative thinking in math, wordplay, art, and problem solving. It's truly the best of both worlds.

    Ages: 6 - 12
    Price: $79.99
  31. Cauldron Quest

    In Cauldron Quest, you work your magic together to break the wizard's spell! Players combine their efforts to find hidden ingredients to create a spell-breaking potion; if they are successful everyone wins! This game teaches strategy, evens and odds, and deduction, and like all cooperative games, fosters communication and cooperation.

    Ages: 5 - 10
    Price: $20.03
  32. Dixit

    Plan your descriptive strategy carefully in this card game! Players have hands of oversized cards with various artistic pictures. The active player secretly selects one of his cards and gives a very brief description; the other players secretly select their own cards which match the description. Different outcomes result in different points values — so if you make your description too easy, or too difficult, you'll actually end up behind!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $31.49
  33. Forbidden Island

    A team of adventurers is seeking treasure on the Forbidden Island, but watch out -- the island is sinking and you don't have much time! In this cooperative game, players must work together to find and capture four treasures, all while avoiding the obstacles lurking on the island. Once the treasures are in hand, race to Fool's Landing for your helicopter extraction, before the water swallows the island forever... This game is easy to learn and quick to play, perfect for family game night!

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $14.00
  34. The Yoga Garden Game

    Grow a beautiful garden of yoga poses with this meditative cooperative game from Yogakids International. As players move the bumblebee around the garden, they'll try different traditional yoga poses and even invent their own. Plant all the flowers before night falls, and everyone wins! It's a fun way to bring some active play into family game time, and kids will love the elegantly illustrated board.

    Ages: 4 - 8
    Price: $24.95
  35. Circuit Maze

    From ThinkFun, the creators of Laser Maze, comes a new logic game that's all about completing the circuit! Arrange your tokens to create a circuit and light up a Beacon. Sound simple? Each challenge increases in difficulty, as you have to incorporate only certain tokens or work around Blockers. While the logic puzzles are the big appeal, kids will also learn hands-on about how a circuit works! 60 different challenges from easy to expert are included.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $25.47
  36. JumpIN'

    Hop the bunnies around the board as you avoid the foxes and get home! In JumpIN' from SmartGames, kids move sliding fox pieces and hopping bunny pieces around the board. The goal is to get the bunnies in their holes, and at first that's easy, but as kids move through 60 challenges, they need increasing numbers of moves in order to win! The good news is that they can always stop and re-trace their steps if they realize they're on the wrong path. With this game's handy lid, this game is perfect for at home or on the go.

    Ages: 7 and up
    Price: $14.99
  37. Shadows in the Forest

    Put the "night" in game night with this cooperative game from ThinkFun that you play in the dark! In Shadows in the Forest, you're trying to keep your Shadowlings out of the light cast by a mini LED lantern. Strategically move your Shadowlings so that they stay in the real shadows on the game board. If all of your Shadowlings can meet in one shadow before they're frozen by the light, you win! This innovative and award-winning board game will challenge kids to think strategically about where the light could fall, and provides a unique option for lights-out play.

    Ages: 6 - 12
    Price: $15.89
  38. Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game

    Dive into the daily life of a human cell in Cytosis! In this board game from Genius Games, players take turns putting flasks on available organelles inside the cell; then, they activate the organelle, to either gain macromolecule resources or take actions like completing cell component cards. As the game goes on, resources and space get tight, so think strategically! Everything in this engrossing game mimics actual processes in human cells, teaching cell biology concepts in a clever way. For another biology-themed game from this innovative company, check out Peptide: A Protein Building Game.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $28.32
  39. Codenames

    Live the life of espionage with this social word game! Two spymasters know the identities of 25 secret agents, and they have to tip off their teammates using one word clues -- clues that could apply to multiple words on the table. Players have to guess their team's names while avoiding agents belonging to the opposite team...and the assassin that could put the whole mission in jeopardy. Fast -- and creative -- thinking is the name of the game!

