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School Supplies

A Mighty Girl's School Supplies section features a fun selection of school gear. For more art supplies, visit our Drawing & Painting section in Arts & Crafts.

1–36 of 63 items
  1. 192-Slot Artist's Pencil Case 192-Slot Artist's Pencil Case
    $19.97 C$64.30 A$49.61
  2. I'm A Girl; What's Your Super Power? Pencil Case I'm A Girl; What's Your Super Power? Pencil Case
    $8.99 C$16.98 £7.99
  3. Frida Kahlo "Reflections" Sticky Notes Frida Kahlo "Reflections" Sticky Notes
  4. Large Capacity School / Art Supplies Case Large Capacity School / Art Supplies Case
    $13.99 C$14.30 A$16.97 £11.99
  5. ZIPIT Softshell Pencil Case ZIPIT Softshell Pencil Case
    $14.99 C$20.99 A$50.55 £13.01
  6. Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy Notebooks Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy Notebooks
    $11.87 C$19.66 A$19.99 £10.05
  7. Who's Awesome? Pencil Case Who's Awesome? Pencil Case
    $8.99 C$16.46 £7.99
  8. Captain Marvel School Planner Captain Marvel School Planner
    $11.00 C$33.33 A$76.99 £11.92
  9. Wildkin 3-Piece Organizer Set Wildkin 3-Piece Organizer Set
    $6.87 A$39.86 £52.40
  10. Jane Eyre Pouch Jane Eyre Pouch
    $14.00 C$40.20 A$35.19 £17.41
  11. Frozen 2 School Supply Set Frozen 2 School Supply Set
    $15.45 C$48.00 A$38.83
  12. Blue Q Art Supplies Pencil Case Blue Q Art Supplies Pencil Case
    $8.99 C$34.71 A$41.52 £7.99
  13. Hogwarts House Pencils Hogwarts House Pencils
    $5.80 C$8.98 A$16.99 £2.99
  14. Star Wars Pencils Star Wars Pencils
    $8.99 C$31.95 A$26.33
  15. Raised By Books Pouch Raised By Books Pouch
    $13.04 C$17.81 A$29.89 £8.83
  16. Pride and Prejudice Pouch Pride and Prejudice Pouch
    $14.00 C$21.72 A$25.44 £10.34
  17. Harry Potter Character Print Pouch Harry Potter Character Print Pouch
    $19.99 C$54.29 A$46.39 £26.11
  18. Luna Lovegood Wand Pen Luna Lovegood Wand Pen
    $8.99 C$14.23 A$40.99 £8.40
  19. Blueberries for Sal Pouch Blueberries for Sal Pouch
    $14.25 C$22.97 A$28.15
  20. Little Women Pouch Little Women Pouch
    $14.00 C$41.04 A$32.44 £22.27
  21. Composition Notebook Pouch Composition Notebook Pouch
    $14.00 C$32.88 A$35.19 £22.06
  22. Alice in Wonderland Pouch Alice in Wonderland Pouch
    $14.00 C$40.06 A$35.19
  23. Captain Marvel Pencils Captain Marvel Pencils
    $7.95 C$27.56
  24. Blue Q Here Kitty Pouch Blue Q Here Kitty Pouch
    $9.99 C$30.67 A$59.89 £7.99
  25. Blue Q Dog Lover Pouch Blue Q Dog Lover Pouch
    $9.99 C$34.36 A$47.48 £7.99
  26. Library Card Pouch Library Card Pouch
    $14.00 C$41.84 A$35.19
  27. This Is How We Roll Pouch This Is How We Roll Pouch
    $14.00 A$30.05
  28. Wonder Woman x Erin Condren Softbound Notebook Wonder Woman x Erin Condren Softbound Notebook
  29. Pixel Large-Capacity Supplies Case Pixel Large-Capacity Supplies Case
    $15.99 C$18.99 A$29.93 £39.84
  30. Jane Austen Quotes Pouch Jane Austen Quotes Pouch
    $13.95 C$32.73 A$126.65
  31. Frida Kahlo Zipper Pouch Frida Kahlo Zipper Pouch
  32. I Have Secrets Pencil Case I Have Secrets Pencil Case
  33. Always be Yourself Pencil Case Always be Yourself Pencil Case
  34. The Places This Bag Will Go Pouch The Places This Bag Will Go Pouch
  35. Bubble Tea Standing Pencil Case Bubble Tea Standing Pencil Case
  36. Twister Pencil Case Twister Pencil Case
1–36 of 63 items