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Science Gifts

For kids, discovery and play go hand in hand! Your Mighty Girl will love how these science toys help her learn more about her world. To view our full selection of science, engineering, and math toys, visit our STEM Toy collection.
83 items
  1. LEGO Women of NASA Building Kit

    Build a tribute to some of the ground-breaking women who took American into space with this much-anticipated set from LEGO Ideas! This fan-designed set features astronomer Nancy Grace Roman; computer scientist Margaret Hamilton; astronaut and physicist Sally Ride; and astronaut, physician and engineer Mae Jemison, each as part of a vignette depicting their role with NASA. It's a wonderful way to inspire the women in STEM of future generations!

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $24.54
  2. STEM Jr. Wonder Lab

    There's a little scientist in every kid! Ignite their natural curiosity with the Little Tikes STEM Jr. Wonder lab, the only STEM lab designed for preschoolers. As they test out the 20 different hands-on experiments that this set has to offer, they'll explore math, engineering, and science in a playful way, complete with fun sounds and phrases. Twenty lab accessories are included, and the lab tray is removable for easy clean-up. It's a terrific way to introduce STEM to your playroom!

    Ages: 2 - 5
    Price: $68.59
  3. Big Bag of Science

    Whet the appetites of budding young scientists of all ages with more than 70 unique, fun, hands-on science activities! This kit guarantees hours and hours of science fun as kids explore the three areas of science (Physical, Earth and Life) as well as activities in Chemistry, Physics, Magnetism, Weather, Biology, Geology and Flight. For a smaller kit from the same line, check out the Lab-In-A-Bag Test Tube Wonders kit.

    Ages: 7 and up
    Price: $30.32
  4. Rock On! A Geology Game

    Spark an interest in geology with this fun science game! An 18-specimen rock collection provides the foundation for a game for up to 6 players that helps teach names, appearances, and properties of different minerals. Even the game chips are made of polished stones! It all comes in a carrying case with a handle for easy geology fun on the go. For another fun option, check out Fossil On! which includes 15 fossil specimens.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $27.99
  5. Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

    Turn ordinary stones into beautiful polished gems! This high quality rock tumbler features a rubber barrel that's quieter than many other tumblers, so nothing has to interrupt your polishing. An automatic shutoff timer let you get just the right finish for beautiful results. Plus, it's sturdy enough to last for years! Get started with the 0.5 lb of mixed rough gemstones included in the set, then go rockhounding and polish your own finds.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $59.99
  6. Bug Bingo

    Learn all about the insects of the world with this gorgeously illustrated bingo game from Laurence King Publishing! Sixty-four species of bugs are featured, from the Giant Hawker Dragonfly to the Sacred Scarab to the Honey Bee! Mark them off on your card and get a bingo to win! The leaflet includes basic information and a few fascinating facts about each species featured, and kids will love the illustrated bug tokens and the colorful counters.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $23.99
  7. Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set

    Budding scientists will have a blast trying all sorts of experiments with this set from Learning Resources' Primary Science line! Kids follow step-by-step instructions on comprehensive activity cards, then write down the results in the write-and-wipe journal. With 45 pieces in all -- including, of course, a pair of safety goggles -- there's plenty to spark her scientific curiosity.

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $46.30
  8. AmScope Biological Microscope

    Take an up close look at the world with this high-quality biological microscope from AmScope! This microscope has full optical glass elements that allow five magnification settings, from 40X to 1000X, and a 360 degree rotatable monocular head that lets you look at your specimen from all directions. LED illumination from below ensures that you easily have enough light to see, too! The scope also comes with a dust cover to protect it when it's not in use. All you need is some pre-prepared slides — or some that you make yourself! — and you'll get a fascinating look at the microscopic world.

    Ages: 9 and up
    Price: $89.99
  9. Break Your Own Geodes

    Is there anything more amazing than cracking a seemingly ordinary rock and finding a geode? 12 geodes in this pack are carefully selected by Gem Center USA, with a guarantee that 90% of them will have a proper hollow geode inside. Ranging from marble to golf ball size, your could discover smoky quartz, clear quartz, or even amethyst inside! Instructions for breaking the geodes are included.

    Ages: 8 - 14
    Price: $22.95
  10. Crystal Mining Kit

    From Kidzlabs comes the Crystal Mining kit with 8 genuine little crystals (clear quartz, agate, dolomite, amethyst or rose quartz) embedded in a big hunk of plaster. Us the included digging tool and brush to excavate your treasures, then study them with the magnifier and keep it all safe in the storage pouch. Let her search for real buried treasure!

