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Costumes / Dress-up

A Mighty Girl's costume collection features hundreds of fun and empowering costumes for Halloween or dress-up play anytime of year. For spooky or Halloween-themed Mighty Girl books and movies, visit our Halloween special feature for a wide array of bewitching selections!
1–36 of 735 items
  1. Deluxe Hermione Granger Costume Set Deluxe Hermione Granger Costume Set
    $19.50 A$43.13 £58.88
  2. Katherine Johnson Costume Katherine Johnson Costume
    $32.06 C$38.51 A$66.60
  3. Susan B. Anthony / Harriet Tubman Child Costume Susan B. Anthony / Harriet Tubman Child Costume
    $31.18 C$58.14 A$65.13 £34.87
  4. Suffragist Costume Suffragist Costume
    $39.99 C$61.82 A$65.30
  5. Luna Lovegood Costume Set Luna Lovegood Costume Set
    $32.99 C$47.36 A$77.47 £63.97
  6. NASA Astronaut / Sally Ride Costume NASA Astronaut / Sally Ride Costume
    $29.99 C$40.56 A$52.95
  7. Mermaid Costume Mermaid Costume
    $20.86 C$22.66 A$48.95
  8. Deluxe Amelia Earhart Costume Deluxe Amelia Earhart Costume
  9. Frida Kahlo Costume Frida Kahlo Costume
    $43.34 A$77.27
  10. Wednesday Addams (Nevermore Academy) Teen / Adult Costume Wednesday Addams (Nevermore Academy) Teen / Adult Costume
    $34.98 C$63.90 A$90.90 £40.63
  11. Noble Knight Costume Noble Knight Costume
    C$41.75 A$67.38 £55.74
  12. Ursula (The Little Mermaid 2023) Costume Ursula (The Little Mermaid 2023) Costume
    $25.15 C$45.31 A$68.55
  13. Arwen (Lord of the Rings) Teen / Adult Costume Arwen (Lord of the Rings) Teen / Adult Costume
    $57.64 C$138.63 A$95.34 £62.06
  14. Girls Aren't Afraid of No Wolf Costume Girls Aren't Afraid of No Wolf Costume
    $24.93 C$47.66 A$49.95
  15. Royal Goddess Costume Royal Goddess Costume
    $24.99 C$46.36
  16. Early American Girl Costume Early American Girl Costume
    $27.58 C$44.42 A$65.97
  17. Amelia Earhart Tween Costume Amelia Earhart Tween Costume
    $36.99 C$48.03 A$73.39
  18. Rosie the Riveter Infant / Toddler Costume Rosie the Riveter Infant / Toddler Costume
    $29.99 C$38.63
  19. Robin Hood / Princess of Thieves Costume Robin Hood / Princess of Thieves Costume
    $38.56 A$64.95
  20. Winifred Sanderson (Hocus Pocus) Costume Winifred Sanderson (Hocus Pocus) Costume
  21. A League of Their Own Dottie Infant Costume A League of Their Own Dottie Infant Costume
    $29.99 C$46.36 A$48.97
  22. Korra (Avatar: The Legend of Korra) Teen / Adult Costume Korra (Avatar: The Legend of Korra) Teen / Adult Costume
    $41.12 C$44.45 A$74.55 £45.28
  23. Annie Oakley Costume Annie Oakley Costume
    $29.97 C$33.95 A$67.21
  24. Rosie the Riveter Kids Costume Rosie the Riveter Kids Costume
    $52.78 A$176.45
  25. Bluey Infant / Toddler Costume Bluey Infant / Toddler Costume
  26. Nevermore Academy (Wednesday Addams) School Uniform Nevermore Academy (Wednesday Addams) School Uniform
    $32.69 C$106.59 A$70.90 £27.99
  27. Binx (Hocus Pocus) Teen / Adult Costume Binx (Hocus Pocus) Teen / Adult Costume
  28. Toph Beifong (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Teen / Adult Costume Toph Beifong (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Teen / Adult Costume
    C$67.02 A$86.34
  29. Dark Majesty Costume Dark Majesty Costume
    $40.48 C$30.90 A$65.30
  30. Greek Goddess Costume Greek Goddess Costume
  31. A League of Their Own Youth Costume A League of Their Own Youth Costume
    $39.99 C$100.12
  32. Mystical Forest Fairy Costume Mystical Forest Fairy Costume
  33. Ahsoka Tano Costume Ahsoka Tano Costume
    $34.18 C$123.70 A$94.60
  34. Korra (Avatar: The Legend of Korra) Costume Korra (Avatar: The Legend of Korra) Costume
    $15.82 C$25.12 A$43.11
  35. Renaissance Faire Dress Renaissance Faire Dress
    $43.07 C$75.95 A$87.25
  36. Wednesday Addams Rave'n Dance Teen/Adult Costume Wednesday Addams Rave'n Dance Teen/Adult Costume
    $29.99 C$54.19 A$79.85 £17.23
1–36 of 735 items