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A Mighty Girl's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

About the Holiday Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Note: This is the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. You can also view our new 2013 Holiday Gift Guide which has over 200 fantastic, girl empowering gifts for girls divided sortable by age and by ten different categories.
View the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide >>

To make your holiday gift buying a little easier this year and help you learn more about our recently released toy collection, we are pleased to present A Mighty Girl’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. In this gift guide, you’ll find a list of the top ten favorite girl-empowering toys of each member of A Mighty Girl’s toy team, the group responsible for researching and carefully selecting the 2,000 toys featured in our toy section.

Our toy collection was the culmination of a three month long research project by one of A Mighty Girl’s co-founders and a team of our fantastic interns. Given the time and energy the toy team devoted to this project, we have become intimately familiar with the wide range of girl empowering toys and each of us has our personal favorites.

This guide gives us an opportunity to share these favorites with you. We’ve also included a short bio about each toy team member so you can learn a bit about each of them and their personal toy preferences.

We hope that you enjoy our holiday guide spotlighting fifty of our favorite toys on A Mighty Girl. If you’d like to browse the entire toy collection, you can visit it here or mouse over the “Toys” button on our main menu bar to view our complete toy directory. And, if you are new to A Mighty Girl, be sure to check out our Wishlist feature which we've recently made shareable to further simply your holiday gift giving. Finally, we've also recently added a new special feature on "Small But Mighty" Stocking Stuffers with 250 girl-empowering stocking stuffers.

And, please remember that if you use the 'Buy from Amazon' link found on every A Mighty Girl product page to purchase your gifts, at no added cost to you, the site receives a small commission from the sale which allows us to maintain and expand our selection of girl-empowering books, toys, and other resources. Thank you for your support!

Now we’d like to introduce you to A Mighty Girl’s Toy Team!


Hi, I’m Carolyn and I’m the co-founder of A Mighty Girl, along with my husband Aaron. After years of seeking out empowering and inspirational books for our four young nieces, we decided to create A Mighty Girl as a resource site to help others equally interested in supporting and celebrating girls. I’m very excited about the recent addition of toys to the site and have shared a few of my favorites from our collection of over 2,000 girl-empowering toys here.


Hi! My name is Jen, and along with my work on A Mighty Girl, I'm a stay-at-home mama to my own 8-year-old Mighty Girl. Our family enjoys group activities, like family game nights, and toys that encourage exploration and creativity. My daughter also really likes to get outside and move, which helped a lot as I worked on the Outdoor Toys section! Some of my favorite toy selections are listed here.


Hi, I'm Katherine! You've seen my work before on A Mighty Girl if you've browsed the music section -- as a former orchestral performer, I was very excited to help Carolyn put together music that empowers girls. I have two children, Ben, who's 3 1/2, and Alicia, who's 22 months. Helping out with the toy section was great fun for me, since my kids are just starting to get into the big wide world imaginary play! Here are my top 10 favourite toys featured on the site, in no particular order.


Hello! A Mighty Girl intern Lili here: geologist by training, former museum educator, sometime writer, and always equality advocate. When I’m not scouring the internet for A Mighty Girl-worthy content, I’m a home-schooling mama to three fabulous kiddos. My nine year-old is a sports, mythology, and math fanatic; my six year-old knows more about knights, airplanes, and Mo Willems’ books than I ever will; and my three year-old combines the love of all things sparkly with all things reptilian like no other. While they each have their own passions and affinities, they all contributed to my top toy selections.


Hi there! I'm Liz, an A Mighty Girl intern and mother to a audacious and creative 3 year old girl. I have a degree in Literature and Philosophy yet somehow ended up working with engineers -- hence the love for poetry and building you'll see in my top picks. I'm a big advocate of open-ended play, the kind that allows children space to imagine, create, explore, and play however they want to. My daughter and I love taking trips to the library, making art projects, cooking (and sometimes cleaning, when I'm lucky), and exploring the amazing Pacific NW, which we are happy to call home.