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $12.99
  40. Pancake Pile-Up Relay Game

    Stack 'em high in this hilarious relay game from Educational Insights! Your customers have very specific tastes, so you've got to stack their pancakes just right. Check the order, gather pancakes in the right flavors, and be the first team to serve 'em up with a pat of butter! Kids will love racing to get the pancakes to and from the griddle.

    Ages: 4 - 12
    Price: $17.99
  41. Rush Hour

    Get your brain working with this traffic jam that you need to untangle! Your goal in this game from ThinkFun is to get the little red car out of the gridlock by maneuvering the cars out of the way. But as more (and bigger) vehicles get involved, that gets tougher and tougher! Forty challenge cards provide puzzles of increasing difficulty for hours of brain-building fun. You can also check out Rush Hour Jr. for a puzzle challenge for kids age 6 to 9, and the two-player version, Rush Hour Shift, which is for age 8 and up.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $19.99
  42. Roll and Play

    ThinkFun's first toddler game is sure to be a hit! Toss the big plush die, match the color that comes up to an activity card, and get playing -- roar like a lion, stand on one foot, make a happy face, who knows what the challenge will be? This fun, cooperative game is perfect for kids as young as 18 months, and teaches the fun of game-playing without the competition. And when play-time is done, all the cards tuck in a zippered compartment in the die for easy storage.

    Ages: 18 mo - 3
    Price: $26.60
  43. Hoot Owl Hoot

    Hurry Owls! It's time to go home! Players help the owls fly back to their nest before the sun comes up. Play a color card and fly to that space. Draw a sun card and you're one step closer to daylight. Help all the owls get home before the sun rises and everyone wins! Two versions allow the game to grow with your child, while the cooperative game concept teaches kids social skills and the value of working together.

    Ages: 4 - 8
    Price: $15.99
  44. Zimbbos

    Work together - or challenge one another - to build the tallest, most elephantastic pyramid ever! With every turn, you roll a die to find out how many elephants you have to add to the pyramid, placing them in numerical order. There are a few other fun characters thrown in there, too! This simple game with high-quality wooden pieces will rapidly become a family favorite.

    Ages: 3 - 7
    Price: $20.49
  45. Terraforming Mars

    In this game from Stronghold Games, you and your fellow players are controlling corporations that are working together to terraform Mars — but that doesn't mean you're not still trying to outdo one another. Victory Points are awarded not just for progress toward terraforming, but also for other good works: introducing plant and animal life, improving infrastructure throughout the solar system, or even creating greenhouse gasses to speed terraforming along. As you work your way across the accurate Mars map on the board, will you prove that your corporation was the best? This game for 1 to 5 players is based on the real proposed science behind planet terraforming.

    Ages: 12 and up
    Price: $45.50
  46. Dinosaur Escape

    Help the dinosaurs escape the volcano with this cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom! Roll the die and move the dinosaur movers, looking for matching dinosaurs hiding under the fern tokens -- and watch out for the T. Rex. If you help all three dinosaurs make it safely off the island before you assemble the 3D puzzle volcano, you win! This game of cooperation and memory is the perfect choice for dinosaur fans.

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $17.99
  47. Feed the Woozle

    This game is all about silly snacks and fancy moves! Players work together to feed the hungry Woozle. Roll the die to figure out how many snacks -- from hairy pickles to chocolate covered flies -- to stack on your spoon. Then spin the spinner to see how you get it there: march, bunny hop, maybe even hula! It's a great way to develop gross motor skills and encourage cooperative gameplay.

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $19.99
  48. Ex Libris

    In this worker placement game from Renegade Game Studios, the Mayor of your city has just announced a new position of Grand Librarian — and naturally, as one of the pre-eminent book collectors, you are the perfect choice! You need to make your library a true show-stopper before the Official Inspector comes to review your shelves. Send your workers to find rare tomes and properly organize your collection, and ensure you have enough depth and variety to please (while concealing any banned texts you may own...) Intriguing gameplay and beautiful artwork will make this game a favorite of any book lover.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $42.94
  49. Pandemic

    Across the world, four diseases have broken out, threatening the future of humanity! Players take on the role of a team of specialists working together to eradicate these plagues. Each specialist has their own strengths that can help stem the tide of infection as the team works together to slow the diseases' spread, find cures, and save the world. This cooperative game for 2 to 4 players will keep the tension high to the end! Fans of this game can also check out Pandemic Legacy (Season 1 Red), a version where the decisions you make have permanent consequences on the game board.

