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Craft Kits

109–144 of 219 items
  1. The DinoMazing Egg Decorator The DinoMazing Egg Decorator
  2. Harry Potter Crochet Harry Potter Crochet
    $14.98 C$25.24 A$37.98 £17.47
  3. Stanley Jr. Build & Paint Bird House Kit Stanley Jr. Build & Paint Bird House Kit
  4. Stained Glass Made Easy Butterfly Kit Stained Glass Made Easy Butterfly Kit
    $13.59 C$24.63 A$38.41 £19.99
  5. Stained Glass Made Easy Dolphins Kit Stained Glass Made Easy Dolphins Kit
    $17.49 C$25.33 A$27.92 £26.95
  6. LEGO DOTS Picture Holders LEGO DOTS Picture Holders
    $28.95 C$59.46 A$154.12 £30.99
  7. Klutz LEGO Gear Bots Klutz LEGO Gear Bots
    $20.74 C$23.59 A$23.68 £12.99
  8. Design Your Own Flower Art Kit Design Your Own Flower Art Kit
    $21.99 C$36.12 A$52.95 £20.99
  9. Do Art Paint Pour Studio Kit Do Art Paint Pour Studio Kit
    $10.00 C$87.41 A$52.16 £29.65
  10. Loopdedoo Friendship Bracelet Maker Loopdedoo Friendship Bracelet Maker
    $29.99 A$72.02
  11. Wild Birds Make Your Own Sewing Kit Wild Birds Make Your Own Sewing Kit
    $24.99 A$59.73
  12. Klutz Sew Mini Gardens Kit Klutz Sew Mini Gardens Kit
    $16.09 C$24.44 A$25.88 £22.21
  13. All About Me Scratch and Sticker Interactive Journal All About Me Scratch and Sticker Interactive Journal
    $19.99 C$24.99 A$51.60
  14. All About Me Quiz Art Kit All About Me Quiz Art Kit
    $19.99 C$54.69 A$53.98 £62.82
  15. Air Dry Clay - 24 Color Pack Air Dry Clay - 24 Color Pack
    $15.99 C$26.99 A$76.84 £36.10
  16. Created By Me! Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse Created By Me! Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse
    $13.99 C$42.66 A$48.92 £15.51
  17. Super Spirograph Design Set Super Spirograph Design Set
  18. National Geographic Pottery Wheel & Kit National Geographic Pottery Wheel & Kit
    $69.99 C$161.95 A$316.51 £115.58
  19. Klutz Make Your Own Tiny Camper Craft Kit Klutz Make Your Own Tiny Camper Craft Kit
  20. Paint Your Own Light-Up Unicorn Paint Your Own Light-Up Unicorn
  21. Magical Mixing DIY Sensory Science Kit Magical Mixing DIY Sensory Science Kit
  22. Paint Your Own Porcelain: Rocket Light Paint Your Own Porcelain: Rocket Light
  23. Tiny Ice Cream Science Kit Tiny Ice Cream Science Kit
  24. Play-Doh Ultimate 65-Color Collection Play-Doh Ultimate 65-Color Collection
    $38.90 C$60.92 A$98.63 £28.99
  25. Crayola Build A Beast Model Kit Crayola Build A Beast Model Kit
    $20.99 A$55.44 £19.99
  26. Paint Your Own Fairy Light Paint Your Own Fairy Light
  27. Wild Pixy Illuminated Fairy Garden Kit Wild Pixy Illuminated Fairy Garden Kit
    $59.97 £59.95
  28. Coding Charms Activity Kit Coding Charms Activity Kit
    $18.79 C$50.96 A$47.82 £15.22
  29. All About Me Empower Flower Kit All About Me Empower Flower Kit
    $14.99 A$44.79
  30. Spirograph Animator Set Spirograph Animator Set
    $10.00 A$54.99 £19.99
  31. Play-Doh Cookie Creations Play-Doh Cookie Creations
  32. LEGO DOTS Creative Designer Box LEGO DOTS Creative Designer Box
    $53.02 C$46.90 A$59.00 £45.00
  33. Smartivity Music Machine STEAM Building Kit Smartivity Music Machine STEAM Building Kit
    $42.91 A$73.50
  34. Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Play Set Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Play Set
    $29.85 C$45.65 A$84.37 £169.23
  35. Creativity for Kids Sticker Suncatchers Kit Creativity for Kids Sticker Suncatchers Kit
  36. My First Fun Felt Shapes Set My First Fun Felt Shapes Set
109–144 of 219 items