    Ages: 5 - 10
    Price: $11.27
  11. National Geographic Ultimate Dino Sand

    Learn about dinosaurs and fossils while enjoying sandbox play with this fun kit! In addition to two pounds of polymer sand that "flows" in your hand and is easy to mold, this kit includes six dinosaur models, six molds, a sand tray, and a real piece of fossilized dinosaur poop. An included full-color instructional booklet teaches kids plenty of fascinating paleontology facts. Plus, the sand is easy to clean up, so kids can play any time!

    Ages: 3 - 10
    Price: $17.99
  12. Nancy B.'s Science Club Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab and Experiments Journal

    Learn some cool chemistry in your own kitchen with this fun set! This non-consumable basic chemistry set uses household products to perform a number of safe and fun experiments, including making bubbling "lava," color-changing chemicals, and more. The set includes essential lab equipment including a beaker, test tubes, goggles, and more. Plus, the included journal encourages young scientists to write, draw, and think about their discoveries. For more science kits from this line, visit our Nancy B.'s Science Club Collection.

    Ages: 7 - 10
    Price: $20.85
  13. Magnetic Anatomy Play Set

    She can learn about how the body works with this magnetic dress-up doll from Melissa and Doug! Place magnets on the body form to help kids visualize the skeleton, the circulatory system, the organs, and more. Anatomically correct magnets for both boys and girls are included, perfect for mixed groups. It's an excellent choice for the would-be doctor or anatomist on your list!

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $11.40
  14. National Geographic Mega Slime and Putty Lab

    Sometimes science is slippery, squishy, and gooey! With this kit from National Geographic, you can explore eight cool types of slime and putty, and learn what makes them stretch, drip, and ooze. From fluffy slime to magnetic putty to a DIY slime you mix up yourself, you'll get to play with all sorts of goopy, gross fun. A 16-page Learning Guide includes interesting facts about why slime and putty act the way they do, and provides suggestions for all sorts of slimy experiments to try at home.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $29.99
  15. littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

    Avengers, assemble — including you! With this set from littleBits, kids will join their favorite Avengers, including Iron Man, Black Panther and Shuri, and Ant-Man and the Wasp, to create their own superhero identity. Eighteen in-app activities get kids building gear with the easy to use littleBits components, adding new abilities with easy block coding, and designing the perfect superhero icon with the LED Matrix bit. Authentic Avengers sound effects make this an absorbing and exciting way to learn real STEM skills!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $104.99
  16. Tiny Polka Dot: Number-Loving Fun!

    The creators of Prime Climb turn their expertise in teaching math to younger learners with Tiny Polka Dot! This box from Math for Love contains components for sixteen different games. They're all easy to learn and playful, but as kids grow, the level of complexity does, too. Kids will start with simple number recognition and counting and move their way up to arithmetic and logic skills. It's a little box with lots of math love inside!

    Ages: 3 - 8
    Price: $14.95
  17. Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab

    Mysterious creatures from distant planets have landed on Earth — and with this lab set from Learning Resources, she'll extract two beaker creatures collectibles, then conduct a variety of real-world science experiments inspired by the creatures and their home worlds! As they play, kids will learn about classifying their beaker creature, as well as other scientific principles through both the experiments and the included mini-posters. Additional beaker creatures are also available so kids can collect them all!

    Ages: 5 - 8
    Price: $14.49
  18. Bring Physics to Life: Sensors Alive Kit

    With this innovative game from Thames & Kosmos, kids use real-life sensor data to create a world of fantastic creatures! Connect the base station to your device, then use the sensor pods to collect readings about your environment. Inside the app, creatures appear whose attributes are based on the data: a low temperature reading might result in a creature with long hair to keep warm. As kids play, they gain experience measuring light levels, volumes, and temperatures, making physics come alive! Please note: this app requires a device with Android 4.4.2 or later or iOS 8.1 or later.

    Ages: 8 - 14
    Price: $95.00
  19. LEGO Ideas: Birds

    Build three detailed and beautiful models of common birds -- made out of LEGO! Created by gardener and bird enthusiast Thomas Poulsom and selected by LEGO Ideas members, each replica bird hails from a different continent: the Robin from Europe; the Blue Jay from North America; and the Hummingbird from South America. The 580-piece set also comes with booklets detailing information about each of these three fascinating species.

