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Learning Toys

Toys are great for teaching kids! Tell stories, manage your money, or learn about the world -- these fun educational toys will open her eyes to a world of possibilities. For more great options, check out our collections of Reading / Literacy Toys, Life Skills Toys, and Geography Toys. For gifts for science- and math-loving Mighty Girls, check out our Science Toy Picks or our full selection of STEM Toys.
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  1. Tiny Polka Dot: Number-Loving Fun!

    The creators of Prime Climb turn their expertise in teaching math to younger learners with Tiny Polka Dot! This box from Math for Love contains components for sixteen different games. They're all easy to learn and playful, but as kids grow, the level of complexity does, too. Kids will start with simple number recognition and counting and move their way up to arithmetic and logic skills. It's a little box with lots of math love inside!

    Ages: 3 - 8
    Price: $14.65
  2. Personal Library Kit

    For a book lover, is there any greater pleasure than a pristine library? But if your friends use your bookshelves as a lending library, you'll want to be able to keep track of your treasures! With this kit, you can use old-fashioned library circulation techniques — including date-stamped checkout cards — to keep track of the books that you let out of your sight. Everything comes in a beautiful keepsake box that's perfect for a bibliophile.

    Ages: 6 and up
    Price: $15.55
  3. Our World Floor Puzzle

    Explore the world with this world map floor puzzle from Petit Collage that offers plenty of things to spot when it's done! This 24-piece puzzle is made from recycled cardboard dyed with vegetable inks, and the pieces are sturdy and chunky enough to make it easy for preschoolers to put together. When they're done, they can spot world animals, continents, oceans, and more. The whole thing comes packed in a handy box with a cotton rope handle.

    Ages: 3 - 5
    Price: $21.33
  4. Rock 'n Gem Counting Surprise

    What's inside these rocks from Learning Resources? Gorgeous "gems" to count, match, and study! Each of the 8 reusable plastic rocks in this set cracks open to reveal a gem in one of 8 colors and 4 shapes. Use your play hammer and chisel to open them up, then see how you can mix and match the gems. Which gem goes in each rock? Which shapes match up? When you're done, everything stores inside a convenient carry bag.

    Ages: 3 and up
    Price: $19.99
  5. LED Light-Up Constellation Globe

    Discover the inner explorer in you with this 3-in-1 interactive illuminated globe for kids from USA Toyz. This 9" diameter globe offers a detailed image of Earth's geography, including countries, capital cities, oceans and seas, and other major landmarks. Then, turn on the LED stars to see 88 constellations, individual stars, and navigation lines! Kids will get a unique new perspective on our planet and night sky with this glowing globe.

    Ages: 3 and up
    Price: $36.65
  6. Seek-A-Boo: The Seek and Find Memory Game

    With Seek-A-Boo from MindWare, kids will build their vocabulary and memory skills while hunting through the SEEK ME circles! Lay out the SEEK ME circles, then choose FIND ME cards and see if you can track down something that matches. At first, you'll be looking for an exact match, but other game variants get kids to match by category: "the apple is red; can you find something else that is red?" Six color-coded card categories highlight food, toys, clothing, colors and shapes, things found outdoors, and animals.

    Ages: 18 months - 5 years
    Price: $19.95
  7. Moonjar Classic Moneybox: Save, Spend, Share

    Even little kids can learn basic money skills with the Moonjar Moneybox! Moonjar moneyboxes are divided into three separate compartments: Spend, Save, and Share. This division is a great way to teach children about the benefits of saving money for a special purpose versus spending it immediately. It also provides an easy way to make charitable giving a part of your child's life. For another divided piggy bank, check out the Smart Piggy Trio Bank for ages 4 and up, which includes three separate ledgers for tracking funds.

    Ages: 3 and up
    Price: $18.99
  8. I Never Forget a Face! Memory Game

    This matching game from eeBoo is a wonderful way to develop an appreciation of diversity around the world while enhancing memory skills. The smiling faces of 24 children from countries all over the world are fun — and sometimes challenging — to match in this memory game. The back cover shows each child and identifies their home country, to inspire kids to learn more about the varied cultures and nations of our planet.

    Ages: 3 - 9
    Price: $15.99
  9. Prime Climb

    Prime Climb is a beautiful, colorful, mathematical board game for 2 to 4 players! Roll the dice and add, subtract, multiply and divide your way to the center of the board, picking up Prime cards and bumping your opponents back to start as you go. The first person to get both pawns to space 101 wins! This brilliantly designed game is the perfect way to help solidify math concepts while making learning fun for kids and adults alike.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $28.40
  10. Stanley Jr. Tool Set

    This is a real tool set that's perfect for budding builders! This tool set from Stanley Jr. looks and feels just like Mom or Dad's tools — and they're build to last like them, too. The only difference is that they're scaled down to fit a child's hands. Included are a hammer, No. 1 and No. 2 Phillips screwdrivers, a tape measure, and safety goggles. And to give her an easy first building project, check out the Stanley Jr. Toolbox Building Kit.

