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2014 Mighty Girl Books: A Year in Review

A Mighty Girl special feature highlighting the top 2014 girl-empowering books for children and teens. From adventure stories to graphic novels, fantasy to historical fiction, these incredible new releases -- all starring Mighty Girl protagonists -- will delight all readers who enjoy stories about smart, confident, and courageous girls and women!
1–36 of 211 items
  1. Ms. Marvel Volume 1 - No Normal Ms. Marvel Volume 1 - No Normal
    $14.49 C$17.99 A$29.63 £11.50
  2. Ida M. Tarbell: The Woman Who Challenged Big Business - And Won! Ida M. Tarbell: The Woman Who Challenged Big Business - And Won!
    $14.07 C$26.33 A$55.33 £15.99
  3. Sea Turtle Scientist Sea Turtle Scientist
    $18.99 C$26.99 A$43.89 £20.17
  4. Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny
    $6.99 C$8.99 A$22.87 £6.99
  5. The Hula-Hoopin' Queen The Hula-Hoopin' Queen
    $9.50 C$17.83 A$27.71
  6. How Does My Garden Grow? How Does My Garden Grow?
    $16.97 C$26.19 A$22.71
  7. Mumbet's Declaration of Independence Mumbet's Declaration of Independence
    $18.76 C$5.41 A$48.41 £32.84
  8. Running Out Of Night Running Out Of Night
    $8.99 C$15.61 A$17.99 £7.99
  9. In My Heart: A Book of Feelings In My Heart: A Book of Feelings
    $9.92 C$21.95 A$12.00 £11.99
  10. Ruin and Rising Ruin and Rising
    $8.24 C$12.99 A$25.56
  11. Heir of Fire Heir of Fire
    $12.89 C$25.00 A$21.84
  12. The Worst Witch Strikes Again The Worst Witch Strikes Again
    $6.89 C$11.76 A$22.54 £10.53
  13. A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch
    $5.99 C$12.16 A$18.99
  14. Everything Leads To You Everything Leads To You
    $8.24 C$12.28 A$22.77 £17.10
  15. Flora and the Penguin Flora and the Penguin
    $9.39 C$23.85 A$27.99 £14.15
  16. Quest Quest
    $10.92 C$22.96 A$27.99
  17. Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky
    $8.39 C$7.94 A$27.25 £15.59
  18. Positive: A Memoir Positive: A Memoir
    $15.97 C$19.07 A$25.64 £20.11
  19. Dust of Eden Dust of Eden
    $10.83 C$11.98 A$24.78 £6.84
  20. Who Is Gloria Steinem? Who Is Gloria Steinem?
    $5.99 C$7.99 A$19.70
  21. A Dog Called Homeless A Dog Called Homeless
    $7.99 C$9.91 A$24.89 £7.35
  22. When I Grow Up: Sonia Sotomayor When I Grow Up: Sonia Sotomayor
    $3.99 C$4.99 A$14.26 £11.50
  23. Counting With / Contando Con Frida Counting With / Contando Con Frida
    $6.18 C$14.99 A$14.99 £6.99
  24. The Year of the Baby The Year of the Baby
    $6.99 C$8.50 A$23.71
  25. Not Every Princess Not Every Princess
    $14.39 C$21.59 A$21.98 £12.69
  26. A New Beginning (Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger #1) A New Beginning (Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger #1)
    $8.99 C$13.99 A$29.74 £16.27
  27. Everblaze: Keeper of the Lost Cities (3) Everblaze: Keeper of the Lost Cities (3)
    $8.49 C$12.99 A$30.30 £3.25
  28. Who Is Dolly Parton? Who Is Dolly Parton?
    $3.49 C$7.99 A$12.99 £6.60
  29. I Am Malala Young Readers' Edition I Am Malala Young Readers' Edition
    $6.99 C$13.99 A$15.39 £8.07
  30. Women Heroes of World War I: 16 Remarkable Resisters, Soldiers, Spies, and Medics Women Heroes of World War I: 16 Remarkable Resisters, Soldiers, Spies, and Medics
    $12.21 C$16.89 A$35.80 £9.70
  31. Brown Girl Dreaming Brown Girl Dreaming
    $6.49 C$13.27 A$25.89 £5.69
  32. The Princess in Black The Princess in Black
    $6.04 C$9.50 A$9.99 £6.50
  33. The Categorical Universe of Candice Phee The Categorical Universe of Candice Phee
    $19.98 C$10.49 A$39.77
  34. I Am Amelia Earhart I Am Amelia Earhart
    $9.94 C$18.76 A$32.72 £11.99
  35. Uni the Unicorn Uni the Unicorn
    $9.99 C$21.00 A$33.80 £17.85
  36. Julia's House for Lost Creatures Julia's House for Lost Creatures
    $15.39 C$25.46 A$36.95 £19.03
1–36 of 211 items