    Ages: 12 and up
    Price: $72.75
  20. Prime Climb

    Prime Climb is a beautiful, colorful, mathematical board game for 2 to 4 players! Roll the dice and add, subtract, multiply and divide your way to the center of the board, picking up Prime cards and bumping your opponents back to start as you go. The first person to get both pawns to space 101 wins! This brilliantly designed game is the perfect way to help solidify math concepts while making learning fun for kids and adults alike.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $27.62
  21. Grow Fairy Garden

    Science and art can go hand in hand, like they do in this set from Faber and Castell. Paint the growing dish and the toadstool accessories, then plant the seeds and beans and watch what happens as they germinate! Fun accessories, like the fairy and her house, purple gravel, and small gems make this a fun project to put together, and inquisitive little botanists will enjoy watching their fairy garden grow.

    Ages: 5 - 9
    Price: $18.42
  22. Mind Blowing Science Kit

    Blow your mind with this fun science kit from Scientific Explorer! Dynamic, colorful experiments highly a variety of scientific phenomena in an exciting, hands-on way. Make a color-changing volcano, "stack" colors in a test tube to make a sunset, or grow jiggly crystals, among other fascinating projects. Kids as young as 4 can get into science with this kit.

    Ages: 4 - 8
    Price: $15.48
  23. Periodic Table Building Blocks

    Elements are the building blocks of the universe -- and now they can be the building blocks of your toy box with this fun set from Uncle Goose! 20 solid wood building blocks, made in the US from sustainable Michigan basswood, feature the elements of the periodic table painted in non-toxic, child-safe inks. And even though they're building blocks, don't think they're just for babies -- chemistry geeks will love these colorful blocks as much at 36 years as 36 months!

    Ages: 2 and up
    Price: $32.95
  24. Diggin' Up Dinos: T-Rex

    What dinosaur-loving kid hasn't dreamed of discovering their very own dinosaur bones? In this Smithsonian's Diggin' Up Dinosaurs kit, a plastic T-Rex dinosaur skeleton is buried deep within a sand block, waiting to be unearthed. Use the marsh pick and brush to gently dig them out, then assemble them into a dinosaur skeleton. Kids will learn just how much patience and precision is required to excavate the fossils that they love. The set also includes safety goggles and instructions, as well as a color poster with intriguing facts about paleontology.

    Ages: 7 - 12
    Price: $14.99
  25. Magic Science for Wizards Only

    Unleash your inner wizard with this magical science kit! First, you'll create your own custom magic wand. Then, cast color changing spells, make smoke appear from your fingers, create magical potions, and much more. This awesome kit will teach you the science behind eleven cool magic tricks that you can show off yourself. Who knew science was so magical?

    Ages: 6 and up
    Price: $14.38
  26. Moon In My Room

    Bring the wonder of the night sky into a youngster's room with this light up moon from Uncle Milton. This realistic moon model hangs on your wall and can be set to any of 12 different lunar phases. Includes an infrared remote so you can control the light from across the room. Moon in My Room lets you experience the awe-inspiring sight of our moon at any time.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $22.75
  27. Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit

    Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit makes learning about electricity and alternate energy fun! This kit contains over 40 parts which allows budding engineers to build over 125 projects. The kit includes an instruction manual that provides step-by-step instructions for all the cool stuff you can do. Youngsters will have endless hours of fun while learning about circuits, electricity, geothermal power and lots more!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $44.10
  28. TK2 Microscope and Biology Experiment Kit

    This all-in-one kit from Thames & Kosmos gives you the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to view virtually any biological specimen you can find! The microscope features dual LED lights and 40X, 100X, and 400X magnification. The full-color, 48-page microscopy book, which teaches you how to use the scope and the 20 included tools, guides you through 25 experiments. Now, you are ready to take off on a guided investigation of plant and animal specimens that you gather and prepare yourself!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $57.99
  29. Mega Gemstone Mine Kit

    She'll get to dig up real gemstones with this kit from National Geographic! A large digging block hides fifteen different gemstones from all over the world. Use the archeological tools to unearth them, then examine them with your magnifying glass so you can identify each one. The included learning guide teaches kids how each rock is formed and where in the world they come from. It's the perfect gift for budding geologists and rock hounds!

