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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I support A Mighty Girl and your girl empowerment efforts?

    Thanks for asking!  There are several easy ways to help support A Mighty Girl. 

    • If you are going to purchase a book, toy, movie, or t-shirt listed on A Mighty Girl, please click the "Buy from Amazon" or "Buy from CafePress" button on that product’s A Mighty Girl page listing.  By doing so, at no added cost to you, we receive a small commission which helps to pay for our site-related expenses and allows us to maintain and grow the site.
    • Make a donation to A Mighty Girl.  This site was created by a wife-husband team as a labor of love but we can't maintain it without your support. Your donations help offset some of our site-related expenses and allow us to continue to maintain and grow the site.
    • Spread the word about A Mighty Girl!  Like us on Facebook, tweet about us, pin us on Pinterest, tell your friends on Google+, email the leaders of your Girl Scout troop, and call your mother to share the good news!
    • Recommend products to add to the site.  We would love to hear your suggestions for books and movies to add to A Mighty Girl.  And, we would like to expand to include toys in the future so please feel free to send your recommendations for toys as well.  To send your recommendation to us directly, please use the "Contact Us" button.
  2. What is the best way to find books or movies on the site?

    A Mighty Girl makes it easy for you to locate what you are looking for among the over girl-empowering 4,500 products on the site. You can find items using either our detailed product directories or our search system. While we hope to upgrade to a more comprehensive search in the future, at the present time, to find the most comprehensive results, we recommend using our product directories accessible our main menu bar.

    • Directories: Mouse over the category of interest in the menu bar at the top of the page (for instance, books). The book menu will open displaying six primary categories and many sub-categories. After selecting your category or subcategory of interest, you can use the layered navigation system on the left sidebar to explore future sub-categories or to filter your results based on various attributes such as recommended age range, price, awards received, or special features.
    • Search: The search box in the menu bar allows you to search for products based on title, keywords in the description and author name. Your search results may be further refined using the layered navigation system on the left sidebar. Please note that the site does not support age-based searches (i.e., books for 6 years old). To find items for a child of a specific age, please use the product directories or search bar to identify topics of interest (for example, fiction books) and then use the filter on the left menu to sort the results by age.
  3. Why should I create an account?

    By creating A Mighty Girl account, you will be able to post product reviews and comments to the blog, save items and notes to the wishlist, and manage your reviews and tags. Accounts are free and may be created by selecting the button in the top-right corner of the site. 

  4. What is the Wishlist?

    After creating an account, you will have the ability to use the site’s Wishlist tool. The Wishlist allows to track products of interest to you as you browse through the site. Each product page has an "Add to Wishlist" button. When you click this button, you will be taken to the Wishlist page and have the opportunity to add notes to yourself about the product.

    At the bottom of the Wishlist page, you can save any changes you make to your Wishlist with the "Save Wishlist" button, as well as share your Wishlist with others using the "Share Wishlist" feature.

    The Wishlist feature makes compiling gift buying lists simple. You can even ask your daughter or granddaughter to add items of interest to her to your wishlist to make birthday or holiday shopping easier. 

  5. How do I recommend a book or movie to add to the site?

    We are continually adding new material to the site and would love to hear your recommendations for books and movies to add.  And, we would like to expand to include toys in the future so please feel free to send your recommendations for toys as well.  To send your recommendation to us directly, please use the "Contact Us" button. 

  6. How do I purchase an item from outside of the U.S.?

    If you are visiting the site from Canada or the U.K., the site will now automatically display two options on each A Mighty Girl product page -- one to purchase a particular item from either or and one from We've keep both options visible to you because you'll discover that, while the majority of items on the site will be available via your local Amazon, there are some that will only be found on In those cases, your local Amazon button will be grayed out and unclickable but you can still select the option.

    If you'd like to browse via another country, for instance, if you are in the U.S. and would like to order a gift for a friend in Canada, you can also change your country location using the new location feature located on the top menu bar.

    Using the new or buttons to purchase items that you discover on A Mighty Girl is also an easy way for you to help support the site. As with items brought using the button, by using your local Amazon button, at no added cost to you, A Mighty Girl receives a small commission from the sale which helps us to maintain and grow the site.