    Ages: 9 and up
    Price: $28.79
  50. Trekking the National Parks: The Board Game

    Grab your walking stick, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare to explore the nation's natural wonders with this board game from Underdog Games! As 2 to 5 players race across the country, they collect trail stones and compete to claim Park Cards, each of which includes an interesting fact and a gorgeous photo of the park. Each game begins with a unique setup, ensuring endless replayability. By the time you've played it a few times, you'll be itching to get out there and explore the real thing!

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $50.00
  51. Dimension

    Challenge your brain — and your friends! — with this innovative puzzle game in three dimensions! Players build structures with colorful spheres while meeting conditions of a challenge: perhaps black and blue spheres must touch, or no blue sphere can touch a white sphere. Race against the timer and then total up your points: you'll get points for every sphere you use and a bonus if you use all five colors. Or, play solitaire and challenge yourself to master multi-dimensional thinking!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $42.57
  52. Kodama

    In this exquisitely illustrated game from Indie Boards and Cards, you'll have to take care of the Kodama tree spirits by creating a lush and healthy forest home for them! Grow your tree by placing branch cards in clever arrangements. You'll want to leave room for future growth, but you also want to keep in mind what this season's Kodama needs in a tree; the better your tree suits, the more rewards you receive. Innovative mechanics provide plenty of replayability in this game for 2 to 5 players.

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $14.99
  53. Color Cube Sudoku

    On the surface, this game from ThinkFun looks simple: flip the cubes in the 3 by 3 tray to ensure that each color appears once in every row and column. But calculate it out and you'll realize that there are over 2 trillion possible ways to place the cubes, and only half a million of those are valid solutions! Once you do manage to figure out a solution, check out the included bonus challenges for even more color-puzzling fun.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $19.40
  54. Compounded

    It's all about better gaming through chemistry with this clever game. Each player takes on the role of a Lab Manager who is trying to complete compounds before their opponents — or before an unfortunate lab accident results in an explosion! You might want to invest some time in creating a fire extinguisher... but while you're doing that, your opponents could be putting together the elements they need to snag compounds out from under you. With a ruleset that incorporates social play, trading, careful management of elements, and a little luck, this social game is endlessly entertaining — and educational.

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $27.92
  55. Ticket to Ride

    It's the year 1900, and you're riding the railway, trying to see the most North American cities possible in 7 days! This fun board game will have kids imagining themselves dashing from train station to train station. Collecting train cards lets you build routes across the continent -- the longer the route, the more points you earn. This cross-country board game for 2 - 5 players will have you feeling like a true adventurer!

  56. Robot Turtles

    The most backed board game in Kickstarter history is now available to all with this edition from ThinkFun! In Robot Turtles, kids learn basic coding concepts as they direct their adult "computer" to move a turtle through a maze. It's inspired by the Logo programming language, and includes concepts like debugging and functions. Plus, increasingly challenging obstacles ensure that a wide age range can learn -- and have fun! -- with this clever game.

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $20.00
  57. Animal Tracks

    What animal leaves which track? With this game from The Young Scientists Club, you'll become a track-matching master! 80 high quality cards featuring animals and their tracks have to get matched up to win one of three games: Concentration, Bingo, and Guess the Tracks. With vivid photography and both common and scientific animal names, it's the perfect gift for budding biologists!

    Ages: 5 - 10
    Price: $14.99
  58. Herd Your Horses

    Two great games for horse-loving kids in one box! Herd Your Horses includes two game variants, one in which you play wild mustang horses trying to complete your herd, the other in which you play a rancher trying to round up runaways. In-depth information about horse breeds and horse care is included. With 50 cards featuring full-color illustrations of a wide variety of horses, this game will be a hit with any horsey kid.