    Ages: 6 and up
    Price: $45.99
  30. Photosynthesis

    In this game from Blue Orange, the goal is green energy! Cultivate your trees to take best advantage of the sun... without blocking out the littlest seedlings from the much-needed light. As your trees move through their life cycle, you'll earn points when they catch the light — but since the sun shifts in the sky, the tree that was in a clearing a few turns ago could be in darkness now, so you'll have to think ahead. This game from two to four players is a supreme test of logic skills.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $30.17
  31. Mega Fossil Mine Dig Kit

    Your young fossil hound can unearth fifteen real fossils with real archeological tools in this dig kit from National Geographic! Using your chisel and brush, gently excavate your finds, which include intriguing specimens like a mosasaur tooth, coral, coprolite, and more; then check out the 16-page learning guide to identify your find and learn more. It's perfect for budding paleontologists.

    Ages: 6 - 10
    Price: $29.99
  32. Nancy B.'s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

    Explore the microscopic world with this great kit from Educational Insights and Nancy B.'s Science Club! This 2-in-1 light and dissecting microscope magnifies by 30X, 100X, and 400X so you can get up close looks at everything from peacock feathers to your own skin cells. The included activity guide and journal provides plenty of inspiration for what to explore first.

    Ages: 7 - 11
    Price: $35.19
  33. Primary Science Shining Stars Projector

    Bring the universe to her bedroom with this projector from Learning Resources that's simple enough for a preschooler to use! Kids can project images of planets, stars, spacewalks, and more by changing the three discs, each with eight images, that are included in this set. Meanwhile, parents will appreciate that the automatic shutoff conserves battery life.

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $18.99
  34. Color Chemistry Lab Set

    Kids love color, so bring a little chemistry into the mix with this Color Chemistry Lab Set from Crayola! An easy to read instruction booklet provides ideas for more than 50 colorful science experiments, plus the supplies to do 16 of them right out of the box — including the ever-popular exploding volcano! Then, color petals, make sticky slime, and create bouncing colored bubbles. It's the perfect way to add a little artistic flair to your STEM learning!

    Ages: 7 - 12
    Price: $18.99
  35. Science Ninjas: Valence Card Game

    Turn chemistry into a game with this fascinating game that lets kids tinker with chemicals without setting foot in a lab! Weave together elements to create molecules and cause different reactions. The more you create, the more points you win, but be careful! Some combinations can have unexpected -- and dramatic -- results. Best of all, everything that happens in the game is something that happens in real-life science. Fans of this game can also check out Science Ninjas: Valence Plus, an expanded edition that adds 30 more cards with all-new artwork for even more elements and molecules.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $24.90
  36. Mini Quadcopter Drone

    This little drone is the perfect choice for beginning flyers! At 4 by 4 inches, this mini drone is easy to fly indoors and out, but it can still roll 360 degrees and do other amazing stunts. Its Compass Mode allows it to orient itself to the direction of the controller, making it easier for novice pilots to steer -- and a one-button return function ensure it'll always get back home. It even comes with colored LED lights for night flying!

    Ages: 12 and up
    Price: $23.99
  37. DNA Experiment Kit

    The DNA molecule is a seemingly simple thing, but look at all that it creates! In this kit from ScienceWiz, you'll explore the amazing possibilities of DNA. Extract real DNA from a fruit, build a double helix, learn about gene analysis, and more with the 8 projects in this kit. Step by step full-color instructions provide an easy guide to conducting all the experiments. Your budding geneticist will love it!

    Ages: 7 and up
    Price: $21.99
  38. You Explore It: Human Body

    With this hands-on kit and tour guide, kids enter the twisted world of the human body. Complete with removable squishy organs as well as representative skeletal, vascular and muscular systems, kids explore the complex inner workings of the human body and literally see how it all works. Who knew anatomy was so much fun?

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $29.99
  39. Mix & Measure Primary Science Set

    Get kids thinking like little scientists with the Primary Science sets from Learning Resources! In this set, kids will learn concepts of weight, volume, and fractions in a practical, hands-on way -- all while making fun at-home science projects! The scale, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and mixing bowl are sturdy enough for repeated use, and recipes for mystery goo, puff paint, slime, and more are included.