    Ages: 5 - 10
    Price: $35.99
  11. IlluStory Create Your Own Book Kit

    Imagine your child's face when she or he sees their own story and drawings made into a full-color, professionally typeset, 7 x 9 hardbound book! Your child writes and illustrates their story using the materials supplied in the kit, which are then mailed in (in the pre-paid envelope provided) for publication. You'll soon receive a beautiful hardcover book, complete with an about the author page for your proud storyteller! (Please note: completed books can only ship within the US.)

    Ages: 5 - 10
    Price: $19.50
  12. Osmo Genius Kit for iPads

    Osmo is a unique learning system that allows kids to combine tablet time with actual hand-held pieces, letting kids interact with the app through tactile play. Attach the Osmo base to your tablet and start exploring the included apps and toys, which encourage creative thinking in math, wordplay, art, and problem solving. It's truly the best of both worlds! This version of Osmo works with iPads; there is also an Osmo Genius Kit for Fire Tablets.

    Ages: 6 - 10
    Price: $99.99
  13. Laugh & Learn Count & Rumble Piggy Bank

    There's so much to learn with this piggy bank from Fisher-Price! 10 colorful coins can be dropped in the slot of this cheerful pig as it counts along, building counting and color recognition skills, while sing-along songs, educational phrases, and sound effects teach additional concepts. Press the piggy's snout to hear music and start rumbling, bumbling action. All kids love put-and-take play, so it's a natural for creating an entertaining learning toy!

    Ages: 0 - 3
    Price: $19.88
  14. The Earth: Globe 3D Puzzle

    Explore the globe — in puzzle form — with this 3D globe puzzle from Ravensburger. This beautifully detailed puzzle is made of curved, sturdy plastic pieces that fit together snugly to form a perfectly smooth surface, no glue required! 540 puzzle pieces snap together to create an 8.7" diameter globe, and the set includes a plastic display stand, metal display stand, reference map, and instructions.

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $34.66
  15. Tell Me a Story - Fairy Tale Mix-Up Cards

    Kids can create their own fairy tales with eeBoo's Tell Me a Story - Fairy Tale Mix-up Cards! A mixture of delightful fairy tale characters, locations and objects, it can be easily organized and reorganized to form a variety of stories. With colorful stickers and beautiful images, this set of 36 sturdy, laminated story cards encourages imagination. And if fairy tales aren't her thing, check out the rest of the Tell Me A Story series.

    Ages: 3 - 7
    Price: $13.95
  16. Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller

    Give babies and toddlers their own controller — one that teaches important skills and encourages hands-on activities! The Laugh & Learn video game controller from Fisher-Price offers two game modes, one for learning and one for play. Kids can move the joystick and press ABCD and number buttons to trigger songs, sounds, and phrases introducing numbers, shapes, colors, and more. A clicker disc and switch on the shoulder buttons provide even more fine motor practice!

    Ages: 6 months - 3
    Price: $9.29
  17. myStorymaker Interactive Storytelling Toy

    Kids can create their own stories with this unique toy from Mirari! On this wood-topped tablet, you'll see a selection of colorful icons that children can press to build a story. They'll pick a hero, choose the hero's adventure, and decide on a happy ending; sections light up as they go to guide them through the process. Then, press the Mirari logo button and the narrator will tell the story they created. Parents can even record the child's name so that the narrator announces them as the author. With over 100 different stories to create, this is sure to delight budding storytellers!

    Ages: 1 - 4
    Price: $17.99
  18. ABC Party Cupcake Toppers

    This set from Learning Resources is a delicious way to explore the alphabet! Six pretend cupcakes come with 52 letter and picture toppers. Kids can learn the alphabet, explore letter sounds, practice spelling, and more! The flexible pieces, with both upper and lower case letters included, support open-ended play. Best of all, when playtime is done, you can stash all the toppers inside the cupcake bases for easy storage.

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $19.99
  19. VTech Mix and Match-A-Saurus

    VTech's Mix and Match-A-Saurus gets kids experimenting with combinations of emotions, dances, and characters! There are three sets of tiles that come with this dino: emotions (happy, angry, and sleepy), music (hip hop, march, ballet), and character (dinosaur, robot, monster.) Pick three and put them on Dino's back to see him act out the combination! Parents will particularly love how the emotion tiles encourage kids to understand their feelings; Angry Dino stomps, but might also say "let's practice calming down."