    Ages: 7 - 12
    Price: $24.99
  59. Roller Coaster Challenge

    Build wild roller coasters in this combination logic puzzle and engineering game from ThinkFun! Choose a challenge card and set up the pieces specified; then, use the rest of the pieces to create a roller coaster that meets the requirements on the card. While logic is required to complete the track, there's also room for creativity as you figure out how you want your path to go. Forty included challenges start simple and get complicated fast... but the reward is getting to watch your car zoom down the track you built!

    Ages: 6 and up
    Price: $29.95
  60. Snug as a Bug

    Time to tuck the cuddly bugs in under the rug in this cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom! Players work together to pick bugs with the right combinations of attributes to get all the friendly bugs snuggled in...before the three stink bugs make a mess. Three play variants grow with your child as she perfects color, shape, size, and number skills.

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $19.99
  61. Pie Face

    Fun, suspense, and a big splat at the end! In Pie Face, you score points for every time you turn the handle without getting a face full of whipped cream or wet sponge from the game's plastic hand. Spin the spinner to see how many times you have to turn the handle, and then keep your fingers crossed! The first person to get 25 points wins. It's sure to provide plenty of laughs for the whole family.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $17.38
  62. Ghostbusters Protect The Barrier Game

    Play the role of one of the four Ghostbusters as Abby, Holtzmann, Patty, and Erin work together to remove the Paranormal Energy Devices from the Mercado Building before the ghosts bring down the barrier -- but make sure you bust some ghosts along the way! Four ways to play keeps this cooperative game fresh. For more products featuring these popular characters, visit our Ghostbusters Collection.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $16.99
  63. Broom Service

    When a witch is out of potions, it's time for Broom Service! Search the game board for the components you need to concoct a variety of potions, then deliver them to the witches in need. To win, you'll need a little luck, a good bluff, and careful management of your cards. And keep your eye out for bad weather -- or ask Grizzelda the weather fairy to give you a hand! This fun game for 3 to 5 players also has a 2-player variant.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $31.95
  64. Ion: A Compound Building Game

    Better gaming through chemistry! Ion is a card-based game where players have to create neutrally charged compounds -- but think fast. Turns happen simultaneously, so everyone is engaged...but that also means you don't want to wait too long to make your play. The game mechanic is easy to use even for novice players, and variant rules make it more accessible to younger players. It's an amazingly fun way to reinforce basic chemistry concepts.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $17.84
  65. Big Ball of Whacks - Color

    If you loved the Ball of Whacks, then you'll love this bigger, more colorful version! 36 pieces are held together by rare earth magnets, allowing you to assemble the various shapes into any number of intriguing designs. Part puzzle, part creativity tool, this set will have people experimenting for hours. A 96-page guidebook provides plenty of inspiration, or you can just take it apart and start playing!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $26.55
  66. Colorku Wooden Game Set

    This game form Mad Cave Birds Games is a colorful alternative to Sudoku! Instead of using numbers to solve the puzzles, Colorku uses brightly colored wooden balls: 81 balls in 9 different colors. The wooden game board includes a storage tray to keep all the bits and pieces together, but it also looks great on display. 104 puzzles cards ranging across five levels of difficulty are included, and the color conversion card allows you to transform numeric Sudoku puzzles into new challenges for Colorku, ensuring hours of colorful puzzle solving.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $38.99
  67. Bunny Peek a Boo

    Can you make the rabbit peek out of the box? Bunny Peek-A-Boo from SmartGames is a three dimensional puzzle for preschoolers. Arrange the four blocks and the bunny to match the image you see on the progressive challenge cards. And be careful! Two cards may look similar, but it all depends on how far the bunny's ears are peeking out. Kids learn concepts like above/below, inside/outside, and more while they play with these appealing blocks and puzzles.