    Ages: 3 - 7
    Price: $24.95
  40. Magic School Bus: Chemistry Lab

    Jump on the Magic School Bus with Ms. Frizzle for a hands-on introduction to the principles of chemistry! This bus-shaped science kit includes instructions for 51 experiments, from plating copper to making slime to measuring pH. Aside from common household items, all the supplies necessary are includes, as well as a pair of goggles — safety first! Plus, it includes a data notebook so your little scientist can record the results of their experiments and what she wants to find out more about.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $18.07
  41. Master Detective Toolkit

    Picture yourself as a detective or crime scene investigator with this mystery-solving kit! Kids can combine pretend play and science as they learn how to secure a crime scene, collect and analyze evidence, and use what they find to solve mysteries. Solve the mock crime in the 32-page color manual, or use your newfound skills to find evidence in the real world. It's sure to spark your child's imagination and pique an interest in the serious science behind solving crime.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $34.26
  42. Nancy B.'s Mighty Microbes Lab and Germ Journal

    Get into the world of bacteria, fungi, and viruses with this set from Nancy B.'s Science Club! Kids will culture harmless microbes in the included petri dishes, then use the colony counting grid to check their populations. Kids can examine questions like what temperature makes microbes go faster and even test the "5-second rule"! An included journal provides experiment ideas, plus a place to record all her findings.

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $21.10
  43. littleBits Space Rover Inventor Kit

    With this fun kit from littleBits, kids can build their own interactive space rover! littleBits are easy-to-use electronic building blocks that snap together with magnets and allow anyone to build, invent, and prototype. The space rover kit comes with 34 components that kids can use to complete 30 space-themed projects inspired by the challenges facing real NASA astronauts and engineers, including a space rock collector and an alien life detector. It even includes stories of real-life space pioneers to inspire young explorers and engineers. Once they've tried the included projects, kids can experiment endlessly with their own inventions!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $99.64
  44. Discovery Kids: Extreme Weather

    A whirling tornado, a ferocious blizzard, a searing drought... extreme weather can be scary, but it can also be fascinating! With this kit from Discovery Kids, you'll perform four experiments at home that explore elements of weather and topography and how they play out in the real world. Kids will create artificial snow, build a solar oven, create a tornado vortex, and erupt a volcano! With quick an easy experiments to perform, this kit is sure to be a hit with would-be meteorologists.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $19.89
  45. Bird Bingo

    Celebrate the beauty and diversity of birds from around the world with this game from Laurence King Publishing! 64 bird species make their appearances on these bingo cards; mark them off as you see them appear so you can win. An included leaflet also provides some information -- including a few interesting facts -- about each bird species. If she's more a fan of insects than birds, check out Bug Bingo!

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $13.93
  46. Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

    Does she dream of being a detective or crime scene investigator? She'll love this science kit from Scientific Explorer! Follow the instruction booklet to gather and match fingerprints, test powders and liquids, and decode secret messages as you solve two mysteries. Everything you need to learn forensic science basics is included!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $16.82
  47. Jungle Crew Lab Set

    Go wild for science with these real science tools with a fun animal theme! 6 pieces, including lion and cub test tubes, a rhino flask, and a hippo funnel, provide plenty of opportunity for mixing, measuring, and experimenting. The included activity guide provides some inspiration -- all with things from your kitchen or your backyard! It's a great way to get the youngest scientists roaring to explore.

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $20.30
  48. Nancy B.'s Way to Grow Hydroponics Kit and Gardening Diary

    She can learn all about hydroponics with this inspiring set from Nancy B.'s Science Club! Sprout seeds, then put them in the seed baskets and suspend them over flasks of water; without any soil, the plants will start to grow! All the necessary bits and pieces are included in this kit, as well as a journal that provides experiment ideas, interesting facts, and writing prompts. It's perfect for your budding gardener or biologist!

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: $19.23
  49. Magnet Lab Kit

    Experiment with magnetic fun with this science kit from Learning Resources. This kit has over 200 pieces to help kids learn the properties of magnets, including magnetic chips, bar magnets, disc magnets, and horseshoe magnets. By following the activities in the guide, kids will take the mystery out of magnetism and learn about the many ways magnets can be put to work.

    Ages: 4 - 9
    Price: $29.41
  50. Fossil On!

    This kit is a fossil and rock collection and a learning game all in one! Open up the case and discover 15 fossil specimens, including a trilobite, a mosasaur tooth, petrified wood, and more, plus 60 beautiful polished rocks and minerals. Use the identification guide to learn more about your new collection, and then play the paleontology game to strengthen your knowledge. Five levels of play allow everyone from pre-readers to adults to challenge themselves, and everything packs into the case for easy storage or travel.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $29.95
  51. Evolution

    Create and adapt your own creature in this game that puts your creation against a dangerous world! Traits like a Hard Shell will protect you from carnivores, while a Long Neck helps you get food others can't reach. With a dynamic ecosystem happening around you, you'll have to adjust your plan without warning, so make sure you're ready! An intriguing game with multiple expansions, Evolution will keep you playing for hours.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $35.89
  52. Crystal Growing Kit

    Experiment with crystallization with this great kit from Thames and Kosmos! You'll experiment with four different crystals, each with different properties and shapes, as you conduct fifteen experiments. Grow crystals on plaster shapes, use dyes to form colored crystals, and much more. This tremendously popular kit is sure to provide hours of science fun!