    Ages: 2 - 5
    Price: $29.82
  20. Create Your Own 3 Little Books

    Kids are born storytellers, and now they can show off their stories with this bitty book kit from Faber-Castell's Creativity for Kids line. Three blank 12-page, hardcover Bitty Books are ready for your child's special touches, which they can add with the included mini markers, bookplates, and color-in stickers. Then, tuck them into a customized book holder for your very own collected works!

    Ages: 5 - 9
    Price: $10.00
  21. Super Sorting Pie

    This fruity pie teaches early number skills and attributes (colors and fruit shapes). Place the sorting cards into the bottom of the pan to provide visual cues that support student success. The top crust becomes a bowl to conveniently hold counters, and jumbo tweezers reinforce fine motor skills. 7 fruits in 5 different colors mean kids can build something delicious, all while learning great skills!

    Ages: 3 - 7
    Price: $18.46
  22. LeapBuilders ABC Smart House

    With the LeapBuilders ABC Smart House, kids can build and learn with the first-ever talking building blocks! In this set from LeapFrog, kids get 60 easy-to-hold building pieces, including two play people, to build their house. If you add the smart Star Unit, that's when your house comes alive! Slide one of the twenty smart blocks into the Star Area and you'll get to learn letter names, sounds, colors, and shapes. Answer questions or play music for even more learning fun! This set is compatible with other LeapBuilders sets, like the Food Fun Family Farm set, for truly enormous smart builds.

    Ages: 2 - 5
    Price: $33.22
  23. Osmo Little Genius Kit

    Even little kids can play with Osmo with this Little Genius Kit! This starter kit for preschoolers includes everything you need to play: the Osmo base, four learning apps, and a variety of accessories that let kids practice letter formation, create pictures, take care of a character, or tell a story, including silicone sticks and rings and cardboard costume pieces. It's sure to offer hours of learning fun!

    Ages: 3 - 5
    Price: $79.99
  24. Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet

    This full-featured tablet is perfectly tailored for kids! The new Fire HD 10 has a 10.1” 1080p full HD display and a faster processor than previous models. It comes with 32 GB of internal storage and a battery that provides up to a 12-hour charge life. A 2-year worry-free guarantee ensures you're covered for accidental damage. Plus you get a one-year membership to the FreeTime Unlimited subscription service, with over 15,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games for kids aged 3 to 12.

    Ages: 3 - 12
    Price: $199.99
  25. Glow & Groove Rockit

    Snuggle and learn with Fisher-Price's Glow & Groove Rockit! This cuddly plush has a belly full of learning fun. Press on his belly button and you'll trigger "dancing" lights, sing-along songs, and learning phrases that teach numbers, letters, shapes, and more. Rockit's glowing face provides a little light and reassurance on the go, too. It's a perfect musical friend to bring along anywhere you want to keep your baby's brain busy!

    Ages: 6 months - 3 years
    Price: $16.99
  26. Zoo on the Loose Color Matching Game

    The cuddly stuffed animals in this game from MindWare provide the foundation for color-matching play! Kids practice putting the animals in different places depending on the cues on game cards — along the way, learning memory skills and positional vocabulary like "on", "under", and "behind." But when a zookeeper card pops up, they have to get back home as fast as they can! Two ways to play, one using an included play mat and one using the whole room, keep this game interesting and fun!

    Ages: 4 - 8
    Price: $29.95
  27. Latches and Doors Busy Board

    Keep little hands busy exploring the latches and doors on this toy from VTech! Each door on this board opens in a slightly different way, so kids can practice sliding, pressing, twisting, and unlocking — and peek at what's inside! They'll spot a family, pets, and even a birthday celebration. Plus, colorful buttons play the Alphabet song, a number song, and a playful song about the house. With a built-in handle for on-the-go play, this busy board is sure to keep her happy for hours!

    Ages: 1 - 3
    Price: $20.24
  28. Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register

    This cash register playset from Learning Resources adds some real math fun to pretend play — the cash register is a working calculator! Total up amounts with the solar-powered calculator, then take bills and make change with the included play bills and coins. And for the modern shop, there's even a pretend credit card!

    Ages: 3 - 8
    Price: $24.19
  29. Chomp and Count Dino

    Chomp, chomp — the Chomp and Count Dino from VTech is here and ready to eat some healthy treats! Feed your Dino eight different healthy snacks and get a different response to each one — or, turn on learning mode, and see if you can figure out the clues and pick the right snack. Buttons trigger sounds and phrases about shapes, numbers, and more, or spin the wheel to get some music! There are over 150 different responses for your Mighty Girl to discover as she plays.

