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School Supplies

A Mighty Girl's School Supplies section features a fun selection of school gear. For more art supplies, visit our Drawing & Painting section in Arts & Crafts.

1–36 of 75 items
  1. 192-Slot Artist's Pencil Case 192-Slot Artist's Pencil Case
    $22.97 C$64.30 A$50.16
  2. I'm A Girl; What's Your Super Power? Pencil Case I'm A Girl; What's Your Super Power? Pencil Case
    $8.99 C$16.98 A$14.95 £7.99
  3. Frida Kahlo "Reflections" Sticky Notes Frida Kahlo "Reflections" Sticky Notes
  4. Large Capacity School / Art Supplies Case Large Capacity School / Art Supplies Case
    $14.99 C$15.12 A$15.96 £12.74
  5. ZIPIT Softshell Pencil Case ZIPIT Softshell Pencil Case
    $14.99 C$20.87 A$27.02 £11.99
  6. Dabbing Astronaut Pencil Case Dabbing Astronaut Pencil Case
  7. Wonder Woman School Supplies Wonder Woman School Supplies
    $9.95 C$32.67 A$27.70
  8. Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy Notebooks Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy Notebooks
    $12.95 C$18.62 A$9.56 £11.99
  9. Who's Awesome? Pencil Case Who's Awesome? Pencil Case
    $8.99 C$16.46 A$14.95 £7.99
  10. Captain Marvel School Planner Captain Marvel School Planner
    $11.00 C$14.80
  11. Wildkin 3-Piece Organizer Set Wildkin 3-Piece Organizer Set
    $6.87 C$8.99 A$39.86 £52.40
  12. Jane Eyre Pouch Jane Eyre Pouch
    $14.00 C$37.32 A$33.44 £17.60
  13. Frozen 2 School Supply Set Frozen 2 School Supply Set
    $12.97 C$42.00 A$28.99
  14. Blue Q Art Supplies Pencil Case Blue Q Art Supplies Pencil Case
    $8.99 C$31.76 A$14.95 £7.99
  15. Hogwarts House Pencils Hogwarts House Pencils
    $4.75 C$8.98 A$19.33 £2.85
  16. Stephen Joseph Pencil Pouches Stephen Joseph Pencil Pouches
    $10.00 A$30.05 £9.98
  17. Banned Books Zippered Pouch Banned Books Zippered Pouch
    $14.00 C$21.92 A$33.44
  18. Moana Pencils Moana Pencils
    $4.14 C$24.08 A$18.88 £24.04
  19. Raised By Books Pouch Raised By Books Pouch
    $14.00 C$16.32 A$29.89
  20. Pusheen Pencil Case Pusheen Pencil Case
    $15.99 C$41.44 £39.99
  21. Pride and Prejudice Pouch Pride and Prejudice Pouch
    $14.00 C$37.20 A$33.44
  22. Harry Potter Character Print Pouch Harry Potter Character Print Pouch
    $19.99 C$46.40 A$43.72 £25.51
  23. Inside Out Pencil Case Inside Out Pencil Case
    $7.99 C$29.83 A$12.64 £33.00
  24. Zootopia Pencils Zootopia Pencils
    $7.99 C$29.51
  25. Luna Lovegood Wand Pen Luna Lovegood Wand Pen
    $8.99 C$47.60 A$14.22 £12.99
  26. The Incredibles Pencils The Incredibles Pencils
    $6.68 A$20.07
  27. Blueberries for Sal Pouch Blueberries for Sal Pouch
    $14.00 C$23.83 A$30.77 £12.33
  28. Little Women Pouch Little Women Pouch
    $14.00 C$37.08 A$30.70 £21.67
  29. Composition Notebook Pouch Composition Notebook Pouch
    $14.00 C$38.17 A$33.44
  30. Alice in Wonderland Pouch Alice in Wonderland Pouch
    $14.00 C$32.00 A$33.44
  31. Captain Marvel Pencils Captain Marvel Pencils
    $7.95 C$27.49
  32. Blue Q Here Kitty Pouch Blue Q Here Kitty Pouch
    $9.99 C$30.67 A$59.89 £8.99
  33. Blue Q Dog Lover Pouch Blue Q Dog Lover Pouch
    $9.99 A$16.95 £8.99
  34. Library Card Pouch Library Card Pouch
    $14.00 C$37.91 A$33.44
  35. Book Nerd Pride Pouch Book Nerd Pride Pouch
    $14.00 C$37.78
  36. This Is How We Roll Pouch This Is How We Roll Pouch
    $14.00 C$49.15 A$30.05
1–36 of 75 items