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $25.00
  53. Solar System Puzzle

    Let this amazing floor puzzle from Melissa and Doug show kids their place in the universe! This 48 piece puzzle has a finished size of 2 by 3 feet, and the image includes the planets and their moons, the asteroid belt, and more. Jumbo pieces are sturdy and easy to assembly, and the easy-clean wipe down surface ensure this puzzle will look like new.

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $15.06
  54. Happy Atoms Molecular Modeling Kit

    Explore basic chemical principles with this modeling kit from Thames and Kosmos that uses magnetic bonding sites to represent how atoms join up to become molecules! Fifty atom models representing sixteen elements join together to create thousands of different molecules; scan your models with the iOS app to learn what molecule you've created. It's a hands-on way to learn about the building blocks of chemistry.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $117.56
  55. LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V

    Enjoy a building challenge -- and a tribute to NASA's Moon missions -- with this massive three-foot LEGO model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket! At 1,969 pieces, this set provides a fun building challenge packed with authentic details: it features 3 removable rocket stages, including the S-IVB third stage with the lunar lander and lunar orbiter. With The set includes 3 stands to display the model horizontally, 3 new astronaut micro figures for role-play recreations of the Moon landings, and a booklet about the manned Apollo missions.

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $119.99
  56. Chemistry C3000 Kit

    Perfect for the advanced chemist, the C3000 chemistry set from Thames & Kosmos provides a whole lab full of equipment and components to start exploring some of chemistry's core concepts. Dozens of additional tools and over 100 more experiments allow teen chemists to learn about chemical equations, atomic structures, and the periodic table. It's perfect for kids preparing for high school chemistry or for those who are ready to take their chemistry skills to the next level.

  57. Nanotechnology Kit

    Explore the amazing, microscopic world of nanotechnology with this science kit! Through a series of experiments, kids learn about size, scale, and order of magnitude, then learn how laser light, electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy can make tiny machines -- some only a few atoms across -- visible. With 41 different experiments to conduct, you can learn all about this giant tiny world in your own home!

    Ages: 14 and up
    Price: $89.17
  58. TK1 Telescope & Astronomy Kit

    See the heavens with this high-quality refractor telescope! This entry level telescope and astronomy kit is perfect for the budding star-gazer. The telescope offers 35X, 70X, and 140X magnification, enough to see planets, nebulae, and galaxies through your own eyepiece. The included guide provides the basics on how to use your scope, as well as some easy first observations that will thrill young astronomers. Or, for a smaller telescope to get her started, check out the Celestron Powerseeker telescope for ages 5 and up.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $83.99
  59. Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit

    Who knew the stomp of a foot could propel a rocket? Kids have loved the air (and foot) powered Stomp Rocket for years; now the Stomp Rocket Jr. lets preschoolers play, too! Set up a simple launch pad and line up one of the included 9" rockets. Its smaller size doesn't mean any less power -- these rockets can go as high as 100 feet!

    Ages: 3 and up
    Price: $14.99
  60. Inchimals

    Inchimals is a set of 12 beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed wooden blocks which measure from 1" in height (the tiny ladybug) to the 12 " tall towering giraffe. Children learn math and have fun at the same time by combining the Inchimal blocks with the 100 write-on and wipe-off math puzzles. Kids explore counting, number value and recognition, scale, fine motor skills, language, and imagination.

    Ages: 3 - 7
    Price: $34.95
  61. Think And Learn Code-A-Pillar

    Learn the basic concepts of coding with this friendly Code-A-Pillar! Each body segment tells the Code-A-Pillar to take a particular action, like moving, turning, wiggling, and even dancing. The motorized head segment with lights, sounds and blinking eyes brings the Code-A-Pillar to life as she plays. Nine interchangeable segments are included, and additional expansions are sold separately, so this Code-A-Pillar can move and groove (and teach) for years to come.