    Ages: 1 - 3
    Price: $17.09
  30. Green Toys Shape Sorter

    Put an eco-friendly spin on the classic shape sorter toy with this version from Green Toys! The eight colorful and lightweight shapes are easy to handle, with no rough or sharp edges, and the box has a unique design that allows it to be used closed or opened flat on the floor. Parents will love that it's made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic — and it's even dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

    Ages: 6 months - 3
    Price: $14.95
  31. Rory's Story Cubes Bundle

    Rory's Story Cubes are a pocket-sized creative story generator that are fun for all ages — and now, you can get the full set of story cubes in one bundle, allowing you to prompt endless tales of adventure, daring, mystery, and more. This bundle includes four sets of cubes — Original, Actions, Voyages, and Fantasia, plus three mini sets of MIX Story Cubes (Clues, Enchanted, and Prehistoria), allowing you to create literally millions of stories — imagined by you!

    Ages: 6 and up
    Price: $61.95
  32. Trekking the National Parks: The Board Game

    Grab your walking stick, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare to explore the nation's natural wonders with this board game from Underdog Games! As 2 to 5 players race across the country, they collect trail stones and compete to claim Park Cards, each of which includes an interesting fact and a gorgeous photo of the park. Each game begins with a unique setup, ensuring endless replayability. By the time you've played it a few times, you'll be itching to get out there and explore the real thing!

    Ages: 10 and up
    Price: $50.00
  33. Zingo Word Builder Game

    Zingo from ThinkFun is a fast-paced game for beginning readers! Slide the Zinger machine forward to reveal two letters, and snag the one that will complete a word on your card. There are two levels of play, one for beginner readers and one for more experienced ones. With six double-sided Zingo cards of three-letter words to complete, up to 6 players can join in. It's a clever and fun way to teach spelling, word recognition, and vocabulary.

    Ages: 6 - 8
    Price: $19.99
  34. Inchimals

    Inchimals is a set of 12 beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed wooden blocks which measure from 1" in height (the tiny ladybug) to the 12 " tall towering giraffe. Children learn math and have fun at the same time by combining the Inchimal blocks with the 100 write-on and wipe-off math puzzles. Kids explore counting, number value and recognition, scale, fine motor skills, language, and imagination.

    Ages: 3 - 7
    Price: $45.27
  35. Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set

    Get stamping with this beautiful alphabet stamp set from Melissa and Doug! 56 block stamps contain the upper and lower case letters, as well as punctuation marks. The 1/2" tall letters are perfect for projects and crafts, and still easy for small hands to use. A four-color stamp set with washable ink is also included.

    Ages: 3 - 12
    Price: $16.98
  36. Counting Caterpillar

    Have some colorful counting fun with this caterpillar from Melissa and Doug! This cheerful character encourages number and color recognition as kids put the caterpillar together in number order. Then, as they get more confident, kids can also experiment with simple math -- and, of course, let their imagination soar as they incorporate the caterpillar into their pretend play games. This simple toy is sure to become a favorite.

    Ages: 2 - 6
    Price: $13.49
  37. Sequence Letters Learning Game

    This alphabet-themed version of the game Sequence is a great way to help kids build letter recognition skills. Players identify the letter on their card and match it to an image on the board that starts with that letter's sound. Succeed and put a chip on the board -- but choose carefully! Your ultimate goal is to get a sequence of five cards in a row, so you'll have to be strategic to win.

    Ages: 4 - 7
    Price: $15.99
  38. Eric Carle Stacking / Nesting Blocks

    Little fans of Eric Carle will love playing with these stacking and nesting paperboard blocks that feature artwork from all their favorite books! Each block has a unique character, number, color, letter, and shape, and since they're open at the bottom kids can either stack them into a tower or nest them inside one another — which also makes storing them a breeze.

    Ages: 1 - 4
    Price: $17.71
  39. Passport to Culture: The World Culture Game

    What should you do before entering a home in Mali: a) whistle, b) knock on the door or c) clap your hands? You'll answer questions like this as you travel the continents, collecting passports as you go. Entertaining questions about people, places, food and drink, gestures, customs and traditions make this a whole new way to take a globe-trotting adventure.

    Ages: 8 and up
    Price: $29.99
  40. Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle

    Learn animals and the alphabet in this beautiful rubberwood puzzle! Each unique animal interlocks with the ones before and after it to teach the sequence of letters. The pieces feature upper case letters on one side and lower case on the other, so kids can practice both. Parents will love the sustainable materials and non-toxic finishes, while kids will love the bright, inspiring animal pieces.

