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  • MIT professor Esther Duflo has helped transform the field of developmental economics by applying a scientific approach to policy interventions focused on alleviating global poverty.

    Dr. Esther Duflo has just become the second woman in history and the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Prize in Economics! The 46-year-old MIT professor shares the prize with her husband, Dr. Abhijit Banerjee, and colleague Dr. Michael Kremer; together they have helped millions of people around the world with their research to develop practical interventions to alleviating global poverty. “In just two decades, their new experiment-based approach has transformed development economics, which is now a flourishing field,” the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said in today's prize announcement. After learning of her Nobel win, Duflo said she was "humbled" and, in light of how underrepresented women are in the field of economics, she hopes that it will "inspire many, many other women to continue working and many other men to give them the respect that they deserve like every single human being." Continue reading Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl's top picks of spooky and suspenseful books for tweens & teens.

    As Halloween approaches, it's fun to read spooky stories that send shivers up and down your spine! While in the past, many thrilling tales of suspense and mystery played up the stereotype of the screaming girl who needs rescuing, there are many great books available today starring Mighty Girls who use their courage, their wits, and their strength to untangle the mystery and face down whatever is lurking in the shadows. Continue reading Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl's top picks of picture books about trailblazing girls and women throughout history.

    If you flip through a typical history book, you might think, as historian Gerda Lerner once wrote, that "ostensibly one-half the human race is doing everything significant and the other half doesn’t exist." Far too often, women's contributions have been neglected in history books and school curriculums — fortunately, there are growing numbers of wonderful books being published for young readers about girls and women who made their mark on history. And, there's no better time to share these stories and make sure that the next generation — girls and boys alike — appreciates the important and diverse roles that women have played in history!

    In this blog post, we've collected the best picture book on remarkable girls and women throughout history, ranging from new releases to long-time favorites. These books feature girls and women who excelled in science, politics, the arts, athletics, and other fields. And, they serve as an excellent reminder that girls and women's stories deserve to be told — all year round. Continue reading Continue reading

  • Our favorite costumes based on popular Mighty Girl characters and photos of Mighty Girls in costume shared by our community!

    Halloween is all about imagining yourself as someone else so if there's a character that speaks to you, why not dress up as them? Most kids have a favorite character, and whether that character is from a book, TV show, or a movie, Halloween provides a great opportunity to become the character they love -- at least for a day! Continue reading Continue reading

  • NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir are scheduled to conduct this historic first this month.

    NASA is planning a historic first for this month: the first ever all-female spacewalk! American astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir are scheduled to spacewalk together on October 21, as part of a series of upcoming spacewalks to upgrade the International Space Station's (ISS) power systems. Koch and Meir, who were both part of the 2013 astronaut class — the first in history with an equal number of women and men — greeted one another with excitement when Meir landing on the ISS last week. After her arrival, Meir tweeted, "This is how it feels when in addition to your childhood dream being fulfilled by arriving to @Space_Station, you're greeted by your Astro-brothers and sisters on the other side of the hatch." Continue reading Continue reading

  • A Mighty Girl's top picks of bullying prevention and empathy-building books for young children.

    “The End of Bullying Begins With Me” is the message of National Bullying Prevention Month and at A Mighty Girl we believe that’s absolutely true! By teaching our children about bullying — what it is, the effects it has on everyone, and the ways that we can stop it — we can work to ensure that bullying becomes a smaller and smaller part of all our lives. Continue reading Continue reading

  • Pioneering mathematician Ada Lovelace is now the subject of a variety of books for all ages!

    English mathematician Ada Lovelace is widely considered the world's first computer programmer for her invention of the computer algorithm. Born in 1815 to the poet Lord Byron and Anne Isabella Byron, Lovelace's mathematical talents led to an ongoing collaboration with mathematician Charles Babbage, who called Lovelace the "Enchantress of Numbers." While translating an article by an Italian engineer on Babbage's Analytical Engine, a proposed early version of a mechanical general-purpose computer, Ada added her own extensive set of notes, three times as long as the original article, which contained a tremendous breakthrough — the first computer program or algorithm! Continue reading Continue reading

  • Sarah Davis will be the 18th chief ranger of the vast 2.2 million acre national park.

    The iconic Yellowstone National Park has just appointed its first female chief ranger in its 147-year history! When she takes on her new role in December, Sarah Davis will be the 18th chief ranger of the vast 2.2 million acre park. "Sarah is an outstanding leader with a track record of high performance, strategic thinking, and collaboration," Superintendent Cam Sholly said in a statement announcing Davis' appointment. "We’re lucky to have her join the Yellowstone team." Continue reading Continue reading

  • Our favorite fun and spooky Mighty Girl stories to bewitch kids of all ages this Halloween!

    Halloween is coming fast, and most kids’ eyes gleam at the thought: the costumes, the candy, the fun, and, of course, the chance to enjoy some spooky and fun stories! So that you can stock your bookshelf with some great Mighty Girl books to enjoy this Halloween, we’ve highlighted all of our seasonal favorites in a new blog post. There's a spooky (or not-so-spooky) story for every young Halloween lover in our collection!

    To discover even more girl-empowering Halloween tales, as well as films for a Halloween movie night, check out our special feature on the Top Halloween Mighty Girl Books and Films. Witch lovers can also find more Mighty Girl books about witches in our blog post, With Broomstick in Hand: Books Starring Mighty Girl Witches.

    And, for dress up fun this Halloween, you can find hundreds of girl-empowering costumes for all ages in A Mighty Girl's Girl Empowerment Halloween Costume Guide. Continue reading Continue reading

  • Emily Warren Roebling was the "surrogate chief engineer" of one of the greatest architectural projects of the 19th century.

    When the Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883, Emily Warren Roebling was the first to cross it, carrying a rooster with her as a symbol of victory — a special honor granted due to her central role in overseeing one of the greatest architectural feats of the 19th century. Her husband, Washington Roebling, had been the bridge's chief engineer, but Roebling took over the project when he fell seriously ill in 1870. For over a decade, she oversaw the work, consulting with her husband but fulfilling the majority of the chief engineer's responsibilities on her own. "I don’t think that the Brooklyn Bridge would be standing were it not for her," says Erica Wagner, author of the first complete biography of Washington Roebling. "She was absolutely integral." Continue reading Continue reading

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