    Ages: 2 - 5
    Price: $29.99
  68. Melissa and Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks

    Experiment with how shapes make up pictures with this pattern set. Place 30 colorful wooden tiles in place to replicate the 10 fun pictures included with the set, or play with the shapes on your own to see what you can create. Along the way, you can talk about colors, shapes, and the names of objects around you. It's a fun way for preschoolers to explore patterns and shapes.

    Ages: 2 - 5
    Price: $17.99
  69. The Secret Door

    A fun cooperative mystery game for the whole family! Valuables have been stolen and we have to find them before midnight. Together, we search the mansion for clues. Children enjoy figuring out the mystery of what is behind the Secret Door. Each game is different, exciting and tricky, making this a great game for children and adults to enjoy together.

    Ages: 5 - 8
    Price: $18.99
  70. Bella's Mystery Deck

    This set of 50 oversized cards provides young sleuths with dozens of mysteries to test their powers of deduction and critical thinking skills. The non-violent mysteries star Bella, a 13-year-old detective, and her dog, Noche, and are filled with fun illustrations, engaging characters, and challenging puzzles. Can your Mighty Girl crack the case?
    Ages: 9 - 12
    Price: $14.95
  71. Sequence States and Capitals

    Test your knowledge of states and capitals with this state-themed version of the Sequence board game. Each card shows a state's capital; match the state to one of the two corresponding positions on the board and place a chip. Five in a row creates a sequence, so think carefully about where you put each one! This game is a great way to have fun while learning strategy and geography.

    Ages: 6 - 12
    Price: $19.97
  72. Diggity Dogs

    Dog lovers will love this fun card game where the aim of the game is to adopt a new furry friend! In this card collecting, card-matching game from Educational Insights, you draw cards or "go fish" from another player's hand to collect cards that match things that one of seven dogs wants. To adopt a dog, you need to collect all three things it's dreaming of, but others might want to adopt that dog too.

    Ages: 4 - 10
    Price: $12.50
  73. Blurt!

    Be the first to blurt the right word! With a total of 1800 different clues of varying difficulty, the fun never ends. A roll of the die determines which clue is read as well as the amount that a correct guess will be worth. There's no penalty for blurting our wrong answers, so things can get crazy in a hurry. Whoever guesses the correct answer first gets to move his or her token forward. It's a terrific, fast-paced, word game.

    Ages: 6 and up
    Price: $18.99
  74. Ubongo

    Ubongo is a fast-paced, addictive, and easy-to-learn geometric puzzle game. Players race against the timer and against each other to solve a puzzle of interlocking shapes. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more gems you get! Which pieces you'll use to make your shape depend on the roll of a die, so the gameplay is constantly changing. You can even download a free companion app to help you learn and perfect your game!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $29.79
  75. Science Ninjas: Valence Card Game

    Turn chemistry into a game with this fascinating game that lets kids tinker with chemicals without setting foot in a lab! Weave together elements to create molecules and cause different reactions. The more you create, the more points you win, but be careful! Some combinations can have unexpected -- and dramatic -- results. Best of all, everything that happens in the game is something that happens in real-life science. Fans of this game can also check out Science Ninjas: Valence Plus, an expanded edition that adds 30 more cards with all-new artwork for even more elements and molecules.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: Out of Stock
  76. Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game

    Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game is a cooperative board game that teaches edible and medicinal plants. Players learn about plants by connecting the icon on the challenge or "trouble" cards with the icons on the plant cards. Wildcraft! is a beautifully illustrated, nature based, educational, cooperative game created in the tradition of the classic board games.

    Ages: 4 and up
    Price: $29.99
  77. 4-Way CountDown

    Use your math skills to flip keys to win in this game from Ideal! Each player starts with all ten keys on their unit down, then they take turns rolling a pair of dice to convert the two numbers into one — if you have a 3 and a 1, you could make it a 4 by adding, a 2 by subtracting, and a 3 by multiplying or dividing. Choose your number and flip the corresponding key, but be careful! Roll double sixes and all your keys go back down. The first player to flip up all 10 of their keys will win, so kids will develop their strategy skills as well as their math as they play.

    Ages: 6 - 9
    Price: Out of Stock
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