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Fabric Crafts

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  1. Created By Me Heart Fleece Blanket Set Created By Me Heart Fleece Blanket Set
    $18.93 C$38.79 A$53.23 £85.73
  2. Hand Stitching Embroidery Kit Hand Stitching Embroidery Kit
    $23.97 C$60.91 A$57.63 £59.51
  3. Multi-Craft Weaving Loom Multi-Craft Weaving Loom
    $30.99 C$39.20 A$109.00 £89.48
  4. My First Sewing Kit My First Sewing Kit
    $19.94 C$42.99 A$67.67 £20.53
  5. Wood Lacing Toys Wood Lacing Toys
    $15.99 £68.88
  6. Klutz Sew Your Own Circuit Art Kit Klutz Sew Your Own Circuit Art Kit
    $21.99 C$23.99 A$27.37
  7. Make A Fox Friend Make A Fox Friend
    $19.99 C$39.87 A$52.28
  8. Y'Art Paint with Yarn Kit Y'Art Paint with Yarn Kit
    $14.99 C$16.20 A$19.99
  9. Tie-Dye Party Kit Tie-Dye Party Kit
    $19.34 C$29.97 A$61.46 £27.99
  10. Sew Mini Treats Craft Kit Sew Mini Treats Craft Kit
    $11.85 C$31.36 A$24.99 £14.85
  11. Yarn Art Craft Kit Yarn Art Craft Kit
    $22.99 C$29.99 A$44.88 £11.39
  12. Sew Your Own Furry Llama Pillow Craft Kit Sew Your Own Furry Llama Pillow Craft Kit
    $21.99 C$23.10 A$36.93 £34.62
  13. Yarn Llama Craft Kit Yarn Llama Craft Kit
    $14.39 C$56.97 A$54.01
  14. DIY Mythical Pom Animals Craft Kit DIY Mythical Pom Animals Craft Kit
    $19.99 C$50.39 A$120.47
  15. Frozen II: Queen Iduna's Knitted Scarf Kit Frozen II: Queen Iduna's Knitted Scarf Kit
    $19.40 C$55.53 A$59.99 £17.50
  16. Pandacorn String Art Kit Pandacorn String Art Kit
    $13.38 C$39.87 A$35.88 £21.49
  17. Harry Potter Crochet Harry Potter Crochet
    $18.26 C$31.59 A$38.31 £15.89
  18. Loopdedoo Friendship Bracelet Maker Loopdedoo Friendship Bracelet Maker
    $29.99 C$59.98 A$51.83
  19. Klutz Sew Mini Gardens Kit Klutz Sew Mini Gardens Kit
    $19.47 C$29.99 A$22.82 £25.80
  20. All About Me Quiz Art Kit All About Me Quiz Art Kit
    $19.99 C$39.87 A$55.14
  21. My First Fun Felt Shapes Set My First Fun Felt Shapes Set
  22. Super String Lanterns Kit Super String Lanterns Kit
    $19.99 C$58.65 A$55.14 £54.60
  23. Unicorn Rug Latch Kit Unicorn Rug Latch Kit
    $12.08 C$27.99 A$33.32 £23.89
  24. Unicorn String Art Unicorn String Art
    $19.98 C$39.87 A$45.51
  25. ALEX DIY My Sewing Kit ALEX DIY My Sewing Kit
    $28.49 C$92.70 A$145.19 £25.99
  26. Potholder Deluxe Craft Kit Potholder Deluxe Craft Kit
    $19.99 C$77.31 A$67.83 £57.00
  27. Needlepoint Butterfly Craft Kit Needlepoint Butterfly Craft Kit
    $8.00 C$32.74 A$33.96
  28. Tech Case Sewing Kit Tech Case Sewing Kit
    $6.88 C$41.13
  29. My Little House Crafts Book My Little House Crafts Book
    $13.99 C$17.50 A$27.92 £10.70
  30. Screenprinting Ink Starter Set Screenprinting Ink Starter Set
    $27.99 C$44.99 A$66.42
  31. Little Monsters Beginners Sewing Kit Little Monsters Beginners Sewing Kit
    $23.97 C$63.85 A$67.69 £57.41
  32. Quick Knit Loom Quick Knit Loom
    $13.99 C$35.50 A$37.92 £50.77
  33. Woolbuddy Needle Felting Starter Kit Woolbuddy Needle Felting Starter Kit
    $33.00 C$77.14 A$90.60 £57.00
  34. Yarn Giraffes Kit Yarn Giraffes Kit
    $16.53 C$59.32 A$36.98
  35. Yarn Tree Kit Yarn Tree Kit
    $29.99 C$52.20 A$59.99 £42.99
  36. Feminist Icon Cross-Stitch Book Feminist Icon Cross-Stitch Book
    $16.61 C$23.00 A$20.79 £9.48
1–36 of 53 items