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"Small But Mighty" Stocking Stuffers

The “Small but Mighty” Stocking Stuffer collection is perfect for those times when you want to get the Mighty Girl in your life just a small special present. The majority of the toys listed are small enough to fit in a stocking and all are affordably priced. For girl-empowering toys of all varieties, visit our Holiday Gift Guide.

To make your holiday shopping easier, we feature a site wishlist that makes it simple to track and share your holiday wishlist. And, by using the "Buy from Amazon" links on every product page, you help support A Mighty Girl and our girl empowerment mission at no added cost to you. Happy holidays!

181–216 of 275 items
  1. Wonder Woman Bib with Cape Wonder Woman Bib with Cape
    $10.95 C$13.22 A$30.95
  2. Rawr-ler Rink Knee Socks Rawr-ler Rink Knee Socks
    $15.00 C$37.25 A$19.95 £21.32
  3. Egg Music Shakers Egg Music Shakers
    $9.99 A$35.54
  4. Charlotte's Web Children's T-Shirt Charlotte's Web Children's T-Shirt
  5. 8x21 Kids' Binoculars 8x21 Kids' Binoculars
    $19.99 C$60.96 A$31.56
  6. Constellation Knee Socks Constellation Knee Socks
    $15.00 C$40.99 A$30.63 £33.03
  7. Funko POP Sabrina with Salem Funko POP Sabrina with Salem
    $14.23 C$25.99 A$21.99 £17.95
  8. The Supremes Women Justices Shirt The Supremes Women Justices Shirt
  9. Spanish Flash Cards Spanish Flash Cards
    $11.00 C$36.80 A$23.99
  10. Sloth Knee Socks Sloth Knee Socks
    $15.00 C$48.94 A$38.80 £31.93
  11. Funko Wobblers Rey Funko Wobblers Rey
    $13.90 C$35.71 A$45.03 £12.99
  12. Bo Peep (Toy Story) Action Figure Bo Peep (Toy Story) Action Figure
    C$57.09 £33.18
  13. Starry Night Knee Socks Starry Night Knee Socks
    $15.00 C$50.60 A$38.80 £9.99
  14. Rat-a-Tat-Cat Rat-a-Tat-Cat
    $12.98 C$14.93 A$23.98 £13.99
  15. Kanoodle Kanoodle
    $9.99 C$23.96 A$24.99 £12.50
  16. Metallic Colored Pencils Metallic Colored Pencils
    $17.77 C$14.99 A$43.89
  17. Rosie the Riveter Crew Socks Rosie the Riveter Crew Socks
    $13.00 C$33.91
  18. Flash! The Lightning Fast Game Flash! The Lightning Fast Game
    $12.60 A$35.61 £25.83
  19. Nevertheless She Persisted Socks Nevertheless She Persisted Socks
    $9.99 C$21.14 £16.62
  20. Frida Kahlo Finger Puppet & Magnet Frida Kahlo Finger Puppet & Magnet
    $8.95 A$40.49
  21. Wonder Woman Ankle Socks 5-Pack Wonder Woman Ankle Socks 5-Pack
    $8.99 C$20.49 £15.85
  22. Sumoku Sumoku
    $15.99 C$24.99 A$34.99 £21.16
  23. Scattergories Card Game Scattergories Card Game
    $10.99 C$28.32 A$30.66 £17.98
  24. LEGO Zookeeper Minifigure LEGO Zookeeper Minifigure
    $15.90 C$27.29 A$35.84 £13.99
  25. Wonder Woman Logo Knee Socks Wonder Woman Logo Knee Socks
  26. Magnetic Poetry Kids - Story Maker Magnetic Poetry Kids - Story Maker
    $19.95 C$45.99
  27. Nancy B.'s Black Light Illuminator and Nature's Mysteries Journal Nancy B.'s Black Light Illuminator and Nature's Mysteries Journal
    $14.39 C$27.28 A$47.36
  28. Fight Like A Girl Socks Fight Like A Girl Socks
  29. Fleece-Lined Aviator Hat and Scarf Fleece-Lined Aviator Hat and Scarf
  30. Classic Juggling Balls Classic Juggling Balls
    $10.59 C$15.44 A$14.99
  31. Watercolor Ecopencils Watercolor Ecopencils
  32. Gel Crayons (Set of 12) Gel Crayons (Set of 12)
    $12.81 A$129.18
  33. Jane Austen Playing Cards Jane Austen Playing Cards
    $9.95 C$23.05 £52.21
  34. Created By Me Butterfly Magnets Created By Me Butterfly Magnets
    $9.59 C$22.95 A$18.95 £19.44
  35. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Crew Socks Ruth Bader Ginsburg Crew Socks
    $14.93 C$47.31
  36. Notorious R.B.G. Onesie Notorious R.B.G. Onesie
    $13.99 C$20.40
181–216 of 275 items