    Ages: 4 - 8
    Price: $33.40
  41. LeapFrog Number Lovin' Oven

    Discover the perfect recipe for number learning fun with this play oven from LeapFrog! Little ones can move the number slider to learn about time and temperature, cut food into 2, 3 or 4 equal pieces to build math skills, and press the chef's hat to count and sing along to lively songs. Plus, 16 fun ingredients provide plenty of pretend-play fun for would-be bakers. Learning can be delicious!

    Ages: 2 - 5
    Price: $17.38
  42. Butterfly Alphabet Puzzle

    Learning the alphabet has never been so beautiful! BeginAgain's butterfly alphabet puzzle has 26 pieces, each with an uppercase letter on one side and a lowercase letter on the other. Kids will enjoy the bright colors and unique shapes of these pieces. And the most beautiful part of BeginAgain toys is their environmentally-conscious construction: all of their toys are made from plantation-grown rubberwood and finished with non-toxic dyes.

    Ages: 3 - 5
    Price: $24.99
  43. Think & Learn Rocktopus

    Get ready to rock and learn with this musical octopus from Fisher Price! The Rocktopus comes with 15 different musical instruments that kids can add or remove, changing the sound quality until it's just right for their creation. Kids can experiment with patterning in the Math play mode, play a musical game in Game mode, or compose their own masterpiece in Music mode. Then, download the free Rocktopus app so your little maestro can create their own music video!

    Ages: 3 - 6
    Price: $30.69
  44. Alphabet Abacus

    Give the abacus a new twist with this alphabet version from Hape! The wooden pieces feature letters and numerals on one side, and words on the other. All of the pieces feature bright, colorful images to make them appealing to explore. Plus, parents will love that it's made from FSC certified maple, rubberwood, and Baltic birch and finished with child-safe inks and paints.

    Ages: 18 months - 5 years
    Price: $19.97
  45. Learn and Groove Musical Mat

    Kids can have jumbo-sized active learning fun with this mat from LeapFrog! As kid jump on the mat in Explore mode, they'll discover numbers, animals and instrument names; switch to Music mode and each step brings an instrument to life. Finally, Game mode challenges kids to fly, waddle, and more to reach specific numbers. This 4-foot long mat is perfect for combining active play with learning time for busy toddlers and preschoolers!

    Ages: 2 - 4
    Price: $29.99
  46. Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

    Learn about shape recognition and telling time all in one with this colorful, fun clock from Melissa and Doug! Put the number shapes into the correct slots, then move the clock's hour and minute hands and challenge yourself to identify the correct time. With more complex shapes like octagons and trapezoids, lining up the numbers gets more complicated, sneakily reinforcing number recognition as well.

    Ages: 2 - 5
    Price: $12.99
  47. Pocket Hugg-A-Planet Earth and Moon

    Give the planet a hug with the award winning Pocket Hugg-A-Planet Earth! This soft fabric globe features detailed artwork of the Earth, complete with over 600 labeled places. On one side you'll find a deep Velcro pocket, and inside is a smaller Moon globe, with labeled craters, lunar landing sites, and more. It's soft and cuddly enough as a pillow, but it's also a great way to introduce facts about geography, orbits, and more.

    Ages: 1 and up
    Price: Out of Stock
  48. The Scrambled States of America Game

    Match US states to Scramble cards in this fast-paced game of observation and quick reflexes! You can match states by color, ABC order, capitals, nicknames, and more. You can also "Go the Distance" by finding a state's closest neighbor. It's a great way to incorporate a little geography into gaming fun!

    Ages: 8 - 12
    Price: Out of Stock
  49. 16-Piece Cupcake and Decorating Kit

    Who's up for cupcakes? With this 16-piece set from Curious Chef, kids can imagine themselves decorating at a bakery — or bake for real, since these are also suitable as real kitchen tools! In addition to the tools necessary to bake and decorate cupcakes, the set also includes a sticker sheet and shopping menu. Plus, budding chefs will love the easy clean-up — it's all dishwasher safe.

    Ages: 5 and up
    Price: Out of Stock
  50. USA Color Chart

    What's the capital of Alaska? How about the state bird of Maine? Learning about the United States is interactive and fun with this fold-out coloring map. This kit features state facts, brainteasers and picture hunt that help kids develop a deeper understanding of the states within our nation. Includes a 40" x 28" fold-out U.S. map, activity booklet and 12 markers.

    Ages: 6 - 12
    Price: Out of Stock
50 items