    Ages: 3 - 8
    Price: $32.94
  62. Solar System Planetarium

    Learn about the planets in our solar system as you build a detailed replica! This set from 4M includes planets with textured details and an easy-to-assemble base that lets the planets really orbit the sun. Kids will enjoy painting the planets to match their real-life colors, then setting them up on the planetarium base to see how they relate to one another. Don't forget to add Saturn's rings!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $9.65
  63. Estes 1469 Tandem-X Launch Set

    What could be more exciting than launching your very own rocket? Launching two! This set includes kits to build and launch two different rocket designs: the taller, heavier Amazon can soar to heights of 600 feet, while the smaller Crossfire can reach an astounding 1,150. Each is equipped with a parachute to get them safely back to Earth, so that you can launch them again and again. It's the perfect gift for a budding rocketeer!

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $34.86
  64. Physics Pro Science Kit

    This is a truly gigantic, 213-piece physics kit, perfect to inspire your budding scientist! Thames and Kosmos's Physics Pro kit includes topics like fluid dynamics, energy, oscillation, hydraulics and pneumatics. As you work through the 96-page experiment manual, you'll conduct experiments and build models that help you understand these key physics concepts. Along the way, you'll build a wind tunnel, pneumatic shocks, and a hydraulic lift, and learn more about how physics directs the technology we use every day.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $52.49
  65. Makey Makey: The Original Invention Kit for Everyone

    Turn the whole world into a keyboard! Makey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Use your wildest imagination and turn everyday objects into touch sensitive pads — turning bananas into piano keys, or a drawing on a piece of paper into a joystick! You could even make a keyboard out of alphabet soup. Because the computer treats Makey Makey as a regular input device, you can use it with any program or webpage. It's a simple invention kit for beginners or experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between!

    Ages: 3 and up
    Price: $49.95
  66. Super Sorting Pie

    This fruity pie teaches early number skills and attributes (colors and fruit shapes). Place the sorting cards into the bottom of the pan to provide visual cues that support student success. The top crust becomes a bowl to conveniently hold counters, and jumbo tweezers reinforce fine motor skills. 7 fruits in 5 different colors mean kids can build something delicious, all while learning great skills!

    Ages: 3 - 7
    Price: $23.89
  67. Snap Circuits Light

    Make your own light show that connects to your personal music collection with this great kit from Snap Circuits! LEDs, strobe lights, fiber optics, and glow-in-the-dark fans can all be connected with your MP3 player in a variety of layouts. Work with this set alone, or combine it with other Snap Circuits sets to learn more about electrical engineering!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $47.46
  68. Snap Circuits Extreme

    Kids love the Snap Circuits modular electronics kits, and this set is the one to top them all! Over 80 pieces allow you to build an amazing 750 different projects -- and that's just the ones in the guide. Once kids have learned the principles, they can start creating their own circuits with ease, since the snap-together components require no soldering. Any budding electrician or electrical engineer will get hours of fun and experimentation out of this amazing kit.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $87.49
  69. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

    Kids can explore the tiny world all around us -- guided by Bindi Irwin -- with this talking microscope from GeoSafari! Insert one of the 20 prepared slides and select Fact Mode or Quiz Mode, and Irwin will teach kids all about the fascinating things they can see through their 5X magnification scope. Because it has two comfortable eyepieces, preschoolers can use it without having to close one eye, making it perfect for the littlest scientists.

    Ages: 3 - 5
    Price: $32.00
  70. Green Toys Abby Cadabby's Garden Planting Activity Set

    Plant your garden — and learn about growing things — with Abby Cadabby and Green Toys! This Garden Planting Activity Set includes a Growing Magic Guide which teaches kids about plants and gardening through activities, coloring pages, and more. Then, plant three different kinds of seats with the included pots and soil pucks, and decorate with stickers! Like all Green Toys products, this set is made in the USA; all plastic components are made from 100% recycled plastic and are dishwasher safe.

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $15.99
  71. littleBits Rule Your Room Invention Kit

    You can rule your room with this fun set from littleBits Electronics! This prototyping kit lets you build touch-activated inventions like a Burglar Buzzer, a Top-Secret Safe, and more, all without soldering or gluing. Components in this set include a potentiometer, a buzzer/speaker, a sound sensor, and more; once you've built the 8 included projects, let your imagination run wild and create your own gadgets! This set is compatible with all other littleBits kits.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $79.90
  72. Skeleton Floor Puzzle

    Kids learn all the major bones as they assemble this unique, soft foam puzzle. Great for playtime, this large 15-piece puzzle is 4' tall when assembled, making it life-size for kids. Once assembly is complete, have children lie on top of it so they can see where the major bones are in their own bodies. Each puzzle piece is labeled on reverse side. Your little anatomist will love it!

