Long Way North

Long Way North is set in late-19th century Saint Petersburg. Sacha, a young girl from the Russian aristocracy, has always been fascinated by the exciting life of her grandfather, Oloukine, a renowned scientist and Arctic explorer who has yet to return from his latest expedition to conquer the North Pole. But Sacha's parents, who have already made arrangements for her marriage, strongly disapprove of her fascination, to say the least.

Defying her parents' wishes, Sacha flees her home and launches an adventure-filled quest toward the Great North in search of Oloukine and his ship.

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Media Type Movie
Recommended Age 7 and up
Actors Chloe Dunn
Director Remi Chaye
Running Time 81 minutes
Studio Shout! Factory
Release Date Jan 17, 2017
Language English