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Costumes / Dress-up

A Mighty Girl's costume collection features hundreds of fun and empowering costumes for Halloween or dress-up play anytime of year. For spooky or Halloween-themed Mighty Girl books and movies, visit our Halloween special feature for a wide array of bewitching selections!
37–72 of 351 items
  1. Black Cat Superhero Costume Black Cat Superhero Costume
  2. The Incredibles Violet Costume The Incredibles Violet Costume
    $20.45 A$45.77
  3. Deluxe Betsy Ross Costume Deluxe Betsy Ross Costume
    $29.66 C$31.26 A$59.33 £54.26
  4. Belle (Blue Dress) Costume Belle (Blue Dress) Costume
    $42.69 C$54.34 A$66.43
  5. Penguin Kigurumi Penguin Kigurumi
    $24.98 C$34.32
  6. Storybook Alice Costume Storybook Alice Costume
  7. Anna (Frozen II Arendelle) Costume Anna (Frozen II Arendelle) Costume
  8. Elsa (Frozen II Epilogue) Costume Elsa (Frozen II Epilogue) Costume
    $40.81 C$64.38 A$63.09
  9. Dragon Ride-On Costume Dragon Ride-On Costume
    $51.78 C$86.24
  10. Rainbow Brite Costume Rainbow Brite Costume
    $39.99 A$105.50
  11. Raya Costume Set Raya Costume Set
    $21.99 C$34.20 A$53.41
  12. Sea Turtle Costume Sea Turtle Costume
    $49.99 C$129.31 A$137.22
  13. Star Wars Deluxe Padme Amidala Costume Star Wars Deluxe Padme Amidala Costume
    $49.99 C$94.85
  14. NASA Jr. Astronaut Suit Costume NASA Jr. Astronaut Suit Costume
    $48.97 C$66.05 £49.99
  15. Gamora Child's Costume Gamora Child's Costume
    $32.66 C$56.68 A$24.90 £35.39
  16. Rey Costume (Star Wars) Rey Costume (Star Wars)
    $38.02 C$80.01 A$66.97 £23.99
  17. The Wasp Costume The Wasp Costume
    $26.24 C$50.20 A$30.00
  18. Deluxe Hermione Granger Costume Set Deluxe Hermione Granger Costume Set
    $32.36 A$45.80
  19. Mime Costume Mime Costume
  20. Lightfury Costume Lightfury Costume
    $25.39 C$38.99 A$45.77
  21. Squirrel Girl Child Costume Squirrel Girl Child Costume
    $20.00 C$67.82 A$70.77 £20.98
  22. Zookeeper Costume Zookeeper Costume
    $39.99 A$61.04
  23. Mavis (Hotel Transylvania) Costume Mavis (Hotel Transylvania) Costume
    $29.99 A$45.77
  24. Salem Witch Costume Salem Witch Costume
  25. Odd Squad Agent Costume Odd Squad Agent Costume
    $44.99 C$196.96 A$68.67
  26. Werewolf Costume Werewolf Costume
    $33.30 C$43.65 A$45.77 £58.07
  27. Wonder Woman Dress-Up Trunk Wonder Woman Dress-Up Trunk
  28. Crayon Costume Crayon Costume
    $19.95 C$56.34 A$35.83 £16.42
  29. Joy Costume Joy Costume
    $29.99 A$52.98
  30. Scientist Costume Set Scientist Costume Set
    $21.99 C$35.83 A$42.50 £14.99
  31. Medieval Girl Costume Medieval Girl Costume
    $33.77 C$42.51 A$45.80
  32. Viking Warrior Costume Viking Warrior Costume
    $44.23 C$52.58 A$69.49 £82.82
  33. Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow Costume Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow Costume
    $21.05 C$37.19 A$38.16
  34. Minecraft Diamond Armor Minecraft Diamond Armor
    $28.21 C$39.19 A$51.88 £33.99
  35. Stitch Child Kigurumi Stitch Child Kigurumi
    $20.99 C$52.77
  36. Captain Marvel Light-Up Costume Captain Marvel Light-Up Costume
    $29.11 £77.54
37–72 of 351 items