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $24.99
  73. Constellation Knee Socks

    Stargaze on your socks with these colorful, unique knee socks from Sock It To Me! These comfortable and stretchy knee socks are a favorite with our community, both for their fit and for their interesting patterns. This pair shows off a love of the night sky with a midnight blue background and real constellations. Future astronomers and astronauts, or anyone who loves the stars, will love these socks!

    Ages: 13 and up
    Price: $12.00
  74. Learn to Solder Kit

    For a budding electrician or engineer -- or just someone who wants to understand the exciting world of electronics in a new way -- Elenco's Learn to Solder Kit is a must! The included instruction manual teaches you soldering techniques while also teaching you about all the components in the kit. Included are solder, a soldering iron, wire cutters and various electronic parts to practice on including a circuit board.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $14.82
  75. Jumbo Dinosaurs

    Bring dinosaurs into her bedroom with this awesome set of five durable and detailed plastic dinosaurs from Learning Resources! These dinos are just the right size for preschoolers to easily manipulate and enjoy. The set includes T. rex, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Raptor. For more fun figures, check out the Jumbo Insects, Jumbo Ocean Animals, and Jumbo Jungle Animals.

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $24.99
  76. Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game

    Dive into the daily life of a human cell in Cytosis! In this board game from Genius Games, players take turns putting flasks on available organelles inside the cell; then, they activate the organelle, to either gain macromolecule resources or take actions like completing cell component cards. As the game goes on, resources and space get tight, so think strategically! Everything in this engrossing game mimics actual processes in human cells, teaching cell biology concepts in a clever way. For another biology-themed game from this innovative company, check out Peptide: A Protein Building Game.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $28.40
  77. Ocean Bingo

    There are so many wonders to discover in the ocean! With Ocean Bingo from Laurence King Publishing, you'll try to fill your bingo card with some of the ocean's amazing creatures, from penguins to orcas to the bioluminescent octopus. Each of the 64 animals are elegantly illustrated int his set, creating an appealing and beautiful way to play. Plus, kids will be fascinated by the fun facts about each species included in the guide.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: $29.99
  78. Dinosaur Building Blocks

    Dino-loving kids will be delighted with this set of colorful, heirloom-quality blocks from Uncle Goose! This set of nine blocks features eight dinosaur species, plus the pterodactyl. The two debossed faces of each block show the animal's name and skull, and the footprint of that species. The other four faces feature printed images: an illustration of the creature, its size, the time period in which it lived, and its geographic area. Meanwhile, parents will love that these blocks are made in the US with sustainable Michigan basswood and are finished with non-toxic inks.

    Ages: 2 and up
    Price: $20.00
  79. DNA, Replications and Transcription Set

    From K'Nex comes this great set that demonstrates the structure and processes of DNA and mRNA molecules. 521 K'Nex Rods and Connectors and a 24 page full color building instruction booklet show you how to build 7 DNA and mRNA molecules. This flexible set is perfect for learning and discovery about the building blocks of life.

    Ages: 8 - 13
    Price: $57.88
  80. Bug World Collection

    Get a close-up look at 10 real specimens with this set from Uncle Milton! Each specimen is preserved in clear resin, so kids can check them out from every angle — with the naked eye or using the included magnifier. An information booklet provides kids with lots of facts about bugs. It's perfect for the budding entomologist!

    Ages: 3 - 8
    Price: $24.88
  81. Your Body Layer Puzzle

    The Your Body Layer Puzzle is a 5-layer puzzle that teaches children about their own body. 29 Pieces help to complete layers representing the nervous system, the digestive system, the muscular system, the skin and the clothed body. Not only does this improve fine motor control, but it helps your Mighty Girl understand just how her body works!

    Ages: 3 - 7
    Price: $24.54
  82. Magic Penny Magnet Kit

    You can make these Magic Pennies stack, build, and soar in all sorts of astounding ways -- thanks to the power of magnetism! This best-selling toy has been updated in recent years to provide even more activities for kids to explore. As they build, kids can learn about shapes, orientation, planes, symmetry, and more -- plus, of course, magnetism. 32 pennies, 2 magnet blocks, and a little imagination can create some amazing things!

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $22.09
  83. GeoSafari Constellation and Solar System Explorer

    You can explore the night sky any time with this amazing space projector from Educational Insights! View all twelve Zodiac constellations in three different modes, or view all eight planets, the sun and moon, and the Big and Little Dippers quickly and easily. An included explorer guidebook provides additional fun information about these celestial sights.

    Ages: 6 - 9
    Price: $16.99
83 items