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Keep Merida Brave

Community Quotes

Quotes from A Mighty Girl's petition to Keep Merida Brave

"I can not stand to think that the imperfections that she had, the same ones that all girls have and go through and come to terms with, is something that should be done away with. I want a little firecracker princess who isn't a fainting lilly. I want my archer girl, with her messy hair and gangly appearance so I can show my daughter that she CAN." - Janie I., Richmond Hill, Canada

"Brave was a step in the right direction towards a more complete spectrum of portraying women in children's media. I do not see a reason to make a great character more generic. Especially not one whose story was one of choosing for your own way." - Robin H, Umea, Sweden

"In a world where too much emphasis is placed on one's ability to look a certain way, it was lovely to have a heroine who was an average-looking, but intelligent being. Merida made sure that everyone knew brains were just as important as beauty, and to give her a make-over goes against everything her character stood for." - Rae C, Bellingham, WA

"The homogenization of the Princess collective over the last several years dilutes the brand rather than strengthening it. The characters have basically become interchangeable, stripped of all their individuality. Is that really the message we want young girls to absorb?" - Bonnie C., Littleton, CO

"There's no need to sexualize a strong, young, active role model. Instead of making Merida fit the princess model, maybe Disney should change the princess model to fit girls like Merida." - Jessica B., St. Paul, MN

"Merida is a beautiful representation of a different type of beauty - natural, real and relatable. If you change Merida's appearance, you are destroying the values of true beauty and objectifying a strong woman." - Colleen, M., Columbus, OH

"As the father of West Point graduates who are still on active duty, we need more role models who take a non-traditional path to life. Let little girls dream big dirty, sweaty dreams that make THEM happy, even if they need a bath afterwards. Keep Merida Brave!!!" - Donald R., Batavia, IL

Quotes from around the web

ad_civita, 5/9/13

"This isn't about moms. It isn't about little girls. And it isn't about getting knickers in a twist over nothing.

"I'm a dad of two boys, and my three year old son's first long film (in a tv-free household, mind you) was Brave. He was riveted. Everywhere he sees Merida's face, he gets excited about "That Princess who chased the bear!"

He doesn't care that she's a princess. He likes her because she is his first movie hero.

I want my boys to see women as strong and heroic. He wouldn't recognize her as his hero in this redesign (nor does he recognize the older Dora later in the slideshow). Moreover, when I tried to show him Tangled, with a somewhat more spunky traditional Disney Princess, he couldn't follow it. Left him cold. Just too princessy, and not at all the action hero that Merida was. Pixar got it. Disney didn't. End of story.

In the world of preschool media, there's basically Merida and occasional glimpses of Wonder Woman. That's it for heroes who are girls. Can we raise the bar higher, please?"

Jessica, 5/09/13

"I am very disappointed in Disney. I am a personal lover of the disney films since I was a little girl. The moment Brave came out, I wanted me and my girls to see the movie. I loved that she was not the “traditional” princess that Disney generally came out with. My daughter just had a birthday and wanted everything Brave and something I did realize it that they definitely made her a little different from the way she was in the movie. I can grant you (Disney) that if when we went to get her those things, if they looked anything like the “remake” above she would have not wanted it and would have said, “This is not Brave”! She would know giving that it is her favorite movie!!!! I am really disappointed Disney!"

Milania's Mommy, 5/09/13

"It’s funny you mentioned this I bought a Brave Barbie for my 2 year old for Easter in March because my daughter adores Brave and when I looked at the cover of the movie and the doll they looked like 2 different girls. The Barbie has pretty red curly hair and a crown the doll also came with a brush to keep her “unruly” red hair nice and pretty. I also wondered why she was wearing a blue dress instead of the green dress she wears through out the movie. It was pretty disappointing the Barbie is just another pretty doll not the real tomboyish girl from the movie and Disney should be ashamed. I think this is why so many girls are self conscious because society says if you don’t look a certain way you’re ugly. It’s pathetic."

Carlotta79, 05/11/13

"Imagine what little girls who recognize the before and after images of Merida are thinking, but maybe not able to articulate? I'm so angry that no one at Disney - especially no women - stopped this"

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